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Some Uni Concepts…For Easter Sunday

Easter Uni Concepts

By Phil Hecken

It’s been a while since I ran uniform concepts (too long in fact — need to start running them again), and so today I have a few to share with you. Since it’s Easter (and a Happy Easter to all those of you who are celebrating today), I’ll lede with the four concepts (from three readers), and I expect to return to a semi-regular posting of the concepts as sub-ledes in the coming weekends. OK? OK — and if you have a concept or three — feel free to send them my way (E-mail me at

Click on any photos to enlarge.


OK, let’s begin. Our first concepter today is Chris Swanson, who has some thoughts on how to change the Cleveland Browns:


A concept for the Browns.

They need to somewhat come back to what they had before.

Their 2015 unis killed me. Yuck.

Would the NFL ever allow light gray visitors uniforms instead of white?

– Chris Swanson, Colorado Springs, CO

Jack Connell, with a new look for the Philadelphia 76ers:

Jack Connell - Philadelphia 76ers

Hey I thought I would want to show you guys this cool custom uniform I made in NBA 2k16 of the 76ers.

Jack Connell


And finally, we have two from Bruce Genther, who has redesigned two Los Angeles teams — the Angels and the Raiders.

LA Angels Concept 1 - Bruce Genther

LA Angels Concept 2 - Bruce Genther

LA Angels Concept 3 - Bruce Genther

LA Angels Concept 4 - Bruce Genther

Attached please find several illustrations detailing my proposed new LA Angels uniform combinations for your readers and membership to enjoy and comment on…Thanks!

Bruce A. Genther
Laurel, Maryland


LA Raiders Concept 1 - Bruce Genther

LA Raiders Concept 2 - Bruce Genther

LA Raiders Concept 3 - Bruce Genther

No description given with the Raiders concept


And that’s it for today. I’ll definitely be returning to posting the concepts again — and while I have a slight backlog, do feel free to start sending them in again, as this will be a recurring feature again. My e-mail address is above.

Thanks to Chris, Jack and Bruce for the concepts we saw today!

line of easter eggs

colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Got a couple colorizations today — from yet another old friend from whom we have not heard in a long time —Chris Whitehouse, (who also goes by “Mancave Pictures”) and who is back with one of his colorizations, clearly inspired by Bruce Menard’s spring training colorizations from last weekend. Good to get some of the old guard back colorizing.

Click photos to enlarge.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DC Old School - Mancave (Chris Whitehouse)

Hey Guys!

Starting off the new year of Baseball with a montage of Old School Washington D.C. uniforms, both home and road.

L to R:
John Jack Knight 1911 (Road)
William “Germany” Schaeffer 1911 (Road)
John Henry 1911 (Home)
Alva “Rip” Williams 1911 (Road)
Bob Austin 1913 (Home)

Thanks to the boys for letting me pose them all together, while hamming it up for the camera.

Chris Whitehouse

. . .

CubsGreen - Chris Whitehouse (Mancave)

Hi again Phil,

Here’s a shot of Cubs Manager Fred Mitchell in the Pennant year of 1918, looking none-too-thrilled with what he was forced to wear.

The uniform even got a review:

“The Cubs this season are clad in the most mournful looking baseball rigs ever invented. The color is a melancholy drab, with green stockings. Green sox are new in major league baseball. They also wear green lamp shades in front of their caps.”
The New York Times, June 12, 1918


. . . . .

Thanks Chris — great job, and welcome back! So glad to hear from you again!

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SB - Large

In case you missed it…

Yesterday I published a post with Gary Chanko about a future project to turn Gary’s “Classic Stadium Scoreboards” (which appear on Uni Watch every Saturday) into a book. In it, Gary asked for some assistance from the readership. We received some nice comments and I also got quite a few e-mail responses from viewers who shared their memories and made requests and suggestions. If you didn’t see it, give it a quick look now. I’ll highlight the part where Gary mentions reader participation:

We Want Your Input and Remembrances

Moving the planning effort forward, we thought it might be helpful to hear your thoughts and comments. Perhaps there’s a “missing” scoreboard you’d like to see included. Maybe you have a suggestion on content or a question you want answered.

