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The Race to the Bottom Has a New Winner

If someone wants to dress like a fucking clown — I mean, really, really wants to dress like a total fucking clown — then by God they should go ahead and do it. That’s what America’s all about, the freedom to make an utter fool of yourself and surrender whatever slim sense of dignity . . . → Read More: The Race to the Bottom Has a New Winner

A Raiders History Mystery

Yesterday’s Ticker included a link to slideshow showing the Raiders playing in various home stadiums other than the Oakland Coliseum. We’re going to follow up on that today, because eagle-eyed reader Tim Dunn spotted something interesting lurking within one of those photos. As it turns out, the photo he singled out may contain something . . . → Read More: A Raiders History Mystery

Talking Uniforms with Puppy Bowl Ref Dan Schachner

Photo by Mary Bakija

Back in October I was once again lucky enough to attend the taping of the Puppy Bowl (the latest edition of which will air, as usual, on Super Bowl Sunday), and I managed to get a few minutes with Dan Schachner, the Puppy Bowl referee. As . . . → Read More: Talking Uniforms with Puppy Bowl Ref Dan Schachner

Winter Classic Redux

Interesting development last night in Montreal, as the Bruins and Canadiens reprised their Winter Classic match-up and even wore their Winter Classic uniforms, but with a twist: The uniforms were autographed after the game and are being auctioned off to raise funds for Denna Laing, the Boston Pride player who suffered a severe spinal . . . → Read More: Winter Classic Redux