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MLB’s Transition to Under Armour Pushed Back a Year

News broke yesterday that MLB’s outfitting deal with Under Armour, which was originally announced to be going into effect in 2020 and was then moved up to 2019, is being pushed back to 2020 again. MLB teams will continue to wear Majestic jerseys and pants next season.

I was first tipped off about this last week, but it took me a few days to confirm it.

A few additional thoughts:

• For those of us who were dreading the sight of the UA logo on MLB jersey chests (unlike the Majestic logo, which is only on sleeves), this is good news. A year ago, when the transition date was moved up from 2020 to 2019, I wrote, “Man, it’s like hearing your life expectancy was just reduced by one year.” So, by the same token, this latest news is like hearing that you’ve been given an extra year to live, because it means the maker’s mark will remain on the sleeve.

• Here’s an additional tidbit that came up in my reporting: Although this wasn’t announced anywhere (at least not that I saw), when the UA transition date was moved up to 2019 last year, that was only for the jerseys and pants — not for the base-layer shirts. The plan was to have UA jerseys/pants next season while retaining the Nike undershirts, and then have the undershirts transition to UA in 2020. Now that the UA transition has been pushed back, all of those elements will transition together in 2020.

• I’m sure you all know this already, but just in case: Caps were never part of the UA deal. They’ll continue to be made by New Era.

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NFL helmet update: Last year Vicis (whose CEO I interviewed a few months ago) had the top-performing helmet in the NFL’s annual helmet performance testing. This year it’s more of the same: Vicis has the top two performing helmets in the latest round of testing, the results of which were released yesterday. Here are this year’s rankings (click to enlarge):

But this year the NFL did more than just rank all the helmets. They also listed 10 helmet models as “prohibited.” Six of those 10 (including four from Rawlings, which no longer makes helmets) are banned immediately; the others can be worn in 2018 only by players who wore them in 2017. Sports Illustrated’s Jenny Vrentas says this could affect up to 200 players (including Tom Brady).

I’m sure some of you are wondering whether this could have any effect on the one-shell rule. And the answer is: I don’t know. Any change to the one-shell rule (and/or other NFL uniform rules) would have to be addressed at next month’s owners’ meetings.

As for other helmets I’ve written about: The Riddell Speedflex Precision-Fit ranked third, behind the two Vicis models. And the Schutt F7, which was designed in part by longtime Uni Watch reader/contributor Michael Princip, ranked seventh.

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ITEM! Cap update: Some of you have been asking about the Uni Watch cap. Here’s the latest on that:

1. We’re going to have a “classic cap” that will look like the one shown at right (which you can click to enlarge) — green crown, green bill, yellow squatchee, embroidered logo with a gold outline. It will have a grey undervisor and will not have anything on the back.

2. The cap is being made by Ebbets Field Flannels and will be sold on their site. Like all of their caps, it will be lightweight wool and made in the U.S.A. It will be available in numbered fitted sizes and as a strapback. Like all Ebbets caps, it will sell for $49 (which includes shipping). Yes, I know that’s a lot.

3. The cap should be available in early May.

4. In addition, we’re going to have an “alternate cap,” which will look like this:

As you can see, this one has the Uni Watch script on the back (don’t worry, it won’t be running “downhill” like it appears in the mock-up). It will also have custom Uni Watch seam taping on the inside and, maybe, a custom Uni Watch label. My plan is to offer it as a cotton flex-fit cap with a lower price point — probably in the $29ish range. It will be available a bit later, likely in late June.

I realize it’s impossible to please everyone, but my goal here is to please as many of you as possible by offering two different designs, in two different materials and fitting formats, at two different price points. I know some of you will still be unhappy, because you want the classic design as a flex-fit, or the alternate design in wool, or whatever. But this is the best I can do, at least for now.

It would be helpful to have a sense of how many of you might want to buy the alternate cap. Please make your voice heard below:

[totalpoll id=”96083″]

5. In addition, we expect to have yet another cap for Purple Amnesty Day (which is exactly one month away!). We’re still working on the details on that one, but it will likely be a snapback. Like all Purp Walk merchandise, it will be available for only 24 hours.

Thanks for listening, and for your feedback.

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ITEM! Brannock update: It’s official — I’ll be throwing out the first pitch at the Syracuse Chiefs’ Brannock Device Night on May 31. I’m very excited about it.

