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It’s Another Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise 550

By Phil Hecken

Yesterday afternoon, at their 2016 FanFest, the Houston Astros unveiled a new batting practice jersey and cap, which will be worn for Sunday home games (or at least that’s the plan). It’s navy blue, with “ASTROS” in orange arched lettering across the chest, with a side stripe containing the “tequila sunrise” pattern made famous by the team in the 1970s. The new cap is orange with a blue bill.

If your first reaction is, “hey, that looks a little like their batting practice jersey,” you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, it looks a LOT like their current BP jersey:

Astros BP Jersey vs Sunday Alt

That’s not to say it’s a bad thing. One can never have too much tequila sunrise on ones uniform. And the arched “ASTROS” looks a lot better than having just the H-Star logo on the chest (don’t get me wrong, that logo is great, it just makes the jersey look a little too casual). The new cap, which has an orange crown and blue brim looks pretty good too. The Astros need more orange in their look.



I’m under the impression the Astros will still wear their current BP jersey, but according to this article, the new alternate jersey “will be worn for regular season games and Spring Training games.” Now, it’s not unusual for teams to wear their regular (primary) jerseys for a few ST games, but I’m wondering if this one will simply replace the BP jersey, and also be worn on home Sundays. It seems kind of pointless to have two very similar tops. And while they wore them very sparingly, the Astros have worn their previous BP jerseys on the field during games:

Astros BP Jersey

2015 BP Jersey

Here’s how the team promoted the new jersey/cap:


One thing you’ll notice from that shot is that the rainbow (tequila sunrise) pattern starts at the belt and then ends about mid-chest. After the final “gold” stripe, the rest of the strip continues up the arm to the end of the sleeve as solid orange. If you look at the BP jerseys (above), you’ll notice that final sleeve portion was gold. Also note on the new jersey there is a much smaller striping gradient, with several sets of tiled stripes (whereas the old BP jersey merely went orange/red/orange-red/orange/gold). I like the more accurate representation of the striping on the original.


UPDATE #1: The BP jersey is apparently gone:

UPDATE #2: The striping pattern exactly mimics the originals:

Overall verdict? Meh. If they ditch the BP jersey, then I’m more accepting of the introduction of this new Sunday alt. But even so, it’s still probably the weakest of their jersey sets. That’s the thing with Tequila Sunrise. You can’t half-ass it. If you’re going to use it as a uniform element, then you really need to go full rainbow.

But hey, at least they introduced a very nice cap. That’s probably the best part of the whole combo:


Readers? What say you?

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Sparty Goes Neon Lime

MSU lime 8

Click to enlarge, if you dare

Well, yesterday Paul warned us about it — in fact, he said,

If someone wants to dress like a fucking clown ”” I mean, really, really wants to dress like a total fucking clown ”” then by God they should go ahead and do it. That’s what America’s all about, the freedom to make an utter fool of yourself and surrender whatever slim sense of dignity you might once have had.

The Michigan State basketball team apparently really wants to dress like fucking clowns.

The Spartans did not disappoint. Not only did the team dress up in these shockingly garish uniforms, the entire student section in the lower bowl wore lime green shirts as well. So it was a group effort. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they looked like fucking clowns, but the result was less than aesthetically pleasing. You see, if you’re going to wear a bright neon green, you should not dress head to toe in it. It’s kind of hard for a hoops team NOT to do that, but at least (for the most part) when wearing this particular shade has been worn in other sports, the teams haven’t gone full neon. You never go full neon (unless you’re the Ducks, but that’s a whole different ballgame — and they’ve done it on the field and on the court — but that’s highlighter yellow, not neon lime). Still, would you really want to be compared to Oregon (and not in a good way)?

First, some game shots (for each of these, you can click to enlarge, although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it). I’m not responsible for your ophthalmology bills.

