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Marvel Superheroes to Invade the NRL

By John Ekdahl

Marvel-mania has spread down under, it would appear.

Round 21 of the NRL Telstra Premiership will see footy fans and their heroes collide when seven teams align with Marvel to battle it out in Super Hero Round.

To celebrate Super Hero Round, Marvel Super Hero Zones will be set up across five matches (listed below).

Showcasing the Marvel Super Hero icons, the Roosters will wear the Captain America jersey, the Raiders the Hulk, the Cowboys will channel Thor, the Dragons will return to Iron Man and Manly will be Daredevil.

The Knights will channel Spider-Man and Wests Tigers will wear War Machine.

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Manchester United’s 2015/2016 home shirt has been unveiled.

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The Seahawks opened up camp in Paul’s favorite snot green jerseys yesterday.

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Zach Mettenberger’s (pre)season is off to an inauspicious start.

Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger took to the field missing one thing on Friday: an “R.”

The back of the second-year pro’s practice jersey read METTENBEGER, something he didn’t discover until practice was over.

“I didn’t even realize it,” he said with a smile. “Honestly, I don’t see the big deal. It doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t think anyone noticed. They’ll fix it by tomorrow, I’m sure.”

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Texas’ jerseys will add “Texas Fight” Script for 2015.

Texas’ football jerseys for 2015 will feature a special Longhorn phrase.

According to a photo tweeted by Texas wide receivers coach Jay Norvell, there will be “Texas Fight” script on what appears to be the inside of the collar of the Longhorns’ jersey.

Comments (15)

    A twist on yesterday’s QOTD — my brothers and I once had a favorite player traded TO our favorite team. Back in the mid 1960s we moved from Phillies territory to Cardinals territory and never gave up on the Phils as our favorite team, but did adopt Cards catcher Tim McCarver as a favorite player and were amazed when he was traded to our Phils in 1970 (as part of the infamous Curt Flood deal). And after stints with the Expos, Cards (again) and Red Sox, he of course returned to the Phils to catch for Steve Carlton from ’75-80.

    ManU(re)’s new kit isn’t terrible. But as with last year, the sponsor logo is not done well at all. Just a bad use of space with more or less equivalent sized word and Chevy bowtie.

    I will be the first to admit I hate the club with a passion, but I think the point remains as to the logo spacing.

    Their AON-sponsored kits did it well, on the other hand. Letters in white and centred into the space.

    You Yanks need to brace yourselves for uni discussions circa 2025. When “integration of the sponsor logo” becomes a very standard part of the conversation.

    As an aside, I think it is not widely known that the English Premier League has some very specific guidelines for placement and size of sponsor logos. I need to hunt those down, as I remember upon seeing them that it would be an interesting thing to share here.

    You Yanks need to brace yourselves for uni discussions circa 2025. When “integration of the sponsor logo” becomes a very standard part of the conversation.

    When that happens, I stop following sports. I’ll probably be too busy playing Fallout 6 in virtual reality to care anyway.

    We’re not all Yanks. And we Canucks are used to it from junior hockey, still don’t like it though.

    Favorite player traded to your team. My dad can top that because his entire favorite team was traded to his hometown when the Dodgers moved to LA. He still remembers where he was when he heard the news: Listening to the radio while cleaning the attic when he was 16.

    That Roosters/Bulldogs match was epic. If you think you may like League, I recommend it.

    Rugby in general is a fun sport that I wish would get bigger in North America, and the Rugby League set of rules makes the game really exciting. Those kits are an abomination though.

    Whenever I hear or read someone refer to “Lime Green” as “snot green” I generally think two things… 1. Are you 12 years old? and 2. Do you live near a nuclear reactor? Because I’ve never seen snot look “Lime Green” EVER. Snot is generally “yellow-ish white to yellow-ish brown” and NEVER, EVER “Lime Green”.


    The Lime Green Alternates would have worked better with white pants rather than the blue ones they wore them with. The “lime” would have been easier on the eyes because it would have been next to a brighter color.

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