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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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We’ve seen memorial patches for owners and for owners’ spouses. But until yesterday, I’m not sure we’d ever seen a memorial patch for an owner and his spouse. That’s what the Chargers wore yesterday for owner Alex Spanos, who died on Oct. 9, and his wife, Faye, who died back in August.

In other news from around the league yesterday:

• To my immense surprise, the Steelers did not add a patch or a helmet decal to acknowledge the recent act of domestic terrorism at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. But quarterback Ben Roethlisberger saluted the victims on his cleats, becoming the latest athlete to wear the Star of David (click to enlarge):

• As you can see in that first photo above, the Ravens wore their black alternate jerseys.

• The Browns went mono-brown:

• The Panthers went mono-black:

• The Bills went mono-blue:

• The Saints went mono-black:

• The Patriots wore their mono-blue alternates:

• Speaking of the Pats, coach Bill Belichick wore a shirt featuring the old name of his boat, VI Rings (which has since been updated to VII Rings) at his postgrame press conference:

• Jets quarterback Sam Darnold at one point ended up with his chinstrap covering his nose (click to enlarge):

• In what might be the most inexplicable development of the week, the old NFL logo, which hasn’t been current since 2007, appeared on one of the sideline yard markers in the Bears/Bills game (click to enlarge):

• For the second consecutive week, no teams wore white at home.

(My thanks to Brian Stanley and Ben Isaacs for their contributions to this section.)

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MLB/NHL crossover: I tend not to get excited over “What if..?” uniform concepts. But judging by the number of people who emailed or tweeted at me yesterday regarding this set of concepts that reimagines MLB teams as hockey squads (which was created by @Ferry_Designs), I’m guessing lots of you may want to discuss this one, so I’m giving it the sub-lede treatment instead of having it buried in the Ticker. Enjoy!

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New advertiser shout-out: You may have noticed that we have a new advertiser in the right-hand sidebar — Streaker Sports. They sell all sorts of cool uni-related merch, including the shorts shown at right, which are based on Team USA’s 1980 “Miracle on Ice” hockey uniform — a good gift for a hockey fan.

Those shorts are part of Streaker’s hockey collection, plus they have fun T-shirts and other fun stuff for basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and a lot more.

I hope you’ll check out their site for your upcoming holiday shopping. My thanks, as always, for considering our advertisers.

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Raffle results: The winner of the Nostalgia Cases smartphone case is Kyle Romine. Congrats to him, and thanks to all who entered.

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Chicken or egg? I was walking in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn on Saturday and saw these two flags flying outside of two adjoining brownstones. I assume one was a response to the other, but which one came first? Hmmmmm.

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The Ticker
By Jamie Rathjen

Baseball News: The Fayetteville Woodpeckers, a new Astros Single-A affiliate, unveiled their logos and uniforms yesterday (from multiple readers).

Football News: Anne Colquitt, the mother of Browns P Britton Colquitt and Chiefs P Dustin Colquitt, wore a front/back Frankenjersey yesterday (from Gary Bates). … The following three CFL items are from Wade Heidt: The officials wore poppies. … Also, referee Murray Clarke officiated his 500th game, which was commemorated on his cap. … In the 1986 West Divsion final, some BC Lions players were missing the sleeve logos the team wore at the time. … A fourth Canadian item from Wade, reprinted from yesterday’s comments, is that the University of Saskatchewan wore poppy helmet decals. … Left over from Saturday: FCS Tennessee Tech wore throwback helmets (from John Jackson). … Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne said the team isn’t planning to bring back white helmets (from Griffin Smith).

Hockey News: The Canadiens made noises that they are revealing something today, but it appears to be an “alternate” uniform only for use in a video game. … In this video, several Capitals players attempt to draw the team’s Weagle logo.

Basketball News: UAB didn’t make it into Paul’s college basketball season preview, but they now have new white uniforms (from Ted Chastain). … In this picture, rapper Drake is wearing something with an NBA jocktag, but it’s not readily obvious what, exactly, it is (from Prentice James).

