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Trying to Avoid Saying, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ (even though I just said it)

It had to happen eventually: The Eagles’ green jerseys, which weren’t ready in time for the start of the regular season, finally made their 2014 debut last night. I’m surprised (and, okay, disappointed) that Nike hasn’t taken more heat for this snafu, which has to go down as one of the biggest failures ever by a uniform supplier, but whatever — the Eagles’ wardrobe is finally fully stocked.

As we all know by now, the problems with this jersey had to do with matching the team’s precise shade of green, which was apparently difficult to achieve with Nike’s latest jersey fabric. This is why the Eagles were using the old pre-Nike fabric for the past two seasons. Several readers said the jersey color still didn’t look quite right last night, although I’d like to wait until there’s a day game before fully assessing that.

As others have noted, green seems to give Nike fits. The Jets, for example, often have several different shades of green visible on their jerseys. And then there are the Packers, who still use the old pre-Nike fabric for their jerseys. Nobody has come out and said it’s because Nike can’t match the Pack’s shade of green in the more up-to-date fabrication, but I strongly suspect that’s the case.

What is it about green that’s so challenging? It’s a secondary color (a mix of blue and yellow), but so are orange and purple, and nobody seems to have any problems matching those. I know some of you folks out there are particularly adept when it comes to colors and/or textiles, so please enlighten us.

I find the green situation particularly disheartening because green is — and has always been — my favorite color. I have a green car, a green sofa, a green living room chair, a green office chair, green sheets, green towels, lots of green clothing, and, let’s not forget, a green-themed website. When my parents got me a bicycle for my fifth birthday, they damn well knew it had to be green. (And it was.) Back in the late 1980s, I even loved an indie-rock band called Green (not because of their name, but that didn’t hurt).

I don’t recall exactly when I fell in love with green, but I do remember this: My mom had been an artist when she was younger, and she used to sit me down in front of easel and encourage me to paint. One day, when I was very young (three, maybe?), she showed me how mixing blue and yellow together formed green. I was mesmerized — it was like magic! Instant green, spontaneous green. I sat there for what seemed like hours (but was probably just a minute or two, given a three-year-old’s attention span), mixing yellow and blue in various proportions to make different shades of green.

I’ve always thought green is seriously underrepresented in the uni-verse, so I loved it when the Devil Rays scrapped their inaugural rainbow-gradation uni set for this look (one of MLB’s more underrated uniforms of recent decades), and was bummed when they then traded in that look for their current design. On the plus side, I was happy when the Dallas Stars recently switched from this to this.

Anyway: By this time next year, maybe the Eagles will be wearing kelly green. Will that be any easier for Nike to reproduce? Let’s hope so.

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One-stop shopping for idiocy: I don’t know what the fuck the Blackhawks were thinking yesterday, but they definitely get points for efficiency, because they managed to roll just about every wrong-headed uni-related trope into one incredibly ill-advised T-shirt:

I have nothing further to add here. I thought I had nothing more to add here, but then Doug Keklak and Phil showed me what the Johnstown Tomahawks were wearing last night:

How clueless can these teams be? Like, why not paint a trail of tears on the ice while you’re at it?

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Collector’s Corner

By Brinke Guthrie

Saw this 1970s Avon men’s after shave decanter on Etsy. Man, look at that box artwork — it appears the designer took, shall we say, “artistic license” with the depiction. That’s probably Bradshaw — it looks like him in the eyes, and there are the front numbers and Dunmark facemask. Yet the helmet has Niners colors, with a Cowboys star, and the sleeve stripe spacing kind of looks like early Bucs. No doubt that’s Joe Willie next to him, wearing No. 18 with what looks like Cowboys or Lions colors.

As for the rest of this week’s haul:

• Remember this? The 1973 NFL Playbook from American Express? BUY THIS! Twenty bucks!! [Couldn’t agree more. A very formative item from my sports youth, and I still have my copy. ”” PL]

• These notebooks with a football-style pebbled leather finish are real nice. Got one from the Bengals as a present. This one was a Panthers gift to their PSL holders.

