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The NBA on Christmas Day…What Could Have Been (and may someday be)

NBA Xmas Day

By Phil Hecken

I receive lots of uniform concepts from readers, and I do try to get every one of them shown on Uni Watch at some point — some are so good as to deserve the lede, while others fall into the “Uni Concepts/Tweaks” section. Some are timely. Today, the concepts are both timely AND deserve to be seen as the lede.

I received a set of concepts a couple of weeks ago from Trent Daniel, who sent them simply with the note, “Here are some NBA Christmas Day uniforms I mocked up. Hope you enjoy!”

Boy, did I ever. I told Trent I’d like to run these on my last post before Christmas and asked him if he’d do a writeup (my boilerplate, “possibly say how you got the idea, how you went about designing them, why you chose sleeves [since this year’s unis won’t have sleeves] and anything else you thing UW might find interesting?”).

Trent was happy to oblige, and while he didn’t provide a writeup for each uniform matchup you’re about to see, I don’t think that’s necessary either — since it’s pretty self-explanatory. So, without further ado, here’s Trent and his fantastic NBA concepts for December 25. Click on any image to enlarge…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christmas Day NBA Uni Concepts
By Trent Daniel

In my opinion, the new 2014 Christmas Day uniforms released by the NBA are far from exciting. I know the sleeved/sleeveless controversy is very split for uni”“lovers, but I found the use of the holiday season to produce these unique sleeved jerseys was a treat. Taking a few special games and adding some flash was fun and enjoyable for fans. This year, the Association seems to be taking a step back from this fad, producing sleeveless jerseys that really don’t differ all that much from what these teams wear every week. I thought it would be fun to use my Adobe Creative Suite to create my own sleeved approach at what could have been for this years five Christmas Day games by adding one overlapping theme: that beautifully atrocious Christmas sweater pattern.

. . .


New York Knicks vs. Washington Wizards

. . .


Oklahoma City Thunder vs. San Antonio Spurs

. . .


Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat

. . .


Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers

. . .


Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Clippers

. . .

My goal for these sets was to give each team its own unique holiday expression while still staying true to the colors and identity that they hold and represent. The colors were chosen to compliment those of the opponent, straying away from the normal home/away color usage and going full color on color for each match”“up.

The pant”“striping pattern was used on each team’s sleeves to add some excitement to that area of the jersey. I also added a small numerical on the bottom left pant (as typically seen on soccer kits) to accommodate for the removal of the numbers on the front of each jersey.

I tried to use as many secondary logos as possible to add to the uniqueness of each set, and shy away from making them closely resemble their normal uniforms like the actual Christmas Day designs do for this year. Lastly, with the colors and logo usage very much contrasting that of the other teams, I wanted to make sure and tie in one overarching theme that ran steadily through each set. The old fashioned ugly Christmas sweater print spreads across the entire torso of each jersey, extending around the arms and never leaving a gap. Each team uses it’s secondary color for this pattern to really make it pop.

I also wanted to tie this design in to the shorts, so just a small area in place of the striping is used to give a bit of flash to the bottoms, accented by the team’s simple secondary logo placed just above.

I had a lot of fun working on these uniforms and taking an idea I had and running with it. I hope you also enjoy these ugly Christmas sweater uni’s, and maybe someday we’ll see Adidas get a little crazy and incorporate something like this for basketball on December 25th.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fantastic concepts, Trent. But he’s not done — he also mocked up how two of the NBA’s biggest stars — LeBron James and Kobe Bryant — would look wearing his creations. Enjoy:

. . .

Lebron James

. . .

Kobe Bryant

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m not a fan of sleeves (as most of us probably are not), but these are pretty cool — I also am not a fan of the shorts being a different color from the jersey — but in this instance, these totally work. I could definitely get behind these costumes for one day! In the words of Jim Vilk, “I’d Wear That!”

OK readers — what do you think?

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(Almost) 100 Years Ago Today…

…a soccer football match (or three) broke out between the Germans and the Allies on Christmas eve of World War I. Maybe.

For any of you historians out there (I’m one), you’re probably well aware that 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the “Great War,” aka “The War to End All Wars” … later to simply become World War I after the powers who fought in the Great War didn’t end all wars. There’s a lot of confusion and misconception about what happened during the early months of the war in 1914, but one thing that is not in dispute is that there was, on many parts of the Western Front (and possibly at least one on the Eastern Front), a truce declared between combatants. According to some, pleasantries and gifts were exchanged amongst both sides, and certainly it was a time when both sides left their trenches and gathered their dead. According to many, Christmas Carols were sung by both sides — with both sides joining in on those carols known to both.

