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A(nother) Bunch of Concepts For Your Sunday Reading Pleasure


By Phil Hecken

Last Sunday I ran a whole bunch of concepts I’d been saving up over the past few months, and today I have another nice batch for you guys. During the week, I also received a couple new (which I’ll run today) concepts, so if you have any tweaks, concepts or wholesale revisions for uniforms, send them my way. OK? OK. You can click on the photos below to enlarge.

. . .

We begin today with Timothy Lloyd, who has some ideas for a “two year” solution for the Los Angeles Rams before they move into their new home (Tim listed the gold top as a “home” — which I assume would be an alternate):

Lloyd, Tim - Rams Home 1

Lloyd, Tim - Rams Home 3 Lloyd, Tim - Rams Home 2

Lloyd, Tim - Rams Home 4 Lloyd, Tim - Rams Road 1


For Coliseum Years Only! 2017 -2018

2 years left in the Coliseum. These throwback like uniforms fashioned to be like the 50’s-60’s Rams uniforms would be great interim uniforms in my humble opinion. Home and Away.



. . .

Next up is John Tschudy with some baseball concepts. He’s also only a junior in High School!

Vegas Desert Heat 1 - John Tschudy

Vegas Desert Heat 2 - John Tschudy

Denver Snowsox - John Tschudy

Hello Mr. Hecken,

My name is John Tschudy and I am a junior in high school. I read Uni-Watch every day as uniforms and logos are my passions. I saw your recent post on Uni-Watch and it prompted me to share some of my concepts of made up teams with you. I wish to someday be a graphic designer/ sports uniform designer, and I wanted to know what you think about the designs I’ve made attached below.

Thank You,

John Tschudy

. . .

Next up is Trevor Tierney, who actually has an entire page of concepts — one of them is below, with a link included that will take you to the page where the full set of San Diego (now LA) Chargers is waiting — these were sent in shortly before the Chargers announced their move up north to LA…

Tierney, Trevor - Chargers

Hey guys,

My chargers uni concept.

Trevor Tierney

The entire set of concepts can be found here

. . .

And we conclude with a set of Dallas Mavericks concepts from Chet Gole:

Gole, Chet - Mavericks 1

Gole, Chet - Mavericks 2

Gole, Chet - Mavericks 3 Gole, Chet - Mavericks 4

I am a huge fan of Uni-Watch. Part of my morning routine is checking your website, reading the article and scrolling down to the basketball section of the ticker.

I am also a huge Dallas Mavericks fan. I became a fan as a kid because growing up in Kentucky because we didn’t have an NBA team, so I chose the Mavericks because their newer logo with a horse and the bright blue reminded me of home – Plus Nash and Dirk were really fun to watch.

When the Mavericks did the fan design contest, I started a design but was not able to finish due to my work schedule. Seeing the design Mark Cuban chose was devastating to me because “Maverick” is kind of a synonym for originality and that design was an OBVIOUS RIP OFF OF THE DENVER NUGGETS YELLOW ALTERNATE. So over the past month I finally finished my design in hopes you could post it on the site.

I love it when franchises redesign by harkening back to their aesthetic golden era while adding something new (a la – Warriors, Bucks and Jazz). I believe the Mavs should follow suit. The cowboy hat logo is classic, and I love the color schemes from both uniform eras (even though the Timberwolves ripped them both off) so I combined both color schemes and added a new element – leather.

I know it sounds crazy, but I remember reading one of your articles on the Padres’ brown uniforms and how brown can be a powerful accent color if used the right way. There are so many elements of Cowboy/Texas culture that involve the color brown and/or leather (i.e – hats, boots, belts, horses, saddles, rope etc.) So I added the color “light tobacco” to the team’s color pallet in my design.

Home design: The definition of a Maverick is a “nonconforming free spirit” or “unbranded livestock” so I thought it would be cool to have the waistband and side stripe resemble a broken lasso rope. I couldn’t find the font from the Diddy designed “Mavs” script, so I created the “D” logo from splicing up the original “M” in adobe illustrator.