Also we’re looking for anecdotal stories for inclusion in Classic Scoreboards. As such, we’re inviting you to submit scoreboard related memories, recollections, and accounts. Just a sentence or two will do. We’ll collect the best of those nostalgic experiences submitted and include them in our book.


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UW Friday Flashback

UW’s Friday Flashback

In case you missed it, Paul’s Friday Flashback on ESPN looked back at that time when North Carolina State wore unitards in 1989. They were only worn for two games (and so, not that well-remembered). Also, they “didn’t leave much to the imagination”, so the team ended up wearing their shorts over the unitards, which wasn’t the intent of the one-piece uni. Why did they even introduce a unitard? Check out Paul’s article/video for the answer.

Great read, so be sure to check it out if you missed it!


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Uni Watch News Ticker

Baseball News: There are some beautiful photos here of Willie Mays and the New York Giants during Spring Training in 1954 (plus other pics), in this nice Time/Life Magazine pictorial (never before published). … Busch Stadium in St. Looey is turning 10 this season — Is this a possible patch? (thanks to Mark Doescher). … Yesterday, in 1936, Pirates Become Cowboys ~ Honus Wagner & the guys wear ten-gallon hats to mark the Texas Centennial (from Bruce Menard). … Here’s a look at the Lafayette Aviators Inaugural schedule (from BLRMKRdave). … The Braves posted a pic of these throwback helmets yesterday. Tweeter TRILLHOUSE asks, “guys think they’ll start the season with throwbacks?” — Hmmm. Mike Nessen adds “The tools are out in ATL today with these signs, too, with the throwback ‘a’.” … From Clint Richardson: “LSU softball going with the hideous purple tops with black shoulder loops and anthracite pants. Looks worse on TV.” … Those are bad, but it’s possible that what Tennessee wore yesterday was worse (from Will Elliott). … A tweeter with the handle Deli Alley notes that Majestic is selling Mets 1986 replicas (for the low, low price of $400), and they’re using direct sew NOBs instead of nameplates. Of course, in 1986, the Mets did wear nameplates. And those jerseys aren’t getting the greatest reviews, either (from Val Sobrevilla). … Here’s an old photo that’s not from Bruce: 40 years ago the Dodgers donned “old-timer” unis in exhibition game vs Phillies (from Pulp Ephemera). … And here’s a look at those same unis from Bruce Menard. … Despite them being school colors, WVU unfortunately chose to go gold over blue pajamas on Friday (from Coleman Mullins). … Yesterday, Georgia Tech wore some pink tequila sunrise jerseys (from Michael Rich). … Speaking of tequila sunrise, here’s a two-fer: Green/black rainbow guts AND a number “0” — that’s Ridgewood High School (from Steve Johnston). … Arkansas baseball seems to have new pants with the Nike swoosh stupidly above the knee (from Clint Richardson). … Whoa…are the Orioles getting matte finish helmets this season? (h/t Damon Donaldson).

NFL News: If you read this article, it sounds like the author is genuinely surprised the Atlanta Falcons will wear color rash uniforms for a Thursday Night Football game (yes, the sked hasn’t been announced yet, but the NFL has said by the end of next season, all teams will have participated in the color rash program). The article mentions the Dirty Birds will likely get the red-monochrome treatment.

Hockey News: While the tweeter makes note of the interesting bisection of “Albany” by the red line, I’m more interested in the color vs. color for Quinnipiac and RIT (pics via Casey McHugh and A.J. Frey respectively). … Time for a Dodgers/LA Kings jersey mashup (from D Barraza). … In the same vein, the Arizona Coyotes are doing a D-Backs night (h/t Adam Vitcavage). … The Manitoba Moose were rocking some Autism Awareness jerseys yesterday (from A.J. Lorenzo). … A “Hat manufacturer ’embarrassed’ and ‘extremely sorry’ for Women’s Frozen Four error” (from Chris Flinn). … Here is why it is important for hockey referees to wear their helmets at all times on the ice (from Cassian Wykes via Paul). … “While at Yale’s Ingalls Rink earlier this month, I came across this mounted goalie stick from 1917,” writes Cassian Wykes. “The crazy thing is, it’s not behind glass. You can gently reach out and touch it.” Here is the detail on the descriptor plate.

