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Uni Phoropter: Milwaukee Brewers

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through Aug. 25, although Paul is still on the clock over at ESPN and may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken


OK, I’ll be the first to admit I had to look up “phoropter”, which Wikipedia describes as “an ophthalmic testing device, also called a refractor. It is commonly used by eye care professionals during an eye examination.” My pal and contributor R. Scott Rogers suggested that for the title of an article which follows. Scott recently reached out to me with the following:

I had an idea for a short but interactive UW article built around a series of two-choice polls to determine the collective wisdom of UW readers on how the Brewers should bring back the ball-in-glove cap logo to full-time status within a navy and gold uniform set.

With that set in motion, here’s Scott:

. . . . . . . . . .

Uni Phoropter: Milwaukee Brewers
By R. Scott Rogers

One, or two? One, or two? Two, or three? Two, or three? Time to lean in to the Uni Phoropter (that black metal device with the flippy lenses your optometrist uses to test your vision) for a little A-or-B testing of variations on the Milwaukee Brewers’ retro cap logo.

I’ll admit I haven’t always been a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers’ ball-in-glove logo. I mean, it’s a great logo! For a baseball team in Myrtle Beach. Anyway, the Brewers brought the ball-in-glove (B-i-G) logo back …

… into their uniforms in 2006, and have been slowly elevating the status of the B-i-G within their uniform set. It seems inevitable that the Brew Crew will soon wear the B-i-G again as their primary cap logo, possibly in a navy and athletic gold color scheme as the team seems to be evolving away from metallic gold in its uniforms.

Two recent moves have led me to adopt the Brewers as “my” baseball team. First, the Brewers named Craig Counsell, my favorite player of his generation, as their manager in spring of 2015. (I didn’t say “best,” I said “favorite.”) Second, I moved to Wisconsin in fall of 2015. So the resurgence of the Ball-in-Glove has become personal to me. I’ve come around a bit on the B-i-G, but I’m not sure that the current use of navy blue on navy with gold outlines is the best way for the Brewers to wear the logo.

Since pretty much everyone else loves the Ball-in-Glove logo way more than I do, I figure pretty much anyone else would have better judgment of any variations on how the Brewers wear the B-i-G. So, what follows are some A-or-B polls to tap into the collective wisdom of Uni Watch readers. Lean in, close one eye, and look at the Brewers logo over the doctor’s shoulder. From the results of these polls, we should be able to establish which is the ideal future cap logo for a Ball-in-Glove embracing, navy-and-gold wearing, Brew Crew.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Color: Navy on Navy, or Gold on Navy?

+ + + + + + + + + +

Color: Gold on Navy, or Royal on Navy?

+ + + + + + + + + +

Color: Royal on Navy, or Navy on Navy?

+ + + + + + + + + +

Gold on Navy: Outline or No?

+ + + + + + + + + +

The “Webbing” in the Glove: Navy or White?

. . . . . . . . . .

Thanks Scott! Great food for thought — the answer to “When should the Brewers return to the BiG logo?” will always be “Immediately,” so let’s hope the team makes the addition permanent. I’ve often thought (and said) that I personally think the Ball in Glove logo is the best in baseball, and possibly in all of sports, so the sooner the club returns to it, the better.

Readers? Please vote and let’s have your thoughts!

*Stay tuned for a SPECIAL “raffle” from Scott immediately following the Griffins Fauxback Jersey Contest, which is below.


Today we vote on the second group of contestants for the Grand Rapids Griffins “Fauxback Design” contest. In case you missed it, the contest parameters and rules were laid out here.

I received a whopping 119 Entries in this contest, so the voting will be broken down as follows. Yesterday: First 30 entrants (you may click here to view that post); Today: Second 30 entrants; Monday: Third 30 entrants; and Tuesday: Final 29 entrants. As in previous contests, the submissions will be listed alphabetically. The TOP THREE contestants receiving votes in each group will move on to the final group (for a total of 12 finalists — three from each group), from which the Griffins will make a decision and declare the winner who I will announce on Friday, August 25.

We’re using a new polling system, which we hope will eliminate (or at least drastically reduce) any fraud or shenanigans. You will be permitted to vote for as many designs as you would like, but you may only vote ONCE. As you glance over the designs, be sure to write down the name and number of your favorite(s) and then cast your votes in the poll which follows the submissions. The poll(s) will close approximately twenty-four (24) hours after being posted — the TOP THREE vote recipients will move into the final group (the winner of which will be chosen by the Griffins).

