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Virginia Tech Unveils “Battle at Bristol” Uniforms

By John Ekdahl

In May, Virginia Tech Athletic director Whit Babcock had hinted that “Battle at Bristol” uniforms might be on the way.

AB: Is there a special Battle at Bristol jersey? Is that what you’re referring to?
WB: We’re hoping to wear something that maybe people haven’t seen but it’s not crazy. How about that? I’ll just leave it at that. I think it’s really sharp.
AB: I think the contract says you have light-colored jerseys for that game, right?
WB: I believe so.

Yesterday, Virginia Tech unveiled their uniforms for the game, and they let a major recruit be apart of it.

Virginia Tech had a pretty big visitor this weekend, with Indian River safety Devon Hunter, the No. 1 recruit in the state, on campus.

The Hokies let him reveal their uniforms for the Battle at Bristol too.

More photos via Virginia Tech’s Twitter feed below.

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Did BA2K17 ruin the surprise?

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Here’s an interesting article on what Team USA’s Olympic Basketball uniforms can tell us about Nike’s plans for the NBA.

When the NBA stars of Team USA take the court in Rio de Janeiro for Sunday’s Olympics gold medal game against Serbia, they’ll be wearing plastic bottles. Plastic bottles that have been steam-blasted, chopped into tiny pieces, melted, then turned into thread that is turned into yarn ”” but plastic bottles, nonetheless.

The recycled material is made by Nike, which produces the U.S. Olympic Team’s basketball uniforms. Next year, Nike becomes the NBA’s official apparel provider, taking over the plum marketing perch from Adidas after striking an eight-year, $1 billion deal with the league last summer. When the 2017-18 season starts, Nike’s famous logo will appear on NBA jerseys for the first time.

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The State College of Florida has a new exhibit featuring “Women in Uniform”, featuring historical clothing from flight attendants to military uniforms.

Organizers Joe Loccisano and Ken Erickson have gathered more than 60 uniforms for the exhibit “Art of the Costume: Working Women in Uniform,” which opens Aug. 26. Most of them came from local residents, adding a sense of sentiment to the group.

“My goal was to showcase everything from Playboy bunnies to nuns and everything in between,” Erickson said. “When you wear a uniform, it’s basically a costume to present an image. We tried to represent a wide spectrum of women ”” and this is what people in Manatee and Sarasota county had that they wanted to share with us.”

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From Phil, here’s the Saints helmet sticker honoring defensive end Will Smith.

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Ohio State will wear Chic Harley era uniforms on November 5th against Nebraska.

Ohio State is set to wear its 1916 Chic Harley era uniforms for its Nov. 5 night game against Nebraska, as confirmed via season tickets that began arriving to holders Saturday. The matchup with the Cornhuskers is set to kick off at 8 p.m.

Below is a full look at each ticket for Ohio State’s seven home games this season. Themes for each game and weekend can be found at the bottom of each ticket. As such, the 1916 tribute game commemorating Harley’s reign and the program’s first conference championship is against Nebraska.

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    Nike have been using recycled plastic bottles in all their soccer jerseys since at least 2010. I think a 2006 jersey I bought mentioned them on the tags, but the oldest article I can find about this is for 2010 World Cup;
    I’d be surprised if it’s taken this long to make it to other sports’ uniforms.

    Yup. Sports jerseys and graduation gowns, assuming you’re not talking about one-and-done students.

    And now, shoes!

    That’s a quote from the linked article. You should be able to click on the link and then see the full look below.

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