MSU lime 14

MSU lime 1

MSU lime 2 MSU lime 3

MSU lime 4 MSU lime 5

MSU lime 6

MSU lime 9

MSU lime 10 MSU lime 11

MSU lime 12 MSU lime 13

You get the idea. They were so bright, even Tom Izzo had a hard time … looking

MSU lime 7

Twitter’s reaction was swift and severe:

OK…enough beating a dead horse. The unis were decidedly not universally loved by the Twittersphere. Lost in the hubbub about the unis (but seen in a couple of those tweets) was the fact that the warmup tops (shooting shirts) were accompained by vests. Apparently, according to my sources, Nike has been providing all teams with vests to go along with their shooting shirts for the entire season, but most (all?) teams have chosen NOT to wear them. Until yesterday. Wonder if it had anything to do with the hue?

Also “lost” in this was the fact that the pants had various lines (I wouldn’t call them stripes) of varying widths each getting closer and closer together (in Michigan State’s “normal” dark green shade) which gave the pants an appearance of having a gradient — unless you were up close, they appeared to be gradient — not a good look. Oh, and, they wore the Sparty logo on the back of the pants. So, bright green tops, bright green pants with an apparent gradient that really isn’t, a logo on the back of the pants, and bright green shoes and socks. It’s not the color that’s bad — it’s that there is far too much of it and way too many disparate elements.

Of course, the “revival” of lime green led many to remember those who’ve tried (with varying degrees of success) to wear the color before. Almost all teams (in various sports) have looked better doing so precisely because they didn’t go full highlighter apple. You never go full highlighter apple.

Notice that almost every one of those uniform combinations isn’t solid lime, and even those that are, they are broken up with different color cleats or socks or both.

The bad news is that the Spartans won the game wearing these outfits — after having lost three straight — so we are likely to see them again. The other bad news is this is apparently NOT just a costume for MSU. The uniforms are “from Nike’s Hyper Elite Disruption line” which means that more teams may wear something…similar.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, the unis were a hit with the kids and they will likely wear them again. Key quote:

Spartans coach Tom Izzo didn’t seem as enthusiastic about the color, but cut straight to the chase on why the jerseys are worn: to catch the eyes of recruits.

“I know they’re crazy, but 17-year-olds like them and right now I like 17-year-olds more than 80-year olds,” Izzo said.

Can’t wait.

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classic scoreboards splash

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards

I’m pleased to continue with a favorite weekend feature here at Uni Watch, “Classic Ballpark Scoreboards,” which are created by Gary Chanko. You probably know Gary best for his wonderful colorizations, but he has been a solid contributor for many years, and this is his new project. This segment will appear every Saturday on Uni Watch.

Here’s Gary (click on image to enlarge):

. . . . . . . . . .

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards – Series II
by Gary Chanko

Classic Scoreboards travels to Bloomington, Minnesota for a retro look at a classic hockey arena, the Met Center.

Met Center_UW

Met Center

Originally named: Metropolitan Sports Center
Former Home of: Minnesota North Stars (1967-1993); Minnesota Muskies (ABA) (1967”“1968); Minnesota Pipers (ABA) (1968”“1969); Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA) (a few games 1989”“1990); Minnesota Fillies (WBL) (1978”“1980); Minnesota Kicks (NASL) (1979”“1981); Minnesota Strikers (MISL) (1984”“1988)
Opened: October 21, 1967
Demolished: 1994

In 1965 the NHL announced a major, six team league expansion. The Twin Cities were awarded one of the new franchises. And in the Fall of 1966 construction began for a new arena – the Metropolitan Sports Center.

The 14,400 seat arena was completed in about a year (a notable achievement given construction took place during winter weather conditions). The NHL North Stars were the primary tenant for the new arena that was also designed as a multi-purpose facility. In addition to hockey the Met Center also played host to basketball, circuses, rodeos, conventions, and concerts. For a comprehensive history of the Met Center, you will want to visit this website.

As a hockey arena the Met Center was reportedly one of the best of the era. The ice, lighting, locker rooms, and spectator sight lines were highly rated. The arena’s mix of colored seats (kelly green, gold, black and white) was an oddity. There is no apparent pattern to the layout; perhaps the seating was simply randomly installed.

