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A Book Worth Getting Excited About


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I’ve written many times about the seminal graphic designer and illustrator Otis Shepard, who did great artwork for the Cubs, plus he designed several of the Cubbies’ uniforms. He also did lots of non-sports work, most notably for Wrigley. His creative partner for most of this work was his wife, Dorothy Shepard.

I was stoked to learn yesterday that a new coffee table book about the Shepards, called Dorothy and Otis: Designing the American Dream, will be published next week. According to this review, it’s loaded with gorgeous Cubs-related imagery, along with other work from their advertising career. Sounds like a potentially excellent holiday gift. I’ve asked the publisher for a review copy and will give a full report as soon as I’m able.

Meanwhile: New ESPN column today — a belated look at the World Series (which I would have written earlier if not for last week’s vacation). Enjoy.

(Big thanks to former Uni Watch bench coach Bryan Redemske for tipping me wise to the Shepard book.)

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Collector’s Corner

By Brinke Guthrie

Leading off once again with a couple of Giants/Royals items ’cause, well, you know. Game Six tonight and all. First up, this swell Pacific Bell Park phone from, I’m gonna guess, 2000 — the year the park opened for biz. I don’t really care either way about most corporate branding, but PacBell Park just sounded good to me — it flowed. Then came SBC Park (ack) and finally AT&T Park. Willie Mays Field would have been the best, but it don’t pay the bills. If you’re a Royals fan, you might be interested in this vintage George Brett table lamp. Wonder if that bat has any you-know-what about the trademark?

Here are the rest of this week’s eBay picks:

• Cool-looking 1971 Pat Patriot poster. (Say that five times fast!)

• Here’s a nice-looking framed MLB pin collection from the 1970s-1980s.

• Vikes fans, you’ll love this lot of items from the 1970s — a bank, belt buckle, wallet and more. The same seller also has some Vikes headwear.

• Look at this vintage Twins pin! Simple but awesome.

• Cliff Engle sweater alert! This time the team in question is the Red Wings.

• Here’s something I like a lot: a baseball sitting in a little stadium seat, which is mounted on home plate. This one’s for the Yanks.

• One of the best MLB team logos ever was the Brewers’ ball-in-glove design, and here it is on a gold-trimmed beer stein. Wish they’d go back to this logo full-time.

• Reader Michael Clary submitted a bunch of items this week, including a Pittsburgh Pirates beanie, a 1970s Swingin’ A’s alarm clock, a 1970s Phil Esposito gym bag (no logos on this one), and a Boston Red Sox pencil case. Thank you, Clarybird!

• A collection of 1970s NFL matchbook boxes? Well, they put their logos on everything, so why not. Here’s another matchbook, this one for the Steelers. Always liked helmet depictions without the facemask, which obviously would not have fit here.

• Did I mention that they’ll put a logo on anything? Like, say, a Chargers clothes organizer. (Speaking of the Chargers, you think Ryan Leaf has one of these Beanie baby-type bears in his latest jail cell?)

• NFL mini-helmet buggy alert! Got your Bills, 49ers, and Chargers designs right here. Just bid, baby.

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Anniversary merch update: The top photos show two Uni Watch 15th-anniversary stickers that reader Alex Allen has slapped on some file cabinets at his job. The lower photo shows a Uni Watch 15th-anniversary patch that a reader who prefers to remain anonymous has hand-sewn onto a green-pinstriped baseball jersey. Nice!

Do you have photos showing showing what you’ve done with the anniversary merch? Send ’em this-a-way. And if you haven’t already ordered your own merch, here’s where you can score a patch or some stickers.

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Outtakes reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, I’ve written an interesting and entertaining article (or so I’d like to think) about things that have been removed from other things. Check it out here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker

