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Dressing Up For Hallowe’en

Halloween at the rock 550

By Phil Hecken, with Clint Richardson

Today is Hallowe’en, and one of the cooler things about the holiday is the ability of colleges, if they so choose (and possess the uniforms), to engage in a little “color vs. color” — specifically black vs. orange — to celebrate the day. At least one set of teams, UTEP and Southern Miss (seen above) will do so. There are a bunch of matchups today which could feature a black clad team vs. an orange costumed one. Of course, UTEP & Southern Miss requested permission to go color vs. color — but obviously it’s pretty much a formality these days.

I often rail against all the “costumes” in the NCAA (and pros too), but if there is one day out of the year when costumes should be encouraged, it’s today!

A day shy of two weeks ago, my buddy and today’s co-collaborator Clint Richardson shot me an e-mail which stated, in part:

For my Digital Marketing class, we have to write a Buzzfeed article (woo…so excited…). My professor really wants to keep it Halloween themed, and I am not a big fan of the holiday. So, to keep it enjoyable for myself and in a field I understand, I was thinking of doing a top 5 Halloween uniforms or something along those lines. My only problem is I can think of three – The Packers Jack-o-lantern helmet, Texas A&M’s light changing helmets for this year, and Houston’s black and orange/red uniforms from a few years ago. Can you think of anything off the top of your head that would coincide with Halloween uniforms.

Immediately I mentioned to Clint I been planning to do a Uni Watch article along those lines — so why didn’t we just combine our ideas into one. I threw a couple thoughts his way which became the basis for his other article, and which I’ll begin with below — I came up with a few teams I thought should (or at least could) join in the black vs. orange theme which we’ll see from UTEP/Southern Miss today. So, I’ll begin with Clint’s portion and then add in a few combos at the end — and while I don’t know if any will be going this route (I know for a fact some are not), I’m hoping AD’s and schools will come to their senses and get into the Spirit of Hallowe’en.

Here’s Clint:

.. .. .. ..

Hallowe’en Unis
By Clint Richardson

Halloween is the one time of year many people claim they can “be someone they are not.” We see this happen more and more lately in football, specifically at the collegiate ranks. Many of the recent alternate uniforms have been designed and worn for specific reasons, dates, and matchups. In the spirit of the holiday, let’s take a look at the most memorable uniforms that were worn on Halloween.

• Houston: In 2013, the Houston Cougars broke out special uniforms for their Halloween night game against South Florida. The jersey and pants were black, but featured panels of a red (nearly orange) and black digi-camo pattern. The helmets were the same orange-red tint with a black UH decal and black facemask. The Cougars ended up winning their Thursday night game by a score of 35-23. Word is that Houston will be wearing alternate uniforms again this Halloween. It’s not known if these will be a new design or if they’ll recycle their two year old uniforms.

• Tennessee: The traditionally orange and white Tennessee Volunteers surprised everyone in 2009 and ran out of the tunnel in new black jerseys, the first time they had done so since 1921. Then-head coach Lane Kiffin claimed that the new jerseys had an effect on the game, saying “I think it gave us some energy.” Tennessee defeated the South Carolina Gamecocks on Halloween night 31-13.

• Texas A&M: Adidas has been at the head of the current alternate uniform fad, supplying multiple new designs for a myriad of teams. This season, the Aggies of Texas A&M are planning to wear a new all-black uniform, what is being dubbed the “Aggie Nights” uniforms. The most interesting thing about these uniforms is the helmet design, which features light reflective technology that completely changes the appearance of the helmet decal when light strikes it. Funny enough, these “Aggie Nights” uniforms won’t be seeing any night, as their Halloween game against South Carolina has been scheduled for an 11am kickoff.