• Here’s an official 1960s NFL Portrait Album — no portraits, though.

• As long as you don’t mind mixing and matching your 1970s blue-and-yellow-themed teams, how about a Billy the Kid NFL-licensed corduroy jacket and pants set from Sears, featuring the LA Rams and the San Diego Chargers.

• Is that Marv Hubbard on this 1970s Oakland Ray-duhz wall light switch plate? Had two of these — one Reds and one Bengals. I’d swap ’em out depending on the season.

• Like this Tampa Bay Bucs shirt, which is of course is not really a Tampa Bay Bucs shirt. The colors and the font are so dead-on 1970s. But it could pass for a Bucco Bruce accessory!

• If you’re a Cubs fan and wear a size L, I totally recommend you check out this DeLong parka. Had a Reds one in black, and they are outstanding. A very soft shell with quilted lining.

• Check it out: This NHL puck display was given out to Texaco station owners in the 1970s.

Had one of these Cowboys sweatshirts. Authentic Pro Line, baby. Russell made great, sturdy stuff. No flash, just function. Staying with Dallas, I also had one of these pullovers from Starter. Excellent quality.

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Baseball News: The Twins’ new home uni had already leaked over the weekend, but they officially unveiled it yesterday. Additional photos here. Feels more like a lateral move, not an upgrade or a downgrade, except for that gold-accented cap logo, which is a stinker. ”¦ You know how teams will offer giveaway items to “the first 25,000 fans,” or whatever? The Mets are lowering that number from 20,000 to 15,000 next season. Hmmmmm. ”¦ The new Majestic catalog shows, among other things, a new BP jersey for the Giants (from Aaron Praszker).

NFL News: Cam Newton took G.I. Joevember a step further last night by wearing these headphones prior to the Panthers/Eagles game (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Tim Donovan was watching last night’s game and noticed ESPN analyst Jon Gruden holding a binder with a Panthers logo he didn’t recognize. “I did a quick look at Chris Creamer’s site and found out it was an alternate logo used by the team from 1995-2011.” I’ve been aware of that logo’s existence, but have rarely if ever seen it used anywhere. It reminds me of another rarely seen full-body animal logo — this one for the Broncos. ”¦ The Falcons wore captaincy patches on Sunday. “I think this is the first time they’ve done this for a regular season game,” says Ian Irwin. … “I found some clips from the 1973 made-for-TV biopic of Vince Lombardi, Legend in Granite,” says Mathew Prigge. “Here is Lombardi, played by Ernest Borgnine, addressing rookies dressed in mono-gold unis at his first training camp.” … The Packers will wear their Acme Packers throwbacks this Sunday (from John Okray).

College Football News: New black helmet for Maryland. … Ohio is doing a blackout next Tuesday. It doesn’t specifically say that they’ll be wearing black uniforms, but they do have this design in their wardrobe (from Leo Strawn Jr.). … Flag-desecration helmet on tap for Buffalo (thanks, Phil). … The Telecom Bowl is now the Car Tire Bowl. ”¦ This is pretty awesome: color footage of the 1939 Iowa/Notre Dame game. ” You can see ND switch to the green jerseys when the second half begins at 11:49,” says Jimmy Atkinson.”Some really good footage here, and. a good amount of pregame and halftime band action as well!”

Hockey News: The Bruins played dress-up soldier for pregame warm-ups prior to last night’s game against the Devils. Here’s a close-up on the chest patch. … Here’s a video segment on the woman who does the chain-stitching on the Blackhawks’ jerseys (from David Cummings).

NBA News: NOB typo in last night’s Bulls/Pistons game, as Andre Drummond was victimized (thanks, Phil). ”¦ The Blazers wore special shooting shirts on Sunday to honor a fan who passed away during a game last week (from Kristina Cruz). … Cole Flick inherited this jersey from his uncle, who got if from someone at the old Chicago Stadium. Is it an old all-star jersey? Something else? … Here’s the logo for the Saturday-night component of All-Star weekend. … As we’ve previously noted, NBA refs have new uniforms this season. But the crew working last week’s Spurs/Rockets game was wearing last year’s uni design. Odd (from Josh Edney).