The team has generously offered to provide a terrace area or even a suite for friends and readers who’d like to gather during the game. We’re trying to get a, uh, ballpark idea of how many people will be on hand (the expected head count will affect which kind of space they give us), so if you you’d like to gather with other uniform and/or Brannock obsessives, please check the “Interested” or “Attending” options on this Facebook event page. (If you’re not a Facebook user, send a note to this email address that I’ve created for the occasion.)

Some of you have asked what Brannock Device Night will entail. Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to discuss any of that, but the team will be making an announcement in early May. The one thing I can assure you is that they will not be giving out free Brannock Devices (unfortunately), but it should still be a really fun night.

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rafflet ticket by ben thoma.jpg

ITEM! New raffle: Our friends at Ebbets Field Flannels are providing one of their very handsome New York Knights T-shirts for a lucky Uni Watch reader. To enter, send an email to the raffle address by 7pm Eastern this Friday, April 20. I’ll announce the winner next Monday.

Also, if you scroll down to the bottom of any Ebbets web page (including that one with the Knights shirt), there’s a link where you can get on their email list. Feel free to sign up if you like.

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Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

You have to appreciate the retro-ness of this one. The Pirates played (and defeated) the defending World Series champion Orioles in the 1971 Fall Classic, and this was the cover of the Pirates program. It consisted of a collage of team buttons, with sayings like “I Love Richie Hebner” and “Beat ’Em, Bucs.” There’s also “California Here We Come” (maybe they expected the A’s rather than the O’s) and “Goodnight, Mary Edgerly, Wherever You Are.” (Most of the phrases, including that last one, were sayings of their radio announcer Bob Prince.)

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

• There are several artists who I like to search for on eBay — guys who created what I consider to be the standard for pro sports artwork.  Let’s run down a few of them, shall we? Stancraft issued an NFL poster line in 1972, and this artwork for the Kansas City Chiefs was created by one of the masters, George Bartell. The Chiefs’ look has changed very little through the years — once you get a great look, you stay with it. 

• Here’s another great piece of work from Bartell: Maybe that’s John Brodie and Gene Washington on this 1970s 49ers poster.

• We can’t have any type of discussion about NFL posters without mentioning the one and only Dave Boss. Here’s his St. Louis (football) Cardinals painting, framed and ready to hang on your wall. 

• Brilliant 1971 artwork from another one of the masters, Nicholas Volpe. This set of four thermal cups features members of the Indiana Pacers, and they were sold at Marathon gas stations. (I still have my Louie Dampier Kentucky Colonels cup!)

• Volpe did some fine work on this 1971 portrait of hockey legend Gordie Howe of the Red Wings.  (Volpe did more than sports, incidentally. Audrey Hepburn, anyone?)

• Bucco Bruce never looked better than on this 1979 Bucs poster by Chuck Ren.

• This is called an “NFL Space Sports blanket” from 1969, featuring the old Eagles logo. If I’m not mistaken, it’s labeled “Space” due to the newfangled reflective aluminum material. (I had something similar, and I referenced this three and a half years ago in a November 2014 Collector’s Corner.)

• We’ve got a large set of 1960s NFL bobbles here. Buy ’em now for 2K — whew!

• This Cubs/Pirates game program goes back to August of 1937. And don’t forget to drink your Duquesne Pilsener.

• This NFL gear bag was made for Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, and was sponsored by Hugo Boss, the “official fragrance” of the league.

• Look at this mid- to late-1970s NFL football lamp! This was made by Orange Products, who did the goalpost kits. I have seen this before, and never knew it was a lamp — I thought it was a bank!

• Here are a couple of New York Jets items: This Jets helmet hubcap would look good on your bike, and this early 1970s paperweight is just right for your desk. (I still have two of these, for the Bengals and Cowboys.)

