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What I Got to Do Yesterday

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I spent a good chunk of yesterday in Manhattan, where I was present for the taping of several segments for Puppy Bowl XI, which will air in February. I’m not allowed to talk about anything of it (the whole thing is embargoed until Jan. 29), but it would be fair to say that they have some very entertaining new features this time around. It would also be fair to say I had a very, very good time. I’ll be back for more today.

They had about 10 different press pass designs to choose from, each featuring a different adorable pooch. A tough choice! I went with Agatha because I liked the slight angle of her head and her perked-up ears. But I might choose a different one for today’s session.

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The newest Uni Watcher: Please join me in offering big congrats to longtime Uni Watch readers/neighbors/pals Marty and Jessie Buccafusco, who are now the proud parents of the newborn nipper shown above. “His name is Augustus Long Buccafusco, but his friends call him Gus,” says Marty. “For his first day home from the hospital, we put him in this Brooklyn Dodgers-inspired jersey that I painted for him.”

That’s Marty and Jessie for ya — they turn everything into a fun (and often uni-related!) extracurricular project. I really admire their approach to life, and I know they’re going to be awesome parents. Cheers, M+J — hope see both of you, and meet Gus, in the very near future.

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’Skins Watch: Those Pennsylvania high school newspaper editors who refused to print the word “Redskins” have received an award from the American Civil Liberties Union. … Some students at San Diego State are petitioning to change the school’s “Aztecs” team name (from Brady Phelps). ”¦ Interesting piece on how the ’Skins issue is shaking out among politicians (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Also from Phil: The University of Minnesota American Indian Student Cultural Center is planning a protest for the when the ’Skins come to play the Vikings on Nov. 2. ”¦ Here’s the latest on the move to get the FCC to ban the ’Skins name from the public airwaves. … The management at NPR has instructed its staff to limit the use of the ’Skins name (from Bryan Firvida). … There’s increasing pressure on the U. of Minnesota to eliminate any traces of the ’Skins name or logo from TCF Bank Stadium, which will be the site of the ’Skins/Vikes game on Nov. 2 (thanks, Phil).

Baseball News: San Diego State will be adding this Tony Gwynn memorial patch next spring (from Jared Buccola). … Pretty sure we’ve seen this before, but it’s worth repeating: Check out this sensational 1926 Giants season pass (from Ben Fortney). … The Mets have begun bringing in their fences yet again. That’s the third fence alteration in the ballpark’s short history. … The Rangers welcomed new skipper Jeff Banister by posting a photo of him in an outdated uniform. Shouldn’t have the drop shadow (good spot by Brian James). … Here’s an old shot of an ump wearing a windbreaker and a Cubs cap. Must’ve been a case of lost luggage (from Michael Kotler). ”¦ “With the Cardinals’ early exit from the NLCS, it appears to be the first time they have ever played an entire playoff series without wearing their standard home uniform,” says Mark Richter. “They wore their cream-colored alts in Game 1, then in Game 2 their standard white uni with their Sunday blue hats. And then their road grays for Games 3, 4, and 5.” ”¦ Joe Montana was at last night’s NLCS game and wore a Giants home jersey with an NOB. Tsk-tsk (thanks, Brinke).

NFL News: At first I thought Raiders QB Derek Carr was using two different Qalo rings — black at home and white on the road. But it looks like the white version is just tape. Still, impressive color coordination! (From Jake Morrow.) ”¦ Good story on those sideline iPads Surface tablets. ”¦ 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has won a “best dressed” competition (Thanks, Brinke).

College and High School Football News: After Deadspin ran a piece questioning whether Cory Gardner, who’s running for U.S. Senate in Colorado, was being truthful when he said he’d played high school football, Gardner’s campaign responded with a high school photo of Gardner in uniform. … Mono-black this weekend for UNC. … Speaking of UNC, last weekend they added a “Team Kemo” decal for their equipment manager’s daughter, who recently passed away. … Oregon State added a Pinktober ribbon decal last night. … Here’s another look at USC’s metallic helmet for this weekend. Personally, I really like it (thanks, Phil). … Arizona State has banned game attendees from wearing face paint, because people were wearing blackface for blackout games (thanks, Phil).