Grab Bag: Here’s a story about the curling clinic that Phil and I attended two nights ago. ”¦ Douglas Ford thinks he may have found the next Uni Watch intern. ”¦ Here’s a great illo of every Brabham Formula 1 livery from 1962 to 1992 (from Graham Clayton).

Comments (105)

    I think the new Twins uni’s are really a big improvement. I always thought the pinstripes were a bit much and to my eyes, made it “busy”.
    I love the crispness of the white and the subtle sleeve/neck colors. The pant stripe might be too much. I do agree with Paul, the hat sucks.

    Even though they added a drop shadow gold color, I think it is a very clean look. Something they should have done moving into Target Field years ago.

    I love comments like this! It’s almost the perfect opposite of my opinion in every detail. Goes to show there’s no accounting for taste, including my own!

    The cap is the one redeeming element of the new uniforms, the one bit that doesn’t fall into the burn-it-now category of Marlinesque awfulness. The TC logo has always needed outlining. The crimson C tends to disappear, visually, on the dark navy cap. But since it’s a two-color logo on a cap of the team’s only other color, the Twins have been in a bind, visually, and have needed another accent color. The mustard does the trick nicely; both the T and the C really pop on the new cap.

    The pinstripes, far from being busy, have been a key franchise identifying element since before even the Yankees jumped for good onto the pinny bandwagon. The white is crisp, yes, in the sense that it looks like a freshly washed and pressed uniform for “Generic Baseball Team” in an erectile dysfunction pharmaceutical ad. But at least there’s a pants stripe to match the sleeve and neck piping.

    See? Complete and perfect opposite. This sort of thing is part of why I love Uni Watch – encountering viewpoints so far from my own forces me to reconsider my own biases and opinions.

    Typical Twins, have the apparel sense of Calvin Griffith and always come late to the party (in this case adding a bit of gold) and puff themselves up as if they are trendsetters.

    They might as well have said, “We want to look like those new Navy and Gold unis the Brewers have just started wearing…with a bit of red added.”

    Or, if discussing off-the-field fashion, “We’re gonna wear our shirttails out with jeans; we’ve noticed lately that all the cool people are doing that now.”

    Been watching that team since 1961 and I swear…on things like this the SOB’s are absolutely unconscious.

    Except for the home alts, and I’d say it’s a sure bet that was an idea from their ad agency.

    Then again, we live in a world where men think it looks GOOD if your belt buckle shows below the buttoned vest of your suit.

    (HINT: It does NOT look good. It looks like you’re wearing your little brother’s suit)

    Gold trim? It’s like when the North Stars added black. What? Why?

    A misguided and desperate attempt to look like a trendsetter. Ricko’s right.

    The team has an excellent home uniform in the closet, they just don’t wear them enough…


    Gold trim? What if they win the World Series? Will they do an Opening Day uniform with gold trim on gold trim?

    “What if they win the World Series?”

    No problem. Won’t be a subsequent Opening Day because the earth will have spun off its axis and tumbled into the sun.

    This problem for the Eagles isn’t new to just this season. I went back and read your article when Nike first unveiled each teams uni, and the color matching issue was the reason the Eagles didn’t make the switch to the new template. So you could say this problem has been going on for three years now.

    Yes. When I said they had color-matching issues, I was referring to the ongoing issues that date back to when Nike took over the NFL contract. We’ve discussed this several times as the current snafu has unfolded (that’s why I began the second graf with “As we all know by now”), but I’ll add a more explicit reference to that to today’s text, just to make it clearer for readers who don’t know the full backstory.

    The important uniform question for next week: Will Roethlisberger vs. Mettenberger set the record for most combined letters between two starting quarterbacks?

    Loved the band Green, too. They played at Northwestern parties a lot. In lieu of band t shirts, which they never sold, we took markers to plain white shirts and just wrote “Green”.

