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A Small Solution for a Big (East) Problem

Odd scene yesterday in Morgantown, as West Virginia hoops tweeted that they’d be wearing the gold jersey shown above for their afternoon game against Virginia Tech. But as many Uni Watch readers quickly noticed, the Big East logo was visible on the back of the jersey, above the NOB — which is a bit . . . → Read More: A Small Solution for a Big (East) Problem

Yellow Jackets in Blue

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What is Georgia Tech A-back Deon Hill (shown above at yesterday’s Media Day for the school’s upcoming bowl game) so happy about? For one thing, he’s wearing the team’s blue jersey, which Tech will be wearing tomorrow night against Mississippi State. The Yellow Jackets are among the . . . → Read More: Yellow Jackets in Blue

Monday Morning Uni Watch

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Since 1945, one uni-related difference between the worlds of pro and college football has been that NCAAers can go bare-legged while NFLers are required to wear full-length hosiery. But as you can see above, Jaguars cornerback Dwayne Gratz apparently decided that that rule didn’t apply to him . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch

Sunday Morning BOwl Watch

By Phil Hecken

Well, kids, we’ve got a full week of College BOwls under our belt, but for sure, the greatest Uni Watching moment of all of them came in last evening’s Nebraska/Southern Cal game, with the Cornhuskers and Trojans hooking up in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. As you can see from . . . → Read More: Sunday Morning BOwl Watch