NBA News: Reader Steve Tilders spotted something very interesting on the New York Knicks “Neuva York” Latin Nights Heritage jersey: “I found this interesting,” he says. “Porzingas’ jersey jocktag noting the game was against the Bulls (Los Bulls) this past week. Maybe the jerseys were being auctioned off and only to be worn once?” [Actually, the Knicks and Bulls wore those jerseys in both Madison Square Garden and the day before that, at the United Center in Chicago — PH] … OK, this isn’t a uniform per se, but check out this guy’s Celtics’ ink (from DolphinsMakeMeCry). … Last evening the Toronto Raptors wore white on the road against the New Orleans Pelicans, who wore red at home (from Zach). … Also from Zach, the Hawks and Spurs Pistons went color on *color*. … Oooohhh — check out this beautiful warm up from the early 1970s for the 76ers (from P. Costello).

Soccer News: The Netherlands and France each debuted their new kits yesterday — that France kit (like England and others) looks a lot like the new USA kit. Only France has the color contrasting sleeves on their white top, and USA has them on the black kit. … Here’s a look at the 2016-17 Manchester United away kit. … Beautiful new kit for New Zealand (from Patrick Thomas). … Apologies because I forgot who tweeted this at me, but here’s a look at some USA soccer fan gear. … Here’s a post where you can see and rank the new Euro 2016 kits. Submitter Tim Cross adds, “Rank all you want, but this list shows some euro nat’l team jerseys I haven’t seen before.”

Grab Bag: My (one day) alma mater Hofstra wore military appreciation lax unis yesterday vs. St. Johns. Here’s some better looks at the helmet. … In North Carolina, UNC Army ROTC has a battalion patch with the (old) athletic department logo (from James Gilbert). … Speaking of UNC, their lax jerseys still have the old ACC logo on them (from Matthew P. Hanes IV).

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That’s it for me for this weekend. Everyone who is celebrating, ihope you have a nice easter and everyone have a great Sunday. Thanks to all who contributed this week. I’ll be back next weekend, but until that time…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“It’s called a googlgo. Googlgo ”“ (Google and logo) When the designer realizes last minute that they didn’t get a print ready version of a logo and the project has to go to the printer NOW. You google the logo and furiously work photoshop magic to make it press ready.”

— Kelly Levy

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Comments (29)

    “the Hawks and Spurs went color on *color*.”

    Those are actually the Pistons in gray.

    Oh NBA… on one hand, I like that they’re letting teams go color vs color seemingly whenever they want to. On the other, the royal blue & red Pistons are wearing a navy & gray uniform and that makes me sad.

    “Those are actually the Pistons in gray.”


    Thanks — fixed.

    Technically, I’m wrong not just on the team…but the color as well — the Pistons call that “chrome”.

    I’m calling it gray.

    As much as I like the 76ers concept, they could never be used. Can’t have more than one number on the jersey. Which is why they had to modify the logo during the black jerseys/prime AI years to read “SIXERS” on the jersey.

    Those Mets jerseys aren’t meant to be collectors’-market replicas of 1986 jerseys in the Ebbets Field Flannel/Mitchell and Ness sense. It is the 2016 on-field jersey, based on the 1986 style, made with 2016 materials.

    The hardly not-the-greatest review only posited one comment as a complaint, that the mesh side panels mess up the look of pinstripes. The reviewer actually praised the construction of the jerseys for players’ comfort, and for the lighter numbers. I’d say it was an overall positive review.