REMINDER: The Griffins set out the following parameters for designing an alternate (fauxback) jersey. Please use them to guide you as you make your decision(s) below:

Design Guidelines:

• Create a brand new design for a Griffins alternate jersey (remember: you are ONLY designing a jersey, not a full uniform).
• DO NOT USE current or previous Grand Rapids Griffins logos or previous Griffins jersey design contest winning logo designs. Your work must be original.
• The jersey color must be red or black.
• This jersey will be part of an ’80s Fauxback Theme Night. If the Griffins existed in the 1980s, what would the jerseys have looked like?
• Use official team colors ”“ CMYK Colors: Red 12/100/92/3, Gray 31/25/26/0, Gold 43/49/76/21, Black 75/68/67/90, White 0/0/0/0.

And now, the second 30 contestants (click any design to enlarge):

+ + + + + + + + + +

1. Brian Gfroehrer

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

2. Kory Goldsmith

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

3. Kurt Gorecki

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

4. Zach Grantham

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

5. Dylan Gray

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

6. Ian Griffiths

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

7. Aaron Handel-Kutz

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

8. Brent Hatfield

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

9. Michael Henry

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

10. Marcus Hershberger

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

11. Joe Hilseberg

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

12. Cayden Holman

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

13. Brandon Homrich

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

14. Calvin Hyde

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

15. Christian Jackson

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

16. Ted Jauw

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

17. Devin Johnson

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

18. Steven Karnes

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

19. Laura Knisley

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

20. Tyler Krasofsky

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

21. Meah Krcatovich

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

22. Josh Kremers

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

23. Jeff Kruger

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

24. Dave Kuruc

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

25. Nick Larisch

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

26. Ian Lee

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

27. Hans Leisman

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

28. Andy Losik

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

29. Scott Markiewicz

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

30. Kate Meeuwsen

+ + + + + + + + + +


[totalpoll id=”87488″]

Lake County Captains Lake County Captains New Era 59Fifty MiLB Hats


And now, Arr Scott would like to gift a reader a nifty jersey…but you gotta be ‘small’:

. . . . .

Oh Captains, My Captains!
By R. Scott Rogers

Because this was one of my favorite minor-league caps of all time, I’ve long been a fan of the Lake County Captains. Earlier this summer, I won an eBay auction for a Captains jersey for $1.75 shipped. While the jersey, pictured below, is in terrific condition, with velcro behind the placket and everything, it’s nowhere near the advertised size of adult L. The size tag is worn beyond legibility, but I’m reasonably confident that it’s either an adult S or a youth L or XL.

I literally cannot button the jersey around myself, so it’s doing me no good. It’s a beaut of a jersey, though, with a script that combines tackle twill with stitching. And unlike most Captains jerseys over the years, it has no Chief Wahoo on the sleeve. Shame to let it go to waste, so instead I’m going to give it away to a fellow Uni Watch reader.

I’ll ship the jersey, gratis, to whoever makes the best case for why they should have, or what they’ll do with, a tiny but crisp white Lake County Captains jersey. Drop me a note via email to arrscott at gmail dot com, subject line “Captains Jersey Giveaway”, and include your name, shipping address, and the reason you should get the jersey. I’ll announce a winner and ship the jersey next week, so you have until midnight Sunday to get your entry in.

. . . . .

Thanks, Scott! Very generous of you — ok readers who might fit into this gem, you know what to do!

About Those NBA Uni Ads…

First — check out this full tweet stream:

(click on tweet and scroll down).

From Paul:

If true (and the guy is the lead sports reporter for ABC’s Atlanta TV affiliate, so I’m inclined to believe him), this is a quasi-big deal. It means the NBA’s “three-year pilot program” may not be for just three years after all, and that it’s already a done deal that they’ll keep doing the ads after that.

Most of us figured that would probably be the case anyway, but it’s interesting to see it play out in public like this.

Color me shocked.

Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: Here’s an article on how MLB players picked their uniform numbers. Submitter Goldburger adds, the “most interesting bit here is having to buy out the inventory to change uni number!” … Whoa, check out Philadelphia A’s catcher Cy Perkins trying on an early experimental batting helmet (1921) – from Bruce Menard. … Here’s a uni quirk we may have missed: Catcher Sandy Alomar used a single knee-saver following knee surgery (h/t Alex Williams, Scott Snow and Dakota Flake). … Um. “Braves bit mojis in Snapchat have the poop emoji on shirts for some reason when you search,” says Joe Farris. … Everyone’s getting into the “spirit” of the “MLB Players Weekend” (where players wear special jerseys with NickNOBs), so former Cincy Red and current MLB Network contributor Sean Casey wore one with “The Mayor” as his NickNOB. … I’m not sure if the Astros themselves are selling this, but you can purchase an Astros jersey for Jeff Bagwell, in the current iteration — a uni he himself never wore (from igTXSalazar). Obviously the hook here is the HOF patch (Bagwell was inducted this year). … The Bowling Green Hot Rods and West Michigan Whitecaps will wear special “Solar Eclipse” jerseys on Monday (from Eric Leach). … Speaking of eclipses, a bunch of MiLB teams have special jerseys and promos for that day. … I’ve mentioned this before, but the Rochester Red Wings Plates will wear those jerseys every home Thursday next season (from the Rochester Red Wings). … LLWS teams have a Little League World Series patch on them (from Finding Nostalgia).

NFL/CFL News: “Was watching the video of the Redskins/Packers game you linked [yester]day and noticed this abnormally spaced last name on #77’s name on the back of his jersey,” notes Brad Eenhuis. … A guy who runs a twitter account called DB_UniWatchFansFB has posted a series of polls to rate helmets worn by NFL teams. … The CFL planned a week where all teams would promote diversity. “The BC Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders decided to don their sideline gear last Sunday. TSN noted that the team decided to do it now based on the events in Charlottesville,” notes Kurt Crowley. … “Apparently crock pots are a thing for tailgating?” observes Jimmer Vilk. “You can get quite a variety in Kent, OH

College/High School Football News: The Arkansas team will do something this season to honor former coach and athletic director Frank Broyles. The only question is uni patches, helmet stickers or something else. … Athlon sports has taken it upon themselves to rank College Football’s Top 25 uniforms. … The University of North Carolina Tar Heels join the growing ranks of schools with 3-D raised bumper logos (from David Roeder and James Gilbert). … Texas A&M has introduced special edition “Bright Lights” Alternate Uniforms (from Paul Murphy). That uni will be worn 10/28 vs Mississippi State. Helmet fades maroon-to-black. … New turf field for the Kent State Golden Flashes (h/t Paul). … Tweeter Luke Hillin asks if a high school team is wearing recycled Carolina Panthers pants? … Not sure if it had been announced previously, the the Pitt Panthers will wear their gorgeous throwbacks on October 14th. They will also wear them November 9th. … Eastern Michigan University has a new gray helmet with a ridiculous nickname. The team also has new white tops as well. Last year the white jerseys had Eagles wings on them. … Will Notre Dame be revealing an alternate jersey today?

Hockey News: The NHL’s newest team, the Vegas Golden Knights probably don’t have much of a loyal fan base built up (yet). But that hasn’t stopped them from reaching out to attract new fans who they hope will fill their arena with Knights jerseys. … The University of North Dakota men’s hockey team has new sweaters for this season. … It is a centennial for the Regina Pats. The oldest, continuously operated junior hockey club has unveiled their 100th Anniversary Logo and Centre Ice Logo for upcoming season (thanks to Wade Heidt).

NBA News: Will the Denver Nuggets have a rainbow skyline for an alternate uni this year? (from Alex Wolf). … The Atlanta Hawks have secured an advertiser on their jerseys for 2017-18, Sharecare. … As far as I’m aware, the New York Knicks haven’t officially unveiled their new uniforms, but here’s an article with a breakdown of the blue uniform. … The Boston Celtics will retire Paul Pierce’s No. 34 at some point this season (from Mike Chamernik). … Here’s a good look at the Cavaliers new red uniform (from Rusty Flynn).

