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Monday Morning Uni Watch

MMUW 12-14 550

By Phil Hecken

Hey guys — Phil here today pinch-hitting for Paul who’s traveling in Wisconsin and prepping for an early morning interview on ESPN tomorrow.

Some interesting Uni Watching in the NFL yesterday, as the Broncos went full-blue-mono. It’s a combination they hadn’t worn all season long (thankfully), as it’s pretty brutal. It may have been groundbreaking way back in the 1990s when it was first introduced in 1997, but to me, it hasn’t aged well. And since Nike took over the uniform contract in 2012 (first with collar horns on the Nikelace), it seems as though the orange is almost neon in intensity, and the full contrasting collar doesn’t help. The Broncos did wear their blue jerseys with white pants earlier this year, to celebrate their Super Bowl win over the Packers. That’s a much better look than the full-blue-mono. More photos here.

Elsewhere around the league:

• The Jaguars wore white pants with their black jerseys yesterday. This is a much better look than their all-black. Wonder how they’d look if they were permitted to wear that black jersey with their mustard-colored color rash pants. UPDATE: Here’s how that might look (h/t Dangeresque92).

• The Browns wore orange/brown/orange … which is actually less noxious than you’d think. That’s the second time this season they’ve worn their orange tops; the other time they wore them with white pants. I was kinda hoping they’d go full citrus, but we’ll have to wait until at least next season for that. More photos here.

• The Titans went white over white against the Jets yesterday. Although I absolutely love the white over powder blue look, I do think the Titans in mono-white is a great look too. More pics here. Of course, the Jets still look awful with the sweatbox. I mean, it’s really bad (h/t Ryan Feuerstein). Those new “Vapor Untouchable” unis can’t come soon enough (hopefully the entire league will switch over for 2016).

• In the Sunday Night game, the Texans wore their “Battle” red jerseys against the Patriots. This is a really good look — and thankfully, they haven’t gone mono-red since 2010. I’d love to see them pair the red tops with the blue pants (which is a look I photoshopped several years ago, back when I had much more free time). More game photos here.

• Even though it was fairly muted, the Chiefs did their camopander STS game yesterday. Here’s a shot of Andy Reid with a camo headset (h/t Christian Berumen). Here’s more.

• The Eagles were wearing new shirts during warm ups that said “53 Angry Men” (h/t Thom D.). Notice in that photo the end zone is black (you can sorta see it here too. The Eagles wore their midnight green jerseys, so it was hypothesized the end zones were black because of Saturday’s Army/Navy game being played there, and it was easier to cover the wordmarks with black paint. In that game the Bills wore their blue pants. Get contrasting socks, and that will be a better look.

• Interesting Browns “fan” jersey spotted yesterday (h/t Robert Hayes). Not the most inventive NOB, but pretty accurate.

• According to B.Dilly, NBC used the odd “jersey with no pads over jacket” photos for Brady again last night.

• There are still Oiler fans in Houston (h/t Sunday Night Football on NBC).

• Tweeter Casey Tebo was watching last night’s SNF game and noticed an interesting similarity between the Texans & Pats logos.

• We don’t normally focus on cheerleaders on Uni Watch, but several squads got in the “Santa” spirit: The Cheerleaders for the Panthers, Jets, Buccaneers, and Bengals were all in the holiday costumes. Of course, the Chiefs cheerleaders were in camopander. Sigh.

• In yesterday’s Bengals game, starting QB Andy Dalton was injured and backup A.J. McCarron took over. Looks like he either tapes over his wedding band or wears a QALO ring (h/t K.C. Kless).

• Several Bears players yesterday were wearing the Mach speed template jerseys. Which means no Nike-lace (h/t Thomas Juettner).

Um, what’s the point of even wearing a shirt like this? (h/t Geo). Several tweeters pointed out this is probably to prevent the pads from rubbing the skin (as this would be worn under the pads). Still…don’t they make shirts that actually do this?

I think that’s about it for today. If I missed anything, please post it in the comments below.

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helmet 200

Dolphins Turn Back the Clock Tonight…

… to 1966

In one of the most eagerly-awaited throwback nights of this season (if not many seasons), the Miami Dolphins will finally be breaking out their 1966 throwbacks (this being their 50th Season, if not 50th Anniversary). I think many on here will agree the Dolphins uniforms haven’t been all that great for the past couple of decades, despite not straying too far from their original design.

But tonight’s MNF game against the New York Football Giants will give the Dolphins (and their fans) a chance to see what their team wore (or as close a facsimile as can be created with modern uniforms) during their inaugural season in the American Football League.