• Green Bay: Alternate uniforms aren’t unique to the college ranks. Back in 1994, the NFL was celebrating its 75th anniversary, and many teams got in the act to honor its uniform history. The Green Bay Packers chose 1937 as their designated season, and created a less-than-perfect authentic representation, as they made some warranted modifications to the leather-helmet era uniforms. Halloween night in 1994 featured Packers offensive tackle Ken Ruettgers, showing off his now-famous Jack-O-Lantern decaled helmet.

• Oregon State: Whether on purpose or pure coincidence, the Oregon State Beavers were all in to the Halloween spirit back in 2009, when they wore their black and orange uniform combination against UCLA. The Beavers defeated the Bruins by a 26-19 score.

As for uniforms that embody the Halloween spirit, here are some designs that include a lot of black and orange.

• Cincinnati Bengals: Until recently, when Nike redesigned a handful of teams, the uniforms worn by the Cincinnati Bengals were considered to be one of more unconventional designs worn in the NFL. The Bengals have circulated orange, black, and white jerseys since the 2004 season. For the first two seasons that they wore their orange tops, they sometimes paired it with black pants. We haven’t seen this combo worn since 2005, though.

• Oklahoma State: The Cowboys have been fond of mixing and matching their uniform elements ever since their redesign in 2011. Okie State has worn predominately black and orange with at least three different combinations, by my count. The 2011 season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette saw the Cowboys go black-orange-orange. In the same season against Oklahoma and Texas, OSU wore a black-orange-black combination. The 2013 Kansas State ”“ Oklahoma State showdown featured the Cowboys in a black-black-orange combo.

• Oregon State: I’ll get a lot of slack from this, but the Oregon State rebranding in 2013 resulted in one of my favorite uniforms. Oregon State’s new Beaver logo is a favorite of mine and I know I’m in the minority here by saying I really like the striped facemasks. Surprisingly to me, the Beavers haven’t mixed black and orange into the same combination much since the redesign. From what I’ve been able to find, they’ve only done so once, going with their orange helmets and jerseys, with their black pants against Utah in 2014.

With all the alternate uniforms that we continue to see pop up, there’s a small number of them that are related to Halloween, granted this is the first time for October 31st to land on a Saturday since 2009, not too long before the current trend of special uniforms. But hey, let’s not give adidas any more bad ideas while we’re here.

.. .. .. ..

Thanks, Clint! OK, below are a few schools playing today that SHOULD be donning the black & orange:

There are probably other schools out there playing today that could do this. One pair we know are actually going to be playing a color vs. color game — Florida vs. Georgia — but they won’t be playing as black vs. orange. Though, in theory (although Georgia doesn’t have black pants), they could:

What do you think readers — with all the costumes and alternates out there — how about they actually make sure the ONE day in the year when costumes are not only OK but encouraged, the NCAA goes out there and obliges. Anyone else a good candidate for black vs. orange?

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NBA Unveils Christmas Unis

Christmas Day Jersey 2015 Laydown Horizontal

Click to Enlarge

Yesterday, the NBA unveiled the uniforms for the 10 teams playing on December 25th. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon your perspective), these designs had all already been leaked, so it’s not like we should be surprised at what was unveiled. But — aside from the fact that no team* needs another new uniform — they are pretty nice (if all basically identically templated).

Here’s a look at all 10 teams’ uniforms (for any images, you can click to enlarge):

Christmas Day Jersey 2015 Group

Not too bad, right? A slideshow will appear at the end of this, but let’s look at a couple closeups/details.

From the NBA:

Designed as part of the adidas NBA Season’s Greetings Collection, the uniforms continue the tradition of introducing new and unique elements each season. They incorporate primary team colors and cream tones, while player names and numbers are showcased in holiday-style script and detailed with woven rows of stitching

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of the backs of the jerseys, but we can probably assume the “holiday-style script” follows the pattern of the script name of the team on the front of the jersey. The names also appear to be deliciously chain-stitched:

Christmas Day Jersey 2015 Derrick Rose Laydown

Christmas Day Jersey 2015 Pelicans 2 Christmas Day Jersey 2015 Warriors 2

Each team will be given cute little snowflake socks from Stance. Just like every player is shown wearing blue shoes, I’m not sure if all the players will wear those socks or blue shoes.