Grab Bag: USA Volleyball tweets, “Here is a preview of the AWESOME court that @sportcourt1974 has given us for #USAVcup this Fri & Sat at the Sears Centre” (from Jeremy Brahm). … Apparently “Scores of white men dressed in crisp polos and khakis” are “turning the uniform of business casual blasé into a white-hot statement.” Also, wearing white polos with tan pants indicates you might be a member of the white supremacy movement. … “I finally saw The Karate Kid this month,” says Jimmer Vilk. “2 uni-moments: Ralph Macchio in a Chargers jersey & a punk in a Senators cap.” … Reader Gary Moore writes, “A graphic artist friend of mine in Louisville, Gary Guthrie, and his colleague came up with some fun items that are Kentucky-centric that they call The Uncommonwealth of Kentucky. Among the shirt designs are some for the defunct AAA Louisville Colonels and from the KITTY League, the latter of which I believe you’ve covered before. (KITTY being an acronym for Kentucky/Indiana/Tennessee minor league).” Here’s the link to those shirts. And, if anyone needs a refresher course on the league, this is as good a place as any. … Here’s a really good article on Chicago’s “lost” sports venues (from Mike Chamernik). … Check out the new butterfly valve decals for NHRA Top Fuel driver Leah Pritchett (from David Firestone). … “There is a new logo for Canada West Universities Athletic Association,” says Wade Heidt. “Just commonly referred to as Canada West (i.e. I will be watching Canada West football this fall). This is the conference for the western universities under U Sports Athletics.” … On Thursday, Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools confirmed the Willoughby South Rebel is gone. The mascot depicted a man dressed in a uniform with an “X” on his hat (thanks to Ben Miller). … Some very cool stuff here from Dennis Healy: ” I came across an old imgur album of retro baseball and football desktop wallpapers I made years ago and figured maybe and figured maybe other Uni-Watchers might wanna take a look at them too.”

And…that’s it for me for this week. Thanks to everyone who helped out with various posts and I appreciate all the patience from the readers. You guys are all aces.

Johnny Ek will take you through the weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday for my final set of weekdays, including GROUP 3 of the Griffins Fauxback Jersey contest and much more. For those of you in the path of the total eclipse, I hope you have good viewing weather! Have a great weekend all.


Comments (73)

    Kuruc’s is one of the 3 I voted for. Logo is a little confusing because the “R” jumps out and the “G” wasn’t readily apparent… makes me think the team name starts with R. I think when you have a city name that is two words like New York, the two initials should have equal weight – i.e. imagine a NY Mets cap with a huge orange “Y” and a smaller blue “N” with an orange outline… makes no sense. I voted mainly because of the jersey design – I just love the look of a white shoulder yoke on a dark jersey, and while usually not a fan of any use of gray/silver, looks nice at the bottom of the jersey.

    Another I liked a lot was Dylan Gray’s – again more for the jersey design and not so much the logo. I like those red/white stripes at the bottom.


    Andy Losik best of this bunch if you include “actually looks like something you might have really seen ca. 1983-1987” as a criterion.

    Not a big fan of the new NoDak crest. It is funny, though, that they let the maker’s mark be obscured in the picture of the white sweater.

    Guessing the open space in the center is for a player number. Overall, though, that wordmark is just not a good look. The uniforms would look much better with link on the front.

    New crest would have looked good on the front.

    Wordmark and number on the front is still better than this old past logo. I can say with 100% certainty we should not see this jersey as a throwback:


    The new wordmark is ugly and overdone, but the colors are good. Look, the Indian head isn’t coming back, no matter how much we piss and moan about it. Big “UND” letters would look better, but full block “NORTH” and “DAKOTA” in vertical arch, bracketing the player number is perhaps the best way to go.

    Agreed that NoDak has great colors. What they’re using as a shoulder patch would make a great front crest (if suitably embiggened of course).

    Just took all of the Brewers BiG polls and voted with the minority every time! They should (sadly) move away from the Royal blue seeing as that was the original color for this logo, but it seems as if y’all prefer the Gold on Navy (I’m a huge sucker for the Navy on Navy). I just found that interesting…

    (FWIW, I was born and raised in Wisconsin and I can’t wait for this to become the primary logo)

    Agreed! The royal blue should be left in the past. But I also don’t exactly agree with the brighter yellow accent. I do think it makes the B-i-G logo have a little more flair but taking that into their word mark doesn’t look good. That’s something that the Crew kinda got themselves into. But they should be moving towards that logo at a quicker pace bc everyone loves it, and not everyone likes their standard “M.”

    Navy on navy B-i-G with a gold outline FTW. Mixing navy and royal always looks like someone made a mistake. I’d rather the Brew Crew went royal/athletic gold, but that’s me.

    I’d help you out by voting, but I’m not a Twitter user. Interested to hear the results of the polls.

    Winter – and others who don’t have Twitter accounts – I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Twitter poll just seemed the easiest way to set this up. Go ahead and leave your votes in the comments here, and I’ll adjust the totals accordingly. Might make a difference, as the polling so far is running quite close!

    I had one, long ago and far away. Found it wasn’t for me. I checked it far too often.