The original arena scoreboard was a basic design and, as best as I can determine, featured no advertising. Corporate advertising proliferated during 1980s and was prominent on the Met Center scoreboards in later years.

The scoreboard graphic depicts the North Stars first home game against the California Golden Seals. During the second period Bill Goldsworthy scored the Stars first goal in route to a 3-1 victory.

A Few Things to Know

• In 1978 the Met Center made NHL history when the 3M company purchased rink board advertising.

• In 1991 there were plans to remodel the Met Center to an arena-shopping center complex renamed the Arena of the Stars. It never happened and the Stars departed for Dallas for the 1993-94 season.

• In 1994 the Met Center was imploded – watch it here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If anyone is interested in purchasing a digital copy of these posters, Gary is working on an online purchase option. In the interim you can contact him directly at

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A Very Merry Vilkmas…


As you guys will probably remember, a couple weeks ago, Jimmer Vilk did a very wonderful thing and donated a ton of stuff to the Uni Watch readership.

Shortly after that, Jimmer selected the lucky winners.

Jim wanted me to let all the winners know that after searching high and low for proper boxes in which to ship their prizes, he has now found everything he needs and the items will be shipped out this week. So everyone who was named a winner — keep your eyes on your mailboxes — your stuff will soon be delivered.

Big thanks (again) to Jim not only for donating all of his pretty cool possessions, but for covering all the shipping costs as well.

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Too Good For the Ticker

Too Good…

for the Ticker

Got a note yesterday from Leo Strawn, Jr., who always has some great tidbits and stories. This one is a bit too long for the ticker…

Here’s Leo:

. . .

Hey Phil,

Just ran across something I wasn’t aware of, probably because of limited press on the WHA’s early seasons. The New York Golden Blades replaced the NY Raiders in the WHA’s second season, 1973-74. In November of that season they were operated by the league and played the remainder as the Jersey Knights before packing up and moving to San Diego the following season. That much I knew.

But what was news to me was that for the short time the Golden Blades existed, they literally wore gold plated blades on their skates which started out as white, an idea that surely made Charlie O. Finley proud. (His NHL California Golden Seals wore white skates for a time in 1970, then later wore yellow and green.) You can see in the first linked photo that it appears Harry Howell’s Golden Blades skates had been painted black over top of the white and over time the black started to wear off, revealing the white underneath.

I have yet to come across a color photo, but there are some black & white photos of the New York Golden Blades and their white skates floating around on the internet.


— Leo Strawn Jr

Thanks, Leo! Great stuff.

OK. Now, onto the ticker…

line lime

Uni Watch News Ticker

Baseball News: There apostrophe catastrophes, and then there is this brutalization of punctuation. Good lord (thanks to 213 Miles from Shea). … Yesterday, in 1968, Joe “Ducky” Medwick was elected to the MLB Hall of Fame (nice Wheaties box find from Bruce Menard). … “The new commemorative patch for the Blue Jays made me think about my Little League team and our rip off of the Joe Carter era logo,” says Johnny Cloud. “We replaced the maple leaf with the state of Oklahoma. (PS- Joe Carter is an Okie.)” … Yesterday’s East Coast blizzard made Bruce Menard think of this April 16, 1911 game between the White Sox and the Tigers. … Reader Douglas Ford was watching The Fisher King and said, “Check out the cool asian baseball player tshirt Jeff Bridges is sporting!” Here’s some more information on that shirt. And still more (Douglas was very thorough in his research with this). … Tod Meisner saw this photo of Willie McGee with some under brim writing and white top/powder pants and asks, “notice the mis-matched uniform and script on the under bill. Anybody know meaning of either?” Keith Olbermann had a couple different thoughts on that. … “When you’ve played for 8 minor league teams over the past 4 years you have lots of these! Favorite one?” tweets Brett Phillips (nice spot by The Prophet). … Here’s something new: Next year MLB jerseys have mesh gussets extending all the way down side. Seen on new Astros alternate too (great spot by F.K. Yaaj). … Here’s a look at the 2016 MSU Denver Roadrunners baseball unis for the upcoming season (h/t MSU Denver Athletics).

