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Monday Morning Uni Watch

The big NFL uni news yesterday came out of the Meadowlands, where Washington unexpectedly broke out the burgundy pants for the first time since 2011. I heard a lot of people saying, “About time!” and “Never should have stopped wearing them!” Can’t say I completely agree, because I really like the yellow pants (especially because they’re paired with much better socks), but the burgundys look good too. And since the team pulled out its first win of the year, we’ll probably be seeing more of this look. Additional photos here.

(Incidentally, in case you’re wondering, Washington’s white pants have also been on the shelf for quite a while. They were last worn in 2013. In fact, the only non-yellow pants the team wore over the past two season were these throwback pants.)

In other news from around the league yesterday:

•  Speaking of that Giants/Washington game, Washington tight end Niles Paul, who went to college at Nebraska, was wearing Nebraska-themed shoes.

•  Also from that game, someone who plays on offense for Washington — not sure who — gave himself two sets of sock stripes.

•  And yet another item from that game: Two players got their facemasks stuck together.

•  Chiefs + Jets + natural grass + nice September day = one very good-looking game. Additional photos here.

•  The Buccaneers share Raymond James Stadium with the USF. Since the NFL and NCAA have different hashmark systems, that means the Bucs had to paint over USF’s hashmarks for yesterday’s game — and it doesn’t look like they tried very hard to get the right shade of green.

•  Raiders wideout Michael Crabtree was playing with a gold necklace. Probably not a new thing, but it’s always interesting when this type of jewelry becomes visible.

•  Browns tight end Gary Barnidge suffered a torn sleeve.

•  Speaking of the Browns, have we mentioned before that cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun has HNOB? He does.

•  Bills kicker Jordan Gay wore the hospital bracelet from being present at the birth of his son earlier this week.

•  Steelers safety Mike Mitchell appears to have been wearing a hand-warmer. Seems a bit early for that, no?

•  Six teams wore white at home: the Buccaneers, Jaguars, Titans, Dolphins, Panthers, and, of course, the Cowboys.

•  I’m only aware of two players who participated in postgame jersey exchanges yesterday: Nick Williams (Chiefs) and Steve McLendon (Jets). But I assume there were others.

•  At least 36 players from at least 12 teams exhibited some form of protest during the national anthem. Several NFL reporters tweeted their support of the growing protests.

Finally, here’s a sobering thought: This was the last Sunday of the month. Get ready for Pinktober.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Matt Barnthouse, David Goltry, @LukeTheVIP, and our own Alex Hider.)

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José Fernández, RIP: After the terrible news yesterday morning regarding the death of Marlins pitcher José Fernández, at least five MLB teams honored him by hanging jerseys in their dugouts for yesterday’s games: the Mets (shown above), Cubs, Twins, Mariners, and Dodgers. (As you can see in that last shot, the Dodgers included an accent on the NOB, which is the proper styling of Fernández’s surname, although he never wore it that way on his own jersey.)

I saw some people on Twitter complaining that these teams should have used Marlins jerseys, instead of their own jerseys, which seems incredibly petty. For one thing, not every team has instant access to a Marlins jersey. For another, using your own team’s jersey is a way of saying, “He was one of us, and our thoughts and hearts are with him.” I think it’s a good message. (The Mets will reportedly bring their tribute jersey with them to Miami and hang it in their visiting dugout tonight when they face the Marlins.)

There were other impromptu salutes to Fernández, including the following:

•  The entire Blue Jays team wore “16” stickers on their caps.

•  Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martínez, who started last night’s game against the Cubs, inscribed a dual tribute on his cap — one side for Fernández and the other for former teammate Oscar Taveras.

•  Mariners pitcher Steve Cishek, a former Marlin, also had an inscription on his cap. So did teammate Robinson Canó.

•  Red Sox DH David Ortiz doesn’t play the field, so he only wears his cap while sitting in the dugout, but he nonetheless added a shout-out to Fernández on his cap.

•  Astros third baseman Yulieski Gurriel was another player who saluted Fernández on his cap. Ditto for his teammate Jose Altuve.

•  The boldest cap tribute came from Diamondbacks outfielder Yasmany Tomás who added Fernández’s uniform number to his cap with white tape and then wrote Fernández’s name into the numerals.

