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Monday Morning Uni Watch

Good morning, and happy autumnal equinox. As you can see at right, 49ers tailback Frank Gore took his signature biker shorts look to a new level yesterday. Okay, so it was only for pregame warm-ups, but still. Click on the photo, if you dare, to the get the full effect.

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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

By Phil Hecken

Coupla teams busted out new unis yesterday, including the Oklahoma Sooners (seen above), who wore what were described at their introduction as their “Bring The Wood” uniforms. You can read a bit more about those here. Can’t say I’m a fan, and for a while, it looked like the Mountaineers of . . . → Read More: Sunday Morning Uni Watch

WFL Contest Entries - The Progressions

By Phil Hecken, with Aaron Johnson

You’ll recall about a month ago, Aaron Johnson and I took a look back at the World Football League (which would have turned 40 this year), and later announced a uniform contest to imagine what a WFL team (or teams) would look today like if the league had . . . → Read More: WFL Contest Entries – The Progressions

A Uni Watch Look at Powerlifting

[Editor’s Note: Today we have guest entry from Chad Fette, who’s going to educate us on a sport that’s never been covered before here on Uni Watch. Enjoy. ”” PL]

By Chad Fette

When the classification of the sport you compete in is determined solely by the uniform you wear, it needs to be . . . → Read More: A Uni Watch Look at Powerlifting