What’s less certain is whether the Germans and the Allies engaged in an impromptu soccer match or two. Probably the best summary of whether or not this did happen comes from Wikipedia, and the History Channel has a great bit on the truce itself (with a mention of the soccer). There have even been recreations of the soccer matches.

I’d like to lean on the side of peace breaking out during the midst of an horrific war and soccer being played. I stumbled upon a fantastic video (actually an ad) the other day which seeks to give a sense of the time, and what may have taken place during those dark days on December 24, 1914. On my last post before Christmas, I thought you might enjoy it — it’s got uniforms and it’s got sports. But it’s really about neither.

No matter what your faith, creed, race, religion, color, etc. etc., and especially after the divisiveness and world events of 2014, I thought this video was a nice way to look back on one of humanity’s finer moments, even if it was fleeting. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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EPL Tracker

Each Saturday or Sunday, Alex Gerwitz will be tracking the kit combinations (shirt/shorts/socks) of the teams in the English Premier League from the previous weekend and the current weekend.

Here is the EPL tracker for Weeks 16 & 17:

EPL Weeks 16 & 17

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UWFFL banner

Birmingham vs Miami

Premier League Games
By Andrew Seagraves

Good Sunday Morning, Uni-watchers!

It is Week 14 of the UWFFL season and as the regular season draws to a close, the stories for the post-season have only begun. Only six spots are open for the Premier title with only one who will come out on top.

The drive for a second spot out of the Western Division is still alive as three teams are either going to go on to the playoffs, stay in the League or possibly be demoted. San Diego (6-5), San Francisco (6-5) and newcomer Vancouver (5-6) all have destiny in their hands with the final days of the regular season winding down. The Anchorage Orcas are sitting atop the standings waiting to see if they may have home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Two teams have set themselves apart in the Central Division, once again, as Minnesota (8-3) and Detroit (7-4) could logically cruise throughout the final two weeks and make it into the playoffs. St. Louis (3-7-1) and Texas (1-9-1) are trying to finish the season on a strong note so they can possibly keep relegation at bay.

In the Eastern Division, Hartford and Atlanta are sitting atop the ladder at 7-4 and 6-4-1 respectively while new blood Birmingham and last year’s UWFFL League runners-up, Miami, are on the bottom two runs at 4-6-1 and 4-7.

And these last two teams are going to be featured in our UWFFL Spotlight Clash.

The Miami Cougars were the epitome of what a good rebrand can do for your squad in the Bigs. With that change came a hard fought road to the UWFFL Bowl where they eventually lost to the champs, the Minnesota Mustangs. This season, however, hasn’t brought as much success for the South Beach Catamounts as they are now facing the possibility of relegation. The Dade County Pumas have tweaked their unis to now showcase five stripes on the sleeves and pants, ditching the shoulder stripe from a year ago. For their showdown in the Steel City of the South, the Cougars are going with their standard Blue lids, white jerseys and pants, and blue socks.

The home side, a.k.a. the Birmingham Vulcans, basically waltzed into the UWFFL Premier after a successful minor league campaign last year. The squad from the Stars…

oh, wait, wrong Vulcans.

The squad from The Magic City haven’t had as easy a ride as they had in the past and now they are trying to stay two steps ahead of Miami to avoid lapsing back into DII. Their look hasn’t changed since last season as they still sport Roman spears on the sides of their lids, Jerseys with contrasting TV patches and pants with a unique knee covering. For their foxtrot with the Felines they are breaking out their White domes, Gold jerseys with white TV patches and white pants with green socks.

. . .


. . . free polls

. . .

Other Big Leauge Brawls of note for this weekend will see the Reign Fire face the Storm in the San Diego Storm Cellar, AFC Vibora visiting the Demons in an Interleague match, and the Ponies from the Twin Cities are heading to LA to take on the Attack.

In La Lega, the surprising Stockholm Lutefisk will face Roma FC, Auckland is fighting for survival as they travel to Tokyo to face the Mammoth, and the Locomotive of Leipzig will try and take down the Toronto Civics at Rob Ford Fieldhouse.

You can vote on these and other matchups at and you can also enter you concepts for next year’s D-League at the Prospective UWFFL Teams Google+ page.

