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No Play for Mr. Gray — But Long Live Mr. Grey!

Gray plays a prominent role in the uni-verse. Baseball teams wear road grays; college football and basketball teams are increasingly prone to having gray alternate unis in their wardrobes; NFL teams like to annoy The Jeff by wearing gray facemasks; the L.A. Kings’ new Stadium Series uniform has a lot of gray; and so . . . → Read More: No Play for Mr. Gray — But Long Live Mr. Grey!

Monday Morning Uni Watch

As I’m sure most of you know by now, two New York City police officers were murdered on Saturday. Within hours, a Congressman from Long Island was suggesting that pro and college sports teams should wear NYPD patches in memory of the two New York police officers who were murdered on Saturday. To my . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch

The NBA on Christmas Day...What Could Have Been (and may someday be)

By Phil Hecken

I receive lots of uniform concepts from readers, and I do try to get every one of them shown on Uni Watch at some point — some are so good as to deserve the lede, while others fall into the “Uni Concepts/Tweaks” section. Some are timely. Today, the concepts are both . . . → Read More: The NBA on Christmas Day…What Could Have Been (and may someday be)

Let's Go Bowling (Part I)

By Phil Hecken

The College Bowl Season begins today, so that means it’s time to take a look at the teams’ involved and to try to pick a winner, based upon the uni. I usually go about .500 in picking bowl games by unis, and in the past, my strategy has been to try . . . → Read More: Let’s Go Bowling (Part I)