Do you have an item to include on Collector’s Corner? Send any submissions to

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The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball NewsNo photos yet, but the Orioles will wear green-accented jerseys and caps in honor of Earth Day on April 22 (from Andrew Cosentino and Phil). … The Cubs and Braves, who were rained out Sunday, will celebrate a belated Jackie Robinson Day when they make the game up on May 14 (from Christopher Pisciotti). … ESPN played along for Jackie Day by adding a 42 to its news ticker during Sunday Night Baseball (from Brice Wallace). … The avatars for the Blue Jays’ official Twitter account and the team’s PR department use different shades of blue (from John Gworek). … What is this, 1997? Chuck O’Rian found a Brewers cap on sale at a Dick’s store that included an AL logo. … Shorts-clad White Sox and beer. Doesn’t get any better than that (from Phillip Tutor). … Couple of notes from a B1G matchup between Maryland/Michigan: The Michigan catcher borrowed the famous “wing” pattern from the football team for his mask, and Maryland has some tiny barber striping on their pants (from Fred Kreiger). … Not uni-related, but this piece on MLB.TV’s blackout rules is interesting (from webmaster John Ekdahl). … Food-related baseball note: Chapulines, or toasted grasshoppers, became a sensation last season at Safeco Field in Seattle. Now ESPN has published a piece about the people in Oaxaca, Mexico, who harvest the bugs and have been eating the dish for centuries (from Kary Klismet). … The Toledo Blade ran an online baseball uniform quiz yesterday. I expect perfect marks from all y’all (from Mark Kunz).

NFL NewsIf this teaser helmet is any indication, the Jags will be wearing solid black helmets this season. We’ll find out for sure at Thursday’s unveiling event, which is scheduled to begin at 11am Eastern, with the unveiling itself taking place closer to noon. … We have our first look at the Eagles’ first-ever Super Bowl banner (from Blake Fox). … Adidas says they will sign Colin Kaepernick to an endorsement contract if an NFL team picks him up. Or they could just, you know, sign him now. … New number assignments for the Lions (from Jerry Nitzh). … In a 1976 game against the Falcons, Bears great Walter Payton lost both of his wishbone-C helmet decals (rom Scott Mason). … In the movie Concussion, a wall of helmets inside NFL HQ includes modern Bills, Falcons and 49ers helmets even though the film is set in 2002 (from  @florian_mcgill).

College Football NewsThe chart at the bottom of this photo, tweeted by Temple coach Geoff Collins, seems to indicate the Owls will be going GFGS this year (from Tommy Mancuso III). … Matt Sampson was re-watching the 1997 Ohio State/Michigan game and noticed that Charles Woodson’s NOB and number are misaligned on his jersey.

Hockey NewsBruins RW David Pastrnak has been wearing yellow-palmed gloves lately. The rest of the team typically wears white-palmed gloves (from Michael Engle). … Caps RW T.J. Oshie has had a bit of tailoring done to the collars on all of his jerseys this year (from Moe Khan). … Also from Moe: For last night’s Ducks/Sharks playoff game, the Sharks gave away “Duckhunt” rally towels that showed a shark stalking some ducks.

Basketball News: Celtics G Terry Rozier claims to have stolen all of injured teammate Kyrie Irving’s shoes (from Mike Chamernik). … Hall of Famer and former Sixer Hal Greer died Saturday at the age of 81. The Sixers will honor him with a No. 15 memorial patch for the rest of the playoffs (also from Mike Chamernik). … Ray Hund sent along a photo of Elgin Baylor’s 1961 Fleer basketball card, which includes the mysterious giraffe logo the Lakers used when they first arrived in LA. … This piece offers a good look at the evolution of WNBA uniforms through the years (from Phil and Kevin Brown). … San Diego State will wear Jordan brand uniforms next season (from Chris Fairchild). … A Philly TV station mistakenly used the New England Patriots’ logo instead of the Sixers’ logo during a broadcast.

Soccer NewsOn Sunday, two soccer clubs based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, wore jerseys honoring two early-1900s Jewish athletic clubs that were shuttered by the Nazis in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day (from Jerusalem Stone). … Tormenta FC, a USL Division III team based in Statesboro, Georgia, have unveiled their kit advertiser (from Josh Hinton).

Grab BagAmerican lightweight boxer Rod Salka wore trunks with a border wall theme and the words “America 1st” while facing Mexican fighter Francisco Vargas last Thursday (from Ron Ruelle). …  English rugby union club Saracens uses a large NOB font. That means their star, Richard Wigglesworth, can’t fit his full name on his jersey. The club has taken to shortening his NOB to Wigg’worth (from Tim Dunn). … Reader Baylor Watts designed the uniforms for his college ultimate Frisbee team at the University of North Florida, and even included vertically-arched NOBs!

Comments (72)

    “English club Saracens”

    Since it’s the Grab Bag, this should say “rugby union club,” yes?

    If we get picky about the wall of helmets in Concussion, if it’s in 2002 then the Lions hadn’t yet switched to black facemasks and the more detailed Bubbles logo either.

    If Charles Finley would have bought the White Sox they might have looked like the Uni Watch hats. Would love it if the Southsiders would bring back the flying sock patch.

