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Greg Seher Re-imagines MLB Unis

Greg Seher splash 550

By Phil Hecken

Most of those who submit uniforms or tweaks for the “Concepts” section usually only send in one (or two, or five) concepts — but occasionally I’ll receive an entire set of uniforms for a league. That’s what happened with what you’re about to see today.

I got an e-mail recently from Greg Seher, which read as follows:

Hi Phil,

If you’re still looking for some fan made concepts here is a link to an updated version my entire MLB set (you previously shared them back when people we speculating on the Astros rebrand a few years ago).

Anyway, I’ve rendered them in more detail now, and changed a few of them, included some hypothetical expansion teams, as well as some more major changes for teams like Miami, Tampa, and Cleveland.

Thanks for all the good work,

Greg sent me an entire set, which I will link to at the end of this article — but since a good number of them don’t have any *major* changes, I’m just going to show off those that do. What’s most interesting (to me anyway) are the “new” teams he has created for the major leagues — he’s expanded the number of teams to 36, so those are highlighted below as well. Sit back and enjoy (all images can be enlarged by clicking on them). Descriptions of each uniform follow:


charlotte stingers

Charlotte Stingers – If the NBA team didn’t switch back to the Hornets I’d have used it for the baseball team, since that was the name of their team in the Southern League over 100 years ago. Stingers is close enough. Lifted the old NBA team logo and also the Charlotte Bobcats font to create their primary logo, and a good hornets’ nest secondary logo the minor league Knights used once. Green and black is unique for baseball and I think fits well here. The old fashioned pinstripes with button piping works well in contrast to the modern colors and font.

. . . . .

cleveland indians

Cleveland Indians – I agree with the push to dump Chief Wahoo, so the logos are new, basing the primary on their city flag. If they are switching up their identity they might as well move away from the overused navy and red, to maroon and light blue, which worked great for the Phillies back in the 80s. Cream home jersey gives off a good old school vibe for one of the original 16 teams.

. . . . .

indianapolis blues

Indianapolis Blues – It was a little tricky to come up with their name. They’ve had the minor league Indians for years, but obviously that won’t fly with Cleveland. Then you have historical National and Federal League teams Hoosiers and Blues. Since University of Indiana already has the Hoosiers I went with the Blues, even though they are already in the NHL and it is close to the Blue Jays. Royal blue with some navy accents for the colors. Logos are based on the state and city flags.

. . . . .

milwaukee brewers

Milwaukee Brewers – I thought about the old MB ball and glove logo, but I do really like their current cap logo. I think going to yellow instead of gold makes them a little more vibrant. The old jersey fonts are much sharper than the new ones. Also a new logo in a beer keg type design for them.

. . . . .

new york knights

New York Knights – Kind of stealing the name from the Charlotte minor league team, and part of their logo, but it just worked out well allowing me to use the awesome uniforms from The Natural as a template. Changed from the navy and orange in the movie which is too close to the Yankees and Mets to a still old school black and gold, and needless to say had to incorporate the lightning bolt from the movie into the secondary logo. Really they could end being called Brooklyn or New Jersey, but just kept it simple with New York.

. . . . .

portland pioneers

Portland Pioneers – The minor league Beavers is pretty good, but you have Oregon State with that name already, plus Pioneers has an old feeling name and is based on a club from the 1860s. Ideally I’d go with some combo of green, yellow, a light blue from the city flag, which I based the logo on, but you already have those colors in the division with the Athletics and Mariners. So red, black, and orange is unique enough and works. Kept around the beaver logo, I kind of like it even if it doesn’t perfectly mesh with the Pioneer theme, it’s a nod to their baseball history.

. . . . .

san antonio chaps

San Antonio Chaparrals – The current minor league team name Missions just doesn’t do it for me. I really dig the old ABA Chaparrals name. Mashed together the Missions and Chaps logos. A forest green and light blue combo is unique, since most of the old school teams in their division are in the traditional blue/navy/red group.

. . . . .

tampa bay rays

Tampa Bay Rays – I think their current colors work if you make light blue the primary. Changing the font and logo back to the original design makes it more distinct.

. . . . .

washington nationals

Washington Nationals – It is hard to tell if the Nats are supposed to be red or navy blue. I went back through the previous two Washington Senators franchises and blue was their main color most of the time, but then switched to red the last few years in town. So I decided to go with red over navy as the primary. The original Nationals font looks good, and the cream changes them up a bit from the other red and blue/navy teams. Added a new logo that is much less generic than their existing one.


Thanks for the look at those concepts, plus the new teams. If you would like to see the full set, you can click here.

