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Uni Watch Goes To The Polls: Best and Worst Campaign Logos of 2018

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul is still on the clock over at ESPN and may be popping up here occasionally. Today we have a very special “off-uni” post from our own Anthony Emerson, who’ll take a look at the best and worst logos of the non-uni kind. Enjoy! — PH]

By Anthony Emerson

The Bests:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, House of Representatives (NY-14), Democrat

As much as Paul probably hates the use of purple in Ocasio-Cortez’s logo, I can’t think of a better representation of our current political moment, particularly in the Democratic Party. Politico agrees. The font is brilliant, the angle of the text implies a forward-looking and optimistic approach, the use of the inverted exclamation points to evoke her heritage in a heavily nonwhite district.

+ + +

Betsy Sweet, Governor of Maine (lost in primary), Democrat

Ignore my personal feelings about this candidate. Maine tends to lack halfway decent political logos. As a matter of fact, a Democrat and a Republican had virtually the same logo. Nearly every candidate (except for one Republican) had signs with white letters on a blue background, or vice versa.

And then there’s Betsy. Her signs are colorful, the red evoking the fact that her campaign got Democratic Socialists of America support. But the red does double duty in allowing the signs to stand out in a sea of blue and white. And, best of all, it includes a pun.

+ + +

Mahlon Mitchell, Governor of Wisconsin (lost in primary), Democrat

Would you be surprised to know that Mahlon Mitchell is a firefighter? Mitchell’s use of a firefighter’s helmet and the color red (no doubt rare in modern Democratic politics) put his career at the forefront of his campaign. If it wasn’t as well executed, it could come off as hackneyed or pandering.

+ + +

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, Democrat

Let me be honest, here: Gavin Newsom made it into this list because of the bear. I like the font except for the gradient. I even dig the weird shapes they kind of forced in there. The orange adds a nice drop of color to prevent it from looking cold and drab. But that bear is so freaking cool. Whoever came up with that deserves a raise.

+ + +

Darryl Glenn, House of Representatives (CO-5, lost in primary), Republican

It’s not all Democrats, I swear! I love everything about Darryl Glenn’s logo. The eagle, the lantern, the font, all of it helps evoke an almost American Revolutionary feel (and, considering Glenn’s self-description as a Constitutionalist, stands to reason). The only thing I’d change would be to make the eagle black and Glenn’s name red. Also needs to work on the kerning around the the L in Darryl and the E in Glenn.

+ + +

Abdul el-Sayed, Governor of Michigan, Democrat

Abdul el-Sayed’s logo is somewhat traditional, especially compared to those of other candidates listed here. But the bold, brash font for his name, the simple but artistic outline of the state, and the somewhat muted red and blue give a feeling of an old-school style of politics. It works even better with the silver and cream on his website. It shouldn’t surprise you that a candidate from a neighboring state basically cribbed el-Sayed’s entire logo.

+ + +

Josh Hawley, United States Senate (Missouri), Republican

Republicans very frequently use traditional fonts and imagery, mostly for political reasons than design reasons. And then there’s Josh Hawley. Running against an incumbent Democrat in a state Trump won by almost 20 points (Mississippi was closer for Clinton than Missouri, shockingly), Josh Hawley’s logo evokes something fresh, new, almost futuristic. His use of bright red and a softer blue completes the bold, energetic look. The only thing I would change is the use of the Liberian flag on the H.

+ + +

Mike Dunleavy, Governor of Alaska, Republican

If you had to guess which state had produced the best identity among all gubernatorial candidates in 2018, you probably wouldn’t have guessed Alaska. But it’s true! This is only one motif that Mike Dunleavy has used on his campaign signs, as he has four other designs, though the light blue bear design is definitely the strongest. That beat looks awesome, and is a nice splash of color that immediately draws your eye to the center of the sign. Dunleavy’s name and slogan take a back seat, almost implying that he’ll be a no-frills, down-to-business governor. The bear version is also not as busy as the other four designs.

Considering the logos of the other candidates, it’s safe to say that Dunleavy is head and shoulders ahead of them, at least in terms of graphic design.