Hockey News: This is completely awesome: goal horn sounds for all 30 NHL teams — plus the Hartford Whalers, for good measure (big thanks to Chris Flinn). … Two interesting things about this junior hockey team in northern Michigan: (1) They’re called the Electricians. (2) They’ve found an interesting way to adapt the Capitals’ logo (from Alan Filipczak). … New mask design for Milwaukee Admirals goalie Magnus Hellberg. “It features Pelle Svanslös, a cartoon cat that comes from the same town in Sweden as Hellberg,” explains Daniel Lavender. ”¦ “I was watching Thursday night’s Stars/Pens game when one of the Pens was injured by a teammate’s shot,” says Mike Slavonic. “Forward Evgeni Malkin went to help out his teammate and I noticed Malkin was wearing two different gloves — Reebok on one hand and CCM on the other.” ”¦ The Niagara IceDogs wore tuxedo-themed jerseys for the opening of their new arena (thanks, Phil).

NBA News: The NBA 2K15 video game shows the NBA Finals patch on the back of the jersey, just like the regular NBA logo. Sorta makes sense, since the Finals patch normally replaced the league logo on the front, so they’re being consistent by having it replace the league logo on the back. But it still seems really odd to have this type of patch on the back of a jersey. The star-shaped All-Star Game patch has traditionally been on the front as well — will that be moving to the back? (From Mikhail Herrera.) ”¦ Odd that the Nets’ cheerleaders all wear double-zero (from Chris Flinn). … Ever wonder what new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer would look like in a Clippers uni? Me neither, but be warned — once you see it, you can’t unsee it (from Chris Flinn). … The D-League’s Austin Toros are now the Austin Spurs.

College and High School Hoops News: Lots of unusual things going on with this uniform. That’s a mid-1990s shot of Manual High School in Peoria, Illinois. The older man in the photo, coach Wayne McClain, just passed away (from Ben Zoss). … Hail Satans! That’s Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. “The story goes like this,” says Leo Strawn Jr. “According to Sinclair archivist Julie Fairchild, the ‘Satans’ team name came from the word ‘sin’ in ‘Sinclair.’ No worse than Blue Devils, right? But Marvin Knudson, Sinclair president from 1967 to 1974, didn’t care for that moniker, so the team name was changed in 1973. For the past 35 years they’ve been the Tartans, wich is more in keeping with the college founder David Sinclair’s Scottish heritage.”

Soccer News: Here’s a piece on the evolution of soccer jersey fabrics and styles over the years (from Nile Smith). … G.I. Joe costumes this Saturday for the Indy Eleven (from Nile Smith).

Grab Bag: A Pittsburgh-area answering service company has a logo featuring a rotary dial. Wonder how long that’s gonna last (from Brad Susany). … A Minneapolis-area school has come up with new girls’ basketball uniforms that conform to its Somali students’ traditional customs of religious modesty (from Josh Roshell). … I bid on this vintage Durene basketball warm-up but got outbid. Dang. … Here’s the logo for the 2014-15 Japanese pro basketball all-star game (from Jeremy Brahm). … Also from Jeremy: the logo for the 2015 World Handball Championship and the official ball for that tournament. ”¦ Two rugby items from Caleb Borchers: A new New Zealand Maori jersey pays tribute to indigenous Maori and Japanese culture, and — here’s a doozy — two Australian teams had sleeves so similar in color that the video ref incorrectly gave a score for the actions of the defensive team on their own goal line, mistakenly thinking the defensive arm was from the offensive team.

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Over and out: I’m off to Wisconsin tomorrow for a week-long vacation. Phil will be in charge while I’m gone. See you on the 27th!

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    Just a slight case of broken code.

    Also, two errors in one sentence in the Sinclair item:
    But Marvin Knudson, Sinclair president from 1967 to 1974, had didn’t care for that moniker, sp the team name was changed in 1973.

    RE: Nets cheerleaders all being Double 0…..

    Well none of them are Double D!!

    (Hey Oooooh!!)

    It looks like “Brooklyn” is on a nameplate ion the front of the jerseys… That of course is ignoring the fact that the type is different and the uniforms for the ladies look nothing like the game unis.

    The “away” Derek Carr photo is actually a photoshop job from when he was at Fresno State.

    But the story is still valid

    My God, what have we become?? Now no face painting because one over sensitive college kid was offended by black face paint? Get the fuck over it…it’s face paint! We are empowering everyone to be whiny and soft. If there is a LEGIT effort to offend then by all means do not allow it but this is pathetic!

    Yeah, it’s pretty stupid. There’s a very real difference between “blackface” and “painting your face black because your sports team is wearing black”. The offended party should have been told to STFU.

