Happy Thanksgiving

As you surely know, one of the big Thanksgiving traditions here in New York is the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. What you might not know — and what I didn’t know myself until reader Michael Clary schooled me on it — is that the 1946 edition of the parade featured a baseball player named Harold (additional photos here). Harold’s name was almost certainly a play on Macy’s location in Herald Square, and the star on his chest had to be a reference to the Macy’s logo, which has always featured a star in one way or another, all of which is to say that Harold was a corporate shill. Still, he was pretty adorable. And look — he and his handlers had matching socks!

Five years earlier, in 1941, the parade had featured a football player. I don’t have a full-body of him, but here’s a very effective teaser photo (again, credit to Michael Clary; click to enlarge):

I’m sure there have been other sports-related floats in the parade, but that’s enough for now. In the spirit of the day, I’m thankful for having a place where I can share these things, and an audience that appreciates them.

By the time most of you read this, I’ll be on my way to pick up my brother in Queens, and then we’re heading to Long Island to spend the day with Mom. Whatever you’re doing today, I hope your Thanksgiving is a good one. Peace.

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