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Let's Go Bowling (Part II)

By Phil Hecken

OK, kids, the second “half” of the Bowl season kicks off today, and I’m back to predict all the winners based on uniform — if you missed Part I, click here. The strategy this year is pretty simple: I’ll use an entire team’s body of work for the season, including multiple . . . → Read More: Let’s Go Bowling (Part II)

A Look at The NBA's Christmas Day Uniforms

Greetings, and happy Boxing Day! The NBA’s Christmas present to America was certainly better this year than in 2013 or ’12, but it was nonetheless a mixed bag. I’m not opposed to using first names as NOBs per se, and I’m not opposed to drop-down NOBs either (although both are obviously just “Because we . . . → Read More: A Look at The NBA’s Christmas Day Uniforms

‘Ha-ha, you’re dead!’

As longtime readers are well aware, Santa has always given me the creeps, so I’m happy to report that he met his demise last night. Too much booze while driving the sleigh? Long-overdue reindeer mutiny? Not sure, but whatever — the old geezer’s finally dead (not to be confused with his death last year . . . → Read More: ‘Ha-ha, you’re dead!’

Not Quite the Shroud of Turin, but It’ll Do

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Stopped in at a local pizza joint yesterday, got myself a slice, and sat down with it at a table, where I seasoned it the way I always do: a layer of red pepper flakes followed by a layer of oregano. Then I dug in. A few . . . → Read More: Not Quite the Shroud of Turin, but It’ll Do