Also from the NBA:

A scarlet NBA seal is also displayed on the back of the jersey as a nod to holiday greeting cards. The socks, Stance’s contribution to the oncourt Christmas Day look, mirror the uniform’s design and feature classic holiday colors, winter-inspired imagery and pay homage to holiday sweaters.

Christmas Day Jersey 2015 Spurs Detail

Christmas Day Jersey 2015 Warriors Detail

For additional looks, here’s a slideshow:

If you can’t view the slideshow, click here to view the album.

As I said above, not bad right? Probably the best things about it are 1) NO SLEEVES! and 2) No player “nicknames” (although that may remain to be seen — but it seems like the player NOB will be as it appears on their current jerseys). I could do without the scarlet “NBA seal,” but I’m digging the socks. Hopefully everyone will wear those.

* OK, the Clippers should take this uniform and replace their current POS with it. But no other team needs a new uniform.

Now that you’ve “seen” them — what say you, dear readers?

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classic scoreboards splash

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards

I’m pleased to continue with a favorite weekend feature here at Uni Watch, “Classic Ballpark Scoreboards,” which are created by Gary Chanko. You probably know Gary best for his wonderful colorizations, but he has been a solid contributor for many years, and this is his new project. This segment will appear every Saturday on Uni Watch.

Here’s Gary (click on image to enlarge):

. . . . . . . . . .

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards – Series II
by Gary Chanko

This edition of Classic Football Scoreboards travels to the City of Brotherly Love and the oldest collegiate stadium still operating for football. I made to Franklin Field only once to watch an Eagles vs. Vikings contest. This was in 1970, the Eagles last season in Franklin Field before moving to the Vet. The stadium was a good place to watch a football game, but totally absent of all of the amenities fans expect today. I also recall wearing a sports coat and tie to the game – back in the day it was sort of the dress code for these events!

Franklin Field_UW

Franklin Field

Football Home of: University of Pennsylvania (1895 – present), Philadelphia Eagles (1958-70), Philadelphia Bell (WFL) (1975), Army-Navy Game (1899-1938)
Opened: April 1895 for first running of Penn Relays

Franklin Field, located on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, is the site of several notable football “firsts.” (highlighted below)

The Penn Quakers football team played on Franklin Field in every season since 1895 making it the oldest operating stadium for football games. The current stadium structure was constructed in the 1920s and at the time was the largest two-tiered stadium in the United States. During the 1930’s and 1940’s, with a stadium capacity close to 80,000, Penn led the nation in attendance for several years.

During its initial years the Franklin Field scoreboard was located on the west end Fieldhouse. Later, probably after the upper deck was added in 1925, scoreboards were added at the closed ends of the stadium along the upper deck. Today Franklin Field’s newest scoreboard is found in the same location.

The scoreboard illustration captures one of the Franklin Field “firsts” – Vince Lombardi’s only NFL playoff loss. In 1960 on the day after Christmas, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Packers 17-13 for the NFL Championship.

A Few Things to Know

The Franklin Field “firsts”

• The first college football scoreboard in 1895 (no photographic records found so far!)

• The first two-tiered stadium (1922)

• The first commercial football television broadcast in 1939 (Philco).


Almost the first radio broadcast of a college football game in 1922, but that milestone is owned by KDKA (Pittsburgh) on October 8, 1921; West Virginia vs Pittsburgh.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If anyone is interested in purchasing a digital copy of these posters, Gary is working on an online purchase option. In the interim you can contact him directly at

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colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Got a pair this week from our friend Bruce Menard, who is once again busy with the Colorizations. And that’s a very good thing.