Away design: I love the “Mavs” script from the original P. Diddy design. It’s classic and fun without being tacky. I tried to make this one simple without being boring like the Mavs’ original uniforms. As I said before, I love both previous Mavs color schemes so I did my best to incorporate both in one design.

Alternate 1: This one is goofy as hell. The waistband is a cowboy belt with side panel gun holsters and a throwback logo as a belt buckle. I doubt this would ever fly in the NBA because of the whole gun thing, but I think it was worth a shot (no pun intended.)

Alternate 2: The “L”s in this “Dallas” chest script are are also from me splicing the original “M” in adobe illustrator. In an attempt to make that shitty fan contest alternate design ACTUALLY ORIGINAL, I put the skyline around the bottom of one leg and their throwback logo with the “light tobacco” colored basketball on the other side.

I hope the Mavs redesign soon and if they do, I just hope it’s not tangible vomit like the Atlanta Hawks. I know you’re busy, but if you get the chance I’d love your feedback – Thanks again for creating such an awesome site!


Chet Gole
pronounced “Go-Lay”

. . .

I think that brings me up to date on all the concepts (at least going back through last summer anyway). If you sent me something and you haven’t seen it run, please re-send it. I’ll try to get to the concepts (from now on, in sub-ledes) as they come in! Thanks to all who submitted and keep them coming!

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ESPN reminder:

In case you missed it Thursday, Paul’s latest ESPN column focuses on what could be the beginning of the end of the BFBS trend, with a great (and exhaustive, though far from total) look at teams who have gone “Black For Black’s Sake” over the years. Enjoy.

. . .

Uni Watch Gathering - Washington, D.C. 2-6-13

Party reminder:

Uni Watch party TODAY, Feb. 19, 3pm, in the back room of the Douglass (which is the same place we used to meet at, Sheep Station, but with a new name). Paul will be there, I’ll be there, and Paul may have theoretical T-shirts to sell, etc. Come join us!

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: Stirrups may be a rarity in the bigs, but not at the college level. On Friday ASU broke out some beauties (from Nicholas Badders). … Not to be outdone in the rup department, Northwestern rocked the rups (from Jake Owens). … Rutgers wears a beautiful northwestern pattern on their hose (from TODD). … If you look closely at this photo of Dee Gordon, you can see an All Star Game patch on his sleeve and cap (good spot by Todd Pratt). … Will the Orioles be wearing black pants and striped socks? David Chisholm writes, “Saw this from a screenshot of the new upcoming MLB the Show game. The black pants with orange socks with black stripes the jersey looks like the orange one but I haven’t seen anything about this nor if it’s real.” … The West Virginia Mountaineers broke out the blue tops yesterday (from Coleman Mullins). Can’t say I’m a fan of the modified Henley jersey look. … UAB Baseball has new green jerseys (from UAB Baseball). … Oral Roberts has some nice new mono-navy uniforms and I like them a lot, aside from that awful collar (looks like they’re trying to affect a cadet collar); appears to have some side panels too — but if you’re going to wear a dark top, then I LOVE that paired with dark pants (from Scott D. Slarks). … I’m not a sneaker/cleat guy but apparently WVU has a set of Nike PEs (which I believe to mean ‘player exclusives’ but I could be wrong). “Wanted to send this your way. Entire team (was) wearing a pair of these (yester)day vs Texas Tech.” (from Joshua Exline). The shoes pay tribute to “Coach Huggs.” … Yomiuri Giants and Tokyo Yakult Swallows will both have uniforms saying “Tokyo” on the front. Adds submitter Graveyard Baseball, “Clever SwinG usage.” … “A couple screenshots from after his Monday Night Baseball performance against the Yankees on June 28, 1976,” writes Tom Ekstrand. “Interviewed on-field by Bob Uecker, the camera pans up from the Bird’s feet to his face and Fidrych is showing off his handsome stirrups with no cleats on. There were giants in those days.”