•  Brewers shortstop Jonathan Villar saluted Fernández on his cap and eye-black stickers.

•  Royals catcher Salvadore Pérez added “R.I.P. J.F. 16” to his chest protector.

•  At the World Baseball Classic qualifying game in Brooklyn, several players on the Great Britain team had notes on their caps, including Kyle Simmons and Champ Stuart.

•  And at Marlins park, where yesterday’s game against the Braves was cancelled, the grounds crew added Fernández’s number to the back of the mound.

I’m sure there were other uni-related tributes to Fernández that I missed. If so, please feel free to post them in today’s comments.

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Arnold Palmer, RIP: Arnold Palmer also passed away yesterday. I’m not a big golf fan, but I know that one of the signature moments from Palmer’s career was uni-related: After winning the 1960 U.S. Open, he threw his visor into the air. That’s how I’ll always remember him.

There’s a good series of charts, graphics, and other infographic-y data on Palmer’s career here.

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New Era logo creep, continued: Last Thursday I mentioned that there were three examples of the New Era logo appearing on MLB game caps in 2005, and I had identified two of them (the Padres on April 20 and the White Sox on Sept. 9). After checking my old notes from 2005, I’ve now found the third instance: It was on July 3, when the Twins wore “Army,” “Navy,” and other military caps as part of a military appreciation promotion. The caps, which were various colors, all had the New Era logo on the left side.

I’m fairly certain that these are the only three instances of New Era logo creep on MLB game caps in 2005 — and I’m about 50% sure that they’re the only instances ever. As always, though, if you know of other examples, I’m all ears.

Meanwhile, we have one week left before the New Era mark is permanently added to game caps. Enjoy this last week of games, because starting next week it will truly be a new era.

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Too good for the Ticker: Pitt defensive end Ejuan Price has worn some pretty serious biker shorts in the past (additional examples here and here), but he may have outdone himself during Saturday’s game against UNC. Check out these shots (click to enlarge):

Of course, the effect is accentuated because Price goes bare-legged. In this next shot, you can see that UNC wide receiver Ryan Switzer’s pants are nearly as short as Price’s, but Switzer wears white leggings, so his pants don’t look as egregious:

(My thanks to Alex Hider for letting me know about this one.)

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The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball News: After the Dodgers clinched the National League West division title yesterday, OF Josh Reddick, who grew up in Georgia, wore a Georgia Bulldogs helmet during the clubhouse celebration (from our own Mike Chamernik).

Pro and College Football News: The Carolina Panthers wore their Color Rush jerseys for a team portrait. … Will Oregon’s next costume be GFGS? (From Gus Ericson.) … Black University? Brown went BFBS this weekend against Harvard.

Soccer News: Reader Hannes sends along a note all the way from Italy. So Foot Club, an Italian website/magazine, has put together their top 50 soccer kits of all time. He kindly translated the site’s top nine jerseys: 1. Boca Juniors 1981, 2. Sampdoria 1990, 3. Brazil 1970, 4. Netherlands 1974, 5. Italy 1982, 6.Real Madrid 1960, 7. Juventus 1985, 8. USA 1994, 9. Soviet Union 1982.

Grab Bag: RIP Arnie (from BSmile). … New hoops unis for USC (from Grant). … “Another one…” DJ Khaled will perform a concert for Michigan basketball’s uniform reveal. … John Force of the NHRA wore an American flag-themed helmet over the weekend (from David Firestone). … Malaysia is introducing a new logo to identify if foods are made to halal standards for Muslims. … The St. Louis Blues’ 50th-anniversary logo hasn’t even appeared in a game yet, but it’s already being used as the basis for a cycling jersey (from Ethan May).

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What Paul did last night yesterday afternoon: At 1pm Eastern yesterday, a lot of you were probably watching football. And that’s fine. But I was watching an outdoor set by the excellent Garden State Social Club (fronted by the completely awesome Lynne Von Pang, who could easily reduce any NFL linebacker to Jell-O), and I don’t mind saying that no football game could possibly compete with that.

How great is the Garden State Social Club? So great that they have their own membership cards. And as we all know, only the finest organizations have those.

Comments (65)

    The Rams/Bucs hash marks incident wasn’t in LA, it was in Tampa, where the Bucs share their stadium with the USF Bulls.