The Dolphins aren’t one of those teams who do throwback uniforms often. In fact, The last time the Dolphins wore throwback uniforms was Thanksgiving 2003. Here’s another look. That was a road game, and the home Cowboys were in their blue thowbacks, so the TBTC unis the Dolphins wore had white jerseys. Tonight’s game will feature them in original aqua. In 1994, for the League’s 75th Anniversary, the Dolphins wore ‘throwbacks’ as well.

Here’s a look at the uniforms they’ll be wearing tonight — click any photo to enlarge:

a-Miami Dolphins Throwback Uniform

Nike_footballDolphins2_rectangle_1600 Dolphins-12_rectangle_1600

Dolphins-13_rectangle_1600 pounce


Beautiful right? Can’t tell you how many folks on Twitter have agreed with me that these need to be permanent.

But it’s not just the uniforms that will be throwbacks — the endzones and mid-field logo will also have a throwback look.

It’s going to be a beautiful looking game, for sure.

Unfortunately, it won’t be a true throwback game, since this is what the Giants wore in 1966 (although they did wear the white jersey w/red stripes & numbers and gray pants in the pre-season), whereas the road uniforms they wear today more approximate in the late 50’s/early 60’s. For a pretty decent slideshow showing the Dolphins’ 1966 unis (including some in color that appear a bit more blue than aqua), click here. Most photos from the day show the Phins in a slightly-more-blueish aqua, but those who saw them live think tonight’s unis approximate this 1966 look. Either way, it should be great.

Finally, here’s a look at the evolution of the Miami Dolphins’ helmet over the years. You can see how far (but not really) they’ve strayed from the perfect original:

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classic scoreboards splash

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards

I don’t normally run “Classic Ballpark Scoreboards,” which are created by Gary Chanko, on the Weekdays (I also don’t usually do weekdays) and the segments normally run every Saturday on Uni Watch. Unfortunately (as you may have noticed recently), the site has been wonky, and the back-end particularly so — I’d prepared the following Scoreboards segment for Saturday, but somehow (and I really have no idea how this happened), a glitch caused an older version to be run. So, I’m running what should have appeared Saturday today. Enjoy!

Here’s Gary (click on image to enlarge):

. . . . . . . . . .

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards – Series II
by Gary Chanko

Classic Football Scoreboards heads to the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for visit to their Memorial Stadium – a stadium purported to have a buried treasure.

Memorial Stadium - Zuppke Field_UW

Memorial Stadium – Zuppke Field

Football Home of: University of Illinois (1923-present); Chicago Bears (2002)
Opened: November 3, 1923
Dedicated: October 18, 1924

Memorial Stadium is one of fifteen college stadiums around the country that were built to honor military veterans. Stadium construction was completed in 1923 at a cost of US$ 1.7 million (about $24 million in 2015 dollars) and financed largely through donations. See this short writeup for a concise history of Memorial Stadium planning, construction and major renovations.

The Stadium was dedicated on October 18, 1924, a 39-14 Illini homecoming victory over the University of Michigan. In that legendary game, Illini Harold ‘Red’ Grange scored six touchdowns!

It is rare to identify the designer for scoreboards installed in early part of last century. Even rarer is to find an actual drawing of the scoreboard layout. Fortunately one exists for Memorial Stadium.

As you can see from Supervising Architect James White’s original design, the scoreboard layout remained basically unchanged well into the 1960s (the photo shows workers completing the Zuppke Field memorial discussed below).

The football field is named in honor of Illinois legendary coach, Robert Zuppke. Zuppke’s teams won several national titles and seven Big Ten championships. His coaching innovations reportedly include the creation of the flea flicker play!

The scoreboard graphic commemorates the Zuppke Field dedication game played on November 12, 1966, an Illini victory over Wisconsin.

A Few Things to Know

• There is a long-told story that a bulldozer used during the stadium construction sank and was buried into the field after heavy rains. A few years ago a local Champaign Illinois TV news studio tried to find it, but came away empty. So is the buried bulldozer a myth or fact? We don’t know the answer, but my money is on the myth.

• Coach Zuppke is buried adjacent to the stadium in Roselawn Cemetery.

• Unique to the stadium are the 200 columns that line the east and west sides of the exterior facade. Each of 189 columns has the name of an Illinois student lost in World War I, other columns memorialize other military entities including The Unknown Soldier.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If anyone is interested in purchasing a digital copy of these posters, Gary is working on an online purchase option. In the interim you can contact him directly at

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small king

Calling All Readers: A Uni Watch Holiday Project!