    And I’m conservative in nature, but I tend to like navy more than royal, so I’m all about the navy B-i-G on with a gold outline on a navy cap.

    I grew up about 1.5 miles down the street from the Lake County Captains ballpark. LOVE that original logo. Was bummed when they changed it to the boring steering wheel.

    They used to have that Captain logo on the side of the exterior of the stadium that lit up at night and it was my favorite feature of the ball park.

    I was really surprised to scroll thru the post this morning and see the team that I was right down the street from ….that was awesome!

    Are you the Rich P from Eastlake I used to play chess with?

    I can’t believe I haven’t been to a Captains game yet. Looks like a nice park from the highway.

    No, I am not. Unfortunately, I have never learned how to play Chess. Are you in the Greater Cleveland area?

    I definitely prefer the gold on navy for the Brewers. As a kid I never noticed the M and B in there, and always thought the Brewers logo was just a generic baseball glove, and on top of that, they didn’t even bother to have a cap letter logo, just that regular baseball glove. Drove me nuts, then I finally realized the letters were in there. I think because growing up I always just saw the glove I’ve never embraced it as a great looking logo. To me the gold on navy stands out more and the letters are more easily noticeable. I’m actually a big fan of the current stylized M with the barley, so I’d prefer the ball in glove as an alternate cap logo.

    “Check out the new butterfly valve decals for NHRA Top Fuel driver Leah Pritchett ”

    Had to click on this to find out what a butterfly valve was!

    “I’m not sure if the Astros themselves are selling this, but you can purchase an Astros jersey for Jeff Bagwell, in the current iteration – a uni he himself never wore (from igTXSalazar). Obviously the hook here is the HOF patch”

    Love the Astros, love Bagwell, but this is stupid. How about selling one of the other 10 Astros uniforms he wore before that with a patch on it? Dummies.

    Why would the Karate Kid, a movie filmed around 1985 and set in California, dress a generic baddie in the cap of an East Coast team that had been defunct since 1971? Also, where did they find a Senators cap in the first place? Those weren’t even very common in Washington before the late 1990s.

    Diversity is strength…unless you’re the Vegas Knights…”we want arena full of our jerseys, not somebody else’s”.

    Eh. They might fill the place with guests when the opponent is from SoCal, but the chances of thousands of folks trekking in February from Buffalo or ‘lumbus are tiny. Getting folks from Kalispell to come to two games a year makes a bit more financial sense.

    Unless the Golden Knights sell the place out with their own fans, I would expect to see huge amounts of visiting fans showing up when the Western Canadian NHL teams visit Vegas in the winter. Can combine a quick trip to Vegas with watching your hockey team play on the road.

    The BiG logo definitely needs to be primary, but I feel almost as strongly about the white pinstripe jerseys. Those are so sharp, so much better than the script “Milwaukee” jerseys that they usually wear. Plus, they are often too loose, which reveals that big distracting yellow block between the ‘w’ and the ‘a.’

    I think the pinstriped jersey was the best part of that look. Updated for today (button-up; belts), it’s really nice. The BiG with the rest of this mess would be a missed opportunity.

    I don’t like seeing it as integrated into the main set as it’s been because the current main set is just so awful. I think the BiG screams 1970s…a clever logo that sort of ran its course. But I always thought the best part of the fanbase’s love for it would be the return of royal and yellow.

    If we’re going to get the logo but the same drab colors, loopy wordmark, overused drop shadows, times new roman number font, then it’s a huge loss.

    The correct answer for the Brewers caps is the BiG logo in royal and athletic gold. Literally just like the old days. Sadly, my business prediction is that the Brewers pick something else, because why surrender great sales on a throwback? Navy and gold with as little white as possible looks awesome too, but while it would match Acme Packers gear, is it too Michigan Wolverines for that market? Perhaps. The royal outline between the gold logo and the navy cap looks perfect…for a focus group with just one too many committees. Which means that that is my prediction for the Brewers’ choice when (not if) they bring back the BiG.

    I am all for nostalgia and good clean looks and the ball in glove logo is excellent for it’s cleverness and all the other reasons mentioned previously. So is the Barrelman btw…

    All this being said I would like to see the Brewers conjure up something NEW … You have some of the best artists in the biz waiting for the call (TGToddRadom who I am sure would like to take another crack at it) to create something fresh and compelling and beer label-y. I think the old logo has a place in their future of course, but I think that a new word mark and color scheme (yeller gold to remind us what color gold is not) should be in the offing.

