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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at West Virginia

By Phil Hecken

Coupla teams busted out new unis yesterday, including the Oklahoma Sooners (seen above), who wore what were described at their introduction as their “Bring The Wood” uniforms. You can read a bit more about those here. Can’t say I’m a fan, and for a while, it looked like the Mountaineers of West Virginia were going to take down the Sooners, but in they end the uniforms proved winners. The Ducks of Oregon also finally wore their black Mach Speed tops, combining those with the yellow helmet and pants for their matchup with Wazzu.

For the rest of yesterday’s action, here’s TJ Duroncelet.

. . . . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

Ive been having some weird dreams as of late. this past Tuesday, I had a dream about warming up with the Dodgers and Ice Cube. A couple of nights before that, I had this oddball dream about the Yankees throwing a parade and me dying (can’t give you an explanation on that one). And just about 24 hours ago, I dreamt that Florida State was playing in last night’s game against Clemson, but they started on defense in garnet helmets with gold facemasks (which is what they currently have, but with a black gradient), and when they switched to offense, you could actually see the team switching to their usual gold helmets, but they looked more shiny gold than normal, almost like Notre Dame’s helmets. They were even penalized for delay of game! Why am I telling you this? Because apparently, my dreams had more action than yesterday’s games, at least, in terms of uniforms. There wasn’t even any major news from Thursday or Friday’s games, so let’s jump straight into Saturday’s games…

• Small image, but Duke wore retro helmets against Tulane. I’m normally not a fan of brush script, but I think I’ll let this one slide.

• Speaking of fancy lids, Wisconsin brought back the red helmets against Bowling Green.

• Utah wore all-white against Michigan. Also, I couldn’t get a good photo or anything, but apparently, Michigan DL Ryan Glasgow literally came out of his shoes when trying to pursue the Utah QB.

• Well, it’s about time that Northwestern started mixing up their home look! Apparently, this is the first time in a while (if not ever) that they’ve worn white shoes. Loved the socks, too.

• Rutgers wore white helmets with flag decals against Navy.

• Yeesh, here’s hoping Syracuse never wears white/navy/navy ever again.

• Cincinnati wore mono-red with black helmets against Miami (Ohio). The helmet stripe looks to be new. Also, the RedHawks looked to have been wearing a new helmet (just keep clicking “larger” to blow up the image), similar to what Boise State and Arizona State wear often.

• Oklahoma wore their road alternates for the first time against West Virginia. They would’ve been solid if not for the crimson thorns near the armpits. The number font is something I could possibly see on the primary uniforms.

• Vanderbilt altered their “Anchor Down” uniforms in time for their game against South Carolina.

• Colgate wore new helmets on Saturday.

• I don’t normally cover Oregon too much (Tim does a great job of that), but I want to mention the Oregon/WASU game for two reasons: one being that Oregon looked like what would happen if you combined Mach Speed Oregon with the Steelers, which made the splash photo Paul used not too long ago all the more appropriate. The second thing is that Washington State wore all-white at home.

• Florida State followed through on their promise to fix the color on the helmets. They look to be in the classic colors from last year, with a matte facemask. Also, Clemson wore orange pants.

• Arizona wore a new white helmet for their white out game against Cal.

That’s about it for this week. Tune in next time for what looks to be the last Saturday before… THE PINKENING. See you next week.

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Thanks, TJ. Catch you next Sunday.


OSU 5 and 1 5 & 1

Comrade Marshall’s…

Five and One

Last weekend Comrade Robert Marshall filled in for the 5 & 1 in a pinch, and while it was awesome, we both knew that if he had had a full week of prep time, he could make it even better. Well, now is that time.

Catherine is fine and will return to Five and One duties shortly — I had actually planned on giving a few other folks a shot at the 5 & 1 this year, so this is just one of those times. There will probably be a guest 5 & 1 from time to time as well.

Anyway…here’s Comrade Marshall with your …

. . . . .

Five & One
By Robert Marshall

Thanks slaps this week was brutal!

Full Texas for Arizona, Washington State, and others. It works for the Longhorns, Auburn and some others but not for Arizona. Horrible choices for the Orange-boys that had no orange, and Rutgers which clearly loves this country more then your school(you should feel shame).Welcome to 2005 Wyoming! And then there is Oklahoma,. Bah-ha-ha-ha! pathetic. So let’s try to find 5 decent games….

5. Clemson-Florida State: FSU was improved, and Clemson was element of orange short of a full on nudge. This game might have been higher if I didn’t have to see Jameis every 5 seconds. Kids make mistakes, adults make me sick.

4. Alabama-Florida: Not only is it classic, but I love that the Florida striping is closet OCD. Does not matter the element for Florida or it’s base colour, it’s white-blue-orange ranger pattern

3. Washington-Georgia State: Um, i would change this subtly, but stick with gold-purple-gold.

2. Minnesota-San Jose State: Try to say it isn’t purdy.

1. Michigan Tech-Saginaw Valley: That’s how bad the week was, and that’s how much I have the stick-up for Michigan Tech.

Honorable mentions:

Just out because there was a lot of black… Oregon state-San Diego State.