Click photos to enlarge.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey Phil,

Here’s a few of the latest:

1923 (Oct27) Babe Oil City PA Brnstm (2015 edit)5bW - Bruce Menard

1 1923 (Oct27) Babe Oil City PA (bw vs color by  BSmile)x - Bruce Menard

Barnstorming Babe Ruth Keeps Warm In His Yankees Sweater
âš¾ 92 Years Ago Today – Oil City, Pennsylvania – October 27, 1923

~ ~ ~

1940 WS Hank Greenberg photo dugout woman (edit)6bW - Bruce Menard

1940 WS Hank Greenberg photo dugout woman (bw color  compare) - Bruce Menard

Today In 1940 (October 26) âš¾ Detroit Tigers OF Hank Greenberg wins his 2nd AL MVP, becoming the first player to win the award at 2 different positions (Hank won as a first baseman in ”˜35). The photo shows Hank having his picture taken by a lovely lady at the 1940 World Series in Detroit.

~ Bruce

. . .

That’s it for today. Great job B!

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It’s that time of year again…

UW Fall Back

Yes, we get an extra hour of sleep tonight…but in the immortal words of the late, great Yogi…”It gets late early around here.”

Make sure you set your clocks back an hour tonight before you go to bed — there’s another early football game in London tomorrow.

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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Fans of Uni Watch (should) already know this, but when the Mets choose their uniforms, it’s the pitcher who decides what they wear (although that graphic is misleading in showing Jon Niese sporting camo — since that’s the only “set” uniform the Mets have: select Monday games are designated as “Military Mondays”). … “I noticed in 1970 two different Detroit Tiger pitchers wore #29,” writes Brent Ingram. “If they were part time players, it would make sense. But one was the ace of the staff, Mickey Lolich. Jerry Robertson and Lolich appeared in the same game twice. Has this happened before?” … This is great. … The Double-A Hartford Yard Goats, who are set to begin play in 2016, have a pair of new mascots. … Yesterday, in what I can only HOPE was a Hallowe’en gag, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio & his wife, Chirlene dressed up as “Mets” — I’m about 99% positive that Cespedes sleeve Bill is “wearing” is photoshopped, but there are just so many uni-things wrong with that photo. How many can you spot? GO! (h/t to a few people).

NFL News: Reactions to the NFL’s “color rush” announcement on late Thursday night have been mixed, but Clint Richardson decidedly has problems with it. … “(W)hen looking for more info on Color Rush (yester)day, I stumbled across this ABC News video from 2008 that interviews Ken Loh, the man who designed the Patriots “Flying Elvis” logo,” writes Tom Roddy. “Aside from some factual inaccuracies on Patriots ownership, at 2 points in the video, there are a whole bunch of uniform concepts for the 1993 Patriots rebrand spread out on the table behind Ken. Looks like they were toying with NBA/NHL color gradients too. Makes the Patriots ’95-’99 unit set seem all the more palatable.”

College/High School Football News: Good spot here: Joey Breeland noticed Florida Coach Steve Spurrier wearing Nike (in this video still) while the Florida Gators’ players are wearing Reebok uniforms. … Check out the beautiful throwback uniforms the Coast Guard Bears will be wearing today (from Jason Southard). More information here. … Jacksonville’s field will include the teams custom endzone wordmarks this year, for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (which will be color vs color). In comparison (thanks to Patrick Thomas). … Today, Villanova will wear special “Be The Match” stickers vs. Maine (from Thom D.). More on that here. … Great old photo of Sam Houston State College, from alumnus Arnold Lenoris Davis, Jr. … Do stripes on compression sleeves look good? Maybe not if they’re already ON the jersey — that’s Harlingen South at San Benito HS’ (from Susan Freeman). … Reader Michael McLaughlin thought we might like this story about some Washington teams dropping their logos because of pressure from the NFL. … Just remember, it’s still not November (yet). From Joshua Hanna.

