A Look Back at MLB Teams Wearing White Pants on the Road

Twitter user @JCL513 recently asked me about phenomenon I hadn’t really thought about before: MLB teams wearing white pants on the road.

There are no teams that wear white pants on the road today. But it was surprisingly common in the 1970s and ’80s. The white britches were always paired with solid-colored jerseys. And for […]

Uni Watch Profiles: Travis Radke

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Okay, I know there’s a lot of content on the site today, so you might be tempted to skim past certain parts and focus on the “big name” stuff. But trust me when I say you’re gonna want to read today’s lede item.

The pitcher shown above […]

NFL Going Color vs. Color for Thursday-Night Games

The Packers held their annual shareholders meeting yesterday. They confirmed the legitimacy of the throwback uniform that we discussed here yesterday (it’ll be worn on Oct. 18 against the Chargers), but the real news came from team CEO Mark Murphy, who revealed that the NFL will begin dabbling with color vs. color for its […]

The Packers’ Long-Promised Throwback May Have Leaked [Update: Leak Now Confirmed]

We’ve known since last fall that the Packers would have a new throwback uniform for the upcoming season, but they’ve played very coy about what it would look like and when they’d be unveiling it. Now we may finally have gotten a peek.

A bunch of jersey listings like the one shown at right […]