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Miracle on … Grass?

By John Ekdahl

The Rochester Red Wings and Syracuse Chiefs were wearing 1980 USA hockey “Miracle on Ice” jerseys last night. Even the umps got into the act (picture below).

Both teams will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of one of the most iconic moments in sports history by wearing replicas of Team USA’s home and away jerseys worn during the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid, N.Y. Rochester will wear the whites, while Syracuse will be in blue. No one will play the part of the USSR, but the umpires will be dressed as hockey referees.

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It looks like the 49ers are going with black end zones this year.

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Comments (14)

    As I pointed out on Twitter last night, the crew chief in that Red Wings/Chiefs game should’ve had orange armbands.

    It looks like the 49ers are going with black end zones this year.

    Well, I guess they have to try to justify that stupid-ass alternate somehow. You’re not fooling anyone, Niners.

    Shouldn’t Zulgad’s tweet read; “SHEA stadium scoreboard recreated for one night”?

    I’m an idiot. If I had actually looked at the scoreboard I would have figured that out! Thanks for the mild correction.

    Ya know, I prefer those static, simple, scoreboards to the constantly-changing video boards we have today.

    Speaking of Miracle On Ice, instead of minor league baseball uniform knockoffs, you can just buy the REAL DEAL from Jim Craig here link

    Why did the Twins do this when the Mariners were in town, instead of any of the other American League teams that existed in ’65? They could’ve done this with the Rangers, and label them on the scoreboard as the SENATORS! Also, the batting order may have accommodated a DH listing, but I don’t think a scoreboard of that era would have given the batter’s name.

    Perhaps it wasn’t an issue of the opponent, but of the weekend which was best suited to accommodating the honorees — the 65 Twins. The last weekend of July-first weekend of August is a pleasant time to be in the Twin Cities.

    The Umps in the “Miracle on Ice” baseball game are really dressed as linesmen… no orange bands. Would have been a nice touch though.

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