    Regarding the “California Here We Come” button on the Pirates WS program – that’s a reference to the NLCS, in which the Pirates beat the Giants. I recall radio commercials at the time featuring that song with alternate lyrics, which went something like
    “California, here we come
    To show you where the runs come from
    The Pennant
    The Series
    We’ll never stop!
    The Buccos
    The Pirates
    Are headed all the way right to the top!
    Gee, our Bucs are really great
    That’s why we can hardly wait
    Hang on to that Golden Gate
    California, Here We Come!

    I can provide some help on that 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates program cover depicting those badges. The California badge is referring to the NL playoff series against Willie Mays and the SF Giants, a series won decisively by the Bucs.

    It definitely wasn’t a reference to the Oakland A’s, few gave them a shot against the Orioles in the 1971 AL playoffs. The O’s swept the A’s that ALCS.

    “You have to appreciate the retro-ness of this one.”

    What I mostly appreciate is that it’s a local design, not the generic cover that they went to by 1979.

    “There’s also “California Here We Come” (maybe they expected the A’s rather than the O’s)”

    The Pirates actually used it as a theme song; I remember them playing it during the seventh inning stretch with their own lyrics on the message board. Don’t forget that they beat the Giants in the NL playoffs after San Francisco finished a game ahead of Los Angeles.

    Do you think the fact that Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Antonio Gates and Adrian Peterson all where the VS4-4 has anything to do with why it wasn’t banned immediately? That helmet has ranked at the bottom every year since newer helmet tech has come around.

    Also, do we know what makes the 2018 Vicis model any different than the 2017? I know they have brought prices down to get more people in their helmets.

    When I interviewed the Vicis CEO a few months back, he said they had made some refinements, but he didn’t want to disclose what they were.

    The WNBA article called the 2009 Lifelock sponsorship the first of its kind in American sports but MLS had sponsors before that.

    “This piece offers a good look at the devolution of WNBA uniforms through the years” is more like it…

    I for one like both caps, and since I own several Ebbets Field Flannels caps, I don’t object to the price since I know I am getting outstanding quality. I may just buy both!

    I am also frustrated with the MLB Blackout Rules. T mobile gave its customers a year of access to MLB.TV AT BAt App in which you can watch the games but of course because i live in new England I cannot use it to watch the Red Sox. I might as well not have it.

    Same exact experience for me! I’m a T-Mobile customer and I was very excited about the promo, only to find out that I can’t watch any Rockies games since I’m in Colorado… Definitely a bummer.

    I thought those things were for people who wanted to watch out-of-market games.
    If you want to watch the Red Sox, can’t you watch on TV, or through the stations app?

    In San Francisco, I can watch every Giants game on TV or stream via the NBCSN-SF app (I must have cable to do either though).


    It is an out of market device. The blackout rules aren’t convoluted or off. They are frustrating and I think short-sighted.

    If you can get a teams games on TV (broadcast or cable) you can’t stream it using It’s that simple.

    They should expand it to no blackouts for long-term growth of their product but they would need to up the price significantly to do that.

    But, that article was just garbage.

    I’ve noticed a lot of the new multi channel streaming platforms such as Sling and YouTube TV are offering regional sports networks now. Another nail in the cable coffin.

    I’m probably in a tiny minority, but I would pay GOOD money for a streaming package that offered every game, no ads, no blackouts.

    One thing I WON’T do is sign up for Facebook to watch baseball. Leave it to MLB to take money to NOT broadcast games.

    Great news about both the “stay of execution” and the Ebbets Field Flannels deal. They really make the best caps in the business. Any word on whether the UW caps are eligible to be included EFF’s “triple play” discount? Any excuse to buy more caps, right? ;)

    Having only one option in a survey is asking a loaded question.

    You are avoiding getting feedback if they will not be purchasing the hat at such a high price point.

    Even if the survey produces a 50/50 result, you get a least a fair representation of people who voluntarily answered with a choice.

    You’re misunderstanding the point of the question. It’s not a survey or a poll of choices; it’s simply a question of how many people are interested in what we’re offering. The affirmative response is the only one that matters. Think of it as a show of hands.

    Your hypothetical 50/50 result is way too optimistic — there’s no way we’d ever reach that split. Even if 1,000 people wanted the cap (which is an insanely high number), that means there would be many thousands more who *didn’t* want it. The reality is that most readers will not buy the cap — I already know that (and of course that’s fine). I’m just trying to find out how many readers *will* buy the cap, so we know how many to make.