In case you missed it, in yesterday’s Uni Watch, I ran a wonderful (sorta) set of holiday recollections from Jimmy Corcoran (scroll down), who is the son of former NFL, WFL and College Quarterback “King” Corcoran — in it, he shared some great stories, but also some photos of some uniform-related holiday ornaments.

This got me to thinking — do you guys have any uniform-related ornaments, cards, decorations, etc. (and some good back-stories) that you break out on a yearly (or even just once) basis? I’d love to compile some of these. Jimmy’s recollections are a good guide as to what I’m looking for, and there are further instructions in yesterday’s post (linked above). If you do have any uni-related holiday stuff, send me photo(s) and a brief description (send them to I’ll run your stories on the weekends for the remainder of 2015. OK? OK! Hope to hear from you!

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Uni Watch News Ticker

Baseball News: Great wire service photo from Bruce Menard shows Jackie Robinson on December 13, 1956, after he’d been traded from the Brooklyn Dodgers to the New York Giants. He rejected the trade and retired, rather than play for those hated cross-town rivals. Of course, both teams would move to California the following year. … Oooohhh — check out the awesome signed print by Todd Radom of the Birthplace of Baseball in Cincinnati he gave to a friend. … A’s skipper Dick Williams was almost the skipper of the Yankees, until Charlie Finley put a stop to it (from Bruce Menard). … Josh Segal found a cap which shows no World Series winner for 2013. Many St. Louis Cardinals fans are OK with that.

NFL News: CROSSOVER ALERT: Check out this crazy Bills/Sabres frankencap, spotted by Tom Pankow. He adds, “I have been a Bills and Sabres fan all my life and I have never seen this combo logo for the Bills.” … After winning their second consecutive game yesterday, the author of this article thinks the Eagles should wear their black jerseys next Sunday vs. the Cardinals (which will apparently be flexed into the Sunday Night Football game). … Reader Gene Sanny is not a fan of the newer helmets: “Here’s a perfect example of why I hate the newer helmets with all the extra holes in them: the Chargers bolts have always gone more over the top of the helmet than just on the side. But now thanks to all those holes here’s a helmet that has the bolts more down on the sides. Looks like an old “gumball helmet” with the decal on the side. I might be picky, but it just looks wrong.” … Reader Jeremy Singh found this photo of Peyton Manning as a Colt with an odd looking facemask. Also odd: sleeves, full shoulder loops and a blue mask. Two of those three things need to return. … Just what the world needs: another Favre frankenjersey (via Robert Hayes).

College/High School Football News: Looks like the University of South Carolina Gamecocks are going to wear a matte black helmet with the “new” decal on it for their appearance in the … wait, they’re not going bowling (h/t Clint Richardson). Also, there are rumors that SCar is ditching UnderArmour when their contract runs out in June, 2016. … Looks like Masillion Perry HS player is wearing concussion helmet (from Bob Wilzbach).

Hockey News: “While watching the Rangers game (Friday) night we noticed an interesting helmet worn by the between-the-benches camera operator in Calgary,” say Gene & A.J. Frey. “In addition to the opening in front, there seems to be a connection for an earpiece and mic. Very functional, it would seem.” … This may have been reported before, but it seemed to be making the rounds yesterday: The Toronto Maple Leaf will have new uniforms and logos in 2016. … “One of my favorite parts of the National Women’s Hockey League is the flags on players’ jerseys,” tweets Mark Grainda. … The Lake Erie Monsters are holding “Specialty Jersey Night #2”, which looks like a tribute to the Cleveland LeBrons (from Cory Anderson).

Basketball News: Louisville Trinity has a shamrock above their NOB, which is awesome (thanks to Josh Claywell). … Color vs. uh, color game yesterday as Virginia Tech and Lamar hooked up in a gray vs. red game (from Andrew Cosentino).

Soccer News: Tweeter Tim Cross notes that in the 1990’s, Juventus ditched their crest at times for gold stars, each representing 10 championships. … Couple from Saurel Jean, Jr. (a/k/a “El Duderino”): A unique uni-matchup in the EPL Sunday as Tottenham faced Newcastle in a 7-in-1 sash vs. vertical bi-color sash game. He nicknamed it the “Clash of the Sashes”. Also, check out the Christmas sweater worn by Manchester City & England striker Toni Duggan. … One more from el Dude: “Participating in the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan, FC Barcelona released this promotion in which the FCB football is used in place of the red circle of Japan’s flag.”