NFL News: You know a guy has been in the league a long time when he’s won Super Bowls wearing three different uni manufacturers (as pointed out by Zach Guarino). Witness Tom Brady wearing adidas, Reebok and Nike. … Here’s a look at the old Steelers script before it was refined to what we know it as today (from Interst8fort4). … Here’s a pretty nice article about the Arizona Cardinals seamstress. … Check out this Patriots/Broncos Pepsi display at the Pavilions in Burbank (from Joe Nocella). … Some interesting cross-sport promotion going on with “#OneCarolina hashtagging (thanks to James Gilbert). … Oooohhhh — check out the awesome Pittsburgh Steeler jerseys serving as seat covers in the Uber car of Alburrito. … Von Miller has a pair of “Custon Owl adidas Crazyquick 2.0 High Cleats” that he will be wearing during warmups of today’s AFC Championship Game for Denver (thanks to Paul Murphy). … Here’s a GREAT shot of a color vs. color game at Forbes Field (from Stirrups Now). Obviously one team is the Steelers — NYG the other team? … Our pal Jimmer Vilk created this awesome Rams/Chargers shared field. He says, “Needed something mindless to do the other day, so I reverted to my childhood habit of designing football fields. Since it appears the Rams and Chargers are going to share a stadium, they ought to share the graphics, no?”

College Football News: “I like it when a player’s normal helmet matches his All-Star jersey,” writes RN’s Funhouse. “I can’t find a match for the West.” Those are from the East/West Shrine Game, which was played yesterday. … Also played yesterday was the NFLPA Bowl, and apparently Nike still had some old Miami U numbers they hadn’t used up (from ChrispySmalls). Looks like Miami fonts too. Or, you could say they’re Fresno State number/fonts as well (via TheOneSportsGuy). … And it looked like Trevone Boykin may have been wearing every logo but TCU, although his neck bumper does say “Horned Frogs” (via Bob Dickson). … This is interesting — a 2016 commit to Mizzou was pictured with a gold helmet (nice spot by Jacob Schmied). … Looks like the Gamecocks may be moving a bit more towards Oregon (ok, not really) with their mix and match options. Notice what appears to be a new matte black helmet too (h/t Andy Shain).

Hockey News: Everyone loves color vs. color games, right? Well, they’re not so great in black & white photos — witness this EHL game, circa 1970s — hard to tell the teams apart (thanks to Greg Inkpen). … Speaking of black & white photos of teams, here’s Lou Gehrig presenting rings to the NY Rangers for their 400th game (from Bruce Menard). Remember — those Rangers shirts & socks are blue. … Have we seen these logos for the NHL All Star Game yet? (from Jimmy). … On Friday night, my alma mater (Hamilton College) went pink in the rink (h/t Hockey in the ‘CAC). … Hartford Whalers banners still hang from the ceiling of the XL Center (from Andrew), where UConn plays. … “This maybe of interest to you, it is a link to a trademark filed by the Leafs for their 100th anniversary,” says Arthur Pajda. Here’s more on that. … The Toledo Walleye wore their Don Cherry tribute sweaters last night, and it was magnificent.

NBA News: The Iowa Energy (an NBA D-League team and “proud affiliate” of the Memphis Grizzlies) wearing & auctioning pink jerseys for @MercyDesMoines Hoops For A Cure. Proceeds go to local cancer orgs (h/t Marcus Poe). … Good news for all three of us who still have black and white tv sets, as the Bulls & Cavs went gray vs. white last night (from Believeland1994).

College Hoops News: The Vanderbilt Commodore hoops teams has some new “R15E & SHINE” unis. Tweeter Trés Lawless points out that the number fonts are the same style as the those found on the football unis (which were also introduced this past season). … Ooooohhhh, check out the clown pants red & white candy-striped shorts for Illinois State University (via Nicholas Bob Pullano). … Remember those BFBS UNC black unis that were wore a couple weeks ago? You could own one of those jerseys (from James Gilbert). … In what was not the ugliest color vs. color game yesterday, Oregon and UCLA went neon yellow vs. blue (via coop510). … In what may have been the best color vs. color game, Arizona and Cal hooked up in a nice red vs. gold game (via Anton Bossio).