    I wouldn’t put GFGS past Oregon, but I think the jersey you posed may be a fashion jersey. There are similar jerseys available for LSU and Alabama, which means they’re probably available for all of the big Nike schools.

    link — LSU

    link — Alabama

    Completely agree. They started selling those uniforms last year. I was at The Duck Store two weeks ago and they were selling those same ones…probably just left over from last year.

    Great tribute to Fernandez, but I find it interesting that teams used tape to affix the jersey to the wall. Did the Mets, Cubs and Dodgers not have hangers??

    R.I.P. to a fine young man taken too soon….

    The Cubs did have their jersey on a hanger (which you can just make out on the linked picture), but it was a windy night at Wrigley, so they had to tape it down to keep from billowing in the dugout.

    I believe some Blue Jays players wore stickers as a tribute. Possibly bat knob decals with the number 16.

    Couple add ons:

    -The Mariners had a Fernandez jersey in their dugout as well

    -David Ortiz wrote JF16 on his cap yesterday (not that he ever wears it on the field)

    Dodgers didn’t clinch NL Western division title. There is no Western division. There is a West division though. So they clinched the NL West.

    I noticed for the second time now that it has been mentioned how many home teams wore white, is this not usual in the NFL

    It’s still more the exception than the rule. You can do the numbers yourself: More home teams wore colored jerseys than white jerseys yesterday.

    Listing the teams that wore white at home has been a standard part of MMUW for many years now. If you don’t care who wore white at home, no problem — move on to the next bullet point. But I’ll keep reporting it because I think it’s interesting and noteworthy.

    Of course I do care, it’s just in the other leagues there seems to be a rule, dark (NHL) white (MLB) at home.

    Right, but that’s not the rule in the NFL.

    In the NFL, the home team has choice of color or white, and the road team wears the opposite. Most teams choose to wear color at home — which is why wearing white at home is noteworthy.

    No, the road team usually wears white in the NFL, except that the Cowboys always wear white at home. It is not uncommon for teams from warm weather cities to wear white at home early in the season, however.

    The high temperature in Philadelphia yesterday was 73, and it was still in the 60s by the time the Steelers-Eagles game ended, so I don’t know why anyone would have needed a hand warmer.

    A quick google image search shows he wore it in week one against Washington, but it even goes back further.

    Last year he wore it in San Diego in October??!!

    Maybe it’s his “hoodie”. Just a comfort thing he is used to.

    Or is he hiding something in there?? Hmmmm….?

    Interesting note about Browns’ rookie Briean Boddy-Calhoun… I was fortunate enough to coach Briean his four years in HS.. (Delcastle Technical HS in Wilmington, Delaware).

    Briean used only his mother’s last name in HS, then added Calhoun while at University of Minnesota. Calhoun was Briean’s dad’s last name; his father died many years ago when Briean was very young.

    To honor his dad, Briean added his last name.

    A rather unique tid-bit to the story I believe!!

    Great back story!
    As someone who enjoyed his success at the U of M – thank you for coaching him so well!

    One other thing to note about yesterday with David Ortiz is that he asked the Rays to cancel his retirement celebration out of respect for the death of Jose Fernandez.

    Proofreading: When you fix the Bucs-Rams item, you’ll want to add an ‘m’ to “hasharks”
    No end paren at the end of the Baseball News

    Arnold Palmer popularized the polo shirt for golf at the professional level. When he was young, he had a great V shaped physique the polo accentuated. He also popularized the Alpaca cardigan sweater look on the Tour. He also had the handshake agreement with Mike McCormick that made IMG what it is in terms of sports agent representatives. Finally, Who doesn’t like to drink an Arnold Palmer?

    Minnesota played at Carolina yesterday and wore purple. Not only was this third straight game they’ve worn purple (at Tennessee, home, and yesterday), but the jerseys did not have the new stadium patch, which was present for the home opener last week.

    Speaking of the color purple, the Baltimore Ravens have also worn there purple jerseys for all three games: the home opener against Buffalo and road games against Cleveland and Jacksonville. Both the Ravens and Vikings are undefeated in their purple jerseys.