    Yeah, I was at NU from 1984-88 and I was going to post something similar. They used to play at events for the radio station (WNUR) and that sort of thing. Although I think they were actually a little better in the studio–that first album is really an overlooked power-pop classic. “Gotta Get A Record Out” and “Curry Your Favor” are faves.

    Paul, you’ve got good taste. B^)

    Are my eyes just playing tricks on me, or did the Eagles numbers change slightly from the Reebok to Nike switch? I just noticed it last night, when I saw Mark Sanchez’s #3. It appears to be more open on the left side than previous versions. Am I crazy or is this real?

    Reebok (Mike Kafka)

    Nike (Mark Sanchez)

    By the way, Paul:

    Did you ever ascertain who does the customization for the Eagles game jerseys? Is it done by Ripon in Berlin WI post-manufacture, or is it done locally (Philly Express, Ruberti’s, etc.)?


    Note that on the new Flywire green jersey the “eagles” name logo neck patch is more “two-dimensional” (flat) while it is more fully embroidered on the first-generation Nike Elite and older Reebok jerseys.

    it almost looks like the logos, even the ones on the sleeves, do not have the green accents like they used to. I think I remember reading somewhere that that was happening.

    The software seeks out and auto-converts any small letters “x” sandwiched between numbers into a times sign (×), which derps any link that includes such a string (e.g. 1024×728 vs. 1024 x 728)



    As note on Kyle’s Crossing Broad blog, the Eagles’ helmets now look too metallic against the matte jersey. Eagles should opt for a matte helmet finish for next season. This “texture” helmet change was made by the Philadelphia Soul (Arena Football League).

    I’m glad Green Bay kept the old cut because their collar design wouldn’t work as a Nikelace.

    Teams don’t have to adopt the Nikelace to wear the new uniforms – the Patriots link while retaining their old Reebok-era collar design.

    The Packers could have done the same, if Nike was actually capable of manufacturing a green jersey.

    The seller may say 70s, but the Devils puck means that particular puck display was completed no earlier than 1982.

    Good catch, didn’t think of that. I knew it was no earlier than 1980:
    * Canucks introduced the yellow/orange/black mess in 1978.
    * The WHA/NHL merger meant the four former WHA teams began play in 1979.
    * The Flames didn’t move to Calgary until the 1980-81 season.
    * 1980-81 was also the first year of the Pens’ yellow/black color scheme: they were double blue and white through 79-80.

    Finally, while this isn’t infallible, the Red Wings reversed the colors on the logo for the 1983-84 season. That means this plaque dates to no earlier than 1982, likely no later than 1984.

    Chicago was the Black Hawks until 1986-87. So either the plaque was not made until then, or they misspelled the name as Blackhawks.

    On the other hand, Minnesota only had the N in a circle logo until 1984-85. So it was probably a misspelling of Black Hawks.

    If it’s so bloody hard to get the color Green right, why in the hell is it so easy for Nike to “give” Oregon so many different looks??

    Could be why they have so many different looks. Brought in all that black and gray to distract you from the green.

    Because Oregon’s official color is just “green” so Nike can do any shade of it they want to (plus half the stuff they’re using for the Ducks is black & gray anyway). The Eagles actually use a specific shade of green, which Nike apparently has issues with.

    This is one instance of the NFL’s one-helmet rule being a good thing. The Packers will look a lot better with yellow helmets than they did with the brown ones they used before. It’s still an ugly uniform though.

    Personally, I still think they should throw back to the 1935-36 green-and-gold raglan design. After all, it’s the uniform in which the Packers won their first NFL Championship Game in 1936.

    Considering how monumentally rich and powerful the NFL is, it’s surprising that the one helmet rule precludes teams from painting and then repainting helmets to accommodate throwbacks or other alternate helmets. I understand the challenges involved in disassembling, de-decalling, painting, drying, reassembling, transporting, etc., but if the NFL can play games in London, why can’t the teams manage to repaint their helmets? The attention garnered by say, the Seahawks going with lime green helmets, would likely overshadow the painting costs.