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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Reader Steve Robinson found this photo hanging in an old historic building called The Factory. Steve notes it’s now an entertainment and shopping outlet but back in the day it was, indeed, a factory. “The American Stove Company (later Magic Chef) built kitchen stoves here. I thought it was a cool pic.” … Movado has come out with a come out with a line of watches “honoring” Derek Jeter (thanks to Patrick O’Neill). … Check out the interesting batting helmet logo for Yankees superstar Roger Maris during the 1964-65 seasons (h/t @StirrupsNow). … Check out this bee-you-tee-ful 1934 St. Louis Browns roadie (according to @UniformCritic, this was the only year they chose to underline the “T” in St. Louis).

NFL News: It was probably the worst kept secret in football, but now it’s official: the Packers have added Captaincy patches to their uniforms during the regular season (thanks to Johnny Okray). I’m guessing this has something to due with the “every game is a playoff game” now mantra for the Pack. … The NFL began its slate of Saturday games yesterday, but in the Titans/Jets from a week ago, Sammie Hill suffered a jersey tear (from Matt Barnett). Also from Matt, from the way-back machine, here’s a jersey tear on Barry Foster in the 1994 AFC Championship game against the Chargers.

College Football News: Lots of action in NCAA football yesterday with 5 bowl games (and because TJ Duroncelet will be doing a Bowl wrapup, I’ll try to keep the mentions brief), but this one isn’t uni related: check out the chili pepper apostrophe used to denote the ULL Ragin’ Cajuns endzone! (nice spot by Jeff Flynn). … Here is a link to a few SEC teams concepts for their bowl games (thanks to Kevin Thoms). … Oops! Looks like the wrong logo was used for UL Lafayette yesterday. Says submitter Clint Glaze, “Seems like ESPN would have learned the difference by now.” … In yesterday’s comments, there was a small discussion about Bowling Green having uniforms that were neither green, nor have a “bowling” logo. Jim Vilk says, “Tweak this a bit and you’d have a good logo for Bowling Green.” … Looks like Louisiana Tech will be wearing their red jerseys for their Heart of Dallas Bowl game (h/t @LATechEquipment). … ESPN has introduced a new score bug for the bowl season (h/t Chris Mycoskie). Here is a comparison of the new and the old graphics (nice shot by Cork Gaines). Interestingly, this seemed to just be a one-game thing, as ESPN/ABC returnrd to their normal graphics after that game. …. ULL’s QB Terrance Broadway has a Fleur de lis tattoo (nice spot by Trés Lawless). … Colorado State, who we knew would be wearing their throwback green helmet with orange ram horns, also had a new uni yesterday (pic from @LandonFr8r). Here’s another look. … Utah had some new gloves and undershirts (from @TRayALLDay). … Here’s an interesting possible development: a shot of the four playoff teams reveals the Ducks not wearing their Green “O” helmet that was premiered a few weeks back. I wouldn’t put too much faith in this Nike Store display getting it right, but interesting nonetheless (nice spot by @RCB05). Still, several on Twitter have pointed out the Ducks have been using this image for their promotional release (which shows not only the yellow winged helmet, but the jersey appears to match what was shown during the unveiling). That image was apparently created for a Nike ad (thanks to @RCB05 again). … Shout out to Mellon: The West Virginia end zone is already ready at the AutoZone Liberty Bowl (from Coleman Mullins). … Also from Coleman, just a slight paint chip on this Air Force helmet. Here’s another view (from Brandon Schwenn). … Western Michigan wore their potato colored jerseys for the Potato Bowl. … The University of South Alabama Jaguars got new helmets and gray jerseys for the Camellia Bowl.

NBA News: From the NBA Wayback Machine: Derek Hannan writes, “My good friend and fellow Uni Watcher Jimmy Flynn was drunkenly watching the 1969 NBA Finals on YouTube as he often does. He called me with such excitement when he realized that Sam Jones had FNOB of the back of his warmups. Every other player on the Celtics had the standard last name on backplate, yet his was full name and in the font from the “Celtics” on the front. We assume that it’s because it was his last game before retiring. We also figured this was right up your alley if you didn’t already know about it.” Here’s the link to the YouTube video. … That was quick: the new black & gold Raptors logo is already on fan gear (that is apparently the alt logo. Nice spot by @SweatSuitSammy).

