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The Internet Was Displeased With Team USA’s Uniforms Last Night

By John Ekdahl

But really, when is the internet not upset about something?

Team USA stepped into the spotlight during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil Friday night, but the team’s uniform choice didn’t go over so well.

There was some praise for the design, but others were quick to point out flaws. Whether they were pointy out the over the top preppy look, or the fact that the design lacked an American flag and more closely resembled the Russian flag, fans weren’t pleased with the final product.

Here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s take, and some more social media reaction here.

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The U.S. Navy is ditching their blue-and-gray working uniform in the beginning of October.

They failed to reduce the number of uniforms sailors must maintain. Their threads put sailors at risk for worsening burn injuries by melting. And sailors said they were uncomfortable and that the only camouflage they offered was when someone fell overboard.

The blue-and-gray cammies originally intended to be the Navy’s mainstay uniform are officially headed for Davy Jones’ seabag, ending a decade of wrestling with a revolutionary uniform concept that failed to get its sea legs despite updates and hundreds of millions of dollars in investment.

The blue-and-gray Navy working uniform, known as the Type I, will be dumped effective Oct. 1, Navy officials announced Thursday, though wear will be phased out over three years. In its stead, the digital woodland pattern cammies, or NWU Type III, will become the standard shore duty uniform across the service. The NWU Type III is a tactical uniform that has a reputation for being more comfortable and officials also anticipate some cost-savings by switching to it.

You might remember the Army had a similar uniform screw up a few years ago.

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The Jets and Oilers Heritage Classic uniforms were revealed yesterday.

The Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers will face-off in a Heritage Classic outdoor game on Oct. 23. The game will take place at Winnipeg’s Investors Group Field, which is the home of the Canadian Football League’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

On Friday, both teams unveiled their Heritage Classic jerseys and alumni rosters for the festivities.

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From Phil, check out the new Georgetown Hoyas football unis.

Comments (26)

    “Whether they were pointy out the over the top preppy look”

    should be pointing not pointy

    In regards to Navy’s uniforms…what angers me is that the “blueberries” took over 7 years to develop and are pretty pricey. 20 years in, and this will be my 5th uniform change.

    I never understood the need for the majority of naval personnel to wear camo in the first place, if you can even call the blueberries camo. Unless your job actually requires concealment, I’d think solid blue or gray cotton ripstop BDUs would do the trick. It seems to work for the Coast Guard.

    Still, I’d love a baseball cap in the blueberry pattern.

    Here’s an Ebay listing for a rare photo of the short-lived Jersey Knights of the World Hockey Association, notable also for the player on the Edmonton Oilers with FULL NAME ON BACK, in a casual/speed font, no less!! From 73-74…


    So no mention of the awesome 1989 Throwbacks the Mariners wore last night? Complete with no MLB logo creep on the cap? Matching helmets?

    How often have the Mariners worn Seattle Pilots throwback uniforms? I can only recall once, it would be good to see them again.

    Didn’t know the belt loops were logo less also! Damn why in August Paul would have been stoked

    Just wanted to mention in yesterday ticker you said it was Allentown musikfest about to start, I am from the area and it’s actually held in Bethlehem.

    A track suit using current fabric technologies and contemporary design elements would be a good start.

    The Opening and Closing Ceremonies are supposed to be slightly more formal/sporty than wearing a tracksuit. Try again.

    Something without a giant manufacturers logo, for a start, but I realize that that ship has sailed.

    It seems to me that the main problem with these outfits is that Lauren designed the shirt first (which has the colors in the correct order) and then just threw a generic blue blazer over it. The blazer completely covers the top red portion, thus revealing white-blue-red.

    If you have to have striped shirt/blue blazer, make the shirt just red and white striped under the blue blazer.

    Maybe throw a star (or 13) on the blazer somewhere. Maybe 50 tiny white stars down the lapels if you want to work them all in – but make them a small detail.

    The problem with a red/white hooped shirt is, if you remove the blazer, you only have red and white (with the white jeans). Perhaps you could solve it with solid navy sleeves.

    The Winnipeg Jets Heritage Classic uniform is pretty nice. Mixture of the vintage WHA uniform with new elements, such as using navy blue.

    Seeing the classic Jets logo on a NHL uniform yesterday made something right in my world. Sure, we had the return of the Winnipeg Jets (version 2.0). They have a new, distinct look which differs from the original Jets that left. We now have the look that is a nod to the original Jets finally making a return.

    It was sad to see Winnipeg and Quebec lose their teams in the mid-1990s. They had the fan support and love for their teams. Sports business practices were changing and low Canadian dollar at the time hurt. Differs to some NHL teams now which do not have great fan support but still seem to keep their teams while bleeding financial losses (Arizona, Carolina, Florida).

    Seeing that Jets logo in the here and now made things a little better in the sporting world for me.

    Now, just waiting for the inevitable return of the Nordiques, whether it is the next expansion team or relocation destination.

    Anybody have any idea why the U.S. flag patches on the U.S. team’s warmups are 48-star flags?

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