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The (Color) Rash Seems To Be Improving

Color Rash 11-26 550

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By Phil Hecken

The Thanksgiving Color Rash game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Carolina Panthers wasn’t nearly the disaster the previous two color rash games had been — which were both an assault to the senses — and with the exception of the socks & shoes worn by the Panthers, actually looked pretty good.

As expected, the Cowboys wore white from shoulder to toe — wearing a modified “double star” jersey that is a semi-throwback. They also paired the new jersey with a new set of pants that featured a double navy blue stripe surrounding a single silver/gray stripe (which looked slightly out of place — similar to the odd gray stripes the NY Giants wear on their white pants). Yes, the ‘boys have silver/gray helmets, so you could say it’s picking up that color. The jerseys also had a cut which caused the blue yoke so appear slightly “off.” (For any photos, click to enlarge.)





For their part, the Carolina Panthers were given new pants, which were paired with their current alternate jerseys. Of course, this being color rash, they also were outfitted with blue socks and shoes. I’m not a big fan of teams wearing same-color jerseys and pants on the NFL level, but I thought the jerseys and pants looked really good together. Of course, the full-blown look with socks/shoes killed the overall look — but if the team were to pair those jerseys/pants with black socks and shoes, it is not a bad costume.




Both teams together matched up well — there is a reason (and it wasn’t just for 13″ black and white tv sets) that darker colors match up well against white uniforms, and this game showed why. I don’t mind color versus color when you have a darker color against a lighter color — but games like the Jets vs. Bills, where the strong reds and greens seemed too intense (not to mention how it looked to those with red/green color blindness), don’t make for good matchups. The second week of color rush, with the powder blue versus mustard, was a better fit. The Cowboys vs. Panthers was the best so far (granted, it wasn’t really color-vs.-color either). But it was a pretty good looking game overall. At least from the knees up. You will note some of the Panthers wore black shoes, and you can also see how the cut of the Cowboys’ jerseys almost looks like a “bite” was taken out of the navy stripe on the back of the jerseys.



Lots more photos here.

Mercifully, the Color Rash series takes a break for a couple of weeks. There will be one more matchup between the Rams and Buccaneers (what looks to be true “yellow” versus red), which may have the same problems the Jets/Bills had — or maybe not. This is one we’ll have to see on the field to judge. But here are the teasers:

Looks like the Rams will be wearing the yellow (gold) from their throwbacks (it’s definitely NOT the same shade of gold as on their current unis). Again, just how gold/yellow it will be remains to be seen since we haven’t seen more than just the teasers so far.

The Buccaneers will likely just be getting a new set of red pants to match their current red jerseys.


Of course, the Buccaneers have one of the worst uniforms in the league, so adding all red pants, socks and shoes will only make it worse. Unlike the past two games, this final one (December 17th) probably will not be a sight for already sore eyes.

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Those Shark Jumping Ducks Change Up Their Unis…Again

Yesterday Oregon and Oregon State played in the “Civil War,” their long-running annual end-of-season game. It was a home game for the Ducks, who played in Autzen, and (to the surprise of absolutely no one) they changed up their uniforms yet again. This time, they added new helmets and a new jersey — a sort of modified camouflage pattern — but it was in actual school colors.

I thought they looked pretty good (even if the changes are completely unnecessary — but hey, Oregon’s gotta Oregon, no?). Click any photo to enlarge.

Civil War 1

Civil War 3

Civil War 2

Civil War 4

Not bad (all things considered) right? I don’t even mind the camo-esque pattern. Tons more photos here.

What did you guys think?

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colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Got just one this week from our friend Bruce Menard, who is once again busy with the Colorizations. And that’s a very good thing.

Click photos to enlarge.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1927 (Nov25) Palmer House Chicago dinner USC Notre Dame  Babe Lou Christy (BSmile color edit) - Bruce Menard

1927 (Nov25) Palmer House Chicago dinner USC Notre Dame  Babe Lou Christy (bw vs color by BSmile) - Bruce Menard

Hi Phil,

Here’s that colorized Babe & Lou in football uniforms pic, with a write-up & before/after comparison:


~ I’ve had this classic picture in mind for a colorization for the longest time, so here it finally is. The photo was taken before a special dinner held at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago on the night before the Notre Dame-USC football game (Soldiers Field). For the event, agent Christy Walsh managed to get The Babe to put on a Notre Dame uniform, while Lou wore a USC uniform. All in good fun”¦and good promotion!

Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig Are Suited Up For Football
88 Yrs Ago In Chicago – November 25, 1927
~ {L-R}: Glenn “Pop” Warner (Stanford coach), Babe Ruth, Knute Rockne (Notre Dame coach), Christy Walsh, Lou Gehrig, Howard Jones (USC coach) & Tad Jones (Yale coach)



. . .