Hockey News: The Pittsburgh Penguins, like many organizations, have a holiday-themed Twitter avatar. But they’ve really done this one up, featuring the Penguin mascot in a santa hat and a seriously awesome ugly Xmas sweater! (thanks to Aaron McHargue for that screenshot). … Wow — check out this Boston University throwback uni. Says submitter Trista Rajaratnam, “I saw this picture yesterday of my alma matter wearing some slick jerseys! What do you think?” … Those Missouri Mavericks Star Wars throwbacks? They have “May The Force Be With You” stitched into the collar! (great find by Jon Saddler). … Check out these Cincinnati Cyclones ugly Christmas sweaters, with the logo “knitted” on the forearms (photos by Adam Walter).

Soccer News: OK — I’m just going to leave this one right here: Danny Fox has dyed his beard the colour of Cystic Fibrosis Trust logo. He plays for the Nottingham Forest Football Club, if you’re interested (h/t Jim Shemaria). If anyone knows the story behind this, please feel free to elaborate in the comments below.

College/HS Hoops News: Couple of throwbacks were broken out yesterday on the college hardwood: The University of North Carolina Tar Heels (here’s another look via Tim Tiernan) and the University of Illinois “Fighting” Illini (h/t Illinois Basketball), both looked great. You can see more pics of the Illini unis here, and the Tarheels’ here. … Louisville’s Wayne Blackshear had an upside-down American flag on his uni yesterday – oops (screenshot by Tim Johnson). … Morgan Park, the two-time defending Illinois HS basketball champs, has been wearing shirts during warmups that say “We need a gym”. They share a gym with another Chicago high school (thanks to Mike the Intern). … “WVU is wearing a memorial patch for Elijah Macon’s mother who died of cancer last month,” notes Coleman Mullins. “Not sure how long they’ve been wearing it, or if it’s already been mentioned on UW.”

Grab Bag: Go…Jayhawks?: “I was watching the series finale of my favorite show Miami Vice,” writes Matt Larsen. “Towards the end of the episode Don Johnson decided to pay homage to his alma mater. Even though his character attended Florida.” … From the magazine of the Melbourne Cricket Club library, here’s an excellent article celebrating 100 years of numbered jerseys in the VFL/AFL since 1911 (thanks to Grayham Clayton).

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And that’s going to do it for today, everyone — big thanks to Trent for those great Christmas Day NBA concepts, and to all of you fine readers out there.

To all those who celebrate, a Merry Christmas — and for those who don’t or who choose to celebrate (or not), best to you as well. I’ll catch you guys and gals next weekend, our last weekend of 2014.

Peace. (And I do mean that more than ever.)

.. … ..

“Edmonton might be able to get away with ‘We the North’ as a slogan. Toronto is more like ‘A Wee Bit North’.”

— Will S

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Comments (38)

    That Sainsbury’s ad is the second of its kind this year, after the Guinness “empty chair” spot, to use the hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” to evoke poignant feelings. I doubt this is the result of a sudden interest in nineteenth century “muscular Christianity.” The hymn was the basis of the score of “True Grit,” and the commercials using it seem to take most direct inspiration from the “Ride to Death” track used in that beautiful scene where Jeff Bridges carries the girl through the night to find the doctor. It’s interesting to see how things like that can ripple far beyond their original settings and audiences.

    Really like the Christmas sweater concepts, but I thought today’s lede would be a breakdown of yesterday’s CBS classic doubleheader with the four large team logos on the court and the TV network prominently displayed in the event logo I thought there was a lot to break down there with the blurring of lines between the event and the network covering it, like when FOX put their network logo in the end zone of the BCS games that one year. (2007?)

    I’m inclined to agree with the Guardian’s take on that Sainsburys ad. link

    In fairness to you across the water, you probably don’t appreciate the extent to which it’s merely the latest overwrought salvo in the war of gaudy sentimentalism that has sprung up between high street stores looking to create the next epically epic viral Christmas ad. Perhaps it stands on its own, but I can’t watch it without imagining a bunch of Sainsburys marketing execs cynically grinning like Cheshire cats at the thought that they’ve finally managed to outdo those smug bastards at Marks and Spencers.

    I think the Xmas sweater jerseys are a neat idea… but I really don’t like sticking every team in the same template. At least give each team a different pattern or something. One gets snowflakes, one gets trees, another uses candy canes, etc. Follow a central theme, but don’t make them identical.

    Frankly, the whole thing gives me a headache. Templates, NBA Christmas jerseys, the ridiculously overplayed and tiresome ugly Christmas jumper meme, sleeves – have we forgotten how much evil all of these are just on their own?