+ + +

Anita Malik, House of Representatives (AZ-8), Democrat

Malik uses the same principles as Dunleavy, but condensed to her name. I love the shooting star imagery creating the tittle on the ‘i’ and the central bar of the ‘A’. The colors seem very nicely balanced and simultaneously down-to-earth and professional. I love the shape of ‘t’ and the shade of blue. The ‘A’ by itself could go on to become a powerful personal mark, not unlike Barack Obama’s logo.

+ + +

Tedra Cobb, House of Representatives (NY-21), Democrat

Normally, I do not like political roundels, and the “worst” half of this article will attest to that. But Tedra Cobb has come out with an absolutely gorgeous mark, with a great font and nicely balanced cold colors. I can almost smell the forest. Her logo evokes environmentalism and rural ruggedness simultaneously, and would not look out of place as a sticker on a laptop at a college or on the rear windshield of an SUV with a bike rack. It was a bold move to not include any warm colors, and it paid off in spades for Cobb.

+ + + + + +

The Worsts:

Mike McCamon, House of Representatives (KS-3), Democrat

It’s not often we get a sign with a direct attack on an opponent. We need to dissect this logo in two parts. The first part is the part with McCamon’s actual name. Boring font, extremely traditional red-white-blue horizontal motif, which is bad and boring and not helping his campaign, but not bad enough to get it into the worst campaign logos nationwide by itself. No, what really takes the case is the sideways attack on incumbent Republican Kevin Yoder. The fact that it’s sideways and the second R is backwards (implying some sort of Russia connection?) makes it nearly illegible, especially if you’re driving. The first time I saw this, I had to read it over three times before I understood the meaning.

+ + +

Clint Koble, House of Representatives (NV-2), Democrat

“Let’s make our logo super shiny. And let’s have it evoke the European Union, too.”

Yes, I know the logo is supposed to remind you of Betsy Ross’ flag, but that shade of blue is closer to the EU’s flag than the navy used on American flags. And even if this wasn’t disgustingly gradiented, this would still be listed among the worst in the country. Koble’s attempt at an Obama-esque glyph looks more like an M (which isn’t a letter in either his first or last name) than the Sierra Nevadas, and that N is giving me a tension headache. Also, note that the red is the only part of this logo that isn’t shiny as hell.

+ + +

Diane Mitsch Bush, House of Representatives (CO-3), Democrat

How many different design elements can you spot? Mitsch Bush’s logo has a very rookie and amateurish feel, which is surprising considering Mitsch Bush has been in the Colorado House of Representatives since 2012. Too many different fonts (I count at least four, which is two more than the absolute maximum amount of fonts that you want on a political logo), too many different words trying to fit onto a roundel, too much stuff going on. A friend of mine made his own (infinitely better) version of the logo in less than 10 minutes.

+ + +

Sean Duffy, House of Representatives (WI-7), Republican

DŮFFY WISCONSIN. Why is the star there, Sean? Is he trying to pull off an umlaut as a guy with an Irish name in a German part of the country? Other than that, the font reminds me more of a hardware company than a politician (maybe it’s part of Duffy’s appeal?). The way the N in Wisconsin meets the Y in Duffy also makes the entire thing look off-center, like his name is too far left and the state’s name is too far right.

+ + +

Kyrsten Sinema, United States Senate (Arizona), Democrat

Sinema is a rising star in the Democratic Party and she has perhaps the best chance to flip a Senate seat blue in this cycle. But her logo leaves a lot to be desired. My first thought is “spa in Glendale.” The font is weak and the roundel struggles to fit her name, which begs the question: why a roundel in the first place? The bright spot in the middle I think is supposed to be the sun rising (or setting, but that’s not the hopeful imagery politicians usually go for), but instead it looks like the person filling in the color in photoshop got lazy.

+ + +

Kathleen Vinehout, Governor of Wisconsin (lost in primary), Democrat

Vinehout has a similar problem here as Sinema: weak font, unappealing colors. The orange and black evoke Halloween, and the small, Helvetica slogan isn’t helping anyone. I find something unsettling about the V that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s clearly trying to evoke a checkmark, but it looks almost like a monster trying to sneak up on the unassuming ‘i’ and ‘n’. The whole thing feels unbalanced, the orange and bold strokes on the right-hand side of the logo, and black and small serifs on the left.

