Gear up for the 2020 MLB Season with new gear from Nike

Designing Minds, Volume VII

By Phil Hecken

Every so often, as a lede, I will run a set of uniform and/or logo concepts from a single designer that are either so good, so innovative, or so special that they deserve to be set apart from the normal “Concepts” section.

Normally these concepts fall squarely into those designed on . . . → Read More: Designing Minds, Volume VII

Pump It Up

Toward the end of eighth grade, I took the New York State Regents Exam for algebra. A few days later, my math teacher told our class that three of us had aced the exam and gotten a score of 100 — “Miss Imhof, Mr. Baker, and Mr. Lukas.” Upon hearing my name, I turned . . . → Read More: Pump It Up

New England Road Trip Report

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That’s me and my friend Aimee last Friday afternoon, aboard the Lake Champlain car ferry from Plattsburgh, New York, to Grand Isle, Vermont, part of a six-day, 900-mile New England road trip that we just wrapped up on Tuesday.

We began last Thursday by driving north from . . . → Read More: New England Road Trip Report

‘When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It’: R.I.P., Yogi Berra

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Hey there. I’m back after a six-day road trip (more on that soon, maybe tomorrow). That trip wouldn’t have been possible, or at least would have been a lot more stressful, if I didn’t have talented and trusted lieutenants to mind the store while I was away. . . . → Read More: ‘When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It’: R.I.P., Yogi Berra