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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

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Paul here, pinch-hitting for Phil, who has the weekend off. The Rams wore their throwbacks yesterday against the 49ers. It marked the third different horn color they’ve worn in three weeks — gold against the Falcons on Dec. 11, white against the Seahawks on Dec. 15, and now yellow against the Niners.

I’m sure there was lots of other uni-notable action yesterday, but I was out and about doing holiday stuff and didn’t have time to pay attention to football — sorry. The comments are open, so feel free to discuss stuff among yourselves.

Meanwhile: Santa’s leaving something extra under the tree for three dozen lucky Uni Watch readers this year — the winners of our annual year-end raffle. Here are those three dozen winners, and the prizes they’ve won:

1. Uni Watch membership — David Forbes*
2. An MLB Ballpark Pass-Port — Daniel Swartos
3. Wallet with uniform lining — Eric Sawyer**
4. Packers blanket — Henry Miller
5. Ohio State calendar — Tyler Dresbach
6. Texas calendar — Ian Townsend
7. Alabama calendar — Paul W. Peters
8. Electric Football calendar — John Weiss
9. Orioles “vintage girl” bobble — Scott Fite
10. St. Louis Officials Association patch — Dylan Nir
11. San Francisco City FC jersey — David Upton
12. Orioles T-shirt — Kevin Lynch
13. Phillies Liberty Bell stirrups — Matthew Garry Moon
14. Phillies socks — James Couto
15. 1994 World Series baseball — Rex Doane
16. Professional Bull Riding jersey — Dan Secord
17. A’s ringer tee — Stephen Breslin=
18. A’s hooded sweatshirt — Dave Amerikaner
19. Curtis Granderson socks — Keith Wells
20. Globetrotters pom-pom hat — David Caruso
21. Pacers socks — Jimmy Lonetti
22. NBA striped crew socks — Brent Light
23. Indians crooked-C cap — Jason Hillyer
24. “Mets Rushmore” T-shirt — Mark Zrebiec
25. Roberto Clemente T-shirt — Bryan Hoekzema
26. Jackie Robinson T-shirt — Jamie Morrison
27. Cardinals uniform book — Marc-Louis Paprzyca
28. Another Cardinals uniform book — Jon Morse
29. Orioles jersey — Josh Lassiter
30. Two Five Apparel T-shirt — Austin Elmore
31. Another Two Five T-shirt — Scott Kaplan
32. Two Five thermal pullover — Lisa Hill
33. Another Two Five pullover — Dan Sym
34. Lehigh Valley IronPigs cap — Alex Putelo
35. Uni Watch magnifying glass — Josh Wilson
36. Oklahoma City Hornets sneakers — Aaron Johnson

*David Forbes, get in touch to let me know the particulars of what you want for your membership card.

**Eric Sawyer, get in touch to let me know which team’s uniform you’d like for your wallet lining.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all who entered. It may take me a week or so to get all of these items, packed, addressed, and shipped. Thanks for your patience.

I’ll be busy with Christmas stuff today. Whatever your plans are, please accept my best wishes for a great holiday. Peace. — Paul

(My thanks to Carrie Klein for her creative assistance with today’s post.)

Comments (17)

    Congrats to all the winners. Merry Christmas to all uniwatchers and thanks to Paul and Phil and Mike for another great year on this site.

    It’s a daily must read for the content and the comments too.

    Just out of curiosity what’s the Rams record in their throwbacks? Is it just me or do they lose a lot in them

    Congratulations to all the raffle winners; enjoy your prizes. Merry “I’m still calling it” Christmas to all!

    I have to say, it’s real nice to see the Rams playing in such a lovely, old fashioned stadium as the Coliseum. My apologies to the people of St. Louis.

    I agree! That photo makes it look like the Rams never left. Also, it is not too often anymore to see on field photos where you can see trees in the background. Rather nostalgic to see things like trees, parked cars, roads, etc. and game action at the same time.

    Here is an odd note: The Cleveland Browns have now worn their new set of uniforms for 31 games (last season was the first year of the new threads). Their record in the new set is 4-27 (3-13 last season and off to a 1-14 start this year.) The interesting note: Yesterday marked their FIRST WIN in their PRIMARY HOME JERSEY (Previously won in WHITE twice and ORANGE once) since they got new uniforms. Leave it to the Browns to finally win a game in their BROWN jerseys almost two full seasons into wearing them. Merry F***in’ Christmas, Cleveland! Best wishes to everyone. Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all Uni Watchers.

    And to those who don’t celebrate either, good tidings to you as well.

    Here’s to 2017… I’m sure most of us look forward to turning the page on this year.


    Well dang it Eric Sawyer. Got excited when I saw the same last name and the wallet but not to be I guess. Get a St Louis Cardinals one!

    I’ve been participating for five or six years and have never won anything :'( but that’s OK… the wallet was awesome though!

    Must be around the same length of time for me – also without a prize.

    Maybe one of us will win next year; speaks to the popularity of this site – in any case, it’s better odds than the lottery.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that to Paul and his associates, the regular contributors, and all who come to the site.

    Absolutely think that this is the best look for the Rams, I thought the white horns looked awful when they went with that. I agree on the trees in the background, reminds me of the Orange bowl when the Dolphins used to play there!

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