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Let’s Get a Count of MLB High-Cuffers

Got a tweet the other night from reader Ross Wallace, who asked me — and also Phil — for an estimate of how many MLB players go high-cuffed. As you can see in the replies to Ross’s tweet, Phil and I both estimated the figure to be somewhere in the 15 to 20 percent range.

But is that really accurate?

Let’s try to find out. I’m asking you, the Uni Watch readership, to help us come up with a reasonably accurate count of how many high-cuffers can currently be found on MLB rosters — a high-cuffer census, so to speak — so we can get a sense of the current state of baseball’s lower-leg stylings.

I’m saying “reasonably accurate count” for two reasons. First, MLB rosters are always in flux due to injuries, trades, minor league options, and so on. More importantly, some players will go high-cuffed one day and pajama-style the next. How do we account for those players? I have my own ideas about that, as you’ll see in a minute, but there’s a big “Your mileage may vary” factor here.

Let’s see how this plays out with the team I’m best equipped to handle, the Mets:

•  The Mets currently have two players who go high-cuffed pretty much every day: Curtis Granderson and Antonio Bastardo.

•  As we’ve often discussed here on the site, David Wright goes high-cuffed for day games but low-cuffed for night games. Obviously, day games constitute less than half of the team’s schedule, but I’m going to credit Wright as half a high-cuffer because he has a specific protocol, which counts for something in my book.

•  The Mets also have several players who go high-cuffed on an occasional basis (in some cases on a very occasional basis), including Yoenis Céspedes, Neil Walker, Wilmer Flores, Juan Lagares, and Lucas Duda. Based on how often they show their socks, I’d say these five players add up to the equivalent of one high-cuffer.

So the Mets, by my count, have 3.5 high-cuffers on their 25-man roster. That’s 14%, just below the range Phil and I estimated as the MLB average.

So that’s one team down, 29 to go. Would you like to participate by tracking the high-cuffery on your favorite team? If so, send info to (please note that this is not the usual Uni Watch email address). You don’t have to link to photos of the players like I did — just provide a count of your team’s high-cuffers and explain how you arrived at it.

A few additional ground rules:

•  For the purposes of this census, an everyday player and a bench player count the same.

•  Ditto for a starting pitcher and a reliever. In short, some players may get more on-field time than others, but each player on the 25-man roster will be treated equally in this census.

•  If you happen to be tracking the Giants, it will be tempting to count Hunter Pence as more than one player. But he’s still only one.

Ready? Go!

• • • • •

Click to enlarge

New Jazz logos: The T-shirt photo shown above, which I obtained exclusively from an industry source, shows the new logos for the Utah Jazz. My understanding is that they will be officially unveiled today.

The one on the left is basically one of their existing secondary logos with “Utah” added, which means it’s basically the same as the primary logo they used for their first 17 years in Utah (1979-96), except with a new color scheme, an updated font for “Utah,” and a slight tweak to the basketball icon. New version on top, old one on the bottom:

Although I haven’t 100% confirmed this, it appears that this will now become the primary logo, replacing this design. Addition by subtraction.

The other logo is, you know, another roundel, because why not.

Update, 11:15am Eastern: Sure enough, the Jazz have unveiled their new logos — but in a surprise move, they’ve also released new uniforms and a new court design. Full details here. I’ll have more thoughts on this tomorrow.

• • • • •

That’s “option-u” on your keyboard: As you can see above, the Vikings announced yesterday that wide receiver Moritz Boehringer would start using the Germanic spelling of his surname — that’s Böhringer, with an umlaut – on his jersey. This is the latest in a recent flurry of moves by athletes to honor their ethnic heritage by adding diacritical marks to their NOBs. I’ll have an ESPN piece about this later today — link coming soon. (Update: The piece is now up.)

• • • • •

Big day for the CFL: The CFL is switching its official outfitter from Reebok to Adidas (although it’s unclear how much that really matters, since the latter owns the former) and will release a bunch of new uniforms at 11am Eastern today. My understanding is that many but not necessarily all of the league’s nine teams will have new designs. I haven’t seen them yet, but I’ll be getting photos later this morning and will tweet them to coincide with the 11am release, so keep an eye on my feed.