Soccer News: Real Salt Lake have released new looks for 2016-17. Here’s the home kit and goalkeeper kit for the upcoming season (thanks to Conrad Burry). … To celebrate the formation of the Premier League in 1992, a player was gathered from each of the 22 founding teams (nice spot by Tim Cross). … Everyone’s favorite Olympian Alex Morgan was honored with a #100 jersey for her 100th cap (via Tim Cross).

Grab Bag: During yesterday’s East Coast blizzard, GOP hopeful and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wore a University of Delaware branded jacket (also note the prominent Under Armour logo). He’s a Blue Hen, so it’s cool. Thanks to Mike MashburnM for the screengrab. … You probably never thought you’d see a photo of former First Lady Barbara Bush wearing eye black and shoulder pads. Well, you’d be wrong. If you’re wondering about the context of that photo, here you go. … “I wouldn’t normally watch women’s T-20 cricket at 2am (or even men’s T-20 cricket for that matter because, seriously, fuck cricket) but something caught my eye: both teams – the Sydney Sixers and the Hobart Hurricanes — are kitted out by Majestic!” writes Doug Mulliken. “Did you know Majestic did this? I thought they were the most domestic of the brands that sponsor a big-4 sport, compared to adidas and nike. Guess not. Talk about niche. Majestic is obviously on point when it comes to stick and ball sports.”

line lime

And that’s all for this fine Sunday — and I didn’t even say boo about the two Conference Championship games today — first up are the Pats & Broncos (3:05 PM Eastern) followed by the Cards & Panthers (6:40 PM Eastern). I’m hoping I don’t get to see the second game — because that would mean that curling is on for tonight. As most of you are probably aware, the East Coast (I’m in Nassau County — about 25 miles east of NYC) got socked with snow — we got about 24″ here (maybe more, I didn’t bother to measure it…it’s a LOT). Spent most of yesterday cooped up inside of chez Phil, and it was literally a blizzard ALL DAY. Didn’t stop until late last night (or should I say, early this morning). So, I’m hoping the roads get cleared and Prospect Park (where the curling takes place) is open for business tomorrow. Paul plans to go sledding there, so hopefully he’ll let me know what sort of shape the roads in Brooklyn are in and whether the section of the park where the curling takes place is up and running.

Everyone have a great Sunday, and enjoy the games (or, if you’re one of the 57 million or so who got hit with a big snow yesterday — enjoy that…or shovel it or cuss at it or whatever you do). Everyone have a better week and I will catch you next weekend.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. …..

“Tom Izzo must be rolling over in his grave.”

— Marty Hick

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Comments (52)

    Thanks Phil for featuring the Pitssburgh seat covers in my uber! Its really awesome seeing my name (albeit a joke) in the Ticker! Big fan!

    GOP hopeful and New Jersey Mayor Chris Christie

    While the more densely populated parts of the state make it feel like one big city, I believe Christie is still Governor of the Garden State at the moment.

    The new Astros additions are a meh-plus. The jersey needs an orange headspoon and orange sleeve stripes because every other jersey in their set has headspoons and sleeve stripes. And the cap’s squatchee needs to be blue to match the bill. The Astros were the only team I’ve seen that had a two-tone cap with a squatchee that doesn’t match the bill (blue cap/squatchee/orange bill). Now they’ve got two. Makes no sense. That said, I still like both elements.

    Shit. I forgot to add that (just did). Man, I had all kinds of problems with that ticker item today.

    Actually, MSU has been wearing the vests for warmups all year. I guess they’re not as noticeable when worn over their normal warmup shirts.
    Also, bad typo: “Michigan’s ‘normal’ dark green shade” is missing a “State”

    bad typo: “Michigan’s ‘normal’ dark green shade” is missing a “State”


    The pattern on the MSU shorts can be accurately described as a gradient. There are many devices and techniques used to graphically depict the blending of one color to another. The transition can be a traditional, smoothly blended one, it can be done with dots of varying scale, etc. In this case it was done with lines of varying thickness.