Just missed… LSU-MSU missed on the classic side (Peaches!),

…and the contrast special of the week Nebraska-Miami should have been in there.

and one

Syracuse-Maryland: How about some orange Syrcause, and how about being clever instead of literal Maryland? Just awful.

. . .

Thanks, Robert!


Duck Tracker

Each week, as we have done on Uni Watch for the past five seasons, we’ll be tracking the uniform combinations of the Oregon Ducks. Back for his third season is Tim E. O’Brien, who’ll show you what the Ducks wore in their last game, and add a few words of wisdom.

Here’s Tim E. with the DT (click to enlarge)…

Duck Tracker Week 4

. . . . . . . . . .

Tim was “Super Busy” yesterday, so he’s unable to say anything (not that there is much that needs to be said) about the Ducks new uniforms (or at least new tops) last evening. But the Ducks went with yellow/black/yellow, breaking out their new “Mach Speed” tops — interestingly they did so on the road at Washington State, so the folks in Autzen have yet to see the black tops in the flesh. I’m sure they won’t need to wait too long.

Tim will be back next weekend with a writeup, I expect.

As usual, things are updated over at the Duck Tracker and on twitter (@DuckTracker). You can also follow my Northwestern (@NUniTracker) and Indiana (@Hoosier_Tracker) trackers.


EPL Tracker

Each Saturday, Alex Gerwitz will be tracking the kit combinations (shirt/shorts/socks) of the teams in the English Premier League from the previous weekend.

Here is the EPL tracker for Weeks 4 & 5 (click to enlarge):

EPL Tracker Weeks 4 & 5


Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: The Royals and Tigers are involved in a very tight pennant race (the Royals are trying to make the post season for the first time since 1985, I’m pretty certain), so you’d expect to see lots of fans in Royals gear at the game right? You could also find Waldo (great grab by Andrew Guydos). … The Padres wore their brown throwbacks again yesterday, and it sure looks nice when they get the sanis and stirrups right (h/t Patrick Kurish).

NFL News: “My daughter received her Teen Vogue magazine this month with an NFL merchandise tie in,” writes Joseph Bailey. “She told me she thought it was ironic to receive it this week with all the domestic violence stuff that has been happening.” … While I’m not certain whether the Dolphins will be going “all aqua” today (they’re calling for an “Aqua Out” by the fans), you may recall the team first went mono-aqua in 2002 against da Bears. They also went full aqua in 2003 and 2004, according to the Gridiron Uniform Database. … Wow, how long have the Bills had this new uni set? Apparently it’s news to San Diego (h/t Trevor Tierney).

NBA News: This appears to be a rejected look from 2005 when the Indiana Pacers switched from the pinstripes to their current design (from Robert Silverman). “Never seen this one before,” he adds.

Hockey News: The Buffalo Sabres might not have the best uniforms in the NHL, but they just may have the best women’s bathroom signage of ALL the leagues (great spot by AINKriet).

Grab Bag: Due to excessive heat at the Kyalami circuit for the 1978 South African Grand Prix, the pit crew for Arturio Merzario’s Merzario A1 worked on the car wearing shorts, swimming trunks or underwear (from Graham Clayton). … Reader Terence Kearns entitled his email “Kobe Lamela?” and went on to say, “So, Tottenham Hotspur Argentinian superstar Eric Lamela wore a Kobe Bryant full kit to get his haircut. No. Words.” … At last night’s Columbus Crew game they inducted Frankie Hejduk into their Ring of Honor. After they did that they honored him by waving these flags that resemble all the uniforms Hejduk wore when he played with the Crew (from Ryan Robey). … John Vittas saw this “Chargers” logo on a company sign the other day by his place of business in Fort Worth, TX. “Not very original,” John notes.


And that’s it for today. Everyone have a good Sunday. Back at ya next week.

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.. … ..

“The Oilers, Islanders, and Flyers all introduced retro jerseys as thirds that gradually became their full-time uniforms, so it’s possible the Pens could continue that trend. And I, for one, hope that they do.”

— Rob S.


Comments (53)

    Did anyone notice the referee’s in the Miami/Nebraska game had the Under Armour logo on their hats, Adidas on the back yoke of their shirts, and Adidas on their pants?

    Funny thing about the Chargers slide is in the background image, the Chargers are playing the Bills in their current uniforms, including white helmets. So whoever photoshopped the image didn’t see the white helmets?

    The previous “white gold” helmets were a better match for the jerseys. And Nike always has trouble with metallic gold (look at Purdue and Pitt’s washed-out pant color). Every manufacturer has trouble with metallic-colored pants.

    I’m certainly more of a fan of the Oklahoma home look over the road version. I think that little maroon triangle jetting out of the arms is the problem.

    Saginaw Valley was the sharp-looking one in that game. Michigan Tech?? Pfft.

    Nice list again, Comrade. Although I would have replaced Ga. State/Washington with…can’t believe I’m gonna say this…Oklahoma/West Virginia. And I’d replace SV/MT with FAU/WYO.