By Garrett McGrath

Baseball News: The Astros might get rid of that berm in center field for 2016. ”¦ The San Diego State baseball team held its annual Halloween costume game on Sunday. ”¦ “I’m getting into arguments with people about the way Hunter Pence wears his pants,” says Scott Unes. “A lot of people out there seem to believe his above-the-knee style somehow harkens back to the way players wore their pants in the old days. I believe that nobody ever wore their pants that high, except maybe Elizabethans (imagine Shakespeare, with a neck ruff, wearing those poofy pants that sit above the knees, over tights, and you get the image that pops into my head every time I see Pence step up to bat). Am I correct? I’ve viewed a lot of old baseball pictures, but never remember any era where the pants were pulled up to expose the entire, sock-covered knee.” … “I was looking at the new CFL caps from New Era cap company, and on their site is a section in the sidebar entitled, Heritage,” says Leo Strawn, Jr. “After clicking that tab, you ‘click to begin’ and the site brings up a page with a timeline. If you move the slider bar over to 1930, there are three items, one of which is an old Tribe cap. The company states: ‘The first New Era ® professional baseball cap was produced in 1934 for the Cleveland Indians ® home and away uniforms.’ By clicking on that 1934 (home) cap (which looks like this), the following can be read: ‘There was no such thing as exclusive licensing back then, so each year various companies would compete for the teams’ business, as well as for minor leagues and local league teams – which made up the bulk of the industry back in the pre-souvenir cap days.’ I thought that was a pretty interesting look at how teams got their uniforms prior to the big contract and merchandising days.” … When Bill Clinton threw out the first pitch at Jacobs Field on Opening Day in 1994, he was wearing a cap with a “C,” not a Wahoo cap. It wasn’t the Indians’ current block-C, either. Anyone know more? (From Jameson Stonington.)

NFL News: According to someone on Reddit who may or may not be a reliable source, the Broncos have asked Nike for orange pants for next season (from Jason Greening). … From yesterday’s comments: Paul pointed out how William Gay wore purple cleats. According to teammate Ike Taylor, it was to raise awareness for domestic violence (from Sam Jasinski). … A dedicated New York Giants fan built an awesome replica of the team’s old stadium — and it only cost $20,000 (thanks Brinke). … CBS ran a Thursday Night Football advertisement during Sunday’s games that used the old Carolina Panthers wordmark (from Tom Konecny). … In more Panthers news, they celebrated their 21st birthday on Twitter with a photograph of Jerry Richardson and Paul Tagliabue posing with a prototype jersey (from Yusuke Toyoda). … Yesterday, we shared that with the Lions/Falcons game taking place in London, Fox’s graphics team took the unusual step of creating soccer-style logos for each team. Turns out Fox they licensed the logos from Football as Football (from Jeffrey Sak). … Here’s another look at that weird Patriots prototype helmet that’s on display at Arrowhead Stadium (from Kevin Ackley).

College Football News: Georgia and Florida will be going color vs. color on Saturday. The last time both teams wore home uniforms against each other was in 1968 (thanks, Phil). … Arizona State fans decided on black/maroon/black for Saturday’s game versus Utah — the first time the team has worn that combo. … Here’s an article about a collection of historical items from Jack Trice’s teammate Ira Young (from Joshua Kagavi). ”¦ Cool history story: Fritz Crisler might have gotten the idea for using distinct offensive and defensive units — instead of using the same 11 guys on both sides of the ball for 60 minutes — from F. Scott Fitzgerald. A great colorized photo accompanies that article (from Bobby Pinkham). … “During the South Carolina/Auburn game this past weekend, some blue yard line and yard marker graphics appeared on the field and then disappeared,” says Gary Brackle. Anyone know what that would be for?

Hockey News: Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins is happy with their new third jersey because it replaces the blue jerseys that were bad luck for him. While wearing them he had a concussion and broke his jaw (thanks, Phil). … Junior hockey team the Plymouth Whalers dyed their ice pink (from J. Cristiano). … Yesterday, Paul posted about Scott Darling’s striped pads. Reader Kasey Ignarski points out that Darling’s mask includes logos for the Cubs, Bulls, and Bears.

Soccer News: All from Yusuke Toyoda: Chelsea’s Oscar is wearing pink shoes with his wife’s nickname stitched on the side. … “A couple of half/half jerseys on display in England this weekend, at Liverpool vs Hull and Manchester United vs Chelsea. Both were as popular with the Twitterati as you’d expect.” … An English man named Chris Smith makes Lego models of soccer stadiums.

Pro and College Basketball News: The Cleveland Cavaliers’ new video board at their arena is the largest HD scoreboard in any area in the country (thanks, Phil). … The 76ers will have 3D court-projection technology and they showed it last night in a demonstration (from Kurt Esposito). ”¦ Saint Joseph’s will honor Dr. Jack Ramsay this season with a memorial patch.