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classic scoreboards splash

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards

I’m pleased to continue with a favorite weekend feature here at Uni Watch, “Classic Ballpark Scoreboards,” which are created by Gary Chanko. You probably know Gary best for his wonderful colorizations, but he has been a solid contributor for many years, and this is his new project. This segment will appear every Saturday on Uni Watch.

Here’s Gary (click on image to enlarge):

. . . . . . . . . .

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards – Series II
by Gary Chanko

Classic Scoreboards journeys to the Bay Area for a look at the Giants initial west coast home ballpark, Seals Stadium.

Seals Stadium_UW

Seals Stadium

Home of: San Francisco Seals (1931-57), Mission Reds (1931-37), San Francisco Giants (1958-59)
First MLB Game Played: April 15, 1958
Last MLB Game Played: September 20, 1959
Demolished and Almost Forgotten: 1959

Located in San Francisco’s Mission District, Seals Stadium was rated among the finest of minor league ballparks of its era. The ballpark was initially home to two minor league teams, San Francisco Seals and the Mission Reds. Oddly it was constructed with three team room facilities, one for each of the minor league teams plus the visiting team.

The ballpark was the home of the San Francisco Giants during their first two seasons after relocation to the west coast in 1958. Original plans called for the Giants to play only one year in Seals Stadium.

Because the Giants occupancy was so temporary, no major renovations were made to Seals Stadium. An estimated $75,000 was spent to add left field bleachers, repaint, move in the outfield fences, and increase the lighting output. The lack of upgrades was particularly the case for the 30-feet high, manual scoreboard in centerfield. The display was limited to the game line scores for the National League. The only electronics appear to be ball-strike-out indicators.

Looking back at what happened with Candlestick Park, some say the Giants would have been better off staying downtown or simply improving Seals Stadium. There were plans prepared for a downtown ballpark, but lacked the necessary political support. A good overview of previous San Francisco failed stadium concepts can be read here.

This scoreboard graphic depicts the Giants first game in Seals Stadium played on April 15, 1958, an 8-0 shutout of their new west coast rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A Few Things to Know

• Seals Stadium never had an outfield warning track!

• 1946 ballpark improvements included a Plexiglas backstop – a baseball first! It didn’t last. Noise of balls clanking off the solid material and glare caused the return of traditional netting.

• The highest game attendance, 23,192 occurred during the Giants first game in Seals Stadium. If you were there, you would have seen Orlando Cepeda hit his first Major League career home run.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If anyone is interested in purchasing a digital copy of these posters, Gary is working on an online purchase option. In the interim you can contact him directly at

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colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Just one today.

A couple of days ago, Paul ran this photo gallery of Steelers football in the ticker. Intrepid reader Brian Forosisky decided to try his hand at colorizing this photo from that set.

nfl_mezz_1280_1024_COLORIZED - Brian Forosisky

Hey Paul & Phil,

Big fan. Thought I’d take a stab at colorizing one of those sweet Steelers training camp images. This one was screaming for it.

Brian Forosisky

. . .

That’s it for today — but hey colorizers — there are some great shots in that gallery, if anyone wants to take a stab at some of the others.