There will be an unveiling event this evening in Montreal, so expect more photos and info to be circulating around that time.

Serious question: Do many of you folks care about CFL uniforms? I don’t mean that in a disparaging way toward either the league or its fans — I’m just curious to get a sense of whether the CFL is on Uni Watch readers’ radar. It’s not a league I follow or watch, so I admit that there’s a certain “Out of sight, out of mind” factor, but that’s just me. What about you folks? Feel free to speak up in today’s comments.

• • • • •

The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: The Braves debuted their satin unis 70 years ago yesterday. … Check out this old baseball-themed political cartoon, featuring Abe Lincoln (from Steven Tatar). … The Moorhead Miners, a team in Minnesota, unveiled new retro-looking jerseys (from Dan Brookens). … The Pecos League’s Tucson Saguaros are letting fans name the team’s cactus mascot (from @pdivision). … The Triple-A Charlotte Knights will wear jerseys with pink plaid this Saturday (from Brian Baltosiewich). … Go here to vote for New Jersey’s best high school baseball cap (from 213 Miles From Shea). … Also, vote for the best NJ high school softball uniform while you’re at it! (From Jeremy Schneider.) … The Double-A Harrisburg Senators will wear Twister unis for Family Game Night. I showed that photo to my buddy Xavi and he said “You sure that’s not Wonder Bread?” … Braves OF Mallex Smith left the headwear size sticker on his batting helmet last night (from @somemoreofwhat). … A Mets fan got a tattoo to honor Bartolo Colon’s home run this past weekend (from Phil). … New uniforms for the Rakuten Eagles.

NFL News: The Bills will retire Bruce Smith’s No. 78. Buffalo only has one other retired number: Jim Kelly’s No. 12 (from Brinke). … This Reddit thread is filled with really odd NFL merchandise. … With the Browns’ rookies having received their uni number assignments, one writer reminisced about what certain Browns numbers remind him of (from Jason Hillyer). … Tim Dunn found a shot of Baltimore Colts QBs putting on their stirrups and sannies. “Note that Unitas has his stirrups over his bare feet, then putting on outer white sanitary socks,” he says. “Morrall on the other hand looks to be going sanitary sock, stirrup, then sanitary sock.” … St. Louis fans had the Rams’ move rubbed in their faces a bit last night when the Cardinals played a game in Anaheim and a Rams ad appeared behind home plate. (By very odd coincidence, that was followed by a Dodge Ram ad!) … You’ve heard of game-used jerseys? Here’s a draft-used chair (from John Gogarty).

College and High School Football News: Pitt held a photo shoot for its new uniforms. A blue top is rumored to be one of the new jerseys. They will be revealed next week. … An Omaha resident, citing environmental concerns, is suing Nebraska over the school’s tradition of releasing balloons after the Cornhuskers score their first touchdown (from Andrew Cosentino). … Florida is working with Riddell on designing custom-fit 3D-modeled helmets (from Phil). … Here are Tulane’s new uni combos (from Miles Patrick). … Voters in Texas have approved a $63 million football stadium — for a high school.

Basketball News: Raptors G DeMar DeRozan’s thumb has been acting up, so he wrapped it with a shoelace. … In the late 1960s, Kent State wore jerseys with lightning bolts on the shoulders. The school’s nickname is the Golden Flashes (from Aaron Davenport). … Here’s a look at the Knicks’ uniform history as shown on trading cards (from Jeff Wilk).

Soccer News: A few people sent this in: Chelsea will split from Adidas at the end of next season, even though there will be six years left on their contract. … Real Madrid tops the list of the most valuable jersey advertisement deals in soccer (from Phil). … Cesar Montes, a defender for CF Monterrey in Mexico, wears a triple-digit number (from Dave Leiphart). … U.S. goaltender Hope Solo will participate in the Rio Olympics, but she will stay at the team hotel because she doesn’t want to catch the Zika virus. … Bayern Munich’s new home jersey will have a collar (from Phil). … Jersey malfunction last night for a Colorado Rapids player. … Aberdeen FC has retired the seat of a longtime fan who was famous for wearing mismatched socks (from @the_boot_room). … The new Celtic home strip puts former the primary mark on the back and the new primary on the front.