+ + +

Patrick Colbeck, Governor of Michigan (lost in primary), Republican

Mission patches are super cool. Unfortunately for Patrick Colbeck, his logo isn’t. He decided to keep a NASA-esque font for his name, and the results are disastrous. His name is barely legible. The use of dark red and blue right next to each other without any sort of border is eye-searing, and when you notice that little bit of blue that extends outside of the sphere (to try to make it look like the rocket is orbiting…Michigan, I guess) you can’t unsee it.

+ + +

Jeff Ballinger, House of Representatives (MA-3), Democrat

I am anti-Impact. It is the most overused font on the Internet, and it is entirely unprofessional and unserious. So when I see a political candidate using it in their logo, I think that candidate is unprofessional and unserious. Maybe I’m letting my own hatred of Impact color my view of Mr. Ballinger’s logo, but I just can’t think of him as the guy I’d want to represent me in Washington discussing important things like taxes and healthcare and tariffs when he uses the same font as those dumb cat captions that were super popular eight years ago.

+ + +

Naomi Andrews, House of Representatives (NH-1), Democrat

You would think that the Chief of Staff of the incumbent congresswoman would be able to come up with something better than this Microsoft Paint, thrown-together garbage. There is nothing remotely memorable about it, and I can’t imagine it standing out as a sign on the side of the road next to the signs of Andrews’s literally 18 opponents.

+ + +

Bill Keating, House of Representatives (MA-9), Democrat

How can an incumbent congressman’s logo be this bad? This is embarrassing. And it’s not like Bill Keating’s been around since the Ford Administration and just scanned one of his signs onto his website in 1995. No, Bill Keating was first elected in 2010. Dude’s only going for his fourth term! The squished name, the weak font, the complete lack of anything modern or memorable — it’s not just generic. It’s hideously awful.

• • • •

Thanks, Anthony! I had originally wanted to run this one yesterday (on Anthony’s normal ticker day), but Oregon’s last minute giant number fest bumped this to today. Hope you guys enjoyed it (I did, but then I work for a politician). Let him know your thoughts in the comments below!

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The Notre Dame Yankees Unveil Shamrock Series Uniform

On November 18, 2018, a team wearing pinstripes will be playing in Yankee Stadium. No, it’s not because the World Series will be going that late (or featuring the Yankees) — it’s Notre Dame Football who will be sporting the above costume, as they take on the Syracuse Orange in the Ninth Edition of the “Shamrock Series.” Notre Dame has had some awful costumes for their Shamrock Series games before, but these may just top them all.

The team didn’t play a Shamrock Series game last year, but they crushed Army in their last one in 2016. They’re 8-0 in the series, and while Syracuse isn’t exactly one of the Little Sisters of the Poor, they’re probably going to be Notre Dame’s ninth victim. I’m not sure there’s a picture of a cupcake circled on 11/18 on ND’s schedule.

As you can glean from the image above, they’re going all Yankees on this one. While the torso and shoulders of the jersey is Notre Dame blue, everything else is Yankee-pinstriped out. The sleeves and pants basically match the pinstripes on worn by the New York Yankees, and even the helmet reflects some pinstriped pride.

Here’s the hype video:

Here are some closeups of the various pieces of the uniform:

The helmet is blue, rather than the classic Notre Dame gold, and the logo is the interlocking “ND” on a white circle, bordered in gold, with pinstripes.

The jersey/pants are all adorned with the pinstripes (I like that the pins actually have the “zig zag” pattern in them — which is the same pattern as used by the Yankees. The blue torso of the jersey has “Notre Dame” in the Yankee script font. It also appears they’re using the same number font as is seen on Yankee jerseys. Or at least, that’s the idea.

I generally don’t have a problem with the special “one-off” jerseys most college teams will wear, but this one is just a bit over the top. Maybe it will look fine on the field — but there’s probably a reason we’ve never really seen any pinstriped uniforms on a football field (in a football game), and this may reaffirm the fact that the pins should be kept on the baseball diamond. I’ll reserve total judgment until I see them in game play, but for now…not a fan.

Update: Just got a “full” model look at the new costume:

If you want to see what previous Shamrock Series uniforms looked like, click here.