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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Star Wars night tops for the Clinton Lumberkings June 20th (h/t Evan Kenney). … Here’s a look at the new road uniforms for the Brooklyn Cyclones for the ’15 season. Brooklyn opens the 2015 season one week from yesterday at SI (via MiLB Promos). … Here’s a look at some bat knob decals for Notre Dame (thanks to Warren Junium). … Paul had a great lede yesterday with the MLB 4th of July unis, and a Minnesota paper has penned an article entitled “Making a buck on the flag” which echoes Paul’s thoughts. Also weighing in on the flag-themed unis is the Washington Post (thanks to Tommy Turner). … Has adidas invented a better baseball bat? adidas thinks so. … Check out the jerseys to be worn by the Potomac Nationals for their Star Wars game tomorrow (h/t MiLB Promos). More from MiLB: what if the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders were still the SWB Yanks? They were, last night. … Next Friday (6/19) – Ugly Sweater Jerseys as the Lakewood BlueClaws celebrate Halfway to the Holidays! Plus post-game fireworks too! (via Lakewood BlueClaws). … Speaking of ugly sweaters, check out what the South Maryland Blue Crabs wore last night (h/t Greg Jensen. … More from MiLB Promos: The Daytona Tortugas wore some terrapin jerseys last night, which they’re auctioning off for charity. … Yesterday marked the 45th Anniversary of the no hitter Dock Ellis pitched on acid (h/t Marty Hick). If you haven’t seen this No-mas video commemorating the event, do yourself a favor and watch it now (h/t TRiCKETT). … Here’s the uniform patch that will be worn by all teams in the College World Series (h/t The Emblem Source). … There are a few things wrong with this jersey, spotted at the SD County Fair yesterday. “78 Winfield” “85 style” “red & black”. Wow. (h/t RJ’s Fro). … Oooohhh, check out this 1977 This Week In Baseball video (from 06-14-77). Says submitter Kevin Clark, “Go to the 13:27 mark to see the Giants in orange jerseys and sanitaries with white spikes. Go to the 17:30 mark to see the Royals playing in Milwaukee wearing blue Brewers jerseys.” … This 2015 College World Series Preview includes “Weird Uniforms.” … “(Yester)day’s Uni-watch on the upcoming July 4 uniforms for the A’s reminded me that this year looks like a version of what the A’s uniforms wore from 1998-2001 on July 4 home games (Before all teams did it),” writes Richard Palmoa. “NOTE: In 2001, they had Oakland on the home white in navy with red outline. I also recall the A’s asked MLB if they could wear the jerseys for home games after 9/11 but were rejected.” … The Cedar Rapids Kernels will wear these jerseys you can bid on at the game (via MiLB Promos). … If you thought Clark the Cub is a bad mascot, wait till you see the mascot from 1988 Iowa Cubs (thanks to Arrin Williams). … Fansided has decided to do a Major League Baseball uniform power rankings. Hmmmm, I wonder where they ever got that idea. Even the title sounds eerily similar. … Got two neat old photos from Phil Lawson: Carlton Fisk with the Waterloo Hawks and an old one of the Tri City Triplets or Leeks outta NC near Greensboro. Also from Phil, here’s a real old Tri City Triplets photo. You can see even more photos here.

NFL/Football News: The Jacksonville Jaguars have done some crazy shit with their stadium over the past couple of years, so now they’re building a house on their stadium grounds. … Looks like the Denver Broncos have lots of hats they can wear at training camp. … Crossover? A DIY Red Sox helmet? Sure, why not (h/t Mike Davis). … Do we need to add another acronym to the UW lexicon? Check out this POB jersey (“Pronounciation On Back”), a great spot by Mr. Nurfsen). Or perhaps there’s more to the story (thanks to RJ’s Fro). … You know those awesome socks the Stillers wear with their “bumblebee” throwbacks? Turns out they aren’t really socks at all (thanks Ryan Connelly). … NFL punter Andy Lee is changing his number to 8 to honor his daughter, who lived just 8 days. … Check out this great Sticker Album: 1984-85 Jeno’s Pizza NFL Helmets (h/t PressRoomGFS). … Look at this awesome uni matchup between the Rams & Falcons (h/t RN’s Funhouse). … New matte helmets for SUNY Buffalo? (via Andrew Schmitt).

NBA News: If you’re into the Celtics, then Phil Lawson has a bunch of cool photos for you: here’s a shot of Larry Bird and Dave Cowens; also from Phil: a comparison of Celtics uniforms from different eras. Finally, here’s a photo of Cox Falcons VA Beach 1965 unis.

Soccer News: Whoops. It seems as though the nation of Chad had arrived in Nigeria without jerseys, ahead of this weekend’s 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against the Super Eagles, because their training kits and equipment was left behind by the airline in France. … “Italy and Croatia played in an empty stadium,” says Erik Bogh. “We were shocked when this happened in Baltimore, but apparently this happens 3-4 times a year in Europe. Usually not in such a high profile game though.” … If you’re going to paint yourself in a USA “bomb pop” jersey, you better make sure you include the fucking swoosh (via US Soccer WNT).

Grab Bag: “As I was reading (yester)day’s ”˜Skins Watch entry it occurred to me that I don’t recall ever seeing anything about the Iroquois Nationals on Uni Watch,” writes Kevin Mueller. “As you know lacrosse has deep Native Americans roots, with many of the top players coming from the Six Nations. The Iroquois Nationals is the only internationally sanctioned Native American team ”“ they have played under the sanction of the Federation of International Lacrosse since 1987, and have competed in the World Championships since 1990. (interesting side note ”“ they were refused entry to the 2010 Worlds in Great Britain, which refused to accept their Iroquois Confederacy passports). They took 3rd in the 2014 tournament.” … Here’s a look at the 10 Year anniversary logo for the DC Circulator, or as John Muir says, “Or, this underwhelming image that could assumed to be a logo.” … Golfer Rory McIlroy just increased his jersey collection by three (thanks to Alex Bauer), who adds, “Interesting to see a golfer get football and basketball jerseys. They also have the new Bucks jersey.” … Reader Rick Deemer noticed this Bauer logo on a pizza place while driving in Buffalo yesterday. … “Just wanted to give you a heads up about Phoenix International Raceway’s track renaming for Jeff Gordon,” writes Aimee Dulebohn. “The official logo is attached.” Here’s a more on that. … “I noticed that Ryan Smith of the Chicago Wildfire (of the AUDL) wears his first initial after his last name (Smith R instead of the more common R Smith),” says Alex Rubin. “Thought you might find that interesting.”

