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For the Man of Today (or at least yesterday)

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Paul here. As most of you know, I’ve been away on vacation for the past week. It was a great trip, and I’ll have more to say about it tomorrow. I’m still catching up on stuff, so thanks in advance . . . → Read More: For the Man of Today (or at least yesterday)

As The World Cup Begins the Knockout Stage...

By Phil Hecken

The World Cup has been progressing swimmingly (OK, perhaps if you’re a fan of Portugal, England, Italy or a dozen or so other teams, maybe not so swimmingly).

We know who won the games played on the pitch — but who won in the uniform department? Some teams wore only . . . → Read More: As The World Cup Begins the Knockout Stage…

2014 CFL Preview

By Phil Hecken

It’s that time of year again — no, not the knockout stage of the World Cup, the nearing of MLB’s midsummer classic nor even the middle weekend of Wimbledon — it’s time for FOOTBALL again.

OK, not American football, but Canadian football — as the CFL has begun play for the . . . → Read More: 2014 CFL Preview

Building a Better Soccer Ball

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on vacation, but here’s a piece he left for your enjoyment.]

Back around February, I had a great idea: Since soccer ball designs are constantly being changed and updated, I’d run a ball-redesign contest on ESPN, similar to the uni-redesign contests that I’ve been doing for years. And I’d run the . . . → Read More: Building a Better Soccer Ball