Grab Bag: The U.S. Olympic Rowing Team will wear hi-tech suits to protect against Zika (from Phil). … Instagram has a new logo (from Andrew Cosentino). … Here’s all the Indycar liveries for the Grand Prix of Indianapolis this weekend (from Tim Dunn). … Aggressive tattoos are in fashion (from Tommy Turner). … A South Carolina high school’s graduating class will wear blue and white caps and gowns covered in words and phrases in orange lettering (from James Campbell). … A group of black female West Point cadets who had been threatened with disciplinary action after posing for raised-fist photos while in uniform will not face discipline after all. … Yale is switching to Under Armour, so the Bulldogs are selling all their outdated Nike gear. … Interesting article on the implications of Bill Clinton’s wardrobe as the presidential campaign heats up (from Phil). … Africa’s first gay rugby team is running an ad campaign in which the players embrace anti-gay slurs (from Tommy Turner).

Comments (125)

    Keep the CFL posts coming. Small league, but always interesting uni designs and concepts (some good and some bad, very bad)

    I agree we should keep them in the loop (if not just for the ticker except for big changes, which today’s announcement is for this league) as it is a major league in the sport.

    Never watched a CFL game but love looking at the uniforms. I believe Adidas is trying to show the NFL their football capabilities for when the chance of getting the NFL contract appears

    I still hold interest in the CFL. It provided Baltimore with a football team in the mid-90s. I check out a game or two every season. Keep them on the radar

    I’m interested in ANY logos or designs from ANY part of the world, really. So CFL, Japanese baseball, etc. It’s all interesting.

    I think the best of the CFL uniforms (IMO Edmonton and Calgary) are just as good as any NFL uniform. I feel that none of the CFL uniforms are even close to being as bad as Jacksonville, Baltimore, Carolina, Seattle, Houston, etc.

    You might be disappointed to see that Edmonton has reduced the multiple yellow and white stripes on their (arms) shoulders to a simple white and yellow. I know I’m bummed, as remnants of elaborate striping patterns disappear or get simplified. As much as we compare Edmonton to the Packers, this is reminiscent of Washington going from the Packer/northwestern variation to… the simple two stripes. Oddly enough, Washington still sports the old striping on their socks. Go figure.

    I love the offer, but I’m a Tribe fan that’s been trying to phase the Chief out of my wardrobe, and out of the 17 Indians products for sale, only 2 of them go Chief-less. A pair of socks and a cap. This company is aware that there is a large and growing number of fans that don’t want to wear the Chief, right?

    I already have more 47 Brand Franchise hats than I know what to do with, no need for any more…

    although that California Golden Seals or a Colorado Rockies (hockey) cap looks pretty damn nice…


    not off the 47 Brand site, but Lids has 16 relaxed fit 47 Brand hats 8 of them are with the block C on them

    I’d be a “yes” for more CFL updates. The teams are broadly familiar; some of their design history seems known in America. And, I do follow the Alouettes some.

    To clarify: I’m not asking if you want more CFL updates. We provide coverage of everything here, so you’ll get those updates whether you want them or not.

    I’m just asking if Uni Watch readers care about the CFL in general. Because I’m curious.

    If you’re looking for a guideline, I’d keep information on the CFL on the same level as you provide updates for, say, Minor League Baseball, Smaller Soccer Leagues, and Aussie Rules Guerenseys. Don’t do a big splash entry, just my opinion….

    Yes, please keep the CFL updates coming. I follow the league and am interested in their uni news.

    I live me some CFL. I am fortunate to get CBUT on my cable and they show CFL games (as does ESPN3) and it is FOOTBALL IN THE SUMMER, people! How can that be bad?

    My daughter and I are taking our first trip to Vancouver in October so that we can plan it around seeing the Lions and Canucks.

    CBUT (CBC Vancouver) has no had CFL games for years since TSN (Canadian ESPN) got exclusive rights.

    Hmmmm….then I am remembering the past and thinking of the games they show on ESPN2.

    In the Grab Bag, the Celtic “rugby” shirt actually belongs to Celtic, the Scottish soccer champions. The entry should be moved to the Soccer section.