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And that’s all for today. Everyone have a great Saturday and I’ll catch you guys tomorrow. Thanks to Greg and Gary and Brian, and everyone who submitted for the ticker via e-mail or Twitter.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Why is there blue on the Giants (4th of July) jersey? This is totally wrong. Blue is the color of the bad guys. I’m super mad. Why does MLB hate America? Why is MLB letting the terrorists win?”

— GiantSteps

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Comments (33)

    NOB snippet from the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada – Cameroon defender Cathy Bou Ndjouh has “Cathy” as her NOB – the only Cameroon player to use their first name as their NOB.

    Paul Lukas took another pounding this week in the Uni-Watch comment sections, hitting the lowest point since the blog’s inception in 2006 . Paul’s been hit especially hard since his creation of the “Pandering” shirt and accusations of selling out, and this Uni-watcher thinks it’s time to speak up for Lukas as the most generous, and possibly the least-appreciated, blogger in all the world.

    As long as six years ago, when I first started to read Uni-watch, I read of corporate douchebaggery instilled in pro and college uniforms by Nike and Adidas. Well who rushed in with articles to bring it to our attention? Paul Lukas did, that’s who.
    He has helped bring awareness to outfits worn by Curlers and Bowlers around the world. Today, a pro football team is being racially insensitive to Native Americans and the league’s own commissioner stands by with his thumb up his ass while Uni-Watch shares the pulse of the common man and woman on this issue with articles from around the USA where a stance is being taken against the term “Redskin”. Germany, Japan, and to a lesser extent, Britain and Italy, have had their Olympic and World Cup Uniform ideas shared by Lukas who poured in hours of time and effort on their projects. None of those countries is today paying even the interest on their debt to Uni-watch for the free publicity provided.

    When the Jerry Dior was in danger of not being credited with the creation of Major League Baseball’s distinctive silhouetted batter logo, it was the Lukas who propped him up, and his reward was to be insulted and swindled on his own blog when he sold Uni-Watch smartphone cases. And I was there — I saw that. When the Uni-Curious want free content to read and a free place to post their drivel , it’s Uni-Watch that provides the content and the safe haven of the comment section. So far this spring, the comment section has averaged more than 100 comments a day. How many have said thanks?

    The Membership Cards, the Jackie Robinson Uni-watch tee, the Uni-watch decals, and even all the Zazzle merch all pumped thousands upon thousands of dollars into the economy. And now, the purchasers of these items as well as those who suck on the teet of free content are writing about the decadent, money-grubbing hayseed Paul Lukas.

    Now, I’d like to see just one of those countries that is gloating over the erosion of the Paul’s sould build their own website/blog. Come on now, you, let’s hear it. Do any of you have the writing ability equal to PermaRec, “Inconspicuous Consumption: An Obsessive Look at the Stuff We Take for Granted”, or the Forewords? If so, why don’t you share them? Why do all Uniform leaks make their way to Uni-Watch? Why does no other uniform blogger on earth even consider banning the color purple?

    You talk about Japanese technocracy and you get radios. You talk about German technocracy and you get automobiles. You talk about Uni-watch technocracy and you find fully functional stamps, not just one, but a sheet of 20 for sale right here ( link ) . You talk about scandals and Paul puts his right in the store window for everybody to look at (link ) .

    When the Uni-Watch gets out of this bind — and it will — who could blame Paul if he said “the hell with the rest of the world. Let somebody else post free content. Let somebody else argue about flag desecration, BFBS, or try to teach soccer fans why soccer doesn’t matter.”

    When stirrups were being worn incorrectly and MLBers were wearing their pants like pajama bottoms, it was Uni-Watch who showed them the error of their ways. When Uni-Watch tried that insane format where the page was split in half, it was Paul who listened to our feedback and returned the website to the proper format.