    A question concerning the delay in UnderArmour rollout: Will this change any team’s uni design changes that might be planned for 2019? Will they instead wait until 2020 to begin with UA?

    Impossible to know unless the teams tell us.

    I can tell you that I spoke to one team last week that was considering a uni change for 2019 but had not yet committed to it (the deadline is fast approaching). The team had not yet been informed of the UA delay to 2020. They said UA had nothing to do with the potential redesign.

    We tend to overstate the role of the manufacturers in these designs, at least at the pro level. Remember, when the NFL changed to Nike in 2012, the vast majority of teams looked exactly the same (well, except for things like the collar, but that’s a league-wide format change, not a team design change).

    Just curious, Paul, but do teams in all the major sports announce changes, in advance, to their uniforms, or is it a surprise?

    There used to be surprises. Now there’s usually a drumroll, a teaser video, etc. This really speaks to the growing interest in uniforms (and the growing influence of social media, which is a perfect platform for drumming up interest in new uni designs).

    I guess it depends on what we mean by “changes.” For example, I think the Nationals’ and A’s new alternate jerseys for this season were announced with no advance fanfare (weren’t they?). But those were uniform *additions,* not uniform *changes.* I’m trying to think of the last time a *change* happened as a surprise. Can’t really think of any recent examples, although I’m sure there have been some.

    You may have covered this before, but it would be interesting to see the entire process and timeline for a redesigned uniform, especially a NFL team.

    Paul that’s interesting. Even a year out seems like a short window for all that goes into a uniform overhaul with the uni-industrial complex we’ve worked ourselves into. Is a year pretty standard among the top leagues as far as you’ve learned?

    Spotted on eBay: this link. Number 0 (who doesn’t like number 0?), the tapered style that Majestic doesn’t seem to make, the thinner NOB font for longer names (ditto), and a raised small C!

    That Jaguars teaser doesn’t necessarily make me think their helmets will be solid black. If one takes it somewhat literally, it looks more like it’ll still be two-tone, just transitioning from matte to gloss black. Which would still be horrid. But, we’ll know in two days.

    It’s wet paint being dumped on. It’s going to look a little shiny while it’s wet and glooped on like that. I don’t take that as an indicator of anything other than they’re getting rid of the gold, period.

    Saw this in the ticker, “an NFL picks him up.“. Should the word ‘team’ be there?
    Just asking.

    The blackout rules are ridiculous. I live in Buffalo, NY. One of our four designated “home teams” is the Pirates. So they are blacked out on MLB.TV. Well guess what? You also can’t watch on their regional sports network, because they claim it is ” outside network territory” and not available on any local cable or dish service. Fans in WNY literally cannot watch one of our “designated home teams” anywhere.

    The whole television model is broken, especially since we’re in an age of a growing amount of cord-cutters who would rather do without a few channels they actually like than be forced to pay for hundreds they’ll never watch.

    I would really love to see cable TV move to a true à la carte system, where people can pick and choose individual channels to create their own packages at certain price points (while some channels would have to have premium rates). In a world like that, we might get some attrition of some of these crappier networks, and the remaining cable networks would actually have to put some thought into their programming again, instead of running blocks and blocks of the same shows over and over and over again.

    Cable is dying. Broadcast will hang on longer. It’s why blackout rules are shortsighted to the long term growth of their product.

    Concerning the helmet testing chart, there is an addendum (3) at the bottom of the chart. The 4 Rawlings models are done, no exceptions. The other 6 can still be used for 2018 if the player wore the helmet in 2017. So really only 4 are completely banned, not 6.

    Both the official link and link releases state that six models are banned immediately. This is presumably because once you remove the four Rawlings models, there would have to be two other models from that section that were not worn by NFL players in 2017.

    It is a little disappointing that neither report makes clear which models (besides the Rawlings ones) are banned immediately and which are grandfathered in. I’ve tried looking up a list of helmet models actually worn in the NFL in 2017, but haven’t been able to turn up anything.

    Though, obviously, we do know that the Riddell VSR-4 will be grandfathered in, at least, thanks to Tom Brady being its most prominent user.

    Good point Rob. If it is indeed 6 models banned what are the other 2 beside the 4 Rawlings?? My guess they are the SG models. That would be surprising because they were introduced not that long ago by NASCAR safety innovator Bill Simpson. There was also no word about the Schutt Advantage model worn by Jason Witten, Antonio Brown and others in 2017.