    And yes, the advertising on front and back are atrocious.

    Yes, I care about the CFL as a league (though less than NFL, CFB, MLB or MLS). I’m glad the disastrous expansion to the US didn’t do it more harm.

    Saskatchewan has great uniforms.

    Yes, I care about the CFL as a league (A bit less than the NHL, a little bit more than MLB, more than the NFL, much more than NBA, and a lot more than U.S. college sports).

    It’s funny: I have no personal connection to the CFL, and I basically don’t like the sport of gridiron football at all anymore. But for some darn reason the CFL interests me. I’ll stop and read pretty much anything about the CFL, whereas I skip most football coverage that doesn’t involve the service adacemies, UW Badgers, or the Super Bowl. And the Badgers only because you sort of have to know about them here to engage in small talk in public.

    “I basically don’t like the sport of gridiron football at all anymore”

    Blasphemy!!!! I suppose you hate puppies and happiness too!

    He’s not alone. When I stopped watching the CFL, I knew I had irrevocably broken my ties with the sport of gridiron football. It was a snap to ditch the NFL. Took another year to fall away from the college game and the CFL, which I had ranked up there with the USFL in terms of fun-ness.

    I skim past anything football related on here these days, except for Sunday Morning Uni Watch and for CFL uni news.

    whereas I skip most football coverage that doesn’t involve the service adacemies

    If I ever watch another game in my life it probably would be the Army/Navy game.

    Blasphemy!!!! I suppose you hate puppies and happiness too!

    I know, right? Circa 1998, my devotion to the Vikings was fast waning due to the team’s chronic disappointment in the Denny Green era. And I had a job that made my mornings and early afternoons free to watch that year’s World Cup almost wall-to-wall. I’d never watched much soccer before, and absolutely fell in love with the sport. Soon thereafter, said job exposed me to a really disgusting incident in the treatment of Div-I NCAA student athletes – an incident that I learned was actually the usual behavior of Div-I programs, not an exception or an anomaly. So I was already souring on the one NFL team I was passionate about, and I was completely turned off to NCAA men’s sports. And then comparing international soccer to gridiron football sealed the deal for me. I was no longer able to not notice all the wasted time and idle standing around in football. Gridiron football simply bores me beyond the ability to watch a full game more than once a year.

    I wish I could take credit for caring about concussions and brain injuries and whatnot, but I’d lost interest in gridiron football a decade before that issue began to percolate.

    I get high cuff, but why isn’t it “high hem?” There is no cuff. Pants have a hem. Just asking…

    As a fledgling batting helmet collector, I’ve never seen a size sticker on the OUTSIDE of a pro helmet. Every S100 I’ve seen has it on the inside crown. I’m guessing the sticker was put on Mallex Smith’s helmet on purpose.

    Jared! Thanks so much for the ’47 Brand discount code!! Went shopping this morning. I am a big fan of all their clothing and the franchise hats are my favorite of all time.

    I’ll be posting uniforms as they come in on the Uni Watch Facebook Fan Page. Looks like there’s some interest there. Plus I’m a CFL and Arena League fan, so I post those uni related updates on the page.

    Pitt held a photo shoot for its new uniforms. A blue top is rumored to be one of the new jerseys.

    They’ve been wearing blue jerseys for as long as I’ve paid attention, and almost certainly long before that. Is “this blue top” what you meant to say?

    re: high cuffs. I’ve sent it in to the email address, but here’s what I found for Cleveland based on the current 25 man roster:

    Carlos Santana
    Francisco Lindor
    Rajai Davis (part time — but more than not from image search)
    Trevor Bauer — Pitcher (P)
    Kyle Crockett – P
    Brian Shaw – P

    These are folks who have worn high cuffs (from a Google Image search), but don’t seem to be regulars:
    Jeff Manship
    Zach McAllister
    Jose Ramirez — definitely a part timer
    Danny Salazar
    Michael Brantley
    Marlon Byrd

    BTW, for a number, I’d say 7: 5 for the full timers, 1 for Davis and Ramirez, and 1 for the rest.


    Rajai Davis wore stirrups full-time for DET last two years. Not sure why he’d be part time with CLE.