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That’s all for today — Paul will be back tomorrow with the regular weekday Uni Watch goodness, and I’ll catch you all next Saturday. Till then,

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


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“Chiefs (who had bye week/London game in November) do Salute To Service today. So NFL successfully stretched it out through entire second half of season.”


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Comments (73)

    Of course the Dolphins should return to this uni, but even if they wanted to, league rules would prevent them from doing so until 2018….they need five seasons with their current set.

    Sometimes the NFL is its own worst enemy with some of their archaic rules. This Dolphins set is what Miami should have always worn. Then you get someone in the front office that just has to tinker with the unis probably to justify their job. The set they have now is awful compared to this throwback set that’s magnificent. I will also not just pick on the Dolphins, the Chargers should also go back to their powder blues full time. They are an amazingly good looking uni set.

    Seems the best NFL uniforms are those that have stayed pretty much the same; Cowboys, Packers, Raiders for example. The jazzed up modern ones look awful in many cases.

    I agree. NFL Uniform rules are stupid at times and I prefer this Dolphins logo over the new one. There was nothing wrong with the set they had previously.

    I disagree completely with your assessment of the Broncos. That uniform was supposed to be monochrome. It’s their best look, and the only way those side panels actually make any sense.

    Also, do we actually know for certain that color rush uniform elements can’t be worn again? They already break the rules about only allowing alternate jerseys for 2 games, and for only having one alternate jersey.

    Nike did themselves no favors defacing this set with the klutzy Nikelace. It was fine in its original issue; I might have rendered the side panels in orange with the road uniform, but that’s as maybe.

    “I disagree completely with your assessment of the Broncos.”


    Of course you do.

    They wore that mono-blue in the pre-season in 1997 (first year with that set) and deemed it so awful they didn’t wear it again until 2003. So even if it were “designed” to be worn monochromatically, aesthetically it was (and still is) a disaster.

    The current orange top is far superior — if they insist on wearing the blue tops as alternates, they should restrict their use to the white pants, and just retire the blue pants forever.

    The rumour was that they did away with the blue over blue because Elway hated it (at the time), somehow he’s allowed it to continue since he came back. For me, as a life long Broncos fan, I prefer the blue jersey over white pants. The orange over white symbolizes losing Super Bowls to me, three times in the old set, one time in the new set.

    “do we actually know for certain that color rush uniform elements can’t be worn again”

    No, I don’t believe that we do.

    We know Color Rash becomes mandatory next year, and that teams have to choose a color from their current or historical palettes, which becomes the primary color of their jerseys, pants, socks and shoes. And that’s all we know for sure.

    I’m curious if we are going to see any uniform changes next year due to the current rules and the color rush games. I’m also curious if the Eagles “return to Kelly Green” rumours were actually about rhe Color Rush games. Could we see the Eagles go to a black or white helmet because white or black would pair better with a Kelly Green Color Rush than the current midnight green lid.

    I don’t think monochrome is ever a good look, unless the color in question is white.

    I agree that the side panels don’t make sense, but that doesn’t outweigh the fact that the monochrome blue looks bad.

    It’s not the best look for the Broncos. I’m a Denver resident and long time season ticket holder, and I assure you that the majority of fans hate that look.

    The photo of Peyton Manning with the odd facemask was from 2001. The Colts were wearing blue facemasks at the time, they switched to grey a few years later. Interestingly enough when they switched to grey, the blue facemask remained on their midfield helmet logo another season or two before that was switched to grey. The reason for Peyton’s odd facemask, Manning suffered a broken jaw in an early November loss to Miami and this mask, in conjunction with a custom orthodontic retainer allowed him to play through the injury.

    The one potential good side to the Bronco’s pathetic on-field performance yesterday is that it could lead to the permanent retirement of the blueberry uniform.

    IIRC there were new uniforms in the pipeline for 2016 anyway.

    “TV news studio tried to find it, but came away with empty.”
    “(which will apparently be flexed into the Sunday Night Football game)” You can remove ‘apparently’; they promoted it last night.

    Didn’t the Dolphins wear some kind of throwback in 1994, like everyone else (except the damn Colts)?

    “There are still Oiler fans in Houston (h/t Saturday Night Football on NBC)” – should be Sunday, not Saturday

    I think the ‘Phins used in “through the loop/sun” logo (as opposed to the “on top of the loop/sun” logo) on their helmets for some games in ’94.