NFL/College Football News: “I thought I knew everything about FSU’s uniforms, but I’m dumbfounded when it comes to these SFSS (Silver For Silver’s Sake) Uniforms in Nikes ‘newest template’ for Junior Day,” writes RJ Waddell. “What are these, and WHY?! Garnet numbers (school color), Gold trim (school color). What’s up with the silver sh*t?” Anyone know? … Ohhhh, check out these beautiful antique store treasures — old Canton-McKinley unis (from Judd Allen). … “I seem to have a USFL t-shirt addiction, and I like it,” writes Eric Gamborg. … Of course, our friend Jim Vilk loves his USFL long-sleeves as well. … How’s this for a stellar uniform matchup? 1990 Freedom Bowl, Oregon vs. Colorado State (from Funhouse). … New home uniforms for Cornell Football (from Old Army Fight).

Hockey News: When the Milwaukee Admirals broke out their Slap Shot-inspired uniforms on Friday evening, they had some special guests: the (original) Hanson Brothers from the movie were special guests (from Zach). … Collectors items or simply overstock? The Carolina Hurricanes’ team shop is selling pucks with the old Toronto Maple Leafs logo (from Michael Nantais). … Here’s a look at the Mr. I (Mike Ilitch) patch (from Funhouse). … The Green Bay Gamblers became the Green Bay Cheese last night (from Ryan Wozniak). … The Fort Wayne Komets retired the number 16 91 last evening (from Best Fans Fort Wayne). … CROSSOVER ALERT: The Flint Firebirds paid tribute to fictional ABA Flint Tropics from the movie Semi-Pro (also posted in the Basketball section). From Wade Heidt. … A little pink-in-the-rink action last evening for the Reading Royals (from Thom Pucks).

NBA/Basketball News: Like Friday Night’s “Rising Stars” Game, yesterday evening’s D-League All-Star Game was a color vs. color affair (thanks to Zach). … Also from Zach, the NBA was using both purple and black basketballs as well as black and white basketballs during the “Skills” challenge at the All Star Game, “probably to differentiate between the 2 players competing at once.” … More from Zach — the 3 point contest uses different colored money balls. … Chad Fields noticed “some diamond-shaped things in the nets, and wondered if anyone knows what they’re all about. Anyone? — Oh, nevermind: we have our answer. … CROSSOVER ALERT: The Flint Firebirds paid tribute to fictional ABA Flint Tropics from the movie Semi-Pro (also posted in the Hockey section). From Wade Heidt. … And here’s our NBA report from Zach Loesl: A look at Eric Gordon’s shoes; here’s a shot of Nick Young’s shoes; and, finally, here is the drone used during the slam dunk contest.

College/High School Hoops News: The Odgensburg Blue Devils, who happen to be the High School of the Bucky, wear some very Golden State Warrior-esque jerseys. And (since they’re the “Blue Devils”) it looks like very Duke-esque pants. … Navy Women’s Hoops wore Navy Jack inspired warmups for the Star Game against Army (from Gregory Koch). … Check out this interesting name/Mascot combo on old Louisville uniforms (from Wes Sparkmon). … “I know UW is about visual art in sports, but what about the performance art side? 1st came TD celebrations, now Dribble Dancing!” says Louise Brooks Fan Club. … “For the second consecutive game, Virginia Tech wore their GFGS/PFPS Coaches vs Cancer uniforms at Louisville,” yesterday (writes Andrew Cosentino). … Also from Andrew, “Virginia Tech coach Buzz Williams sweats…a lot! He sweated through his dress shirt so much that he changed into an orange VT t-shirt for the second half.” … LaSalle and St. Joe’s played a color vs. color game yesterday, with submitter steve pointing out that LaSalle’s golds didn’t really match. … Also going color vs. color was Pitt and FSU (from Broc Barwick). Pitt was wearing their royal “Pitt” script throwbacks at home as well (from Mike Slavonic). … Kansas and Baylor went color vs. color retina sear yesterday as well (also from Broc). … George Mason wore dark unis at home against Rhode Island (from Patrick O’Neill). … Youngstown State wore white unis with pink NOBs and numbers yesterday (from Robert Hayes). … I’m not quite sure what’s going on in this photo — hoods on basketball jerseys? (from Greg Stevenson). … More color on color in SoCal: UCLA/USC basketball taking a page from football game (from Johnny Rath). … Oops: ESPN used the Lafayette College logo during a UL Lafayette highlight (from Mike McCorkle).