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Atlanta Hawks Release “Hardwood” Classic Uni, New Court & Logo

In a move that was kinda under-the-radar, the Atlanta Hawks announced they will be wearing a new uniform (which is *not* a part of the idiotically-named Nike series), a throwback light blue number that is a pretty good throwback to the 1968-69 uniform the team wore when it relocated from St. Louis and became the Atlanta Hawks, 50 years ago this fall. This season, the team will be celebrating that anniversary. Here’s a look at the new uniform:

And here’s the original to which they’re throwing back:

The original jersey was really nice…

The team also released a new court and logo commemorating the team’s 50 years in Atlanta:

The team has not announced any dates on which they’ll wear the special uniforms. You will also note that the 50th Anniversary Logo is black and gold — the gold signifies the “50th Anniversary” — and it’s also interesting the new court will be black and gold; the team doesn’t yet have a black and gold uniform; will they possibly be introducing one this year? Stay tuned.

Here’s a quick video shot of the unveiling:

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Griffins Design Contest

In case you missed it, I’m running the third annual “Grand Rapids Griffins Jersey Design Contest,” in which readers are asked to submit jersey design concepts for a third (or alternate) jersey for the team.

Like past years, the team is asking for a jersey (only) design, but other than that, it’s pretty wide open.

All of the details are here in this post, but the important big detail is the contest submission deadline, which is Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 (by 11:00 pm E.D.T.). Everything else you need to know is in that post.

Update The jersey of the winning designer will be worn on December 29, 2018 and not February 15, 2019, as previously announced.


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The Ticker
By Kris Gross

Baseball News: Wilson Ramos was traded from Tampa Bay to Philadelphia this season, and he wore his Rays glove during his Phillies debut last night (from JRod). … The Nationals will unveil their bullpen cart tomorrow, and of course it’s got an advertiser attached to it (from Mike Chamernik). … Last night, the Pawtucket Red Sox played as the Hot Wieners (from Jon Desrosiers). … Speaking of wieners, the Frisco RoughRiders host State Fair Night next weekend, and will become the Corny Dogs. … The Utica Unicorns wore Abbey Road jerseys last night (from Billy). … The Great Lakes Camels will wear Michigan State/Michigan franken-jerseys tonight on House Divided Night. … The Tampa Tarpons will wear throw it back to their 1960s, 70s, and 80s era uniforms tomorrow night (from John McMunn). … The Port St. Lucie Mets will wear “Strike Out Hunger” jerseys next week. … The Rochester Red Wings will wear these uniforms next Thursday (from Chris Smith). … Yogi Berra’s granddaughter Gets It™ (from Al Kreit). … Courtesy of SportsNet New York, here is everything you need to know about the Phillie Phanatic. … The Little League World Series team out of Houston has tequila sunrise jerseys (from Kenneth Turner). … Are these new caps for Utah Baseball? (from Chris Larsen). … These Astros-branded Vans are pretty sweet (from Maximiliano). … We have a logo poach as the newest New York Collegiate Baseball League team Mansfield Destroyers’ new logo looks a lot like the old Buffalo Destroyers logo from the Arena Football League (from Brian Barrish). … Here’s what Little League World Series players, managers, and coaches get to take home.

NFL News: The Eagles organized their locker room so that you have 41-33, the final score of the Super Bowl (from Blake Fox). … We’ll get our first on-field look at the Titans’ blue jerseys on Saturday. … The Patriots broadcast spent time last night on Tom Brady’s new helmet (from Sean). … During that same broadcast, WR Phillip Dorsett’s player graphic had no jersey numer (from Jay Pritchard). … Even more from this game, as Justin Hicks spotted helmet bumper inconsistencies. … The ‘Skins have not painted their sidelines yet (from Billy King). … The Panthers will announce a new uniform combo at some point today. … Anyone else see the resemblance here? (from jwprz). … Also listed in the baseball section: We have a logo poach as the newest New York Collegiate Baseball League team Mansfield Destroyers’ new logo looks a lot like the old Buffalo Destroyers logo from the Arena Football League (from Brian Barrish).

Hockey News: The Grand Rapids Griffins released their 2018-19 promotional schedule, which includes a jersey to be designed by a Uni Watch reader! More information here.

Grab Bag: The US Air Force is going with throwbacks for their new look (from Al Kreit). … Not uni related, but still interesting: Why it took Dunkin Donuts 10 years to build the perfect cup (from Adam Herbst).