NBA News: Looks like when the Warriors wear their “The City” (Hardwood Classics Nights), they’ll be changing the logo on their court to match (thanks, Paul). … Ever wonder how every NBA logo would look “Hallowe’en-ized”? Wonder no more. … Wizards promo items include a snow globe and a John Wall bobblehead (from TommyTheCPA). … The Houston Rockets broke out their gray alternates for the first time last night (via PDS). Can’t say I’m a fan.

Hockey News: Oilers’ goalie Anders Nilsson breaking in new retro-style pads for throwback jersey night tonight. … New white sweaters for Michigan Tech hockey, which they wore last night (h/t Patrick Thomas). … After a player scores three goals in a single game (aka a “hat trick”), it’s traditional for fans to toss hats & caps onto the ice. Someone at the Rangers game last night took things to the next level.

Soccer News: According to reader Mark Emge, this is either the best or worst soccer jersey ever. I’d say he’s right. Here’s some more on that special Oktoberfest kit. … With the conference semifinals set, here’s Conrad Burry‘s updated MLS Playoffs circle bracket. … “First time I’ve seen a shared soccer/football field indoors (arena-sized, that is),” says Jimmer Vilk.

College Hoops News: The Arkansas State Red Wolves have new white unis (thanks, Paul). … The popular “Birmingham” jerseys worn last season by UAB basketball players during home games won’t be worn for the 2015-16 season. … A brand new hall honoring Michigan State’s basketball history will be part of a $50M upgrade to Breslin Center (via Josh Sanchez). … Here’s a look at the Charlotte 49ers Men’s basketball uniforms for the upcoming season (from Joshua Edney).

Grab Bag: Butler Bulldogs Athletics and Nike have agreed to multi-year partnership extension (h/t Chris Dougherty). … I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this before (I know I have), but Chris Carden writes, “I’m attaching this video from Germany that someone posted on Facebook. I cannot and would not hazard trying to explain it, other than people did do a lot of drugs in the ’70s.” … Which college has the best logo design? … Welcome to Hallowe’en 2015. Fuck. That. Shit. Way to suck the fun out of a holiday. I mean, I feel bad that her kid has a peanut allergy, but ruining it for everyone else in the neighborhood isn’t the answer. What a sense of entitlement. … On the other hand, this is great (spotted on a NYC subway yesterday); thanks, Paul!

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That’s going to do it for today — thanks to Clint, Gary and Bruce, and anyone who sent in for the ticker. Next weekend we’ll probably have the winner of the Design An Ambulance Contest. Enjoy all the football today (hopefully we’ll get a few black vs. orange games — we know we’re getting a couple of color vs. color regardless). And everyone enjoy your Hallowe’en! Catch you on the morrow. Till then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“This is Nike’s best ‘color rush’ since last years ‘color rush’ to figure out how to make a green eagles uniform.”

— John R.

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Comments (44)

    First Okie State link under Clint’s portion says it links to black-orange-orange, but goes to black-orange-black–same uni/game as mentioned the next sentence.

    “I noticed in 1970 two different Detroit Tiger pitchers wore #29,” writes Brent Ingram.


    Where did you find this? If it’s, they’re not 100% accurate. If you’ve found 1970 documentation with both guys wearing the same number at the same time, then you’ve found something terrific. If your sources are more current, keep digging – one mistake somewhere along the way can propagate.

    Agree baseball-reference does have errors. There’s no way he was wearing Lolich’s #29. Baseball Almanac says Robertson was #27: link
    This makes much more sense since he was #27 in 1969 with Montreal and no one else is shown as wearing #27 for the Tigers in 1970.

    No offense, but belittling a mom’s concern that her kid with allergies can’t eat halloween candy? That is bullshit – LA Clippers new uniform style. Of course the mom shouldn’t dictate what candy the neighborhood puts out, but why not have two candy bowls at each house?

    Allergies suck, and the fact that a kid could die from eating a peanut? Nothing to dismiss. And now, back to uniform discussion.