    As I said, more often than not. I saw one or two images of him with low cuffs.


    Ordinarily I wouldn’t care as much about the CFL or its uniforms, but considering two of my friends might be playing there this season, I might change my tune.

    As a Canadian living in Denmark I am still a big CFL fan. The League has lots of history, some pretty good uniforms over the years, and just more wide open and less sanitized than the NFL. Like College Football.

    I’ve always been interested in CFL uniforms, since I follow the league a lot more than I do the NFL. But the addition of advertising patches on the jerseys some years back has definitely lessened my enthusiasm.

    Jared – THank you for the F&F discount code.
    I will be buying some early holiday/birthday presents.

    Question – Can you point me to a point of contact within ’47 Brand?
    I was blessed/cursed with a VERY large head (size 8 1/8)
    ’47 brand was making the FRANCHISE hat for many teams/colleges in the size 5xl.

    Now the only one I can find is the Red Sox in 5xl.
    My Patriots old logo in size 5xl needs to be replaced.
    Thank you

    I’ve got umlauts down, but if you can’t remember the code to produce a diacritical mark on a Mac, hold down the key of the letter you want to add the mark to and eventually you’ll get a menu of your options. Good for when you have to type Eastern European names or need the Ã¥ for Scandinavian names.

    if you can’t remember the code to produce a diacritical mark on a Mac, hold down the key of the letter you want to add the mark to and eventually you’ll get a menu of your options.

    Good trick — didn’t know that one. Thank you!

    I know the ß on PC…it’s Alt hold+0223 ß. Would like to see that one for some double S German names in the NFL if there are any.

    That’s an option+s on the Mac. I don’t use it a lot so I usually start by trying an option+b just because ß looks like a B. (option + b gives you the integral symbol ∫)

    In Windows, you can run “charmap” and look for it so you can either copy-and-paste, or look up the alt-plus-number combination, e.g., alt-0241 yields the “ñ” like in El Niño. Not sure what the Mac/iOS equivalent would be.

    I live in Hamilton, one of the cities with CFL & junior hockey as its only pro sports, so I definitely follow. But I still follow MLB & NBA closest (know the bench players stats), then NFL and CFL (know the major storylines), followed by MLS & NHL (could identify stars, maybe; may occasionally get caught up in playoff excitement).

    In the late 1960s, Kent State wore jerseys with lightning bolts on the shoulders.

    OH. MY. GOD. We’ve fallen from this to putting ads on uniforms. I knew there had to be a good reason to stop watching basketball.

    Indeed, here’s a young Nick Saban sporting bolts on his football jersey.

    I’d always assumed the Golden Flashes nickname was a recently-adopted one that replaced something deemed controversial, akin to their conference rival Miami (Ohio) adopting the Red Hawks. But it’s actually nearly a century old, and the interactive chart of their various mascots is pretty cool.\

    Of course, none of the mascot incarnations hold a candle to this one:

    On the subject of basketball logos, look at this photo of Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor from around 1991:

    I’ve never seen that logo anywhere before and it’s not listed on the Orlando Magic page on SportsLogos.Net.

    So what is this?

    At first guess, it looks akin to the “NE” hat Tom Brady has been known to wear on the sidelines. Similar initiative, probably the same maker (New Era?)

    Was at the Mariners-Rays game yesterday and noted 5 Mariners and 3 Rays high-cuffed, including both starting pitchers. We’ll have to go back and figure names (although the Mariners’ pitchers have been going high-cuffed a lot more this year than last).

    ’47 Brand offers a Quebec Nordiques cap but not a Winnipeg Jets cap in its NHL selection. Strange.

    The blue Pitt football jersey appears to be the 1976 National Championship throwback, which is rumored to be worn once during the 2016 season. That jersey is different from the Dan Marino/Hugh Green teams, which had the striping on the sleeves.

    Need some inspiration for your afternoon nap? The link is out. Still an improvement on this year’s ultra-snoozer.

    Well, I like the Chang advert, anyway. I’ll be a disappointment to Paul, but when they begin sticking ads on my favorite jerseys, I’ll be better-disposed toward good logos than ugly ones.