Grab Bag: New York’s tourism bureau has produced a series of retro-styled posters aimed at getting locals to explore different neighborhoods in their own city (from Yusuke Toyoda). … Good article from a breast cancer survivor who’s had enough of Pinktober (from Tom Currie). … “I saw this bedazzled Pittsburgh sports hybrid logo on a recent trip to the Burgh,” says Gordon Blau. Now I know what I’m getting my cousin for Christmas.

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What Paul did last night: Saw the new flick Birdman last night and really liked it. It’s not perfect by any means (biggest flaw: It’s a total testosterone-fest, with the male characters all pretty well fleshed out while the female ones are barely developed enough to qualify as two-dimensional), but it’s a hell of a ride with several terrific performances, along with a very enjoyable technical gimmick.

As you’ve probably heard, Birdman is about a washed-up Hollywood actor who’s trying to revive his career by directing and starring in a Broadway play, and it’s really interesting to see the levels of acting that take place within the film — the difference between movie acting and stage acting. That’s one of many good meta-layers within this film, which is definitely worth seeing.

Comments (80)

    Looks like Clinton’s cap is a cap the Tribe wore around 1979-1980. They had a block C at that point, I think.

    I was there, and I immediately noticed that. I have always assumed it was to stay away from the controversy around Chief Wahoo.

    Although it is a not significantly different (different shade of blue, red brim, and the Block-C is outlined), I think the 1978-1985 Block-C hat is so much better then their current Block-C hat and logo!

    I agree, I hate their current “C” hats, they both stink an outline would help.
    A distinctive looking C would of course help a whole lot more too of course.

    The timeline is interesting, but ultimately, like so many other New Era-related things, it’s a disappointment. For example: they mention that the first New Era-produced custom fitted cap was made for Pittsburgh Pirate Honus Wagner, in 1941. The cap they use to illustrate this fascinating fact is a late Seventies style Pirates yellow soutache on black pillbox cap. The message seems to be: “You’re all young and stupid. This is an old timey cap, from the olden days. It’s good enough for you dopes. Historical authenticity? We don’t need no stinkin’ historical authenticity.”

    New Era’s headquarters is in the old Federal Reserve building on Delaware Avenue, in downtown Buffalo. It’s a sort of interesting building — they kept the gun turrets — and they have a sort of mini-museum on the showroom floor. I wouldn’t travel to Buffalo just to see the New Era headquarters, but if you’re there, it’s worth ten or fifteen minutes.

    That block C style was the replacement for the ‘tribal’ C that they wore in the early 70s along with such beauties as the bloodclot uniforms. And yes, the fact that it has a white outline makes it better than the current designs many times over. From any kind of distance, today’s Cleveland caps look blank.

    From any kind of distance, today’s Cleveland caps look blank.

    Which is exactly why the Indians should keep their block C caps as-is, no outline. An effectively blank headcovering is kind of a thing in Cleveland pro sports.

    William Gay’s mother was a victim of domestic violence and died from the incident when he was younger, I believe around 6-7th grade but that could be off a year or 2. So he has been outspoken and the ‘go-to’ around pittsburgh lately when a reporter wanted to ask some of the Pittsburgh Steelers about the recent incidents involving professional athletes and domestic violence. So I’ll give him a pass for the purple shoes even though they look horrendous with the bumblebee uniforms.


    I meant to bring this up last week, when the Chiefs and Rams played — but have you noticed that Missouri’s football and baseball teams have opposite colors? Kansas City Royals are overwhelmingly blue, but the Chiefs are overwhelmingly red. St. Louis Cardinals are red, but the Rams are blue.

    I’ve seen this first hand while visiting Kansas CIty, where sports fans in public wear a schizophrenic mix of red and blue. Perhaps the two cities should swap, so they can each have color solidarity, like Pittsburgh.

    Yeah I remember a couple years ago when the Kansas City and Toronto MLS or whatever soccer league it was were playing, it seemed that KC was wearing Toronto colors and vice versa, because of course not being a soccer fan, I identified light blue as Blue Jay colors and red as Chief colors.

    It was a very confusing game for a few minutes.

    I have the Dodgers version of that lamp at home. I believe mine is #99, but it predates Manny Ramirez’s tenure on the team.

    I like the hill in center field for the Astros (though due to them being in the AL now I don’t see it as much), since it is a nod to ballparks past, most notably Crosley Field. The flag pole being in play is also a nod to the past, such as the original Yankee Stadium.