    It’s the way she went about it.

    Easy way to not make a big deal about it: buy two candy buckets. Fill one up with the kid’s favorite safe goodies and put it aside. Give the kid the other one, go out trick or treating, smile and have a good time. When you get home, say, “Let me check that candy for you” just any repsonsible parent does. Switcheroo with the other bucket, and problem solved.

    Besides, what are you gonna do if someone gives you a sandwich bag full of carrot sticks? You’re gonna chuck it, because if it isn’t prepackaged you don’t know if someone messed with them.

    And for those who are super sensitive to the point where just being around peanuts will cause a reaction, it’s better to just not go. Putting up a sign won’t solve the problem, because some people just won’t comply.

    There are other places to go besides the neighborhood. Shopping malls and other establishments have safe controlled candy giveaways.

    Sorry. I buy and give out the candy I LIKE not what somebody posts as fliers on telephone poles (btw, at least in my state posting anything on poles is illegal) says I should pass out. Sorry, kid. But I like 3 Musketeers and Butterfingers that’s what I bought & that’s what I’m giving out. Why do I do this? Because I’ll have leftovers to eat for myself. I’m darn sure not eating any of those other things, especially not the carrot sticks. And giving out carrot sticks? Best way to make your house the one that gets egged or whatever kids do these days. Nope!!!

    Funny how adidas chose to show the Christmas uniforms with only the numbers of Adidas-signed players for each team.

    How much of Sam Strong’s article over on the mothership is cribbed from UW? And why didn’t they have Paul do they Halloween uni writeup? What they have over there is more blog post/pastiche, than article proper, and incredibly similar to what Phil presents here.

    You can be 100% certain the DeBalsio image is “created.” An amateurish attempt at best. Simply look at the right arm – obviously disproportionate.

    In the local news report about the Patriots logo, one of the Southern California designers of “Flying Elvis” calls Pat Patriot “the world’s ugliest logo.” I didn’t think it was possible, but I now hate the Flying Elvis logo even more than I did before.

    Pat Patriot violated just about all the accepted rules of logo design. It was, nonetheless, a hugely successful logo. Which doesn’t invalidate the rules, but it does illustrate that the rules can be transcended.

    We probably shouldn’t hope to see Pat Patriot return, because he would inevitably be modernized to have a simpler form with bolder shapes and color blocks. Which would be a terrible logo. If, instead, Pat Patriot could be redrawn as more of a regular woodcut-style illustration, preserving the density of detail while simplifying the overall form, that would be terrific. It would satisfy most of the principles of logo design Pat Patriot violates without sacrificing the charming complexity and anachronism of the thing. A woodcut-style Pat Patriot could be very detailed in appearance while being much easier to reproduce at different scales in different media.

    For my tastes, I suspect the currently accepted rules of logo design are a primary reason I’ve barely seen a new sports logo I’ve liked in years. Far better to have an evocative, fun, full-of-life logo like Pat Patriot (or the Mets’ fantastic logo) that, yes, presents some logistical challenges, than the lifeless, leaden logos we accept today. For all the grandstanding and chest-thumping uniform suppliers do these days, I’d like to see them apply their considerable talents to minimizing the logistical challenges of classic sports traditions than giving us the same old dreary, hostile designs we’ve now seen hundreds of times over.

    I’d view anything other than the original Pat Patriot with a lot of trepidation, though I’d much rather see your suggestion, a woodcut-style adaptation, than a continuation of the dreaded Flying Elvis.

    I never understood the Pat Patriot love. I hated it when it existed. I hated it when it was a throwback. I hate it now. Does that mean Flying Elvis is great? No. But it’s a million times better looking than Pat is or could be even if it’s brought back and modernized. Pat and the Patriots in those old red uniforms need to stay in the past. The Patriots should be in blue and should never bring Pat back.