    I noticed you described the shorts as having “the appearance of a gradient… not a good look.” Did you mean to imply that all gradients are inherently bad, or just this example?

    “Did you mean to imply that all gradients are inherently bad, or just this example?”



    Rarely (ever?) does a gradient work well on a uniform. In fact, point me to a good one (in your opinion).

    We’ll agree to disagree on the definition of gradient on a uniform. I consider a gradient the absence of lines. I know when sublimating it may be difficult to pull it off perfectly (smooth transitions between hues) but this is decidedly NOT that.

    A quick google search for “gradient” shows what I’m talking about.

    Some of those patterns are quite nice, but I doubt any of them would look good on a uniform (even if it’s just the numbers or a small part, say the sleeves, of an otherwise solid uni).

    I agree on the new Astros jerseys being meh at best, but I really like that new cap. I think it’s my favorite of all their uniform elements.

    As an Astros fan for 30 years, I welcome all measures that increase the amount of orange in their on-field look. The Fan Fest presentation depressed me a little, though: jerseys on headless mannequins, a cap perched on the neck stump, felt a little guillotiney, or Marie Antoinettey, or Jihady for me.

    I know I should be filled with Shame, but I liked those Michigan State human hi-lighters. They brightened Winter’s gloom.

    All of Gary Chanko’s work is excellent, but that Met Center design is outstanding.

    It’s gonna be 55 degrees in Houston today. Lord! Will this winter never end?

    Just added this article on the MSUnis to the text. Key quote:

    Spartans coach Tom Izzo didn’t seem as enthusiastic about the color, but cut straight to the chase on why the jerseys are worn: to catch the eyes of recruits.

    “I know they’re crazy, but 17-year-olds like them and right now I like 17-year-olds more than 80-year olds,” Izzo said.

    The universe is succeeding too well.

    I thought Michigan State looked fine. The numbers would have probably been better if they were dark instead of white, and they should have put the gradient pattern on the top of the jersey too, so the uniform sorta faded in then faded out again, but it doesn’t look that bad, aside from not really being team colors. But… pastel versions of team colors are better than more freakin BFBS or GFGS.

    I thought Sparty’s unis were hideous. However, I don’t think they are much more hideous than Maryland’s unis and I believe those are their regular 2015-2016 unis.

    Those white gussets extending all the way down the bodies of those Rockies jerseys are absolutely hideous. Surely they were designed by a non-pinstripe-wearing team and mindlessly extended to every team: yet another reason why one company should not be supplying jerseys to all 30 teams in both leagues.

    The Astros new jerseys are going to look awful paired with bland white pants. Now if the Astros broke out pants with tequila sunrise imagery, too, the set might look a little better.

    On Brett Phillips: This has been covered before, perhaps for hoops and hockey, but is there a leaderboard for “most pro jerseys in my closet”?

    Also, the 1992 EPL photo reminds us that the early ’90s were not a very good era, visually, for soccer, even if many of those jerseys look better from a fans’ viewing distance. Reminds me of the oft-posted 1996 photo of every MLS charter team kit.

    As far as the Astros’ new jerseys are concerned, I probably have an extreme view. I think all jerseys featuring contrasting side panels should be eliminated. I wished they were a fad whose time had come and gone.

    re: Met Center seats – the same style was done at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton prior to renovation, though Copps was way more haphazard with the colouring, almost Tequila Sunrise colours.


    I know a friend who used to work at Copps and he said the reasoning behind the seat colours was so that even if the arena was empty it would look full with people. I would suspect the Met Center seating was very similar.

    I used to do Around the Bay every year (finish is on the floor at Copps) and the place looked full even with 100 people in the stands.