    Paul, Phil and Mike have faced it alone, and I’m one Uni-Watcher who is damned tired of hearing them kicked around. They’ll come out of this thing with their stirrups worn high. And when they do, they’re entitled to thumb their noses at the trolls that are gloating over their present troubles. I hope you are not one of these. But there are many smug, self-righteous Uni-Watchers on this blog.

    good catch, Phil. Gordon’s original is classic.

    i wish I could edit this:

    “Now, I’d like to see just one of those countries that is gloating over the erosion of the Paul’s sould build their own website/blog.”

    into this

    “Now, I’d like to see just one of those hypocrites that is gloating over the erosion of the Paul’s soul build their own website/blog.”

    I did the whole rewrite on my phone so proofreading was not as solid as it deserved.

    I, for one, am quite grateful. Without Uni Watch, I’d have no venue for my gloating, smugness or self-righteousness.

    Well, besides maybe

    From the Seher concepts: The Tampa Bay original wordmark, which I don’t miss at all, looks nice when rendered in only two colors, and skewed from from near-rectangular to much more of a parallelogram.

    The Seher concepts are okay, when viewed as a group. I think it breaks down when you try to apply common principles across the entire project. Plus, I think baseball especially demands more appreciation to the respective teams’ histories. A script “White Sox” doesn’t have the historical cache that the “Sox” monogram does. An orange Orioles cap???

    Yeah, these designs are kinda hit-and-miss.

    Anyone else think that the capital ‘K’ on the New York Knights white jersey looks like a big jagged ‘X’?

    I kinda like the Portland Pioneers, though. Good name, nice uniform, and a cool mascot.

    The Chaparrals would be better with the primary logo on the sleeve over that secondary.

    Agree with the hit or miss.
    In general, I noticed too many logos that are round or diamond shaped.

    Not specifically a comment on Seher’s concepts since many major league and other sports do this to some extent – some as much as he has, but it brought this to mind:
    Is it my hockey upbringing or just my own personal quirk that has me wondering what is the point of a primary logo and just how ‘primary’ is it if it doesn’t appear anywhere on the players’ uniforms? In my mind the uniform is the primary spot – not what’s used around the venue, not the fan merchandise, not the team letterhead.

    Yeah, the Stillers. They play in the same state as the Iggles. It’s a Pennsylvania thing. Don’t try to understand it, just accept that those people are strange.

    Don’t know where Phil Lawson got ‘Leeks’ from. That link shows the tri-cities of Leaksville-Spray-Draper, now Eden, NC (check your Miller label).

    Of interest to me were the nods to tobacco in the Danville Leafs and Reidsville Luckies. Reidsville was the longtime home of American Tobacco, makers of Lucky Strikes. #LSMFT

    After seeing this years disaster of July 4th uniforms, the A’s unis look really good.

    I could definitely get behind July 4th unis if what the A’s did were “standard”, though gray for the visiting team would be a must.


    All of the 2015 July 4th unis look awful including this years version of the A’s unis.
    The A’s uniforms I was referring to that I liked and weren’t pandering were the 98 – 2001 uniforms.

    Simple red white and blue. No “how can we jam the flag in people’s faces”. It’s simple slightly understated and most folks would get it
    I would much rather see what the A’s did than what MKB is doing this year.

    Fair enough… I guess I skimmed through the ticker a little bit too quickly and didn’t notice that. I still think even that was unnecessary, but it does look better than the “stars-n-stripes” stuff we’ve had to endure.

    Those old A’s Forth of July uniforms reminded me of the script jerseys they wore link Here’s a Topps card with the colors off so they appearlink

    Italiy and Croatia played a closed-door match yesterday due to past incidents of fan misbehavior.

    All well and good yesterday, except for the fact someone mowed a swastika into the pitch.

    All well and good yesterday, except for the fact someone mowed a swastika into the pitch.

    They were just wishing all the players good luck.


    Always enjoy the Classic Ballpark Scoreboards. If die-hard SF fans really want to find a piece of Seals Stadium that the can see and touch, they need to make a pilgrimage to Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, Washington. The funky erector set-like light standards were shipped up when Seals Stadium was demolished, and are still in use.


    I (10 years old) was at the Dock Ellis no-hit game against the Padres; I also was at the game 5 days later when Bob Gibson came within four outs of no-hitting them again.

    If it hasn’t been mentioned before: be sure to watch the Doc-umentary about the legendary LSD game (it’s about a lot more than that, of course). Very entertaining guy and very entertaining documentary.

    When I look at the photo of Dave Cowens and Kevin Garnett in the Celtics uniforms, all I can think is how sloppy today’s players look.

    NOT new helmets for Buffalo (or SUNY Buffalo, or whatever they think we should call them). Had matte in black and blue last season.

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