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When Irish Shamrocks Are Shining

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Late on Thursday, the Notre Dame fighting Irish revealed their 2016 “Shamrock Series” uniforms (ably covered by Paul yesterday both on the Uni Watch blog and also over on the Mothership). Since Paul covered those already (and you should read those if you haven’t yet), I thought . . . → Read More: When Irish Shamrocks Are Shining

New Unis for Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Yale

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Under Armour threw itself a 20th-birthday party last night and took the occasion to unveil three new college football uniforms: Notre Dame’s 2016 Shamrock Series design, plus the new looks for Wisconsin and Yale.

My thoughts on the Wisconsin and Notre Dame uniforms can be found in . . . → Read More: New Unis for Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Yale

MLB Turns Back the Clock

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There were four throwback games around Major League Baseball yesterday — part of Turn Back the Clock Day, which MLB says will be a new annual tradition (although it remains unclear why they did so little to publicize the new . . . → Read More: MLB Turns Back the Clock

Throwback Thursday — Er, Wednesday

Very odd situation today in MLB, as eight teams will apparently be wearing throwback uniforms. I say “apparently” because the information on this has come in dribs and drabs — an offhand comment by a broadcaster, a tweet by a beat writer, a small mention deep in the dot-dot-dot section of a team report. . . . → Read More: Throwback Thursday — Er, Wednesday