    I’ll venture that the popularity of roundels in the NBA is a direct result of the Golden State Warriors motif. Whether this is a good move for the Jazz, I think the Capital “J”/musical note terminating in a basketball is a stronger secondary mark.

    Is it just me, or does their pride jersey looks oddly reminiscent of a soccer jersey?

    What happened to the 47 Brand code? It was there earlier. When I came back to do some shopping, it was gone!!

    Please help!

    You’re the best! It was literally a matter of minutes. It was there, then, *poof*

    I’m a little late to the party, but pretty much only buy ’47’s Franchise caps. Are you at liberty to mention what the deal was? Or could someone else?

    As expected, Jazz have officially unveiled the new logos that had leaked.

    Unexpected: New uniforms today, too. Full details here:

    I’ll have more thoughts on this tomorrow.

    REALLY not a big fan of tramp stamped team names. The name of your team and your home city shouldn’t be where your butt is located. You might as well label it this way: at least it’ll be practical and serve a purpose:


    “This is the latest in a recent flurry of moves by athletes to honor their ethnic heritage by adding diacritical marks to their NOBs.”

    As someone with a diacritical in their name, I view this not as honouring their heritage but as spelling their name correctly.

    Really surprised the new CFL uniforms are so traditional. With all of the talk that the league is losing the younger audience, I was expecting lots of chrome and gradients.

    Winnipeg looks great, and as a Lions fan I like the orange and black look. Not sure about the Leos helmets until we see a closer look, but I do like the idea of doing something other than the regular Lions logo on the side.

    The good news is overall they seem to have gotten rid of bad piping, side panels, etc.

    As someone previously mentioned, the CFL is a major league so keep the major league coverage coming.

    I’ll have to get a better look at the new unis before I comment but Winnipeg…where I happen to live…looks great in their more traditional royal blue. I don’t really care for the gold trim around the numbers, though.

    As a Montrealer and a CFL football fan, I truly do appreciate the CFL coverage. On the flip side, I don’t care at all about NCAA football and will often skip over that ticker coverage.

    I’ve written a bunch about the CFL for this site (for Phil on the weekends) so I obviously come down on the side of “follow”.

    That said, the uniforms have been awful during the Reebok years. The regular uniforms are awful, the alternates are awful, and the “signature” uniforms are the topping on the shit sundae. I’m fatigued by the whole thing and don’t care nearly as much as I used to.

    I’m Canadian so probably not that surprising for me to say that I care deeply about the CFL, it’s my favourite sport by a long shot.

    I catch some CFL early in their season because it fills a football void in the calendar. I then forget about it until the Grey Cup. I think the new adidas usi are miles better than that reebok nonsense. BTW, the new Jazz unis are 3/4 sweet. Not feeling the sleeved one. Too bad they aren’t still in NOLA. Why in the world have the Jazz never changed the team name when it moved to Utah??

    I haven’t cared about the CFL since the one season I watched during the ill-fated expansion into the US and there was a team in Sacramento, CA. I was a Gold Miners fan there for a min.

    Has anybody ever noticed certain good ideas are dismissed out of hand because they go against conventional wisdom? Three examples: 1. Having Doug Flutie at quarterback. 2. Pro football in Birmingham, Alabama. 3. The nickname “Thunderbolts”.

    Sorry, just gotta vent!

    I remember posting/complaining a couple years ago about the Ottawa REDBLACKS first uniform unveiling receiving no coverage on the site.

    I was told along the lines of “it’s my site, I don’t care about/follow the league and I don’t think anyone else does”. Which was … nice.

    Anywho, hopefully there were enough replies to your question to keep the CFL news up. The leagues release today was only the home jerseys. So there should be lots of news on the way with road and alternates yet to come.

    Dexter Fowler
    Jason Heyward (sometimes)

    Probably some others but I barely pay attention to baseball anymore so…

    The Jazz did a really nice job with their updated family of logos, especially when you compare it to what the Kings did, releasing a bunch of logos that have a much more forced relationship with one another.

    I applaud them for not trying to do too much with the uniform as well. Keeping the simple but unique coloration of the elements on the jersey was a great decision, and the design on the side is a nice example of a simple. modern take on a traditional design element.