    Not saying alternate helmets are a good thing–I’m just baffled that it doesn’t happen. If a team has a bye week followed by a home game, you would think that would give them plenty of time to pull off an alternate helmet yet still use the same physical helmets.

    It’s not a cost of painting, but the fact that painted helmets will chip and scratch under normal playing conditions. You try putting a coat of brown paint over the Packers’ gold and the linemen will all look like prospectors by the end of the first quarter.

    That’s why helmets used to be clear plastic, painted on the inside.

    I was thinking that too, altough I don’t think link ever wore that Dungard facemask. Could also be link. It certainly doesn’t look like Bradshaw.

    I can’t decide how I feel about the new Twins uniforms. I feel like that gold is nice for the World Series winners to wear. Plus they just kind of look like the Washington Natinals original logo and uniforms. But I can’t say it looks bad, either. And I agree with Paul on the Tampa Rays green uniforms. Green is so underused in MLB. Only the A’s use it.

    re: obligatory kelly green conversation
    I am apparently one of the few Eagles fans out there that likes the midnight green unis. Even watching last night I was thinking how much I like them, even with the new collar. It’s a good color for them.

    Situations like that really annoy me. If your name contains the name of a color, come on – your team should be that color. A buddy of mine lives in a town with a school called “Hazel Green”. The school colors are… red and black. Their name contains TWO colors, and they use neither one! I just don’t get it.

    i was just skipping through the comments to see if anyone else had weird audio issues with this sight today, and i came across this thread, had to stop.

    it’s all so silly. i don’t even know why it was brought up in the first place, it’s like wanting a helmet sticker for finding your glasses in the morning. but you evidently pushed a button with chris, and i just have to say, seriously? “really annoy”? you must be wound as tight as a drum if this situation measures at all on your annoyance scale. it has to be painful walking around life in a perpetual state of link

    Ha. I’ve seen people vent about some pretty crazy things on this site, so I’m surprised my comment drew such a response. It’s all relative. My gripe might be “really annoying” compared to other uni-related things, but that’s about the extent of it.

    i was just teasing, because it is the nuts of the comments that caused me to quit reading them. i was scanning for other people that had the issues i have had lately on the sight, and i just came across your response, and was like wwwwwwhat? but it was as much on the original point to be sure. again, i was just joking around since who really cares if a small town in ohio called green wears black and orange. anyway, take that with a grain of salt.

    Tons of maturity in those comments boy. I didn’t know being gay was a prerequisite for liking uniforms. My wife is going to be heartbroken.

    Gruden/Panthers logo…

    I’m even having a hard time seeing that alt logo on that page. Looks more like the Schlitz Malt Liquor bull to me!!

    A friend of a friend posted this pic of pocket pro helmets a few weeks ago and I found out the guy is just a few miles from where I am.


    Great replications and it’s fun to go through his facebook pics.


    Big rumours of a blackout at Sanford for the UGA game against Auburn. Which, of course, evokes memories of the infamous 2007 black jersey game

    fingers crossed here

    Sanford blackout games have been a two-edged sword. Not sure if I’ll hold my breath or cross my fingers ’cause I can’t do either really well anymore.

    Does anyone else think that all of the elements on the Twins’ new uniform are comically over-sized? The word mark on the chest looks about 30% too big, for starters.

    Green is a very fine color indeed.

    Anyone interested in an aesthetic / historical review of the use of green and its meanings might check out the recent piece by Michael Gorra in The New York Review of Books:


    Gorra reviews the jaw-dropping work of Michel Pastoureau, who is writing fat books an each of the primary/secondary colors.

    It’s interesting that the red/green combo which marks Christmas (and its evil child, Hyper-Christmas) is relatively rare as a uni motif. Not sure why, really. The sports teams of two of my favorite places – Mexico and County Mayo — can look great. The traditional green shirt white pants red socks of the Mexican national soccer team sits on a plinth in the Great Hall of the People’s Obsessions.