    Yeah, I did just say that.

    I’m with you on this one.

    If a Raider or Ravens fan paints their face black, they are in danger of being called racist??!! They aren’t in the stands singing “Mammy”!

    But add a silver or purple stripe and now they are a Super Fan!


    Agreed. The naysayers are trying read intent into the (hopefully) benign act of applying face paint.

    yes, the benign act of painting one’s face black. In the United States. Where there is a massive history of that being done. For very nasty reasons.

    A face painted black isn’t communicating anything that says “this isn’t blacking up”. Not sure how the dedicated fans can make that as clear as possible at all times while doing so.

    fwiw It’s amazing how over sensitive and offended people get over institutions wanting to avoid doing something that can look a bit racist. ETC

    Keyword: “intent”

    Blackface, as was done 100 years ago was rather blatantly trying to depict black people in a very negative way. It was racist. Of this, there is no denying. However, painting your face black because the sports teams you’re cheering for is wearing black is not racist, and this should also be obvious. The mere fact that something looks similar to a bad thing from the past does not mean that it should be banned.

    Well then, if that’s the case, maybe they should just avoid “blackouts” based on the name alone. I’m sure someone must be offended by that as well. What the hell – let’s just all stay home and not communicate for the fear that someone, somewhere, may get their feelings hurt for some unknown reason. Problem solved.

    “The mere fact that something looks similar to a bad thing from the past does not mean that it should be banned.”

    You are perhaps unaware that racist blackface caricatures are not a “thing from the past”. Not unless you think link qualifies.

    Arizona State has a very recent history of its students playing around with racist stereotypes. No wonder they want to tread carefully here.

    I was unaware of that particular issue, but I insist that intent matters. The guy painting his face black because the football team is wearing black is not racist. It can’t be that hard to see the difference.

    Members of the student body at ASU has a recent history of blackface with the intent of demeaning black people. You can’t separate those people from the others in the stands.

    In another situation, I would probably agree with you. But here? No, I think the university’s actions are entirely appropriate.

    Members of the student body at ASU has a recent history of blackface with the intent of demeaning black people. You can’t separate those people from the others in the stands.

    Yes, I can. I’m perfectly capable of holding people responsible for their own actions.

    How about “no face painting” because it’s an obnoxious pay-attention-to-me thing that looks ridiculous on anyone above seven years old?

    And the Giants’ shirts link. And there isn’t a single design I particularly like; if that’s what would’ve awaited the Tigers had they made it, I’d have been happy to do without.

    In looking up the Royals, though, I spotted link, which reminded me of the link. Apparently only twelve teams are available with these “overgrown” shirts, and the Tigers’ one is using the all-but-retired link.

    Apparently I derped the link for the listing of all “overgrown” shirts, so let’s see if posting a straight URL works: link

    I saw the link yesyerday on USA Today’s site.

    I can already tell I’m going to have WAY too much fun with it…

    Same here, and I’m not even a big hockey fan.

    Also, I hope that answering service in Pittsburgh never changes its wonderful logo. I got a rotary phone lately, took a picture of the dial, and now that’s the screen photo for my iPhone.

    Just to clarify, the UNC football helmet decal was used for the Notre Dame game on 10/11/14, before the passing of the equipment manager’s daughter. Sadly, she passed away on Sunday 10/12: link

    I see the above link was posted. Sorry for that, just wanted to note that the team wore the decal before she passed and not as a memorial.

    Some students at San Diego State are petitioning to change the school’s “Aztecs” team name (from Brady Phelps)

    People pushing for this change are on shakier footing than the ones trying to change Indian imagery. Most Mexicans are probably descended from Aztec ancestry, despite the efforts of their conquerors.

    Agreed. Also, “Aztecs” fits much more closely in the category of “ancient civilizations” than “currently disadvantaged minority.”

    Also, “Aztecs” fits much more closely in the category of “ancient civilizations” than “currently disadvantaged minority.”

    And today’s lesson is: If you want to name a sports team after a culture, make sure you completely eliminate that culture first.

    /I’m joking, chill.

    Well, I would have a different view of, say, a Spanish team calling itself the Aztecs. If your ancestors were actually responsible for a particular ancient civilization being ancient history, then you probably should not adopt it as a nickname!

    The 00 for the Nets cheerleaders could be a way to mimic the OO in BrOOklyn…probably picked by some fashion designer with little sports sense.