    Here’s a photo of the replacement of the seats underway


    Minnesota’s other hockey arena at the time, the home to the Minnesota Fighting Saints, also had a unique esthetic element, clear boards, something with the need to have adds on the boards, would not exist today

    Were those Michigan State tops a different cut than usual? The tanks seemed strappier and the backs were almost racer back – they almost looked like the women’s basketball tops. Am I the only one seeing that, or is that an illusion cast by the neon lime glow?

    Their normal white and (dark) green jerseys have the same cut. That’s Nike’s newest template. Duke, Kentucky, and probably a few other teams also have it.

    The Astros new jersey absolutely sucks. Sports jerseys in general have lost their class and the new looks (Browns,Clippers, Diamond Backs, etc) are a joke. The fact that professionals wear third jerseys and hoodies during the World Series is a sign of the uniform apocolypse. I Originally praised the Astros for simplifying their look (even with boring font) but they just took a step back. I prefer the new top with white pants but why not throw them on top of grey as well just to heighten the furnt factor.

    Okay, so the college basketball teams wearing a brighter version of their team colors or candy striped shorts (similar to the recently praised Harlem Globetrotters) are clownish. The hockey team wearing what looks like an oversized blue and yellow checkered blazer with ridiculously huge shirt collar protruding is magnificent. Got it.

    Indeed. The Toledo Walleye (Wait, what the heck happened to the Toledo Storm?) look far more clownish than Michigan State in light green could ever hope to, even if they tried.

    No. I said the ISU pants were “clown pants” (because they literally look like, ya know, clown pants). I did not say clownish. Nor did I say MSU looked like “fucking clowns” (that was Paul’s descriptor).

    The Walleye did look ridiculous, but that was actually intentional, meant to mimic the sartorial tastes of the one and only Grapes — even he loved it.

    I realize these are subtle differences and probably can be confusing. But trust me, intentionally looking stupid and pulling it off is magnificent. Unintentionally doing so is MSU.

    Word Origin
    a suffix used to form adjectives from nouns, with the sense of “belonging to” ( British; Danish; English; Spanish); “after the manner of,” “having the characteristics of,” “like” ( babyish; girlish; mulish);

    By definition, clown pants are clownish, and you did feel the need to include Paul’s quote in your write up to refer to MSU as clowns. You may not have used the actual word, but you did call them clownish. I know these kind of subtle differences can be confusing.

    I know exactly what the Walleye were intentionally referencing. Just because they chose to dress like a man who dresses like a clown doesn’t mean they somehow look less like a clown, especially when the effect is amplified by the bagginess of the jerseys. I just found it ironic that on the same day two teams were called clowns, the one that literally looked like, ya know, a clown, was praised. But thanks for your patronizing reply.

    “By definition, clown pants are clownish, and you did feel the need to include Paul’s quote in your write up to refer to MSU as clowns. You may not have used the actual word, but you did call them clownish. I know these kind of subtle differences can be confusing.”


    I just did a google search for “clownish” on this page. It appears solely in this thread and nowhere in the main post. I wasn’t trying to be a dick with my reply, but since you’re being a pedant and saying I said “you did call them clownish” at least get that correct.

    I’m glad you get that the Walleye were roasting/lauding/paying homage to Grapes. I happen to think they pulled it off well (and as a one-time gag, it worked). MSU’s unis seem destined to be worn again. And not as a goof either.

    And for the record, while I may not agree with every (or even many) of Grapes’ sartorial choices, he’s one guy wearing whatever the hell he wants. He’s not dressing up a team nor trying to sell merch to 17-25 year olds, and recruit high schoolers.

    I didn’t like MSUnis, but it wasn’t because of the color. There was simply too much of it.

    Interesting in that Steelers pic that both teams are sitting on the same side of the field. Maybe that’s how they did things then, but I didn’t think so. Also there are no midfield seats on that side. Forbes Field was kind of unique in its design, but the Bears had started using bleachers in right field the year before. Interesting that the Steelers didn’t have any seating there.

    I want that new Astros cap to wear with that MSU uni. And I want a Puma version of those MSU shoes.