    Thanks Conn, from a fellow who so often wears green that his late mother-in-law called him “that gigantic leprechaun”.

    has it been beaten into the ground that the blue on the Panthers sleeves doesn’t match the blue on their logo? That annoyed me last night.

    The majestic catalog shows a different BP jersey for the Phillies with White instead of blue as the secondary color.

    Talking here about men’s clothes, I find green to have the most variations without many standard colors. I pick something up and find myself saying, “Nope, not this green.”

    Makes sense as a secondary color, although other secondary colors tend to be more standardized.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

    I think the Spurs/Rockets refs wore the old shirts to stand out from the grey Spurs jerseys.

    (It looks like this one has already been touched on here) I think Nike’s inability to do green is why there are so many (fill in nike name for grey/black) jerseys for Oregon.

    Also, if your mom had used red instead of yellow in her color mixing demonstration, would your favorite color be the dreaded purple?

    if your mom had used red instead of yellow in her color mixing demonstration, would your favorite color be the dreaded purple?

    I didn’t start liking green because she showed me how to mix the colors; she showed me how to mix those particular colors because I ALREADY liked green.

    Good call on the Spurs/refs thing — hadn’t thought of that, but you’re probably right.

    That Majestic catalog appears to be for youth baseball, not what the pros will wear next year. Notice how all the models are kids and you never see any of those other designs in MLB.

    Hey Paul, you should check out a band here in WV, called The Greens. Pretty good stuff, IMO, but that might bebecause a high school buddy plays bass for them.

    Check em out, if only for the name… [url][/url]

    Michigan State is another Green team that Nike seems to have troubles with.

    The green on the jerseys almost looks grey in certain lighting conditions (overcast day game) and contrasts mightily with the helmet.

    I got on here late today. I agree. and after reading the about the Eagles green was wondering about other green for teams.

    It seems like Oregon and MSU and other teams wear a not so good looking shade of green. I thought Michigan State looked better with the old shade of green back in the Bubba Smith Duffy Daugherty days.

    Oregons green is rather ugly too. Should use the brighter old style green.

    The Eagles Kelly green and green helmets was a good look.

    Green is a gorgeous color for a sports team, especially Kelly Green under the bright sun.

    Paul, I know a couple of us have talked about organizing a trip to see NYCFC play next summer in the Bronx, but maybe we should link on Long Island instead. Although the Mos don’t look nearly so good link as they do on the road….

    I think the problem with the Packers uniforms is not the green, it’s the collar. Nike can’t use flywire in that.

    There are several teams that use the Elite 51 fabric and tailoring without the Nikelace/flywire, including the Bills, Steelers, Chiefs, etc.

    So no, the collar is not what’s preventing the Packers from going with the updated fabric/tailoring.

    Green answered the R.E.M. album by putting out a single with “R.E.M.” on the front sleeve, although I don’t think either song on the single was called “R.E.M.”

    I just read this article: link

    …and it passingly mentions something that’s bugged me for years. Growing up in the 80’s, I ALWAYS thought the Twins’ uniforms were purple. The navy behind the red letters/logos somehow worked on my eyes, and I thought for sure they were the only purple MLB team. What’s more, I thought this was a Minneapolis branding thing…that the Twins wore purple like the Vikings wore purple in a sort of Pittsburgh-black-and-gold way.

    What’s more, in the idle theme-paper-and-crayon uniform redesigns of my youth, I would add gold as an accent color, bringing them more in line with that Vikings’ look.

    Did anyone else fall for this weird optical illusion?

    Not such that I thought they actually wore purple. But to my eye also any dark navy trimmed in red has a strongly purplish appearance, the new Twins duds included. Really not a good idea to slap red outlines around dark navy elements with no separation. Make it a drop shadow with a white keyline dividing or use royal or sky blue or something, but if the red and the dark navy touch, you’re effectively making purple.

    Along the same lines as that Blackhawks shirt, I’ve seen link on shirts, jerseys and sweatshirts around Chicago. Kind of unsettling, when you think about it.

