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Close Inspection Reveals Huge Mets Uni Advantage

As you can see above, there’s a sizable squatchee gap in this year’s World Series. The Mets’ orange cap squatchee is mirrored by a matching squatchee on their batting helmet, while the Royals’ white cap squatchee does not have a counterpart on the team’s helmet. Advantage: Mets.

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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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Good-looking game yesterday in San Diego, as the Chargers wore their powder blues while hosting the Raiders. You can click the photo at right to enlarge, and there are additional photos available here.

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Mets vs. Royals: The Strip Tease


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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

By Phil Hecken

Week 8 in the NCAA saw a few alternates and costumes, including the above uniform, which Cincinnati wore for their homecoming. While the concept is at least interesting (the ‘geometric’ elements are “a nod to the iconic triangular architecture of the Richard E. Linder Athletic Center that the stadium overlooks” — . . . → Read More: Sunday Morning Uni Watch