    That suggests an even better idea for the Nets’ cheerleaders outfits: They could make a wordmark across a shirt with “BrOOklyn” like that just like the Hooters do, you know, where the 2 O’s in Hooters reprsent the, uh, Owl’s eyes? Because we all like owls that have huge, uh, eyes.

    “Arizona State has banned game attendees from wearing face paint, because people were wearing blackface for blackout games (thanks, Phil).”

    Here’s an idea: How about you just wearing your traditional school colors and then you won’t have to ban people from wearing face paint for blackout games? Problem solved.

    While I do agree that blackout games are dumb… what about teams that actually wear black as a regular color? Should they be banning facepaint because some people are so intent on being offended that they think painting your face the same color as the team’s jersey is “racist”?

    “Do you really think that one stupid fraternity represents the entire student body?”

    You can’t hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn’t we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is guilty, then isn’t this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, Greg…err, Chance, isn’t this an indictment of our entire American society?

    I’ll be attending the Indy Eleven match on Saturday. I’ll try to get some good action shots of the camo unis to post here. Hopefully they’ll look better on the players than in the photo shoot – although I seriously doubt it.

    Not trying to be disrespectful here, but does anyone else find it odd that SDSU has a patch that reads “Aztec For Life” for someone who has passed away? That just seems like an odd way to honor your most distinguished baseball alum.

    The fences stuff drive me nuts. And it appears the Mets have no idea what to do. It is fascinating how many teams just do this.

    Petco re-did right field recently.
    New Tiger Stadium did it shortly after opening.
    Safeco just did it for this year I believe.

    But the Mets are just ridiculous.

    It’s just one more example of why baseball fields should be standardized. Every other sport has a standardized playing field, but for some reason baseball gets to have varied outfield depths. It casts a huge asterisk shaped shadow over the historic hitting stats of the entire sport. When hitting a ball 400 feet is a home run in one park and simple fly out in another, there’s a problem. While it may not be an issue for each individual game as both teams face the same field, it’s certainly a problem when you look at career statistics. Would (insert player) have hit as many home runs if he’d played in (insert city) instead?

    Baseball fields are standardized enough already. They all have 90-foot basepaths, pitchers mounds 60 feet, 6 inches from the batter, etc. Part of baseball’s charm are the differences in outfield dimensions, the length of the grass, the amount of foul territory, etc. And while you argue that other sports playing fields are standardized, conditions aren’t necessarily so. The Dolphins playing in the heat of Miami is different from playing in a blizzard in Green Bay or playing in altitude in Denver. Is it fair to measure the stats of Kurt Warner or Peyton Manning playing home games in temperature controlled domes against that of Brett Favre or Tom Brady playing home games in the elements?

    I used to be really against the notion but if I think about it in terms like
    1. The field goal posts are 7′ narrower at one stadium versus another, what is 3 points at one stadium could be a missed field goal at another.
    2. If the three point line is 3′ further out than another stadium, it would affect if it is a 3 pointer on court, but not another.

    These two instances are what I would consider the same as different fences. Yes, the basepaths are always 90′. Pitching is 60 some odd feet away from the plate (60’6″?).
    I can’t really think of any reason to not make baseball standardized other than aesthetics and what weird quirk they can put in the field of play.

    I mean, just why has it always been this way.

    At the risk of sounding too much like the old Carlin routine:

    Baseball started out from the ground up in each town where it was played. Heck, there still are ground rules at each park, a carryover from the old days. Rules are generally few and simple. Each umpire might have a different strike zone, but as long as he’s consistent regardless of who is at bat, it works well.

    Football is a more recent invention and so it has less room for innovation and rules that are much more numerous and complex – so much so that each season might have different points of emphasis among the rules. Teddy Roosevelt stepped in as President to modify how the game was played.

    Well, for a good portion of baseball history, it simply wasn’t possible to standardize the fields. Fields were built into neighborhoods and had to conform to the streets and buildings that were already there. I guess you could argue that you don’t have the problem now, but some cities do. I don’t think you could make right field in San Francisco or Baltimore too much bigger without tearing out a big part of the stadium. Standardizing might mean that every field is 300 feet down the lines, whether that’s the best fit for the stadium or not. I don’t think I would want that.

    Even had the NLCS gone 7 games, the Cards wouldn’t have worn “standard” complete home unis because games 6 & 7 would’ve been on Saturday & Sunday again. Crazy.

