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Art Rooney Discusses Steelers’ Color Rush Uniform

By John Ekdahl

Art Rooney describes what the Steelers’ color rush uniforms will look like this year.

Steelers President Art Rooney II already revealed that the team will wear their ”˜color rush’ uniforms when they play the Baltimore Ravens on December 25.

Tonight he provided a description of the uniform during the KDKA-TV Halftime Show, which will be all black with gold numbers.

“It will be something different,” said Rooney. “The first time we have worn black pants. It will be an all black uniform with gold numbers. I think our fans will enjoy it. It’s something different. It’s going to be interesting to see how it goes.”

Paul interviewed the “Color Rush Leaker” back in June, if you missed it. The “final update” image does indeed show the Steelers in black.

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This was mentioned in the ticker yesterday, but here’s the full story behind Ross and Walsh Jennings designing their own Olympic uniforms.

The collaboration between April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings goes beyond the Copacabana beach volleyball venue, beyond the California beaches where they trained for the Olympics and beyond the far-flung airports and hotel rooms they visited to qualify for the Rio de Janeiro Games.

The Americans also worked together with pen and paper to design their Olympic uniforms ”” sewing for gold even while they were going for gold.

“It was Kerri’s idea originally to design our own suits,” Ross said this week on an off-day from the beach volleyball competition. “She brought it up, and I liked the idea a lot. It’s so cool. It just gives you more ownership of the whole thing.”

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Sailors debate the end of the “blueberries”, the Navy’s blue and gray working uniform.

Your “blueberries” are done. Readers reacted to news the service is dumping the blue-and-gray camouflage Navy working uniform for the woodland version with emotions ranging from excitement and optimism to derision and dismay.

“Green is the new Blue,” one Twitter user joked.

Some heralded the shift to the green-and-tan NWU cammies, a tactical uniform that officials say is more comfortable and better designed. But expeditionary force sailors lamented that they’d lose their distinct identity as the roughly 280,000 other sailors in the force adopt what had once been their uniform.

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Here’s some Olympics trivia for you.

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Western Kentucky will unveil their new uniforms today.

Western Kentucky’s annual football fan fest is scheduled for 2-4 p.m. Saturday at Diddle Arena.

Highlighted by an autographs and interactive stations with the Hilltopper football team, the event will also include inflatables, face painting, balloon artists and more. The first 500 fans in the door can also take advantage of free ice cream and free popcorn.

The program will unveil new uniforms for the 2016 season as well.

Comments (11)

    So… the Steelers are going to wear their previous throwback jerseys with black pants. Great. God dammit NFL, there’s a proper way to do color vs color, and this forced monochrome bullshit isn’t it.

    Seriously. How do they skip the embarrassment the other teams have to go through? Ralphie had to wear that bunny outfit.
    This sounds more like an alternate than a punishment. Suit ’em up in all gold.

    Yeah, that’s what they should be wearing. If the Steelers are going to go color vs color against the Ravens, the only way it really works is for the Steelers to go mono-yellow (with black helmet & black socks), and the Ravens in purple jerseys & black pants. Instead, we’re going to get stuck with Pittsburgh in all black and the Ravens likely wearing all-white, and thus not even a color vs color game at all.

    Nonsense. A Steeler uniform with the colors reversed for the pants would look swell, even more so with gold uniform numbers. I’d wish for some contrast in the socks, but I guess that’s asking too much. The Ravens are probably going to have a getup the same color as the Jags from last season, but they’re sartorially challenged anyhow.

    I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind naval personnel wearing camouflage at all, especially those serving primarily aboard ships.

    As Megadeth once said, “Military Intelligence, two words combined that can’t make sense.”

    There’s no logical reason for personnel on a ship to be camouflaged. Any enemy shooting at a ship isn’t going to be aiming for specific people, they’re going to be trying to sink the ship.

    Lots of naval personnel serve in land combat positions, or in environments close enough to combat to justify camo. But the Department of the Navy already has the entire Marine Corps at its disposal, so if Navy personnel need to wear camo, they should just wear USMC gear. And both parties should suck it up about inter-service rivalry BS.


    I saw this article come up in my Facebook feed about one of the local high schools. During practice the defense is wearing yarmuckles/doo rags on their helmets.

    This is a common practice because high schools tend to have a limited amount of practice jerseys. My guess is the guys with the caps on the helmets are on one side of the ball while those without are on the other side of the ball.

    Tonight’s Rams/Cowboys pre-season game:

    Is Dak Prescott’s front jersey number off center?

    Rams win! Perfect way to start a new page in the franchise, in white at home no less!

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