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And now a few words from Paul: Aretha Franklin died yesterday. The many tributes and outpourings of love that have followed her death are certainly well deserved, but it’s disappointing to see how many of them — basically all of them — have included the terms “Queen of Soul” and “legendary.” These two terms, along with TMZ-style reports of Franklin’s increasingly diva-like behavior during the latter years of her life, have tended to reduce her to a caricature, a character, rather than a fully formed human being.

So here’s the deal: Aretha Franklin was one of the greatest instrumentalists America has ever produced. Her primary instrument — the one on which she was a virtuoso — was her voice, which she deployed as deftly and charismatically as any singer in pop music history. But many people don’t realize that she was also gifted on the piano, which she played on many of her biggest hits, and she had her share of songwriting credits as well. In short, she was an extraordinarily talented musician, something that tends to get lost amidst all the “legendary queen” mythmaking.

Franklin had her flaws, both as an artist (she recorded at least as much bad music as good, although the good was so epic that people tended to forgive or ignore the bad) and as a person (she was notoriously difficult to work with, and she chain-smoked for years, a tragic act of self-violence against her greatest instrument). Or to put it another way, she was complicated, as so many of us are. I never saw her perform live, something I regret, but I’ll treasure her recordings for many years to come. R.I.P. — Paul

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Comments (67)

    Of the political ones, the Dunleavy one is by far my favorite.

    The Sinema one looks like it could be a logo for off brand protein powder or a timeshare.

    Dunleavy looks designed. As do Ocasio-Cortez, Newsom, and Cobb. As in, they appear to be crafted to say something about the candidate beyond name and office using the whole of the logo as a medium. Most of the others look, at best, to have been laid out rather than designed. For the ones that are mainly text, that approach can be OK.

    Colbeck also appears to have been designed. Not well or thoughtfully, but more went into it than just laying out text or juxtaposing clip-art, which are the normal approaches to campaign logo/sign creation.

    Couple of campaign logo trends in the last decade: Gotham or other wide sans-serif fonts with uniform line thickness; Three-stripe flags; Lighter-than-navy blues. At this point, that’s the generic campaign logo. Nearly all of the logos in the worst list above would improve by just applying that generic approach. Call it the “replacement-level campaign logo.”

    The Gotham and Proxima Nova fonts are way overused these days. It’s a bit of a turn-off to see them.

    As a supporter of one of her opponents, I hesitate to come to Naomi Andrews’ defense, but it should be pointed out that her logo is essentially he boss’s logo. Got her elected 4 times, so maybe go with what works?


    A big thumbs down to Notre Dame, it looks like something you would see in a distant minor leagues of hockey as opposed to what should be one of most prestigious college football programs.

    Hawks hinting at black and gold, I think the Raptors beat them to it.

    I like the Vinehout logo – always like lighter shade of orange with black.

    Aretha died on the same date as Elvis (and Babe Ruth), and like Elvis, she had become a caricature of her former self. I choose to remember each of them in their prime, using their incredible voices to entertain us.

    You could argue the Babe is just as much a character. It’s now mostly stories of hot dogs in the dugout and calling his shot.

    That ND uni may be the worst in history. It panders to the Yankees. It has no connection to ND’s brand. Football teams generally don’t wear pinstripes – and we now see why. This is something you’d see on a theme night in AA Baseball. Awful, awful, awful.

    Agreed. I am stunned Notre Dame is stopping so low as to ‘pay tribute’ to the Yankees. These uniforms have no business on a football field.

    And get off my lawn … and take the uniforms with you!

    Worth noting that Colbeck when with the rocket theme because he actually is a rocket scientist.

    Oh, he’s a space cadet, all right…. wants to remove the word ‘democratic’ from Michigan’s social studies curriculum, because… you know… he’s a Republican. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

    Seems to me that any mass-audience obituary has to start as a caricature. As it gets deeper, it likely becomes more nuanced, but it starts at “Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon…”

    “the first man to walk on the moon” is a factual description of something that actually happened. “Queen of Soul” and “legendary” are lazy mythmaking terms that tend to *obscure* what actually happened.

    I am usually opposed to monochrome on football jerseys, but i think Notre Dame would look better if the pants were the same shade of dark blue as the body of the uniform, and they only had pinstripes on the sleeves.