Soccer News: While several English teams wore poppies (for more, see Saturday’s Ticker), the Scottish poppy patch, different than the ones worn in England and Canada, only appeared on second-tier Falkirk. … The California supporters’ group of Spanish team Athletic Bilbao sent us an article the team wrote about their kit history, including that Athletic became the last Spanish team to introduce a shirt ad in 2008. … Premier League Burnley got a new sleeve ad (or Mr. Yuk, if you prefer) for this season. That leaves Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur as the only teams in the league without a sleeve ad, and the latter as the only team never to wear a sleeve ad (from Josh Hinton). … German 2. Bundesliga team 1. FC Köln released a shirt for the start of the city’s carnival season, which is next weekend. … Polish fourth-tier team Polonia Warszawa became the latest to release a shirt commemorating 100 years of the country’s independence (from Ed Żelaski). … The men’s soccer team at Yeshiva University wore warmup shirts with the names and ages of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims prior to last night’s game (from Yaar Fenix). … Real Madrid has announced a record-breaking kit deal with Adidas (from Josh Hinton).

Grab Bag: North Carolina wore anthracite black for the ACC field hockey championship, though perhaps for contrast’s sake field hockey appears to do so a bit more often than other UNC teams, including earlier this season (from James Gilbert). … Speaking of field hockey, in this picture two different players are wearing captain’s sock-bands for Iowa; the sport’s rules only permit one captain and the NCAA does not modify that provision. … The next two items are from David Firestone: NASCAR’s truck series has a new advertiser and logo. … Since we had a weekend post on wrestling a few weeks ago, here’s a video about sports-themed wrestling gimmicks. … This statue made ca. 600-900 shows a player of the Mesoamerican ballgame wearing a football-like leather helmet (from @manymanylions).

Comments (49)

    Man I was watching that Bears Bills game. I wish the Bills wore white pants. That could have been a good looking game. Could have made up for how bad the game was.

    “The Fayetteville Woodpeckers,…, unveiled their logos and uniforms yesterday”

    Aw, poor woodpecker must not have any teeth. :^(

    I really hope that someone does not think of truncating the nickname for the sake of a cheap laugh. Think “South Carolina Gamecocks.”

    Panthers won’t wear their traditional ‘Home’ uni of black over silver until week 12 at the earliest, is that the longest a team has gone in to a season before wearing their usual home uni?

    Just to clarify (as someone who has attended Panthers games since their inaugural season), traditionally the team has worn white jerseys at home (with white pants) for the first four home games of the season and then black/silver for the final four home games. The blue alternate gets thrown in there at different times for both home and away games.

    Presumably because the early season games can be pretty hot, especially at 1PM.

    For this season at least, it seems the Panthers are bound & determined to not have a “usual” Home (or away) uniform.

    1. (H) white/white
    2. (A) white/white
    3. (H) white/white
    4. bye
    5. (H) white/white
    6. (A) white/black
    7. (A) white/black
    8. (H) blue/white
    9. (H) black/black

    Week 10, the Panthers play at the Steelers on Thursday. Pittsburgh is going with their all black alternates. I wonder if Carolina might go all blue.


    Actually, the Panthers already released their jersey schedule, and they are wearing white against Pittsburgh.


    Time for a makeover?

    I like the Ravens look yesterday, clean, and with a name like “Ravens” and the Edgar Allan Poe link, seems like a logical full time switch over at some point

    Was there a single mono look, that looked good yesterday?

    If you give that dubious award to anyone, it’d have to be the Saints, although I wish they’d actually go with the gold or even the white pants.

    Marlins are doing an #ourcolores thing on Facebook indicating that they’re going back to black and teal. You know how some newspapers make you answer questions to access their content. As a Marlins fan I’ve been getting those for the past two weeks asking me what I think about different logos. They’re the ones you posted before. link

    Noticed the Ravens had their end zones painted black this week to match their jerseys.

    Liked the black over white for the Ravens.