That’s it for today. Great job B!

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Uni Watch News Ticker

Baseball News: It’s going to be a happy day for some Padres fans, as the Fathers are getting new blue and yellow gold uniforms, and brown will be official alternate. That was actually first noted over on Chris Creamer’s blog, and I can also confirm this is correct (I’ve seen the logo slicks, but they’re embargoed — sorry). Not sure when the official unveil will be, but if you’re hoping for a throwback…don’t get your hopes up too high. Still, #BringBackTheBrown folks should be very happy. … Reader Leo Strawn, Jr. saw this photo of Pete Rose wearing #27, from the archives of the Cincinnati Reds. Leo adds, “This is likely from 1963 spring training, but could be 1961 or ’62 spring training, also.” … The following e-mail comes from “Booted Newswomen”: “When the Hartford Yard Goats unveiled their new uniforms last week, they had local newswomen among those helping model the new jerseys and caps. And, of course, some of the Newswomen wore Boots!!!” … Reader Will Scheibler writes, “Behind a picture of cats was found a picture of a local 1919 baseball team which won a regional trophy and a marriage certificate. On a public group on Facebook – Thunder Bay Memories.”

NFL/CFL/College Football News: During Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day game at Ford Field against the Lions, Eagles Coach Chip Kelly wore last year’s Salute To Service Cap (good spot by Blake Fox). … Several people tipped me wise to this one, but the CFL is changing its logo. I consider that a definite downgrade from the current logo. … Brett Favre had his #4 retired by the Packers at Lambeau on Thanksgiving. Of course he wore Wranglers. … The Cleveland Browns will be wearing brown/orange/brown for their Monday night game. There had been some rumors the team would go all orange, but I guess they wised up. … Boise State wore orange/white/blue yesterday. I’m not sure they’ve ever worn that combo before — was a pretty good look. … CMU’s helmets featured a #ChadTough sticker for yesterday’s game against EMU. … For some reason, the Miami Hurricane cheerleaders were wearing throwbacks yesterday.

Hockey News: According to this article, the Pittsburgh Penguins will have new sweaters for the 2016-17 season, which “will bring with it a full time move to Pittsburgh Gold.” … The Saskatoon Blades did a Star Wars thing last night. Here’s a bit more on that. … Last night, the Milwaukee Admirals rocked their “Storm Trooper” sweaters (from #BetterDeadThanRed). … The San Jose Barracuda will be wearing these ugly sweaters on December 5 (via Chris H).

NBA News: “I came across a recent issue of Kicks magazine by Slam with an interesting picture of John Wall on the cover,” writes Christian Jackson. “First thing I noticed is the poorly Photoshopped neckline of his jersey. I’m not sure what happened there. Another is the Adidas logo on the right chest of his jersey. I’ve never seen branding on a game jersey. Finally, inside the issue is displayed some new unis for the 76ers, Clippers and Bucks. The jock tag on the Bucks is different from the others. Are the tags unique for each team?” Anyone know? … Crossover alert: Here’s a shot of Cam Newton rocking a Larry Johnson jersey (h/t James Gilbert). … The Hornets and Cavs went wine & gold vs. teal & purple last night. Jimmer Vilk says, “as it should be.” … Plenty of NBA Christmas caps on sale, including for teams who aren’t even playing on Christmas (thanks to Johnny Okray).

Soccer News: Apparently Kingston, NY, located in the Hudson Valley, has an NPSL Soccer club. Here is their crest (from Matthew Klimberg, who adds, “This may be one of the nicest soccer crests I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the club.”). Here’s a bit more on Stockade FC.

Grab Bag: The Mirfield Stags, who are a rugby team, are paying homage to Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart. Here’s a bit more on that (thanks to Christopher C. LaHaye). … This photo is from the 2015 golf US Open highlights, broadcast on FOX after its Thanksgiving football game. “Problem is they assigned the US Open tennis logo,” says submitter Jared Rosen. He adds, “FOX won the rights to broadcast the golf US Open for 12 years recently. Not saying that FOX covering tennis is a sign of the apocalypse, but it could be close. How whomever chose this logo didn’t notice the flaming tennis ball and realize they had the wrong US Open is beyond me.”

Duck Line

That’s it for today folks. Thanks to B for the colorization. Everyone enjoy your Saturday — got a bunch of BIG rivalry games today, including what should be the #1 “good” game in the 5 & 1 — the annual UCLA/USC color-vs-color game. Of course, with the crap UCLA has been trotting out this season, who knows what they’ll wear, but we can always hope it looks something like this. I’ll be back tomorrow with the usual SMUW stuff, and then Paul returns from his well-deserved vacation on Monday Morning.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Persimmon woods. Back when golf was a man’s game. I miss them.”