    I think the Astros should have gone with a light cream colored jersey instead of the blue. It would be reminiscent of the lightly colored off-white road jerseys they used to have during the sunrise era. It wouldn’t look like a BP jersey, but apparently that’s ok since an official BP jersey is out. It would mimic other team’s cream “nice Sunday” uni’s, and since it’s the Astros, they could ware it on the road a la tequila sunrise tradition.

    I wouldn’t call those Steelers jerseys used as seat covers “awesome” as I would call them terrible Chinese knockoffs which for some reason almost everyone in the Pittsburgh area has. Same with the Penguins.

    Majestic have kitted out the entire Big Bash League (Australian domestic T20 cricket league) for two seasons now – they do the kits for all eight clubs including the mens and womens teams

    Those NFLPA Bowl jerseys aren’t Miami U leftovers, they’re U Miami leftovers. Miami U is the one in Ohio.

    I know most will disagree because of the general disdain the uni watch world has for the Cardinals uni, but the Arizona/Carolina game is by far an esthetically pleasing game compared to the Pats/Broncos.

    Astros HAVE SO MUCH TO WORK with, History a cool name, Great Ball park, and they just seem to disappoint aesthetically the last 25 years

    All this talk of clown uniforms reminds me of a quote from the Canucks Dennis Ververgaert during the first season with the “V” uniforms: “Last year, we played like clowns. This year, we look like clowns.”

    “One can never have too much tequila sunrise on ones uniform.”

    Just you wait ’til they break out a madras plaid alternate….

    Here’s the answer to Tod Meisner’s Willie McGee question from the ticker:


    Basically, Topps claimed it was a negative from ’86 (in which he’s wearing a red BP jersey & Sharpie-free brim), but McGee’s ’85 Fleer card shows him wearing the same hat & jersey as here. So, evidently he transcribed his goals for the ’85 season on the visible (to him) side of the brim.

    Bonus: Paul is actually quoted/referenced at the end, w/ the complete transcription: “.320 batting average, 100 runs, 50 SBs, 15 HRs and 80 RBI.”

    Incidentally, he only hit .320 twice (’85 was a career-high .353); only scored 100 runs once (114 in ’85); only stole 50 bases once (56 in, you guessed it, ’85); and only drove in 80 twice (82 in ’85 was well short of his career-best two seasons later). He never did reach that magical number of 15 HRs (only hit 10 in ’85), but the MVP numbers he put up that season were almost across the board the best in his career.

    Related story: I remember going to a game with my dad when the Cardinals were playing the Giants in what had to be between ’91 and ’94 (if I had to guess, I’d say earlier, maybe ’92), and fans gave Willie, who played for SF those four seasons, a standing ovation when he came to bat the first time. That bewildered me, why people would cheer for an opposing player (I wasn’t alive or was far too young when he made three trips to the World Series w/ St. Louis during the ’80s), and I still have a specific memory of asking my dad why they were doing just that.

    Somewhere I have a picture from a JV VB tourney I worked last year where it was neon lime vs neon pink. It hurt my eyes…

    The poignant quote was Coach Izzo’s… kids these days like the looks of UO or what Adidas is doing to UCLA etc.Phil and Paul have lost touch with what is popular. It is 2016, not 1986; not every team can wear red/blue or green/yellow. Get in touch with the times, or you can keep complaining for kids to get off your lawns.

    “Phil and Paul have lost touch with what is popular.”


    Not at all. “Popular Music” is just that. But most of it is shit. Same goes with modern uniform design. Trendy, bubble-gum that is shiny and appeals to young kids. Not all of it is bad, of course. But most of it is. MSU/Nike’s latest eye candy may indeed prove popular, but that doesn’t make it good.

    I’ve said numerous times I have no problem with the color (and I’m not especially a fan of red/blue unis, but you can never have too many green/gold); it’s the presentation/design of this uni that is flawed. I welcome a good design in neon green.

    These ain’t it.

    Rangers sweaters in B/W can look drastically different depending on the composition of the film. Can be light or dark.

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