    Verifying a suspicion of mine, the “on top of the loop” insignia shows the Dolphins used two different designs on opposite sides of the helmet; adjusting the “M” so the heavy strokes are always the 2nd and 4th, regardless of the direction the dolphin is facing. You’ll notice the opening shot shows an “M” where the 1st and 3rd strokes are heavy.

    Yes the Dolphins wore “1972” throwbacks twice in 1994, once at home against the Jets and on the road in Minnesota…both times they wore their white jersey.

    They got the helmet decal wrong on that rendering you linked to, the ones they wore (in ’72 and with the’94 throwback) are the same as what they’ll be wearing tonight.


    the world series cap with no logo looks like its in TJ/TK MAXX store

    knowing what i know, thats a production sample and not normally something allowed out to stores, it should have been burnt.

    Another possibility is that the cap was part of the first production run.

    The first runs of these caps sometimes have glued-on patches instead of embroidered logos, so merchandise can be sent to both cities. One set is intended to be returned and re-branded, although some can escape into the wild. Even some of the winners’ caps can lose their patches as the glue ages.

    not form my experience have i heard of glued on patches for this kinda cap,
    the side logos yes, main front logo no as it would be hard to heat press on a logo, around the embroidery causing it to properly burn or squash.

    this isn’t a hat to be sold right after the game, it was more celebration hat released the morning after.

    this is the finished hat link,

    ICYMI, re: Washington football: It seems the team link the @redskinsfacts Twitter account, which SI says was supposedly a fan account. Nothing in the Twitter description shouts “fan-run” to me (and the SI article links to a Slate piece that found a long time ago that a PR firm was behind the corresponding website), but it’s still a pretty funny social-media fail.

    The Redskins were outed as astroturfing that site link. They claimed it was all fan-run but it was instead link by the team and run by a PR firm the team hired.

    What’s new here is that apparently the team’s social media team is directly controlling that social media account, as they apparently goofed when switching between names when posting. Happens to all of us with multiple accounts, even those who are pretending that those accounts have nothing to do with each other.

    Thanks for shout out Phil!

    How NFL now markets a home schedule –

    Pre-season – ‘Football USA’
    1 – Kickoff
    2 – Football Latino
    3 – Pink-tober, family marketing
    4 – (Open)
    5 – Salute To Service
    6 – Play 60
    7 – ‘Homecoming’ (Also used this date for Hall of Fame Anniversary once – could be moved to home game 4 or another time at teams discretion, ideal date for Throwback. League could also designate tribute based on current event or passing of notable league figure.)
    8 – Stands on its own due to playoff push, could also institute ‘Season of Giving’ like NBA or just continue to plug NFL shop.

    1957 marked year NFL mandated one team wear white for games. Bears wore white for first game at Lambeau Field, and local article indicated Chicago wore them due to ‘new league rule’.

    That likely accounts for Packers with white jerseys (and white pants) on road. A second white helmet interesting concept for the time.

    Prior to that some teams wore white (Browns), but many games color on color. Giants wore white at home for 1956 Championship game v. Bears at home to prevent a blue v. navy blue matchup.

    The Bears were one of the reasons that rule was instituted in the first place – Halas had refused to pack white jerseys for his trips to Green Bay in 1954 and 1955, making those games navy-against-navy.

    The league had been gently advocating for home/away uniforms, but that helped force a rule change.

    Well, he’s doing an early morning radio show tomorrow, but other than that, I’m not sure — however, I don’t think there are any uni-related announcements involved with Paul’s travels.

    >The last – and only – time the Dolphins wore throwback uniforms was Thanksgiving 2003.>>

    Wouldn’t the Dolphins have to have worn a throwback in 1994 as part of the NFL’s 75th anniversary program?

    See the earlier comment on this — they did — and I’ve adjusted the text to reflect this. The unis were barely different from what they were wearing at the time, so I missed it. My bad. Should have checked the GUD.

    Love that Jackie Robinson wire photo. Seems strange now to imagine him in anything other than Dodger Blue.

    I’ve seen link versions of that photo shoot over the years. Fun to get a link at Jackie’s link. Cute link, too.

    And while we’re talking about him, link leaving the clubhouse after retiring has always been en epitaph for the team in Brooklyn, although they had one more season to go. It’s also a wonderful bookend to this early photo of the link on the way to the big leagues and history.

    I’d like to see them wear blue socks with the red jerseys rather than red socks. It’s too much red.

    I noticed that earlier in the game and was really hoping someone would get a hold of it so we could have a full on uni failure.

