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Power Ranking the Canadian Cities

By Phil Hecken

A couple weeks ago, Paul ranked the best dressed cities in American sports for ESPN. In the Uni Watch comments that day, it was suggested that a Canadian power ranking might be in order — only it would be up to UW readers to create such a beast. My buddy, Mike . . . → Read More: Power Ranking the Canadian Cities

Cowboys Already in Midseason Form

Paul here, making another doubly rare August-weekend appearance.

Remember last year when the Nikelace on some Cowboys jerseys appeared to be tinted blue? The party line at the time — and I got this from ESPN’s Cowboys beat reporter, who got it from the team — was that it was due to blue dye from . . . → Read More: Cowboys Already in Midseason Form

2015-16 NBA Patches Begin to Surface

Paul here. I don’t usually show up on weekends or in August, but I’m providing this weekend’s content because webmaster John Ekdahl, who had been handling the August weekends, just became the proud papa of a baby boy. Congrats to him and his wife, Amy, on the new addition to their family.

So: Some new . . . → Read More: 2015-16 NBA Patches Begin to Surface

Spirit of '76

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By Phil Hecken

Last evening, in what was quite possibly the most eagerly awaited throwback game of the year, the Chicago White Sox turned back the clock to 1976. And it was, for the most part, gloriously garish.

Here’s several game photos: click on any to enlarge.

. . . → Read More: White Sox Throwback to 1976