    While I have a certain fondness for Pat Patriot, I remember being thrilled when the Patriots unveiled the Space Elvis logo in the early 1990s along with the blue jerseys and silver helmets. And 20+ years later, the new logo holds up as well as the day it was unveiled.

    Franklin Field also hosted some USFL playoff games when the Phillies were scheduled to play at the Vet.

    Sorry, the link doesn’t appear to be working. Here’s link to the page with the photo gallery of the game: link

    My post is more in reference to the stark contrast of a usual Bulls/Pistons game which is awash with bright red and blue. Your example references their standard uniforms and isn’t quite as unusual.

    Nets/Spurs from last night, with San Antonio wearing their new black-numbered alts.

    At least the Spurs know how to properly outline. Can’t really call those stealth numbers.

    I don’t know that I’d want to try reading those Spurs numbers from the upper bowl, though.

    Those new Spurs alts fit right in with the current alt pattern. They look like they should be practice jerseys.

    IMO Okie State and Oregon State have consistently been among the best-dressed teams in CFB for the past few years. A refreshing contrast to the wacky excesses of the likes of UCLA.

    The shoes shown with the (sleeveless!) Christmas uniforms are all Adidas (D Rose 6, Rose 773, & Crazy 8) models, so the players wearing other brands will sport some other colors, though also “holiday themed.” Maybe black patent leather with white fur to pay tribute to Santa’s boots.

    Interesting choice by Illinois to wear navy-white-navy in their game against Penn State in white-navy-white. The orange numbers do help provide a little more contrast, but why not wear their orange helmets and/or pants?

    I’d rather see Georgia in red and Florida in blue but the blew the chance to go Black vs Orange today. Bummer. Florida could’ve at least broke out the Orange pants. I know that looks is somewhat “bad luck” or something as is Georgia in black. But what better day to end a curse

    Clemson-NC State blew it too. Damn. If you’re going to gimmick and wear special costumes at least have a decent enough reason for it like today allows.

    “In 1960 on the day after Christmas, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Packers 17-13 for the NFL Championship.”


    The NFL Championship being played on the day after Christmas. This year’s Super Bowl 50 is on February 7, 2016!!!!

    Miss the old days.

    On top of that, the game was played on a Monday and the kickoff was at Noon, because Franklin Field at that time had no lights and the NFL and NBC were fearful that if the game needed sudden-death overtime, the game could’ve been suspended due to darkness. In Philly, sunset on 12/26 is roughly at 4:45.

    am I the only one who has a disdain for the “Hallowe’en” spelling? I get that it’s correct but it’s just tacky, especially since it goes against the grain of 95% of other spellings.

    more like 99.99999%

    seriously. i can’t say for certain, but i’m pretty sure this is the only place i’ve seen it typed that way.

    Thank you! For years it’s been spelled like that on this site and I’ve never seen it anywhere else. Why is it here? Just to go against the grain?

    Associated Press Stylebook calls for it to be “Halloween,” so you won’t see the word spelled another way in most places.

    I like the Xmas Day NBA unis. However they look more “natural” for the teams ending in “s”–sorry, Heat and Thunder.

    Here’s the original release about Michigan Tech’s new hockey sweaters. Key quote: “The jersey, which is based on the design of the white Boston Bruins jersey…”

    Why? What’s the connection between Michigan Tech and the Bruins?


    Duke-Miami and Texas Tech-Oklahoma State had a chance for a nice black vs orange matchup and both ruined it when the visiting teams went full stormtrooper.
    I HATE the stormtrooper look every week but come on! Just one week out of the year you can’t go with all the extra orange?

    The lady’s son has a serious peanut allergy. It’s sad but a condition he something he must learn to live with. Lots of people do. Why is she preaching to her neighbors? Maybe just say to her boy “son, you have a peanut allergy and you can’t go trick or treating. Sorry but life isn’t always fair”. It’s usually pretty annoying when a small minority of people attempt to impose there will on a much larger group.

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