    Looking more closely, it appears that the hole was stitched up during the game, maybe at halftime. You can’t see it link but it’s clearly there when viewed from the side after the game. Probably easier to pinch the fabric together and run a quick stitch than to replace the jersey mid-game.

    To be, that looks more like a Buffalo Braves logo than anything Bills related (the Braves are now the LA Clippers).

    Also, let’s not forget that Bob Zuppke invented the screen pass, a key weapon against Michigan’s burly but sluggish team that day. It was the same day that Grantland Rice stayed home in NYC and nicknamed Notre Dame’s backfield, “The Four Horsemen”.

    In dramatic lore their names are Death, Destruction, Pestilence, and Famine. But those are aliases. Their real names are: Stuhldreher, Crowley, Miller and Layden.


    I was watching the new 30 for 30 about the Bills over the weekend and noticed something strange about their 1993 uniforms. They used Apex One and Champion jerseys in the same game!

    Apex – link

    Champion – link

    In the Super Bowl – link

    And the Champion logos were all over the place – link

    “Louisville Trinity has a shamrock above their NOB, which is awesome (thanks to Josh Claywell)”

    I love it when my little corner of the world makes it to UniWatch. Go Rocks!

    Those Bears players were actually wearing the new Vapor Untouchable template, not the Mach speed. Notice the lack of seams on the front of the jersey, and the lack of the “zipper” that is present on the Mach speed template.

    You’re right man. Not sure how this went over everyone else’s heads.

    Funny how Nike said they’re debuting the jerseys with Oregon and the Pro Bowl, yet the Bears are already wearing it.

    To add to my previous post. From the photos that I’ve seen. Forte and Miller are both wearing the Untouchables.

    -Agreed totally on the Miami uniforms and field design for tonight. Looks great.

    -Those “no logo” World Series caps are actually just the normal on-filed ones after the team logo patch has come off been removed. That tends to be a problem with early shipments of victory merch since the glue doesn’t have enough to set.

    -I’m the “B-Dilly” (and old college nickname that I use on Twitter) who pointed out the Brady photos NBC was using and I must say, getting my faux name in Uni-Watch has been the highlight of my day.

    Love those classic dolphin unis. So crisp, clean and pure. It always gave them that “good guys” look. Especially when going up against the likes of the Raiders and Steelers of the 70’s. Wish they’d go back to them full-time.

    Rick Reilly just did this piece on the sticky gloves of today during the ESPN pregame for Miami/NYG. Makes me wonder who was the last ‘gloveless’ receiver in the NFL, similar to the last single-bar facemask wearers (Gary Anderson/Scott Player) or helmet-less hockey player (Craig MacTavish). Any ideas?

    Dallas Clark? Technically, a TE, but the most recent I could find on a GIS for “NFL receivers without gloves” (quotes not used in search).
    Steve Largent is the first result (Clark is the 3rd), but, incidentally, OBJ’s (ODB?) circus catch from last year is featured quite prominently.

    Disagree. Color at home should be mandatory for EVERY home game as it should be. White should never be worn at home.

    I guess this won’t be a surprise. But those Dolphins uniforms and field? Do… NOT…. Like!!!
    The Dolphins have never had a bad set in their history but this is the weakest. Gray facemask, old times generic template, you can swap colors and have it be just about any other team in the NFL in that time period. If they wanted to throw back there were so many better choices.
    Then again I’m one of the few that likes their current set. But they do need to change the facemask to Aqua and actually wear the Aqua pants full time on the road though.

    “I guess this won’t be a surprise. But those Dolphins uniforms and field? Do… NOT…. Like!!!”


    Of course you don’t.

    The only thing less shocking than THE liking a shitty uni is you disliking a great one.

    And white should ONLY and ALWAYS be worn at home in hockey.

    But all it is is a generic template with an even worse gray facemask. If they want to throw back they have many different options much better. Most of the Marino era looked fantastic.

    And the NHL unlike the AHL has wisely gone back to dark at home. As it should be. White at home in basketball and baseball in most cases is perfect. But for football and hockey? Dark is the way to go just about every time.

    My immediate reaction as I turned on MNF? The Dolphins’ pants have stripes in the wrong order.


    That Bills logo is the infamous Donohoe unused logo. The colors are royal blue and red, plus a dark navy and a silver called “nickel” (only part I liked). Those were the same colors of those pajama uniforms they used to wear. There was such an uproar when it was first leaked that the Bills backtracked and never wore it. It actually made the whole look worse – changing the uniforms but keeping the old helmet and logo. Half-assed job = half-assed results.

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