    And if the rest of the numbers look as good as that #8, then Miami/Nebraska deserved at least a tie for #5.

    i wanted to give a shout out to a lower division school, and those games as quality matches are tough to find. did i really think it was a top 5? no.

    I may have missed this news but…

    Did anyone hear from Catherne Ryan? I know she was mysteriously absent from her usual 5&1 last week, and she is still missing from this week’s 5&1.

    Sounds like somebody didn’t read the intro to today’s 5 & 1:

    “Catherine is fine and will return to Five and One duties shortly – I had actually planned on giving a few other folks a shot at the 5 & 1 this year, so this is just one of those times. There will probably be a guest 5 & 1 from time to time as well.”

    There are better, subtler ways of representing Maryland visually than just splashing a bunch of state flag bumper stickers all over the place, that’s what it means.

    Still not sure what defines clever and literal here but to each his own. I think it’s a good look and wish they’d wear it more often instead of going with their “pride” uniforms so often. Of all the ridiculous uniforms going these days, I just don’t get why these are being singled out.

    I look forward to the day when the Ducks’ opponent gets more than an oh-by-the-way mention. This week, WSU’s all white look (with new white helmet) looked spectacular in a late night game and made for a fun contrast to Oregon’s outfit.

    A+ to the Cougs.

    I thought WSU looked terrible. White for white sake wasn’t that exciting when it first came on the scene, and is horribly played out by now.

    I am just as sick of the WFWS look as I am with the BFBS or GFGS looks of other programs.


    i don’t know about the cougars man, soesn’t everybody have an all white combo now? it’s *yawn* kind of tired.

    Not exactly “Duck Tracker” material, but Purdue has guaranteed that they will start the season with 5 different uniform combinations:


    Gold/Black/Gold vs W.Michigan
    Gold/Black/Black vs. C.Michigan
    Black/White/White vs. Notre Dame
    Black/Black/Black vs S.Illinois

    and they’re wearing the weird “put your face on the helmet” promo thing next week vs. Iowa.

    Coach Danny Hazell was quoted on media day saying he had all the uniform combinations planned out for the season.He also said the black helmets wouldn’t necessarily be part of the rotation, but now they’ve worn them two games in a row.

    For the Sunday Morning why didn’t you mention Cal’s all gold look? (one they don’t wear too often). Also it’s the first time they’ve worn their Gold jersey since introducing new uniforms at the beginning of last season (which also wasn’t covered that much by Uni-watch).

    I know they only won 1 game last season, but your college football uniform coverage should AT LEAST not miss anything among power 5 teams. I mean you have a Colgate helmet for God’s sake…

    Titans uni combo and cool Bengals program cover for today

    @TennesseeTitans All white unis for the fellas today #TitanUp #TENvsCIN” link

    ‏@FrankWycheck1 White on white. first time since 2002 opener against Eagles link

    #Titans-#Bengals game program link

    I’m gonna email this to Paul, but on this link slide number 7 mentions the Rangers jersey that Joey is wearing–I’m sorry, but I don’t know if the NHL switching to the Rbk EDGE (link) jersey templates count as something that is dated.

    That one was kind of weak (old-style collars instead of lace-up collar)

    The #1 reason Friends is dated: they spent a lot of time (in their apartments and Central Perk) talking to one another instead of looking at their smartphones.

    Re: EPL tracker

    Minor quibble, but the standard abbreviation for Newcastle United is NUFC, not NCU.

    Might be cool to put “H” for hoops in the sock section too, Arsenal and Villa booth have pretty cool hooped socks.

    No love for my Mizzou Tigers and there new Unis… I thought the tiger strip numbers were pretty nice

    Couple of NFL notes:

    1. Dallas is now 2-0 this year in blue (or, as I like to think of them, the unis that actually match).

    2. Seattle’s mono-blue is so downright depressing, I actually turned the game off because I can’t watch them in that combination. They’re not as bad as the Reebok-era unis, but still, that’s only a very marginal improvement. Gray or white pants would’ve made the game much more tolerable.

    The number one spot in the 5-and-1 was over and done in one with Auburn-KSU on Thursday night.Absent the Purple-hatin’it is no contest.

    Great looking game between the Panthers and Steelers. Carolina should go with the blue full time.

    The Steelers should have one of the top uniforms in football…but the truncated stripes and annoying fonts have almost totally ruined them for me.

    It would be really nice if the NFL would stop with this bullshit of only allowing alt jerseys twice. There’s no freakin reason that Carolina shouldn’t be allowed to wear the blue just as often as the black.

    Personally I’d like to see Carolina use those black pants with the blue jerseys, but everyone else would probably hate it.

    Those Helmets Miami (Ohio) wore aren’t “new” persay. They wore them against Marshall in the season opener. Last two weeks they were wearing their goofy motorcycle helmets again.

    I watched the Michigan/Utah play where the shoe came off on the opening kickoff return. I didn’t notice too much about the new white helmets Utah was wearing. It was hard to see anything else aside from Michigan’s poor athletic performance.

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