    For the time being we can happily lose our minds in the minutiae of design tweaks and twerks.

    Bush League Bill

    There’s absolutely no place for hashtags like that – let alone over yesterday’s spat. This blog is a place where agreement and disagreements occur equally amongst friends and strangers. If you don’t like how things are set up consume your news elsewhere and stop causing discomfort for those that appreciate all that Phil and Paul et al do.

    I didn’t read through the comments from yesterday so maybe someone else already made this point. I love the design contest, and there are lots of quality submissions that would look great on the ice. However, for the purposes of this specific task (a fauxback that looks like it would have been appropriate in the 80s) there are precious few options. Many are more modern styles; others are throwbacks to past eras, but to eras way before the 80s.

    Good sets of uniforms for Athlon’s top 25 college football uniforms. However…

    Nebraska, Auburn and Miami no doubt should have been part of the top 20.

    There was an early Nats blog, Ball Wonk, that briefly mimicked the BiG logo with a “w” instead of an “m.”

    Whatever happened to that guy?

    In the spirit of the presentation: Question 1- Navy on navy. Question 2- Royal on navy. Question 3- Royal on navy. Question 4- With outline. Question 5- White webbing.

    Better still, put the old block “M” on the hat, and save the BiG for the left sleeve; it suits the level of detail.

    Lifelong Brewers fan here / Milwaukee native, and DIY’er of dozens of Brewers throwback jerseys.
    I like the direction the Brewers are going with Navy / Gold BiG…the royal is 80’s and Navy is now. And jamming the BiG with the current script logo is terrible.

    Two prospects to consider for future layouts:
    – for a true retro look – we need to see what the BiG logo looks like ON yellow. As in the road cap from the 80’s, which had the dual panel on front. They should bring it back but of course now with remaining navy panels rather than the royal of the 80′
    – turn anything white to CREAM (ivory, ecru, whatever). WE ARE the Cream City, right? if anyone should have classy cream color duds like the Giants wised up and did years back – it should be us.

    I’m screenshotting the voting approximately 24 hours after the voting opens (so, approx 7:30 today closed yesterday, and 7:30 tomorrow will close today’s voting). Unfortunately the software we’re using can’t set a time limit, so I manually have to check the results and record them via screenshot.

    Weird. Through the first rounds of voting – I’m totally out of synch with the rest of the Uni Watch community. I usually vote pretty close to the majority, but I don’t think I’ve voted for any of the top vote getters this go-round.

    I’m shocked at how few votes Scott Markiewicz has. His logo screams 80s AHL. He should swap the red and black, though, as so few teams wore black in the 80s.

    You’re right… When I browsed through the designs early this morning, Dave Kuruc’s design was the one that struck me the quickest, but looking at Scott’s design again, im with you. It’s 80s simple, but polished and should be a finalist IMO.

    Thanks for the kind words, Dan! I just wish everyone saw it that way. Dont mean to knock anyone, but its mind boggling to look at some of the designs that are ahead of me. Like I said below, I think a lot of it has to do with there being so many entries in one voting group. 30 is a lot to take in and accurately decide favorites in a minute or so..

    I feel like 30 entries in one voting group is way too many. It feels like many are just looking at the first few entries voting on those without really giving any thought to entries in the rest of the group due to not wanting to scroll through 30 of them..

    This is a tough contest! I like the current top three vote getters (although only 1 received 1 of my 2 votes). But there are a BUNCH of other really strong submissions that are not going to make the cut. Bummer.

    Just wanna let everyone know that despite what it says on the the page the football wallpapers are indeed there if you click on the link….and I need to double check e-mails before i send them out lol.

    Also surprised that the Knicks won’t have an ad patch. Dolan likes to get whatever money he can from wherever he can. I almost expected them to have a Chase Bank patch to go along with their quasi-arena sponsorship thing.

    All the whining about the voting reminds me of this girl last Nov.


    Scott M should win COTD if not COTY for this gem:

    “Dont mean to knock anyone, but its mind boggling to look at some of the designs that are ahead of me.”

    Jesus. Get over yourself.

    I am trying to cast a vote for Griffins Jersey design #19 Laura Knisley but it isn’t working for me.

    The Brewers need to move on from the BiG. They have really nice uniforms now, especially if they would stop the overuse of the blue tops and put “Milwaukee” on the grays. Possibly the only way I would be to see the BiG again is as a sleeve patch. But otherwise it just seem to juvenile for a primary major league logo. I’d like to submit a none of the above into the voting.

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