Soccer News: The Philadelphia Union have announced some new kit numbers for the 2017 season (from ThomPucks). … Reader Mark Eiken thought this was a tribute to the Brownies or Girl Scouts, when it is actually the uniform of the Minnesota United, which was unveiled the other day.

Grab Bag: It’s not just College Baseball that’s been getting started this weekend. Lax is also facing off for the first time. And the Princeton Tigers have new unis this season (from LaxSportsNet). … “Matte white helmets for @cornellLacrosse (yester)day,” writes Maria Canales. “Unsure if that’s new for this season, but either way looks cool.” … “Due to a colour clash, the GWS Giants changed into dark shorts at quarter time of their AFLW game against the Fremantle Dockers,” notes Graham Clayton. … MN native Ryan Dungey was wearing a Viking supercross jersey at usbank stadium supercross (from Justin Cronin). … Tweeter Jay Wright says “Worst uniform/singlet ever, right. Flag desecration on a new level (Iowa HS state wrestling).”

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And that’s it for today. Sorry for the back-to-back Sundays of concepts, but as I’d explained in yesterday’s post — I’d expected to run the All Star Game uni favorites (and not-so-favorites) from Jimmer Vilk, but those plans got changed.

To all the NYC-area readers, the Uni Watch Gathering is TODAY at 3:00 at The Douglass (deets above). Hope to see some of you there!

Enjoy the NBA All Star Game tonight.

Everyone have a great Sunday and a better week, and I’ll catch you next weekend. Till then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“What do the 2017 NBA All Star jerseys look like?
First thought is K-mart blue light specials.
Soon to come in bulk to a liquidation store near you.”

— Will S.

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Comments (30)

    Rams uni concept is fantastic! any college hoops color vs color yesterday: South Carolina vs Vanderbilt – link

    Is it flag desecration if the colors red, white and blue aren’t used with the flag design? The uniform looks terrible in the photo, like a bad Photoshop job, even if those are the school colors.

    Well that’s great…. nothing like finding out I’m an addict by simply reading uniwatch… I have that Gunslingers tee… I’m wearing it as I type…. Hi, I’m Gene, and I have a problem.

    Good thing, the brown look is not good. Yes it nice to have a color of your own, but there are limits.

    The “silver” Florida State jerseys are just their road whites…the lighting/filter on the picture just makes them appears silver/gray

    As a USC alum I like the color on color with UCLA, but it doesn’t have as good of contrast as the football game due to UCLA’s blue being to dark. UCLA can’t make up their mind on what blue is their color.

    I also find their inconsistent blue to be irritating; however, believing that the tail wags the dog, I place the blame on adidas.

    They signed with Under Armour. Kind of weird that they signed with UA and then continued to wear Adidas for one more year. A number of years back they picked a blue, which they called “True Blue”, that was supposed to be darker than light blue but lighter than royal blue. It has seemed to get darker over the past few years. I thought they should have gone with the light blue the Chargers have for their alternate uniform.

    There seems to be an MLS kit leak in the ticker every day. Will there be an MLS season preview as a lede in the near future?

    Yes — I’ll have Kyle Evans & CJ Fleck (who’ve done the MLS as well as other kit previews in the past) back next weekend for a full rundown; we’ve been e-mailing back and forth and want to have all the kits released before doing the roundup.

    In MLB the Show you can mix and match uniform elements. My guess is that the screenshot is just the current orange jersey with the circa 1900 black pants and socks

    It’s either that, or they’re for a special Heathcliff the Cat Night promotion…

    That’s certainly a possibility… but sports games don’t usually have pre-release screenshots using weird uniform combinations like that. Typically, they want to show off how “authentic” they are, not how creative you can get with the mix-n-match options.

    There are no saguaros in Las Vegas. They also will not be found in Nevada, New Mexico, or Texas either. Saguaros are in fact native to Arizona, California, and Mexico. This is my educational campaign!

    With yellow numbers, the Rams should have yellow pants. If a team has white pants, they should have white numbers.
    Otherwise, there is a top heavy effect.
    That’s just how I see it.

    I like John Tschudy’s contributions. They’re quirky and have that AA ball anything-and-everything-goes sensibility. Bright future!

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