    Totally agree. Let’s keep it simple or use an “authentic” throwbacks (not a made-up throwback). For example, I would love to see the Phoenix Suns in their inuagural uniforms on Christmas Day.

    Love the idea for the ugly sweater jerseys but maybe a couple different designs would be better? It’s the same pattern done in various team colors. The concept is solid but I think a couple more patterns would kick it up.
    Love the new score bug.
    And yeah – Tar Heels. 2 words.

    That’s why I was confused when I read “My goal for these sets was to give each team its own unique holiday expression” and then saw that every jersey looked the same.

    In response to Paddy (using Mobile view and comments don’t link), while I believe I can understand your view on the Christmas ad and would normally agree with your justified level of cynicism, I really found this one to be a delight.

    Perhaps it is, as you point out, that I’m across the pond and not seeing all the ones shoved in your face. (Although I would point out there are probably lyrics just as many here in the states) But I think it’s more so my love of soccer, and my willingness to suspend the cynicism, ever so slightly, during this time of year and simply allow some hope that we as a human race could actually be capable of a scene like that portrayed.

    I hope it stays a mystery. Proof that the soccer game never happened would do absolutely no good for this world. Let us keep some hope for mankind…

    I agree completely. The Guardian criticism is valid as far as it goes, but it’s only valid in principle if we treat its argument as a general principle, and as a general principle it’s a condemnation of all commerce and of all art that is in any way created in service of pecuniary interest. Which is most art that has ever been produced.

    What I reject in the Guardian critique is the notion that WWI is a special horror that can only be treated in the bleakest, most horrific way possible and anything else is a betrayal of the hallowed dead. For one thing, that’s just not how culture deals with history, and it’s not how culture should deal with history. But specifically, sure, the advert has a heartwarming dramatic core. But our knowledge of history, without which even the happy soccer game bit doesn’t make sense as an uplifting scene, informs our reading of the whole thing. So when the explosions resume and the men scramble back to their trenches, we the audience know that they’re literally going to go back and resume trying to murder each other, and they’ll continue doing so for another four years, and in fact most of the men we’ve just watched will kill and be killed. The inhumanity and horror the critique feels the ad glosses over are in fact quite present. Not even as subtext, but as an inherent element of the text of the film.

    The Guardian criticism is valid as far as it goes, but it’s only valid in principle if we treat its argument as a general principle, and as a general principle it’s a condemnation of all commerce and of all art that is in any way created in service of pecuniary interest. Which is most art that has ever been produced.

    That’s rather a reductive argument. You’re saying either money is anathema to art or money is irrelevant. Of course it’s much more complicated than that which is why knowing the context is important. I’d say it is akin to somebody from over here seeing one GI Joevember game, seeing a very impressive display of ostensibly charitable appreciation of the troops and coming away thinking it’s rather a nice idea.

    Anyway, the artistic merit isn’t so much what’s at issue. Great works of art can still qualify as – to borrow a phrase from prominent Irish historian Diarmaid Ferriter – unhistorical shit. The Christmas day football match has always been the fairytale told to schoolchildren in lieu of any heroes. A way of depicting WW1 where everybody gets to feel good about themselves. “WW1 was bad yes, but there was a football game on Christmas so isn’t humanity wonderful?” By it’s very nature it is designed to obfuscate, to cast aside accountability or any engagement with the past from which lessons can actually be learned other than hollow sentimentalism. No wonder Sainsbury’s want to use it to shift groceries.

    Although I can’t put it nearly as eloquently as the two of you, my stance on it is this: I enjoyed it because while I understand the reality of what occurred and how terrible it was, it is nice to be able to see that even in times of absolute evil we have the capability for compassion for a fellow man, no matter the situation.

    “The Christmas day football match has always been the fairytale told to schoolchildren in lieu of any heroes. A way of depicting WW1 where everybody gets to feel good about themselves. “WW1 was bad yes, but there was a football game on Christmas so isn’t humanity wonderful?” By it’s very nature it is designed to obfuscate, to cast aside accountability or any engagement with the past from which lessons can actually be learned other than hollow sentimentalism.”


    Well said Padday — and as I intimated in my post I don’t know whether to believe it happened or not, and I’d like to lean on the side of those who want us to believe it did. But that doesn’t make it so, no matter how much anyone may spin it.

    As to your points about your seeing the ad over there — nice to have that perspective. I’d only stumbled on it recently, and I wasn’t looking for it — found it while looking for something else. But it moved me in a way I felt it would be good enough to share (it also seems to be almost a strait rip off of McCartney’s Pipes of Peace video).

