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Designing For The Women’s World Cup

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By Phil Hecken

As many of you are aware, the Women’s World Cup is taking place in Canada this summer (June 6 through July 5), and unlike in the Men’s version, the United States actually has a chance to win. It hasn’t been around as long as the Men’s tournament, and it’s not as prestigious, but it’s still some high quality women’s soccer. If you’re interested in the short history, click here. The US Ladies won two of the first three tournaments (including in 1999 as host, which included the Brandi Chastain moment, which put women’s soccer on the map for many), and was runner-up in the last one.

A few weeks (ok, about 2 months) ago, I received a bunch of concepts from Saurel Jean, Jr., who posts in the comments as “El Duderino,” for the Women’s World Cup. I try to run the concepts in the order they’re received, and if there as many (and as high quality) as what you’re about to see, then I’ll try to feature them as a lede.

El Duderino didn’t provide too much of a backstory/set up with these, but you’ll get the idea pretty quickly. I’ll just leave you with his short writeup, and then run the concepts below that. Click any image to enlarge. Enjoy!

. . . . . . . . . .


I decided to tackle the FIFA Women’s World Cup as my first uniform design project. I made primary and secondary sets (w/ auxiliary items in case of possible clash) for all the competing countries except Canada.The primary sets correspond with the font color of the country’s name. I also have an attachment where I have all the group stage matches worked out.

El Duderino

. . .


. . .



. . .



. . .



. . .



. . .



. . .


Costa Rica:

. . .



. . .



. . .



. . .



. . .


Ivory Coast:

. . .



. . .



. . .



. . .


New Zealand:

. . .



. . .



. . .


South Korea:

. . .



. . .



. . .



. . .



. . .


United States:

. . . . . . . . . . .

Nice job, El! Great stuff. OK, readers, what do you think?


EPL Tracker

Each Saturday or Sunday, Alex Gerwitz will be tracking the kit combinations (shirt/shorts/socks) of the teams in the English Premier League from the previous weekend and the current weekend.

Here is the EPL tracker for Weeks 30 & 31 (click to enlarge):

EPL Tracking Weeks 31 & 32


T-Shirt Club reminder: The Uni Watch T-Shirt Club’s latest limited-edition design, jointly inspired by Cinco de Mayo and the Brewers’ “Cerveceros” jerseys, is available from now through Monday. Full details here, or go directly to the ordering page.


USFL splash

LAST CALL For The Latest Contest

In case you missed it or were distracted by Paul’s ESPN contest to design a uniform for the future Las Vegas hockey design, Jim Vilk & I are hosting another uniform re-design contest on UW.

You can read the full details here, but basically the idea is to “free up the great names, colors and logos of the USFL and reuse them” for other teams in current leagues — all teams/leagues are open (except football, since the USFL was a football league).

I’ve received a few submissions over the past week and a half, but not the usual number I receive for a contest such as this. If I don’t receive any more, I’ll just run all the ones I did receive in one contest. The deadline is April 15th, so you still have time to get your concepts in.


Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: On Friday night, there was an epic hosiery battle going on in Oakland (from Spencer Cooper). … “NESN is the channel that broadcasts the Red Sox games, and they have a lot of stupid commercials, including one where a guy fakes sick and calls in to work for the home opener every year,” writes Stephen Hayes. “This commercial shows him doing this in 1998, however the screen grab attached has a Red Sox logo in the background that wasn’t used until 2009.” … The Phils AA squad in Reading has seemingly replaced the navy blue ostrich caps with the red the ‘F-fist’ logo, reports Michael Trautman. “(I)t’s a plus considering how little navy blue is actually in their home uni. They look so much better! How they used to look. And here’s the (formerly alternate) cap in navy blue.” … Here’s your First Look at the Toledo MudHens Veterans Appreciation Jerseys coming 5/23 (thanks to MiLB Promos). … I got three really awesome old photos from Bruce Menard (who else?) that need to be seen: April 12, 1950 – 87 yr old Connie Mack in a full A’s uniform!; also 1912 (April 11) Cincinnati Reds >Opening of the New NL Ballpark Panoramic. At the time it was renamed Redland Field, wouldn’t become Crosley until 1934. Bruce enhanced the color a bit, made the grass green; and, April 12th, 1909 Opening Day Program Washington Senators vs NY Highlanders, featuring Walter Johnson on the cover. Just awesome, Bruce! … “This always bugs me,” says Pat Costello. “Since Fordham baseball and football share a field the logo on the 50 is awkwardly placed in left center. It’s very strange looking.”