    As for the Broncos? I could dig orange pants, but they should replace the blue pants with the blue jerseys being retired as well and a link as their third jersey. Granted, they would have to work around the helmet rule, but still…

    I believe at least two minor league parks will have inclines and hills in play during the 2015 season: Albuquerque and Joplin.

    Speaking as a longtime Astros fan, I hate that stupid hill. I hate everything about that stupid ballpark. I hate the short porch in left field. I hate the limestone arches. I hate the train. I hate the Citgo sign. And while I’m at it, I hate the Astros being in the American League.

    Meh, it’s not like it matters, the AL and the NL haven’t been separate leagues since 2000. The only thing the Pirates lost out of it–besides three annual trips to the Lone Star State–were 15 free wins, something we easily get from the Cubs.

    Baseball was better when the leagues were more separate and distinct. I’d love to see a return to league presidents, leagues experimenting with different rules, etc.

    Orange pants is a great idea. But this guy on reddit claims the Broncos are going to make charcoal gray their primary and orange as secondary with the possibility of a onesie uniform. That’s frightening.

    Elizabethan baseball pants? Football pants above the knee? Come on, did they go FWSS or not? (Full White Sox Shorts) Were they Veecking? Pants above the knee are shorts. Once again, the White Sox did it first.

    The White Sox shorts were the first thing I thought of when I saw Pence. The second thing I thought of was Hugh Laurie on “Blackadder”. The third thing I thought of was the NFL. Never did I think of “old-time baseball” until reading it here.

    According to Wikipedia: “In 1994, when President Bill Clinton threw the first pitch at Jacobs Field, he wore a hat with the letter-C logo instead of Chief Wahoo. A White House aide described the decision in as one taken ‘in recognition of the sensitivities’ involved, and it spurred public debate on the issue of Native American names and images in sports. Critics accused Clinton of ‘an apparent attempt to appease his ‘politically correct’ constituency.'”

    Fixed Wikipedia to reflect a single critic cited. “One critic accused…” Isn’t Wikipedia great?

    Not a big fan of orange pants. some pretty bad results for the Broncos in orange pants back in ’79.

    Heh. Once again, it appears a decision on the merits of the uni is driven by the results on the field.

    Let’s say they won the SB in orange pants, would that change your opinion of them?

    (Not trying to bust balls, DG, you’re far from the only one who views a team’s performance in a certain uniform as a factor in liking/disliking the actual uni).

    Discounting the results in orange pants (from a time when probably 1/3 of UW readers weren’t even born), how would you feel if they wore them as ROAD pants (IOW, blue/white/orange)?

    The Broncos appeared in at least one playoff game in the 1978-1979 time period wearing those orange pants, so there should be positive memories for longtime fans.

    Also, the team wore orange pants around 1970, during the Floyd Little era.

    First, as to Gusto, the Floyd Little Broncos were routinely mired at the bottom of the standings too (heck, the first season to break .500 was 1973 and that just barely) and the 1978 playoffs were a big disappointment compared to the 1977 trip to the Super Bowl. Those of us that have been around long enough to think #87 should be on Lionel Taylor or Rich Jackson associate orange pants with losing.

    As to Phil, as a counterfactual it would be hard to answer definitively, but I probably would be somewhat ambivalent unless the orange pants had been a very longstanding tradition. To me orange pants belong to the Cleveland Browns, even if they have neglected that tradition for a while now. (BTW the only times I recall the Broncos wearing orange pants were in the blue/white/orange you mention, though with royal rather than navy.)

    Actually Phil, now showing the all-orange look has only enforced the idea of wearing orange pants even more, at least for me. It’s taken time, but I have warmed up to the monochrome look on some teams. Heck, I think one of the better monochrome looks in the league (coming from a Steelers fan) is the Browns all-brown look. (The Ravens need to ditch the black pants for all their jerseys, and not just the black.) Even Paul has warmed up to the all-black look on the greatest uniform in NFL history the Panthers, which the more I look at it isn’t that bad. As much as I hate to say it, if the Rooney’s become open to it I’d like to see the Steelers in an all-black look.