    Great news Paul. I know the Chiefs GM Jason and he is a great guy who loves promotions like this. If your schedule permits, you could make the 40 minute trip to Auburn to eat at the Hunter Dinerant. My treat of course. Or you could eat (and drink) at Prison City Brewery which makes some pretty amazing brews.

    I have eaten at the Hunter! Most recently around Thanksgiving. (The Tugboat Captain’s brother lives in Ithaca, so we made the drive from there.)

    I believe it was a Uni Watch reader (maybe you?) who first told me about it.

    30 years ago, there were Riddell helmets and Bike helmets, and that was it.

    My high school also had some cheap Maxpro helmets and a handful of Rawlings and Wilson helmets, which I think were all discarded in 1987 when the helmet color changed from maroon to white.

    IIRC I used a Maxpro helmet my freshman year, Riddell my sophomore year, and Bike (which I bought myself, and still have) my junior and senior years. The Maxpro and Riddell helmets didn’t have much padding and tended to ‘ring’ when hit; the Bike helmets had the inflatable bladder and more padding, but were heavier.

    It’s amazing how the tech has advanced, and how many there are now.

    Just for future reference standard hockey glove palms are tan.


    Claude Giroux is the only other guy in the league I know who does this with orange palms. Done it for years.

    Paul, I know you aren’t allowed to disclose the details of Brannock device night, but if it would entail Brannock themes unis, could we do a design contest? I’m interested to see what some people would come up with. Also, that alternate cap look great. I would buy it.

    I know this is probably unlikely and not in the budget, but is there any way you could manufacture sell the Uni Watch jersey that you are wearing in your Twitter avatar? It would be a huge hit

    is there any way you could manufacture sell the Uni Watch jersey that you are wearing in your Twitter avatar? It would be a huge hit

    Talking to a company about that. Hope to have more news soon.

    Paul, regarding the alternate hats, can you give an example of the specific style they would be in from the manufacturer? Just curious as I am really picky with my hat types and what looks good on my head, so I need to try out an existing one before I ordered a uni watch cap.
    Also regarding the Kaepernick endorsement deal, can you think of any similar non active players with endorsement deals? All I can think of are the all-world retired guys who are still incredibly popular after their playing days are finished.

    It’s not a stock cap. It’s being built from the ground up for us. I expect to have a sample by early May and will post photos.

    As for kaepernick, no, I can’t think of a comparable example, but I don’t follow or really care about endorsement deals. (Today’s Ticker was written by Alex, not me.)

    I really really like the cap designs!! I am saving up for the primary cap. Green is my favorite color, but amazingly I do not currently have a green cap in my current rotation.

    Definitely in for one of the EFF caps.
    When you say it will be available in May, does that mean in stock, or available for pre-order with the usual 6-8 week wait that EFF has for pre-orders?

    Those Ultimate Frisbee jerseys…I see a “5” in the center of the logo, and that they are based in Jacksonville. Do they call themselves the “Jackson(ville) 5” by chance?

    Chicken on the Hill was a fried chicken joint owned by Pirates slugger Willie Stargell. The Scoreboard would flash the restaurant name when he homered. I believe they offered specials after games in which he went deep.

    Thanks for the White Sox beer stacking photo, which provides photo evidence of something I keenly remember, but couldn’t confirm, which is Ken Brett’s NOB. Those Sox unis had radially arched NOBs, with the exception of Brett, whose NOB (both home and road) was horizontal. I originally thought it might have been a quickie sew job for a mid-season acquisition, but it stayed that way for his entire Sox tenure, on both uniforms. It seemed odd at the time, and clearly still keeps me up at night. Any insight from the hive would be greatly appreciated.

    On the topic of helmets, when will teams change the style of helmet for their on field logos (or actual logo in the Browns case). The Browns logo is essentially a vsr4 and same with the Colts midfield logo. Would they go unchanged?

    Also, the use of current logos in banners celebrating past championships. There should be an FBI investigation into this.

    I appreciate any hat, but by far my ideal make/ color combo would be the cheaper green. Just to throw that out there.

    I’m sick of how MLB’s archaic blackout rules work. Thank goodness I don’t live in the Las Vegas Valley or Iowa. Don’t even get me started on the Dodgers’ TV situation.

    Was wondering if there has been anymore interest in the baseball sweaters……I have been looking and found one retail business having them….Hillflint…..They have few for 125.00 online….not to bad, but not a true reproduction…..Just wondering…..I love the throwbacks and have a few that I wear during the CWS in Omaha……Love your website….


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