    Seeing the picture of what I THINK is Paul in the Curling slideshow reminded me of Mike Wazowski “on TV” in Monsters Inc. See the following:


    Green has always been my favorite color. Part of the reason why Nike’s failure to get the Jets’ jerseys right annoys me so much.

    I thought the Eagles jerseys looked fine.


    There is no way that Puck display was from the 70’s. They had a NJ Devils puck on it. The Devils first season was 82-83.

    These new Twins jerseys are not growing on me at all.

    The biggest problem is of course the gold. Any time a team adds a third color to it’s mix, it is a bad idea. A team should have one or two colors in its identity and that’s it. Adding gold just looks like putting tinsel on a fake christmas tree.

    From the navy script, to the red outline, to the gold drop shadow and then finally the white of the jersey, you get four colors jammed together in a very tight space. It looks terrible. Adding gold to the classic TC caps is even worse.

    Definitely a downgrade.

    This is going to make sitting through another season of Twins baseball even harder for me. I can already see myself sitting in the outfield, 3 beers deep, rambling about pinstripes. Crying about how Target Field’s limestone is actually tan and not gold, and that drop shadows are silly. Boo-hoo.

    I disagree that teams have no trouble matching purples and oranges. I think those colors are among the most difficult to match. I’ve seen Rockies games and Tennessee Vols games where nothing matched, from fabric to caps to helmets to on field logos. Different fabrics were different colors. Vikings purple is the same thing. In fact, every time I see a team with either purple or orange as a primary team color, there are variations in how the colors are rendered.

    I have always felt that, either the teams did not care that the colors did not match, or they accepted the suppliers’ claims that that was the best they could do. Either way, I thought it was inexcusably lazy and dismissive of team officials to, in effect, shrug their shoulders and say, “Who cares?”

    “The Jets, for example, often have several different shades of green visible on their jerseys. And then there are the Packers, who still use the old pre-Nike fabric for their jerseys. Nobody has come out and said it’s because Nike can’t match the Pack’s shade of green in the more up-to-date fabrication, but I strongly suspect that’s the case.”

    The Packers and Jets have the same shade of green (Pantone 626 C). So matching green for the Packers has actually already been done.


    So, there are 29 major leaguers playing in a series of exhibition games against Japanese all-stars (starting overnight tonight, 4am ET, 1am PT) and by the looks of highlights from an exhibition earlier today (?), the major league guys are wearing their team uniforms.

    Which is fine, but link are free agents, currently without teams. I wonder what uniforms Capuano and Morales will wear? Will they wear their former teams’ unis?


    Noting the uniforms represented by the players (years are for the uniform style, not the player):
    Rob Blake – 1988-1998 Kings white
    Peter Forsberg – 1995-2007 Avalanche burgundy
    Dominik Hasek – 1978-1996 Sabres blue
    Mike Modano – 1997-2007 Stars “Big Star” green

    I find it interesting that they went with the classic Sabres for Hasek. I would have thought they’d have used the 1996-2006 black/red/silver style, since that’s when he really broke out.

    I decided to do a quick and dirty ‘shop job on the Eagles’ new midnight green jersey to see how it might look in kelly green. link

    It looks like the Dolphins are going aqua/aqua on Thursday night against the Bills:


    They usually wear all-white for daytime home games and aqua/white for evening home games, so this is a switch up. This has been done before, but very rarely and not with the updated uni set…


    I know, late to the party, but had to add: A number of us noticed that when Michigan State rolled out their new Nike branding initiative several years ago, green color block trim on the road whites appeared brownish-gray. Wondered if it was simply color value issues with tech fabrics. MSU seems to have dropped the sleeve trim this season.

    Green. In my industry the color green is a mistake. If green is present “you are screwed” or “yikes!”
    Also, if the client enters the salon with green hair, clear sailing.
    If we accidently create green on their hair…FUCKED!

    In other words, green in

    Maybe Nike’s green problem is the reason why Oregon hasn’t worn their actual school colors in years.

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