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Kent State Will Wear Ohio 54 Helmet Sticker To Honor Jason Bitsko

Redshirt junior Jason Bitsko was found dead in his dorm room this week from what the police are calling “an undetermined medical issue.” Kent State will honor his passing this year with a helmet sticker bearing his uniform number.

A day after the tragic death of starting center Jason Bitsko, Kent State players have already come up with a way to honor their fallen teammate.
Head coach Paul Haynes said Thursday that Bitsko’s teammates will wear his No. 54 on the side of their helmets through the season.

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Well, not everyone is enthralled with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Department of Defense Office of General Counsel has issued an order that current service members and DoD employees cannot participate in the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” while in uniform.

This includes civilian uniforms that clearly show a DoD relationship ”” i.e. Department of the Army civilian police uniforms.

The OGC says that participating while in uniform can be construed as an official DoD endorsement for the cause.

The legal advisory was posted to the Facebook page of the National Training Center/Fort Irwin.

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The Arizona Central did a ranking of the football uniform changes to the Pac-12.

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Via some guy named Phil, here are three possible uniforms for the Kansas opening game.

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Anyone in the market for an Eminem-branded Detroit Tigers hat?

Y’know, to go along with the jersey.

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    The OGC says that participating while in uniform can be construed as an official DoD endorsement for the cause.

    Because endorsing an effort to cure a fatal disease is a bad thing, right?

    It’s the same across all of gov’t, all charitable fundraising is done during one time of the year, and I would guess the charities go through some sort of vetting. I think employees even aren’t supposed to do their kids’ fundraising in an obvious way. It’s all about being careful about endorsements, not saying it’s a good or bad thing, I’m sure there are reasons behind it

    That, and from a law point of view (can’t help it, I’m a law student), there’s probably a First Amendment worry. We don’t even have an official language, because having an official language would promote one over the others and that infringes upon the freedom of speech and press. So by the same logic, it’s probably best even not to casually give the appearance of promoting a charity (outside said vetting procedure). Any government actor can “speak” for the government in that way, so private citizens are absolutely wise not to wear the government uniform or a government ID if doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    Meanwhile, elected government officials seem to be free to publicly state that they think the Washington NFL Team should change its name. Seems kinda… inconsistent.

    “elected government officials seem to be free to publicly state that they think the Washington NFL Team should change its name.”


    Yeah, it’s a good thing Lincoln kept his yap shut about slavery. Hate when those elected officials take stands on things.

    Yeah, because human slavery is totally equivalent to a few people feeling insulted by a depiction of their ancestors used in a form of popular entertainment.

    Here’s the thing. A uniformed government employee is more likely to be doing his job than the elected officials.

    May not be Quote of the Day, but it’s the Understatement of the Year.

    All federal government employee charity efforts must go through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). That is the rule throughout the federal government and military. I am sure the CFC includes designations for ALS charities.

    No Girl Scout cookie sales, no Ice Bucket Challenges, no selling overpriced wrapping paper for your kid’s school.

    Not always enforced ($20 for wrapping paper?) but it is the rule.

    I’ve had this issue on Uni Watch for some time…when there is a certain kind of element anywhere on the page (I think it is flash video) while using IE11, if I use my mouse to pull down a menu in windows, the mouse pointer disappears. This happens even if Uni Watch is not the active tab. I have mentioned this a few times, but thought I’d do it while the webmaster is the lede author. This may be driving others crazy too and they may not know what is causing it. If I close the Uni Watch tab, problem goes away.

    IE11’s not the problem, the website’s the problem. As much as most of us hate IE, it’s not Microsoft’s responsibility to make sure websites are coded correctly.

    Ok, so I’ve seen the copying of a logo or helmet before (Green Bay and UGA, Colorado State and STL Rams), but I’ve never seen it this obvious. I mean Kent State and San Diego could share helmets. Is there any kind of rule against this?

    A few days behind on reading the site.

    Has the toronto vs creighton blue jays dispute been discussed already?

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