    It’s just that as we look back on what will likely go down in history as a not-so-great-a-year (2014), I want to believe we’re better than this. And if a Christmas-Eve-cum-soccer-match can be used as allegory to show our “better” nature, then I found this ad to be one of those things.

    Perhaps in somewhat of a similar vein (although not related to an advert for a grocery store) is Celtic Thunder’s “Christmas 1915,” which I heard for the first time over the weekend.

    Is the use of “Fighting Illini” on the uniform allowed if the uniform is worn: 1. As an explicit limited use throwback; 2. at a neutral site or 3.was it “grandfathered” due to the long history of the Illinois-Missouri rivalry/more Chief support in downstate Illinois?

    “Fighting Illini” remains the nickname, as Illinois was able to demonstrate that the nickname was a reference to all the people of Illinois and not a reference merely to the American Indian tribe that were named the “Illinois” by the French. The only things that have been dropped are references/depictions of Chief Illiniwek.

    DJ’s correct, as I understand it. Notice that the throwbacks/fauxbacks replaced the round Chief logo with a Block I.

    Why are jersey tears, especially ones from 20 years ago, worthy of being included in the Ticker?

    Re Danny Fox.

    I think this article explains

    “It is all in aid of my friend, Paul Williams, who passed away just over two years ago,” said Fox. ‘He had an illness called cystic fibrosis. It is a condition that can effect the lungs and the chest.

    ‘The main colour of the charity, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, is yellow, so it seemed fitting to dye my beard yellow, to try to help raise some awareness for it.

    ‘Hopefully I can do a few more things to raise some money. I am planning a bike ride and perhaps a sky dive in the future.”

    Sporting Kansas City (MLS) has hosted a soccer tournament on the day after Christmas to commemorate ‘The Truce” soccer match of WWI fame. link

    They play the match on the grounds of the Liberty Memorial, which is a pretty cool idea given that it is also the US National World War One National Museum and Monument.


    How come Randall Cobb’s NFL shield is on the white section of the jersey instead of the colored stripe? I looked it up and it doesn’t seem like it has been that way before.

    Re: Xmas 1914 (2 items)

    Ironically, I just read this small piece on ABC’s website last night. It also mentions football (soccer) and is full of quotes, but none of the quotes in the article from the troops (on either side) mention playing football.


    And, of course, there’s this:


    you kicked ass yesterday, and despite my failings, let’s face it you have peach-bottoms who rocks the college football re-cap, so you are covered squared.

    loved the melon-head shout out. did i mention i loved the melon shout out? well i did.

    thanks for that WWI clip, it was pretty great.

    okay, i have to go before this site crashes the computer for the day…yes that happens.

    For ESPN’s one-off bowl graphics, I saw a mention on another website that makes sense – The Sugar Bowl kicks off the College Football Playoff, so it’s likely that the production truck was loaded with the new graphics and used the New Orleans Bowl as a test run.

    Watching the Chiefs-Steelers game and noticed that not-one Chief has anything on their nose-bumper on their helmet. No “Riddell”, no “Chiefs”, nothing.

    ‘That’s a stupid font.’

    The non-uni watching Packers fan I married commenting on Tampa Bay’s jersey numbers.

    Phil, I didn’t know you are a historian–must have missed that before. Where you did you earn your history degree(s)? Just curious…

    I also am not a fan of the shorts being a different color from the jersey – but and in this instance, these totally work. I could definitely get behind these costumes for one day!

    Usually I have to strike a lot more of Phil’s words, but we’re almost in complete agreement. These look fun!

    I’d just tweak two things: 1) make the shorts numbers bigger and 2) outline “Cavaliers” in white. I know they don’t do that on their gold jerseys, but there needs to be some contrast between the wine and the blue. Don’t know if you could do this, but you could add a 3) make the Heat’s snowflakes look as though their melting.

    I love that Bulls jersey the best, I think. They’re all great, though. Thanks, Trent!

    The sleeve stripes on the Ohio State unis are the old stripes. Looks like their bowl jersey is a bit of a retro. That pattern hasn’t been used since 2005.

    My good friend and fellow Uni Watcher Jimmy Flynn was drunkenly watching the 1969 NBA Finals on YouTube as he often does.

    Anyone who watches a 2014-15 Celtics/Lakers game may want to do so in the same manner.

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