    The only failure is the outlined version of the logo shown on the dark background at the top of the page. That’s very clumsy looking. They definitely should be using the white lettering on dark backgrounds, as is shown on the road jersey.

    100% agree. It’s a nice update but that outlined version is turrible. As you say the higher contrast non-outline is much nicer. A definite upgrade.

    I follow the CFL religiously. I have been an Edmonton Eskimos fan for 30 years. It is good to see them on Uni Watch. A great league, exciting football and great uniforms (well some).

    Keep the CFL info coming, I like the league and the difference in Canadian rules v. US rules.

    How do we count Giancarlo Stanton, who goes high-cuffed in warm-ups, but pajama pants for all (most?) games? Does he get half-credit since there is an audience during BP?

    Love the CFL uni news. Please keep it coming.

    My fascination with CFL unis goes back to when NBC televised games in the early 80s and the uniforms were a novelty compared to the static NFL uniforms and the few college teams I saw on TV.

    While I like the colors of the new primary Jazz logo, WHY do they have to run the J/ball smack up against the A? It looks way, way too crowded.*

    I think they might have also missed an opportunity to clean up that note a little bit. The flag (stem?) for a note typically flows right into the oval part; this looks more like if you took a straw and jammed it into an orange. Smooth it out; I realize in doing so you probably also need to tilt the ball clockwise as to not run into the seam, but doing so to parallel the rest of the note and the A wouldn’t kill them.

    * I’d say the space between the J and the A is a little narrower on the side than on the top, too. Probably only a couple of pixels, but it still bothers me.

    “While I like the colors of the new primary Jazz logo, WHY do they have to run the J/ball smack up against the A? It looks way, way too crowded.”

    I think it’s just a printing error. There’s more space between the “J” and the “a” on the actual official logo.

    CFL:I’m 42 and live in Texas. My grandfather had 2 brothers and after WW2 the both married Canadian girls and moved there. One in Manitoba, the other Alberta. My grandfather would visit and bring me back things. My most prized gift was a Saskatchewan RoughRiders shirt. I liked green.Who are these guys? Somehow my grand dad could get games on a huge satellite.Fond memories. I always follow the league in the paper and look forward to when espn shows their games in the summer.But I love wearing their stuff cause no one else has it.

    Well, the BC Lions just went Michigan Panthers on the CFL… but poorly….

    I’m definitely interested in CFL. The smaller amount of teams makes for some dynamism. Ottawa’s first year was 2014, next year they’re in the Grey Cup game.

    The Jazz unveiled their logo and uniforms they’re pretty nice except the pride it gives sort of a soccer look and I’m usually a fan of the T-shirt jersey, the alternate is the best in my opinion.

    Is it because: a) it’s adidas, and b) it’s got sleeves? (Just playing.)

    It is not uncommon for players in the Mexican league to wear numbers over 100. Half of the teams have at least one player who wears a triple digit number.

    This has been answered before. The U-20, U-17 and U-15 teams have numbers starting in the hundreds so that, if called to the major team, there is no change of number from the one the player has already in his registry at the Football Federation. If you start the year in the first team, yo have a 2 digit number. Only call ups use 3 digits (although not all juvenile players have 3 digits as long as it is not a number taken by someone on the first team

    OK, I’ll ignore those submissions from now on. I knew it was common but not that common.

    CFL: Calgary Stampeders new jersey.

    I’m a huge fan of the CFL- I love the fact the games are scheduled so they don’t conflict with each other and you can watch all 4 games over a weekend. Also with the clock timing rules, a team can be down 14 points with 3 minutes left and still win.

    I like the CFL a lot more than Twitter, but that’s admittedly faint praise. By the way, good on the Stamps for putting crossed-pistol insignias on their sleeves. That figures to raise a few hackles, but what’s tackle football without without a good dose of rebel pride?

    Utah Jazz: Man, I want to dislike the new unis and logos. I mean, c’mon, it’s the second-most offensive name in pro sports after the Redskins. There’s no more jazz in Utah than there are lakes in LA. And granted, the secondary roundel logo is awful, even by the low standards of NBA design. But otherwise, that right there is a masterpiece of basketball design. The primary logo is a clinic in what it means to “update” a logo. And the uniforms are clean, crisp, and strong in every way. Even the sleeved alts are well designed, in that the design uses the sleeves as an expanded canvass to make the whole design work.