College Football News: I’m not entirely sure what this Autism-themed jersey is for — but submitter Clark Ruhland is a big Virginia Tech guy, so maybe it’s for them. … Joining the anthracite-for-anthracite’s-sake brigade is the Purdue Boilermakers (from Rob). … Here’s another look at the TCU Horned Frogs’ new uniforms, with mis-matched pants, which look much better (h/t Sam Parnell). It also looks like they may have a gray helmet as well.

Hockey News: The Syracuse Crunch Hockey Team honored the 60th anniversary of the Syracuse Nationals NBA Championship, notes Rick DiRubbo. The players were never given rings when they won 60 years ago so the Crunch gave them rings and also a piece of the original court they played on.

Grab Bag: “This is an 2 or 3 year old photo gallery on the Tribune website, but I don’t remember if it ever hit the Uni Watch ticker” writes Joshua Held. “It just bubbled up on a Northwestern forum, because it’s got quite a few sports photos included. The 1869 baseball team!” … “Not sure if this is corporate douchebaggery,” writes Douglas Ford, “But my local dunkin donuts topped some donuts with the Atlanta Braves’ “A”; also not sure if I screwed up that apostrophe.” … From Brinke we have this: What Women Used to Wear to Play Sports. … From the New York Times, Paul sends this 10 Sports Prizes Stranger Than the Masters’ Green Jacket. He adds, “The coat is one of the most coveted prizes in sports. Unusual? Yes, but it does not even make the top 10 when it comes to the strange things presented to the winners of other events.”


That will do it for today — due to traveling, I apologize there is not a full ticker. Big uni stuff ahead with the Army and Bucks unveilings tomorrow, and then the Browns on Tuesday.

Everyone have a great week. Peace


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    No its not corporate douchebaggary. It’s a corporate sponser 2 way street, since I’m sure the braves advertise dunkin donuts so dunkin donuts shows they are a supportive sponser by having boxes with the atlanta braves logo on it, along with donuts. Both the braves and dunkin donuts like to make money, crazy I know.
    Unless it really upsets someone that their precious dunkin donuts box has a braves logo on it lol.

    Other than trying to make South Korea look like most of South America (red/blue/gold), I like the concepts. Very nice.

    That may be one old Braves/Dunkin box. I thought the “Time To Make The Donuts” campaign ended in the 90’s. List it on ebay and maybe it will make the Collector’s Corner on Tuesday!

    Germany women’s looks different in real life


    And the Spain evokes memories of the men’s 94 world cup kit


    Weird, WordPress appears to be mangling the 300×243 part of the url into a mathematical equation

    link should work

    The soccer concepts are generally rather good; sone of the tweakings of team badges a bit less so (but not too bad). Not really a fan of the U.S. Concept badge, even though we all know that U.S. Soccer desperately needs a new one.

    That Red Sox logo in the commercial has been around forever. Maybe it wasn’t an official team logo at the time, but it was in general use.

    “On Friday night, there was an epic hosiery battle going on in Oakland.”

    I have mixed feelings about this. The stripes are nice, but let’s take a closer look.


    We have one player with either no stirrups, or stirrups so low that they aren’t visible. Then we have another who appears to be wearing green stirrups with green sanis…and that’s just really puzzling to me.

    Nice WWC concepts.

    Although, there is no reason for Sweden not to wear their primary kit against the US in the second game.

    It will be interesting to see if FIFA is as strict about enforcing non-matching shorts as they have been in the past few years.

    Not to nitpick but there should be a space between “Mud” and “Hens.” Such a small detail but it’s an error I see all of the time.

    Missing from the strange prize list:
    Rolex Daytona Watch-24 Hours of Daytona
    Sword-NASCAR Race at Bristol
    Six Shooters and Cowboy Hats-Texas Motor Speedway

    Autism jerseys for the Philly Soul Arena Football team. For today’s home opener I believe. Randell is the backup QB who went to Va Tech.

    Fantastic job by El Duderino. All are solid designs, and he’s given Germany back their black shorts and green 2nd kit and England back their blue shorts, which is the way it should be, in my opinion. I like the England blue kit (nice look), and I especially like the US font. One small criticism – Norway looks too much like the US. But all in all, solid stuff – good job!

    The Lightning had to add the Playoffs logo to their ice early, owing to a concert at Amalie this Wednesday:

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