    The other thing about the Marlins tribute was that the grounds crew left a couple of Marlins hats on the mound. You can see them in the picture thats floating around with Dee Gordon in it.

    Mitchell is in his 3rd season with the Steelers and has worn the hand warmer for EVERY game. Not sure if he did this when playing with the Raiders or Panthers. I’m a Steelers fan, so have watched every game the last 3 years, sorry, no photos to back this up.

    Not sure if I am right about this but it looked like the Cowboys jerseys either did not have the flywire on the collar or it was significantly toned down last night. Every shot I’ve seen of Dak Prescott looks like his jersey did not have the flywire glue or gel or gunk or whatever it is. Is the flywire sewn in to the collar or applied after the jersey is stitched? I’ve been noticing that quite a few teams seem to be keeping the wide collar but without the clear flywire on it (Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs to name a few…. ) When Nike took over I believe the only team to have the wide collar sans flywire was the Texans.

    Also, this is from last week but it looks like DeSean Jackson was wearing “sock stripe leg bands” on his socks where the stripes were actually a separate piece from the socks. I thought I spotted something unique but is this just something the Redskins have always done?

    I noticed the Arizona Cardinals coaches’ hats had logos facing one way but the logo on their shirts facing the opposite way. It was sort of jarring to see.

    Been like that for years. For some reason it doesn’t bother me, but it definitely bothers other folks, because people are always pointing it out to me!

    Sorry to beat a dead horse Paul. I had never seen it before. How many other teams do this sort of thing?

    In the Cespedes pic, is that a NY (football) Giants peanut tray in the Mets’ dugout? Do football players snack on peanuts too?

    The announcers during yesterday’s Raiders-Titans game mentioned that Derek Carr and Andre Johnson were going to swap jerseys. Apparently Carr grew up being a huge fan of Johnson’s, and they’ve been friends since back in the day when Andre and David Carr were teammates.

    I agree with you that the striped socks the Skins pair with their gold pants are preferable to the socks they wore yesterday, but I like seeing the burgundy pants. Overall, I think the white jersey/gold pants are their best look, followed by white jersey/burgundy pants and burgundy jersey/white pants. The burgundy jersey/gold pants is head and shoulders above a lot of NFL unis (see: Buccaneers, Jaguars, etc). Would be curious to see how a gold jersey/white pants combo would look.

    Re the Jordan Gay photo: wow, the Bills have a really outstanding uniform!

    I enjoy messing around with uniform combinations in Madden and after the color rush jerseys were released I found two combinations that I really, really want to see: The Redskins yellow color rush jersey with their burgundy pants and burgundy striped socks they usually wear with the yellow pants, and the Cowboys “double star” color rush jersey with their (actual) silver pants and navy socks they usually wear with the blue jersey.

    Josh Norman did not wear the socks with a stripe on them but instead wore leggings with a stripe on them and no show socks


    For the Skins, I like the burgundy pants with the white jersey. Ties in nicely with the helmet. Absolutely love the burgundy jersey and gold pants. Right up there with the Pack. Only knock is they need to fix the pants stripes so they match the jersey (not that we see much of the jersey stripes anymore).

    Redoing the stripes of the Redskins’ britches would only cause them to even more closely resemble the Chiefs. Washington’s bifurcated yellow+white stripe is somewhat of a trademark for them.

    I kind of love this quote:

    “Fifty-three men together, with white tops and burgundy bottoms, cannot lose.”

    The Padres wore two cut panel retros in 2010 as part of weekly home game throwback promo and both versions had tonal flags on them.

    I am given to understand that Bud Selig was the one opposed to the New Era logo being on the hats and that with Manfred at the helm for the contract renewal that starts in 2017 the opposition was removed (postseason gear falls into a bit of a loophole)

    The Padres wore two cut panel retros in 2010 as part of weekly home game throwback promo and both versions had tonal flags on them.

    Looking at photos from those games now and do not see any manufacturer’s logo (please, let’s not call them “flags,” which is just marketing bullshit) on any of them.

    Happy to help, glad you found a pic. I was digging through old photos to find one to send your way.

    Agree 1000% on the nomenclature point.

    Clayton Richard of the Padres drew a 16 into the mound underneath the SD before the start of the game yesterday.

    Also Ortiz had the Rays postpone his final game ceremony.

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