    They could pull it off. I think people would be pleasantly surprised how well it could look. Where the black stripe would normally be on the gold pants, they could instead have their sleeve striping going up the legs.

    if the Redditor is to be believed.. with the Broncos making “charcoal” their primary color, that would be two teams adding a form of grey into their uniform sets. he also claims that the browns colors will be Orange(primary), grey, white and a brown outline

    I’m not involved in that industry, but my layman’s assumption would be that the blue yard line and yard marker graphics that appeared in the South Carolina/Auburn game are a visual template/overlay that allows the CGI graphics (1st down markers, down & distance bugs, etc) that appear on the field during the game to be properly aligned with the actual field from each camera angle. I imagine a technician tweaks the 2-D template to fit a 3-dimensional real world view before the game starts and then turns the template off. I would assume that someone accidentally turned them on for a second during the game.

    Having difficulty finding a photo or screen grab, but I recall seeing similar overlays during broadcasts of snow games. It can be difficult to tell which yard lines are which when the camera zooms in, since only the lines themselves usually get cleared. Whether it is for alignment or just for the purposes of snow games, I’d wager it’s very likely someone accidentally turned it on for a moment during this game.


    They should have, seeing as the Cocktail Party is pretty much a neutral site game (and I’m a big fan of home uni v. home uni in neutral site games).

    USC & UCLA have been doing the color vs. color thing the past 5 of 6 (I think) years, and I know the ACC Champ last year (Duke vs. FSU) was color vs. color. A few early season games I believe have also been CVC, but the WLOCP has been white vs. color unis for ages (last being late 60s).

    I’m with you on that. I like the idea of neutral site games being color-vs-color, especially bowl games and big rivalries. I doubt we could see it in Oklahoma/Texas (maybe not enough contrast), but Georgia/Florida is great.

    I don’t know if (when) Texas & Oklahoma have played color vs. color in the past (looked for photos quickly and couldn’t find any), but I would imagine the unis would look similar to this Tennessee/Alabama matchup — which doesn’t really work.

    Not every game should be color vs. color (even if at a neutral site, for obvious reasons), but in RARE instances, it’s a treat. If we had games every week in color vs. color, I can assure you (despite what THE Jeff thinks) we’d tire of them quickly.

    Hunter Pence’s look is truly horrible, no doubt … but what interests me is whether it’s a good or a bad precedent. On the one hand, it could stop some misguided youngsters out there from viewing pajama pants as the major-league default. On the other hand, it could simply reinforce the idea that pants length and choice of socks is a matter of personal style, to be indulged however it best suits the player.

    He was adjusting his pantaloons the other day, hitching the cuff way up past mid thigh. It appears that his socks go all the way up. Is he wearing tights? Has this been discussed before? Did I miss it?

    I’ve thought he has to be wearing tights under them. It’s the goofiest look ever, but then he’s pretty goofy. When boys wore knickers in the early 20th century, as a cold weather alternative to summer shorts, I am not aware they ever buckled them above the knee. Though it could have been a passing fad at times. Or was a sign a boy had a growth spurt and was time to graduate to long pants.

    Even goofier up close. Not only are those pants not bloused and football-length, but his socks are ribbed like the Steelers’ distinct black socks! Does he dream of being a football player in his next life? He’s from Texas, so maybe!

    On the one hand, it’s worse than pajama pants. On the other hand, Pence is at least consistent: He currently maintains plausibly Elizabethan hair and beard to go with his pantaloons. One assumes he wears a doublet at home and speaks in iambic couplets as well.

    I think Pence is just an “odd duck” who wears things like pants above his knees and one batting glove just to be contrarian. That said, I’d love to see him play for the Reds.

    I agree wholeheartedly that Pence’s look is horrible. And I, too,have had this discussion with many of the Giants fans that live in this town. Everybody seems to sluff it off that “well, he’s a free-spirit, he’s a fun guy, etc., etc.” While I do agree that he seems to have a fun and somewhat refreshing, down-to-earth quality, I just cannot see anything redeeming at all about those frigging ridiculous pants. I just makes me want to fucking puke each time I see them!! And, no, I do not think that this is a good thing in any way, shape or form. It is equally as terrible as the pajama pants look . . just two hideous extremes at opposite ends of the spectrum.

    Interesting observation — The City by the Bay now has Pence AND Frank Gore . . . coincidence??

    In addition to the old Panthers wordmark in the promo, the Saints’ socks are incorrect.

    Good piece. The Royals are indeed lucky that their poor fashion choices were buried in the years of bad baseball. If the Giants didn’t keep screwing up their almost-perfect look, this Series could also double as the top of the “best-dressed” charts in each league.