    For the record, the ND numbers are their usual UA block font. The Yankees’ block numbers are noticeably wider.
    RIP Aretha Franklin.

    Regarding the stance on the usage of Washington’s footballs team name on this site by the administrators, owners and employees:

    I find it quite upsetting / hypocritical that Paul allows his team to use the full name of the team on his site (whether it’s in the ticker or in the lede) while he does not use it himself.

    While this is a money making site for himself and the uni-watch team, there should be a consistent policy, especially when this site supposedly preaches “slowly but surely”.

    Uh… so you know, “use ‘Skins or Washington for the Washington football team” is literally about the first thing in our Ticker instructions.

    It’s a mistake. I fixed it.

    1) We do not know your instructions / rules
    2) “Uh…” is unnecessary sarcasm
    3) Being a good editor is proofing before posting.
    4) I appreciate you acknowledging this error, however, your follow-up could have been better.


    We have sent a full refund to you for the fees you have paid Uniwatch. You should see the deposit show within 2 business days.


    Uniwatch Customer Care

    Well there’s a new response! Thank you so much customer service. How does Uni Watch customer service feel about stealing a logo from the Chicago White Sox & begging people to purchase merch based off that logo? Just curious!

    For the record, despite his “egregious” editing error, I’d still rather grab a beer with Jamie any day of the week than with “Peter.” Hands down.

    “Notre Dame has had some awful costumes for their Shamrock Series games before, but these may just top them all.” Phil, I do not think truer words have ever been spoken.

    See my reply below — the Deadspin line was link.

    But I’ll take your compliment as well, Jim :)

    if you are going to accuse someone of a “logo poach” I dont know how Utah wasnt included as that looks a helluva lot like the Baltimore Orioles cartoon bird logo, does it not?

    I would prefer they go with a cartoon version of Mark Malone as a WR personally.

    Read the Irish section as Notre Damn Yankees, now I’m thinking how large the venn diagram is for people who can’t stand these teams

    I didn’t link to the Deadspin take (actually, just the hed was great) in that section, but they may have link yesterday.

    Wow that Notre Dame uniform is awful. Looks like something you’d see UA make as concept of a Yankees football uniform for an internet contest. Oh wait, that is probably exactly what they did.

    Ocasio’s logo seems very similar to the designs of the original Star Wars movies’ title logos. Odd pointing out how purple is important in politics now, which it is, yet as a socialist this candidate is anything but a centrist.

    The biggest issue I have with the ND costumes (beyond the utter hideousness of them) is the message that ND somehow aspires to be the Yankees. It’s a glorified Halloween costume an 8 year old would wear to look like their favorite player. Only the 8 year old is the most storied program in college football.

    I get a subtle nod to the Yanks for using their stadium with a patch or some other subtle element. But the full out pinstripe fest is way overboard.

    I guess UA had to do something with their extra inventory after losing the MLB contract…

    Just got a new graphic (added in the text above) showing the “full” Yankee Dame uni. You can also link.

    Frankly, I would pull a Chris Sale if I had to wear the Hot Wieners jersey and hat. I like most of these one-off, food-related identities, but this one is poorly executed. It makes me think of a dog on fire. Blech.

    It only looks like a dog on fire because it literally shows a dog, with flames.

    These regional-food alternates work for me when they balance cutesiness with some degree of taking-it-seriously. The Hot Wieners thing is all cute, no serious, so it just seems saccharine to me. Give us a more straightforward food name, but then go silly on the uniform graphics. Or give us a silly, over-the-top nickname, but go literal with the graphic depictions.

    It only looks like a dog on fire because it literally shows a dog, with flames.

    Are we still doing “Comment of the Day/Week”? Because if we are, I nominate this one.

    I kind of love this Notre Dame Shamrock Series uniform. It’s clean and classy. It’s actually the best one.

    The Great Lakes Loons will be sporting the “House Divided” uniforms. They’ll be rebranded as the Camels for Wednesday (hump day), August 22.

    I come here to escape politics.. opinions and logos.. I just don’t want to have to think about any of it when I come here… I don’t care who’s blue or red, liberal or conservative, right or left who’s lying or who isn’t… I don’t want any of it… that’s the point of hobbies, to escape the other chaos going on… I know I know I can choose not to read… but when I eat a pizza, I don’t want to know how unhealthy it is… I just want a damn pizza… I know I’m one person, but can we never do anything associated with politics again… ever.. please?

