Gear up for the 2020 MLB Season with new gear from Nike

Who's Up For A Cold One?

By Phil Hecken

As the cold days of winter (and especially February for most of this country) draw to a close, our thoughts are not quite on baseball, football is becoming a distant memory, the NCAA tourney is still a few weeks off and hockey and hoops are just coming into focus. And a . . . → Read More: Who’s Up For A Cold One?

Just in Time for March

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As you know, it’s physically impossible — impossible! — for a college basketball team to wear its normal uniform during the postseason. With that in mind, Adidas released a bunch of March Madness uniforms yesterday. As you can see above, the . . . → Read More: Just in Time for March

Another Grey Area

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GFGS may be silly, but sometimes it doesn’t look so bad. Take those new Baylor football unis from yesterday’s Ticker, for example — ridiculous but not unattractive.

But there’s no way — or at least no way I’m aware of — to make gray and orange look . . . → Read More: Another Grey Area

A Token of Appreciation

Photo by Brett Carlsen for The New York Times; click to enlarge

So here’s a new one. If a Mets player suffers a major injury — not a sprained ankle or a sore hammy, but something that keeps the player on the shelf for months and requires significant rehab time . . . → Read More: A Token of Appreciation