    For the MLB/NHL crossover jerseys, the original artist is Ferry Designs (@Ferry_Designs), featured on BarDown. @HeartofNHL just shared it without credit. Just want to make sure the awesome designer gets their share of acknowledgement :)

    Thanks for that.

    Here’s the weird thing: The graphic in @HeartofNHL’s tweet included a little credit line that said, “Follow @FerryDesigns on Twitter.” So I went to @FerryDesigns, but it’s a dormant account, so I cropped out the credit line. Didn’t understand why they’d point people toward a dormant account.

    Now you’ve informed me that it’s actually @Ferry_Designs — with the underscore. All makes sense now. I’ll adjust the text accordingly.

    He did an excellent job. Although he definitely should have given the A’s gold socks and white skates!

    I am thrilled to have found Streaker! Thanks for putting up quality advertisers. They have a version of the USA 94 kits, and while they may not be authentic Adidas, the price tag presented, combined with the fact that they actually look pretty darn good makes up for that. DENIM KITS FOR EVERYONE THIS CHRISTMAS.


    While I always appreciate the free giveaway contests that you and the site offer, I find it very frustrating when you give us the name of the winner when it ends but don’t tell us what prize/gift that person chose. So which phone case did Kyle Romine pick?

    Like the look of the NHL-ized MLB jerseys.

    Reminds me of a series a few years back where someone re-created MLB jerseys in soccer (football) style.

    Can’t find the link, but if I do I’ll update it. Based on Google it has been done a few times, but there was one in particular that was really great.

    Regarding the MLB/NHL crossovers (I usually pay no attention to these things: pointless), I am not a fan of letters on a hockey jersey. In general the logo should be a visual representation of your city/mascot. Some exceptions obviously, but to a very minimal degree.
    The person who ‘designed’ these used the letter 21 times. Way too much.


    Those NHL/MLB jerseys are cool enough, but I wish the Yankees won used the circular top-hat logo. Imagine how good that would look stitched on the front of a hockey sweater.

    I think Drake is wearing a different color of the “snakeskin” jersey he had made with Durant’s name on the back. He wore a dark one a few days ago

    Great job on that Oriole hockey jersey! Nice use of the Hartzell bird. That is my favorite too.

    Paul, based on either chatter you’re privy to or personal opinion, what’s your read on the Steelers not having even a minor helmet decal?

    I’ve heard no chatter on this.

    Like I said, I’m genuinely surprised. FWIW, the Steelers already have a team-logo jersey patch, and yesterday they had military unit logo decals for GI Joevember:

    So maybe it was just an issue of too much clutter..? Or, since yesterday was more than a week after the terrorist attack, maybe they thought the moment had passed..? Not sure.

    I also want to make it clear that while I’m surprised, I am not criticizing them. In a uni-verse awash in various gestures, I think it’s fine that the Steelers opted not to go that route.

    Can we talk about how grotesque the sidelines looked this weekend in the NFL with all the coaching staffs playing pretend soldier with their military-fetish hoodies, complete with name and rank patches on the chest and sleeves? Yes yes, Salute to Service week. So part of saluting service is playing dress-up to such a ridiculous degree? Unreal.

    Something probably only Wade Heidt will care about…

    At a few points in the video of the 1986 CFL Western conference final, John Mandarich (older brother of Tony) shows up


    He was a heck of a player, forced to retire way too young because of cancer, and died at age 31 from the disease.

    Yes – remember him being a force on the defensive line. Played 1984-1990. Considered a significant free agent signing in 1990 for the Ottawa Rough Riders, during their free agent spree that year. Unfortunately, that would be his last season.

    I’m not a fan of Bill Belichick, but at least he has the guts to stand up to the silly Salute to Service wardrobe that the NFL makes the coaching staffs wear.
    Last night he worn standard Patriot gear, no military themed outfit. I don’t think he making any statment one way or the otehr, he just doesn’t go along with the program (doesn’t wear pink in October either!).

    He explains his reasons for not wearing the attire in this article. Basically what you wear doesn’t matter, what you do does.


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