    Not that long ago, you sort of didn’t even have to look at an NBA redesign to know the new logo and uniforms would be an embarrassing downgrade. By far the ugliest league of the American majors. Last three years or so, though, the NBA has been outpacing the NFL and MLB in design quality.

    “Lükas” is way better than “Lukás” (read: “look ass”). All kidding aside, “Lucas” in Spanish doesn’t have an accent, but if it did, it would be on the U, thus “Lúkas.”

    Pronounciation for “Lucas” (which should be the same as “Lukas”) in Spanish.

    Interesting he had to get “permission” from the NFL to spell his own name correctly. Chalk another one up for King Roger.

    Nice pieces on ESPN.

    re: diacriticals…one can only hope that a Vietnamese player makes it to pro baseball, so we can really drive the guy with the heat-press machine bonkers.

    Maybe they also ought to allow players from countries that don’t use Roman alphabets to also get in on the action…


    Re CFL: I think the amount of coverage UniWatch currently has is just right.

    I love the idea of getting a count of the high cuffs in the league. What I’d really be interested in is the age breakdown of those who go high cuffs. Basically in the universe of MLB players is there a trend among younger players to going with the pajama look or the high cuff look? I hope if you compile the responses you might also make the “official” list of players available so we could calculate the percentage of players at each age who go high cuff.

    I’m interested in the CFL & the new unis. Please write something about them

    You will be aware from my ticker posts that I am CFL fanatic! Living in Canada, some of us consider that there are 5 major sports leagues. May be hard for some US folks to understand, unless they played in the league or lived here.

    This league has nine teams with long, traditional, storied uniform histories. The teams are firmly established brands that mean something of extreme importance to the fans.

    The Canadian rules game is exciting and CFL football has high quality pro players fed by the Canadian university and US college programs.

    Seen the new uniforms. Have some praise and some disappointment.

    To answer the question: I’m interested in the CFL, but then again I live in a Toronto suburb.

    For those, who like traditional football stripes on a uniform, see the Toronto uniform

    It’s a quirky league, and in many ways it’s the equivalent of double A baseball. But……

    1. It is a different game, a good NFL player may not be 100% suited to the CFL

    2. The players can’t be prima donnas. Their salaries are very ordinary. $100K is a very good CFL salary

    3. It can still attract a big television audience, the Grey Cup attracts one of the largest audiences of the year in Canada

    4. It has had a sameness, with the occasional team going defunct and then getting resurrected, its the same teams for the last 50+ years. (mostly the same colors too) No expansion. In addition, other than the last 10 years, where there’s been a wave of new stadiums, the stadiums have largely not changed. We’re finally getting some well suited stadiums (Hamilton, Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa and soon to be Saskatchewan)

    Double A baseball is selling the CFL way short. The CFL has the best players who aren’t in the NFL, which is a lot more than you can say for AA baseball.

    Out of the 4 major sports in North America the CFL is a bit unique in that it’s the undisputed #2 pro league. Hockey has the KHL and AHL, baseball has the minors and J-League, basketball has a range of minor leagues and international leagues. But football? The CFL is it. Well, there is Arena football but that’s a slightly different ballgame literally and figuratively.

    How hard is it for the Jazz to just go with the Stockton and Malone, purple Salt Palace/early Delta Center era unis and call it day? Maybe the ever so slightest tweaks here and there to make them more modern looking, would look perfect.

    Very hard: they are unable to use old, Hardwood Classic designs because either of an actual rule or corporate decision to not cannibalize their own sales, which is why the Wizards couldn’t just go back to their old Bullets jerseys. But yeah, those Malone/Stockton jerseys were a beaute!

    Yes, I care about CFL uniforms. They are bold. And there is a history. Thanks for including.

    Yes I do care about the CFL, thanks for asking. I always appreciate any CFL-related news on this site. (My favorite leagues, in order of preference, are: NHL, NFL, CFL, NCAAF, and MLB). And thank you for doing this site. It’s one of my favorite stops on the internet.

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