    Oh and those Notre Dame uniforms or horrifyingly bad…

    I’m also tired of people that get to read something for free bitching about it in the comments. I know I’m one person, but can not we not bitch about something that we aren’t forced to read…ever..please?

    How about just see that’s it’s not for you and choose not to read about it that day? Why did you feel the need to bitch about it? Oh, right, it’s the Internet. Carry on.

    I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen that in all the years of reading Uni Watch.

    Oh because this is a uniform site not a political site… oh and I commented on how I would pay for this site in prior posts.. oh and it’s a comment section, why can’t I post? Oh and you like politics with your hobbies you use to escape politics? Oh and I couldn’t care less if it’s the internet or not.. oh and you bitched that I bitched… oh and why is it wrong I want an uniform site to stick to uniforms? Oh and I don’t want it to be a trend on here… oh and I didn’t want to read about political views in the comment section… oh and you can carry on.. anything else?

    This Notre Dame uniform is a good reminder why I’m glad my school, USC, sticks with their traditional uniforms with no alternates. Also the navy blue helmet looks black.

    Won’t comment on the political ads because, well, they’re political.

    Will the Hawks ’68 throwbacks include the sateen shorts?

    I understand the Eagles are right to be proud of their accomplishment and will continue to celebrate the Super Bowl win for the foreseeable future but the trolling-by-jersey prior to a meaningless preseason game is undignified.

    I think Notre Dame went too far; as a Mets fan, I cannot possibly go for a team dressed like that, lol!

    I agree, I’m a Mets fan and an ND fan…and if the Irish played at Citifield, I wouldn’t want ND to wear Royal Blue/Orange…that’s just dumb.

    As for the political Ads, everyone behaved for the most part (except that crack about the guy taking words out of social studies). Sure for every one GOP logo there was about 11 Dem logos, but at least the avg. for winners/losers was about 50-50.


    Aesthetically, I think the unis might be OK. But Notre Dame is a team with a national following, and we Mets fans aren’t the only ones who hate the Yankees. (I mean, it isn’t as though there are many Catholics in Boston, is it?) I think this is a big mistake.

    Speaking of big mistakes, that sign that makes me go “Huh? What? Over yonder?” Awful.

    Lack of pinstriping in football could be because they might fail rather miserably when all the pads are added, or when a player’s body type varies from the designer’s model (think linemen).

    This isn’t limited to pins, as plenty of other graphic elements have unintended consequences when body types and equipment vary. Always felt body type is an under-discussed topic w/ regards to unis.

    There have been some pretty fat baseball players, and I’m sure some of them have worn pinstripes. Wasn’t Babe Ruth on the Yankees?

    Curious as to why the Nats bullpen cart uses the road cap colors. I’m sure there’ll be some rationale about how the navy/red caps are worn with alternate jerseys, but I’m just a little surprised that they didn’t go with the cap that the team wears most frequently at home.

    Is he trying to pull off an umlaut as a guy with an Irish name in a German part of the country?

    I’m impressed he didn’t use the obligatory shamrock. I don’t know about the rest of the country but in the Akron area Irish candidates almost always go that route. And it doesn’t appear to be a very Irish place.

    The orange and black evoke Halloween

    Seeing as how the yard signs will be up through October I’m in favor of that. But I agree with the other criticisms of the sign.

    Nice roundup, Anthony!

    Oh…that Hawks throwback…I’d. Wear. That.

    I have to temporarily break my ban on writing about football for that Notre Dame costume. The pinstripes are most definitely not the problem. Some other team should wear something like this. Heck, even go full pinstripes. But not Notre Dame. This getup is WAY more Yankees than it is Fighting Irish. And for a school that has a long history of playing in the Bronx, why wear something different?

    I sorta like the Yankees and I sorta don’t like ND, so you think I’d be in favor of this. It just seems wrong, though.

    Notre Dame should NEVER have anything other than a GOLD helmet. PERIOD. If you want to slap a kelly green shamrock on the side for a “special game” fine, but it ends there. As a Notre Dame football fan, I’m dumbfounded by this clown suit they’re choosing to wear.

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