    If we’re lucky, this will put a jolt of superstition into the Cards and get them to use their alts less promiscuously. (If we’re REALLY lucky, it might get them to bring back the navy road caps.)

    If we are really, really, really lucky, they won’t worry about what uniform to wear and concentrate on overhauling their bullpen.

    “If we’re lucky, this will put a jolt of superstition into the Cards and get them to use their alts less promiscuously”

    What? The Cards wear the alts on specific days (Saturday for the off-white jerseys, Sundays for the logo cap). They did not deviate from that in the playoffs, so how in the world does that qualify as “promiscuously”?

    Terry Labonte will be making his 890th and final NASCAR start this Sunday.
    The car he’ll be driving will have ‘paint'(wrap) that will replicate the schemes from his first Cup car and his 2 Cup Championships…a triple throwback of sorts.
    Here’s a time-lapse video of the application process:


    Like the Sinclair team, the mascot for my alma mater high school was the Satans. The monicker was adopted in the early part of the 20th century–sometime in the ’20s, I believe–as a play off the town name: Devils Lake, ND. Our mascot was a baby devil, with mischevious smile, diaper, and (sometimes) a pitchfork; other times, activity-specific implements were substituted for the pitchfork (e.g.: basketball, football)

    The name changed around 2002 after a group of parents pressured the school board to make the change. Now they’re the Firebirds–a simple switch that required no changes to the color scheme.

    Proof: link

    I too like that USC metallic helmet with chrome face mask.

    I would like to see Ohio State use that facemask on their alternate helmets they have been using instead of black.

    Was Rex Ryan wearing sweatpants (or something similar) for last night’s game against the Pats? I don’t watch a lot of Jets games, but I seem to recall that he usually wears khakis, as opposed to this:



    Do other head coaches wear sweatpants for games and it’s something I just haven’t noticed? As much as I can recall, I’ve just see khakis or black dress pants.

    Although I’m not pleased with two Wild Card teams meeting in the Fall Classic – I’m calling the phenomenon a “Selig series” – I’ve gotta admit that I’m looking forward to the World Series on uni grounds. Assuming the Giants keep their black softball tops in the closet, this is going to be a very good-looking World Series.

    This is the first time I comment here, but I feel the need to express my opinion in this subject. First of all, I’m Mexican born and raised in the international border with the US, given that, I have visited multiple times San Diego and, as a sports fan, a I support and cheer for San Diego’s teams, including the Aztecs. Second, I have a bachelor in History, so I have a little knowledge about the Aztec culture.

    I do not agree with the SDSU changing their nickname. It’s a relatable name in Southern California, specially San Diego, where a lot of Mexicans or Mexicans descendents live, study and work. We, Mexicans, don’t found offensive the term Aztec (historically is incorrect, it should be Mexica), we call our National Football team “Aztec Team” and have a lot of pride on it. I have not meet a fellow Mexican offended because SDSU call his sports teams “Aztecs”, actually a lot think is kind of cool.

    The use of “Aztec” word in Southern California has a meaning beyond the proximity with Mexico and San Diego ethnic population. Aztlàn, the mythical home of Mexica people, is supposledly in Nayarit (west of the country and north from Mexico City, aka, Old Tenochtitlàn). But, with the migration from the south to the north of the country and to US, the location (of a non-existent place) change. The Mexicans immigrants in California said that Aztlàn was localated in Los Angeles or near by, in an effort to enhance the communuty identity and feel “back home”.

    But, most important is the fact that seeing “Aztecs” all over San Diego allows and encourage the discusson of the Aztec people and their history. I would agree that maybe the approach to the Aztec culture despicted by SDSU is not the best, but that doesn’t mean they should remove it, they could add a lot of stuff to make a good description of an Aztec. Maybe is easier to erase than investigate and work. In other words, change the approach, not the name.

    I would start to rename it Mexicas (the name they gave to themselves. Aztec was the name the Spaniards gave them after learning about the myth of Aztlàn), put a maquahiutl instead of a spear, replacing Moctezuma with Cuahtèmoc (the last Mexica Emperor and fierce warrior) and hand of or diffuse in the Univesity media, literature about the Mexica culture, their traditions, their gods and history.

    Sorry for the long post, I promise to be more concise in my next ones. Thank you for your time.

    How about this weird logo mash-up, part Redskins feathers with Pittsburgh Pirates P


    the Pala Braves Mens softball team

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