    If they could use those Concept 76ers jersey the player #s need to be smaller on the front. Theyre still more bad than good in my opinion.


    If you look carefully, that $400 jersey is for big and tall sizes, which usually cost more than other sizes.

    The medium/large-sized jerseys cost $333 with name and number: link

    Still very costly.

    I was only commenting on what was sent to me, as the only jerseys I own (and I only have a few of those) were flea market/thrifts.

    And it’s certainly not my place to tell others how to spend their money. But the idea of a $333 (plus tax & shipping, I’m assuming) polyester shirt is frankly, mind-blowing. But hey, I like to spend my $$$ on funky “curling” pants, so if a custom polyester shirt is your bag, go for it.

    Many thanks, Phil, for the return of Uni Concepts, which I thoroughly enjoy. Loved today’s submissions. Jack’s 76ers concept really touches on the elements of probably my favorite basketball uniform ever. Sorry to hear the rules would apparently require some modifications. One tweak I might try is to move the “cumberbund” up to the bottom of the jersey (consistent with the original design from the mid ’60s) and put both “Phila” and the player name on that band of color. Love Bruce’s Angels script and I really appreciate his incorporation of silver onto the Raiders’ jerseys. Chris’ Browns design is a definite step up, though if that’s black instead of brown, I’d much prefer to keep the traditional brown color.

    I wish the NFL would let teams use a cream/off white look.

    I think a Browns set would look awesome like that

    Probably addressed yesterday but what are the unitards red,white, blue …but NC state is red,white and black

    NC State’s colors are red and white. Black is their accent color now, but back then it was blue (IIRC).

    The Angel’s concept is excellent. The only thing I would change is make the halo a bright yellow as opposed to the orange it looks like.

    As for “kiss-cut” numbers, are those the numbers that used to be one layer for each color and they save money by printing both colors on one layer? I would be totally against that, as it takes away the texture of the lettering.

    Older style jerseys had 2 or 3 layers of tackle twill numbers, with the base layer being the widest. The base layer formed the outline by being the widest layer. In kiss cut numbering, the top “layer” is just an outline sewn onto the base layer. In other words, the top layer is not a full-width number, it an outline with the number “cut out” so you can see “down” into the base layer.

    The printing style you see is largely relegated to retail/replica jerseys, and is not referred to as kiss-cut, proper. Authentic/pro-weight/on-field/on-ice jerseys, at least in baseball/hockey, still use some form of twill/embroidery.

    I love the 1918 Cubs road colorization. I suspect there’s some debate over whether the logo was green or blue with white. It seems Okkonen had the socks blue and white, along with the logo, in earlier renderings. The latest DTTN graphic has the Cubs wearing both the red and blue striped home socks with the road uni, and the green and white ones pictured today. But the chest logo still seems blue, though it’s pretty small. Creamer has the logo blue and gold. Anyway, Chris’s pic posted today looks awesome – tell me it was so!

    In the Dodgers “old-timers” photo, Lasorda is in the background to the right in what appears to be a standard Dodgers uni. Guess he didn’t want to play.

    Dark chocolate delivered by the bunny!

    Chilling out late on Easter, and wondering, aren’t cummerbunds across the front? Shouldn’t a cummerbund that goes across the buttocks be called a bummerbund?

    I’ll show myself out.

    Glad to see that my 76ers concept made the post I know it’s an old design I’m new to this so I have to make modifications and will update you guys with the new results

    Surprised there was no mention of the Oklahoma/Oregon NCAA Elite 8 game. I don’t know if Oregon routinely wears their yellow uniforms as their home unis, but it resulted in a pretty good looking game.

    Lose the red alt (devils wear red, not angels) and I’m all on board with that Angels concept.

    Oh please, please, please let the Braves make the ’74 uni’s their new Alts.

    And (dare I dream?) might they wear road ’74’s too???

    Just in case Phil didn’t know: “Deli Alley” is Terence Kearns. The Twitter handle is a takeoff of Tottenham player Delle Alli.

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