    I’ve always been partial to the Royals’ link. The simple blue piping looks great against the gray, and the script is charming.

    Super-minor quibble. Paul writes that San Francisco has “stuck with its classic home and road designs.” I disagree. Their current standard road jersey, introduced in 2012, is decidedly not the classic road design the team wore with only minor differences 1958-72 and 2000-2011. The current gussied-up road jersey with its mishmash of single-piping black headspoon and three-color sleeve trim is a hot mess of clashing awfulness. With their current road jersey, the Giants have created a fauxback, a jersey that throws the weakest elements of their 1973-93 road jersey onto the basic template of their 1958-72/2000-11 road jersey. Either of the team’s softball tops would be a step up from that fauxback frankenjersey.

    With you on the Giants road. I can’t stand the mix of monotone headspoon and multi-color cuffs. Additionally, the orange and black piping on the new roads is significantly thicker than the home piping. Its jarring, especially since their old roads didn’t need fixing. If they were desperate to do the SF alternate they could have kept the old template easily.

    The orange jersey you link to for the Giants is their old orange jersey. Their link were introduced this year and have their retro script “Giants” across the front.

    Yesterday, we shared that with the Lions/Falcons game taking place in London, Fox’s graphics team took the unusual step of creating soccer-style logos for each team. Turns out Fox they licensed the logos from Football as Football

    Loved the “Football as Football” graphics, although using them made me doubly glad that the link will never play a London game.

    Of course, if the NFL ever extends the International Series to Rome, I might have link.

    “…Cool history story: Fritz Crisler might have gotten the idea for using distinct offensive and defensive units – instead of using the same 11 guys on both sides of the ball for 60 minutes – from F. Scott Fitzgerald. A great colorized photo accompanies that article (from Bobby Pinkham) …”

    Very cool indeed. The photo featuring the colorized Fitzgerald is of the Newman School football squad. Named after English Cardinal John Newman (Rome Cardinals, not St Louis), leading exemplar of the Oxford Movement, Newman was created as an RC analogue of the Episcopalian Grottlesex schools of New England. Interesting chapter in the history of Irish-American social striving.

    PS to shades of Fitz and Fritz: 49-7.

    He’s simply not a fan, I would guess. Go to a mall in the Chicago area, and you can buy a mashup t-shirt with many of Chicago’s team logos — but you’ll never see one that has both the Cubs and the White Sox along with the Bears/Bulls/Hawks. It’s always either the Sox or the Cubs.

    Actually, literally! Just looked him up on Wikipedia, and he’s from Lemont, which doesn’t look to be too far away from Chicago. So while an out-of-towner might pander to the whole city, a local kid would probably never have a logo of a team he doesn’t like.

    Actually, Lemont is a Southwest Suburb of Chicago…deep in the heart of White Sox territory. It’s interesting that he has the Cubs logo on his mask and not the Sox. Cub fans in that area are few and far between

    Anyone know where one can obtain a blank pinstripe jersey similar to the one above with the UW patch?

    I’m sure others might know some cheaper places but here’s a couple blank green pinstripe jerseys:


    one XL:


    if you are willing to go with a vest, probably a bit darker green, and you are the right size, there is this one:

    Something wrong with the coding for the additional look at the Patriots prototype helmet.

    Dear Paul,
    Next week the rugby autumn internationals kick off including the USA Eagles facing off against the fabled All Blacks of New Zealand, it would be cool to see you do a uni preview as international rugby (not counting sevens) has some of the coolest looking uniforms in sports.
    Big Fan,

    FIFA is unveiled the official emblem for World Cup 2018 Russia on their YouTube channel FIFATV just a few seconds ago.

    Anybody know a place in Manhattan that sells stirrups? Even the fake stirrup socks would be OK at this point. For a Halloween costume.

    Have already tried Modell’s, Paragon, Gerry Cosby’s

    I guess today is Throwback Tuesday.

    The guy building the replica of Giants Stadium is two years old, and the breast cancer survivor who hates Pinktober is from last fall.

    Not complaining, just pointing it out.

    I think the blue graphics package, a complete mistake to be rolled out during the South Carolina – Auburn game are used during snow games, to help out viewer at home to keep track of field position.

    Here are an appropriate situations for the system.


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