— Ted Mark

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Comments (24)

    Does the NFL allow teams that have pants made specifically for the color rash games to wear them in regular games afterward? Example: can the panthers now wear their blue pants with white jerseys and etc.?

    When the Seahawks got new pants for the neon green uni, they wore the pants a couple times after with the regular jersey.

    I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but UCLA looks %100 better in that last photo than what they have been wearing this season.

    I think the Bucs will be wearing an updated red top, removing the pewter yoke making for an all red top.

    Jeers to the Padres. navy and yellow? Yellow? really? who wears yellow other than old people with their plaid pants and colored dress socks? Thank goodness old people by lots of gear/merch! wait a second….

    Jeers to the NFL’s color rash. I was at a big thanksgiving party with four families on thurs. Many of the women in attendance looked at the cowboys/panthers game and killed the uniforms. They aren’t fans yet i kept hearing “the tops shouldnt match the bottoms”…”that looks hideous”….”that team has way too much blue”.

    Cheers for the new CFL logo. I see it as an upgrade

    Cheers to these StarWars/NFL matchups. The Wattos/Seahawks is FAB!

    In the description of the colorized photo, it should be “Soldier Field”, not “Soldiers Field”.

    It’s pretty clear the Bucs are getting new jerseys for this game. Looks like the pewter yoke is gone.

    As an Oregon Grad and Marching/Basketball Band Member, I loved watching the games and seeing the field and benches up close. Even though they wore Green and Yellow, and the Lewis and Clark nose bumpers were nice, it feels like most games are like watching an episode of “What Not to Wear.” Either these rotating concept explosions will prove necessary to recruiting, or they will HOPEFULLY fizzle out into normal unis.

    Can we please stop trying to force the term “Color RASH” it just sounds stupid. You guys trying so hard to come up with your own clever term to make fun of the NFL makes you just as bad as the marketing team that came up with color rush slogan to begin with. Trying to be the funniest person in the room is making you look silly.

    I actually don’t mind it. It seems BETTER than “Color Rush.” Most people I’ve talked with don’t even know there’s a marketing scheme behind it for the NFL, I even bring up the “Color Rush” aspect to them.

    Rash seems fine. But, I do understand it’s not for everyone.

    “Color Rush” sounds forced and unnatural to me. (I see that thousands of non-NFL hits return for “Color Rush” searches, but I’d never heard that term before.) “Color Rash” sounds far more appropriate. Anyhow, Uni-Watch wouldn’t be good-old enjoyable Uni-Watch without “Color Rash,” “Pandering,” “Black For Black’s Sake,” etc. This is Paul’s site, and his personality and his take on the uniforms is a large part of my interest in coming here daily. If this site was just a straight up list of what teams wore with no commentary, it might as well we Uni-pedia. I suppose if anyone wants to get that ball rolling…

    I know I sound like a broken record, but what a surprise that the first “color rash” game that looks decent is when one team wears white…then the Hornets and Cavs decide to make up for it with an eyesore game. Even Paul has to admit that teal and wine clash.

    It’s weird that color v. color games that feature two colors that nobody would ever use together on a uniform are said to “look great” when they clash on opposite uniforms.

    And get off my lawn.

    As a seahawks fan who was dissapointed in the execution of the green jerseys, what do you think Nike will try to do for their color rash? They already go mono, and you know Nike has to be dying to give the neon greens a shot. I still hold out hope it can look good. I feel a more muted neon, maybe even a matte style color will look a lot better on the field than the shimmery reebok monstrosity. Who knows.

    And the Oregon uni, the camo makes sense in regards to the helmet. The helmet depicts a duck flying. You wear camo when you duck hunt. Probably not what they were going for but that’s how I see it.

    Yeah this was one of the best uses of camo in football. At least it was green. If only the Beavers had gone with a safety orange ensemble like you sometimes see the hunters wear.

    Both CFL logos are a downgrade from the old helmet logo that preceded these two – though I am sure some with think that one is dated.

    New one is maybe not too bad of an idea in theory, but the choice of that blocky generic looking font and have the maple leaf that small and chopped off doesn’t work for me.

    Massive Boise State fan here. No they have never worn that combo before. They have only worn the orange helmets 4 times and now have 4 different combos with them. They’ve gone orange/white/orange last year vs Ole Miss, orange/white/white last year vs Air Force, orange/blue/orange this year vs Idaho State and now that combo yesterday. Surprised they haven’t gone mono orange at home yet.

    You can do same color jersey/pants, but the design has to be pulled off correctly and these color rush sets are far from it. Take OSU’s all orange, that’s a great look – elements of Black to counter the orange in just the right places.

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