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The Braves Throw a Throwback Surprise Party

Interesting scene last night in Atlanta, as the Braves marked the 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron’s 715th home run by wearing throwbacks of the uniform he was wearing that night. As usual, the cut was wrong and nobody could be bothered to go high-cuffed, but there were still plenty of uni-notable aspects to the game:

• This was the Braves’ home opener. How often has a team worn throwbacks for its first home game? I suspect there have been other instances of this, but I’m drawing a blank. Anyone..?

• As you probably know, the Braves are wearing a sleeve patch this season to mark the 40th anniversary of Aaron’s 715th homer. But the patch wouldn’t have been era-appropriate, of course, so it wasn’t worn with last night’s throwbacks. In other words, the Braves will end up wearing that patch for every game except on the anniversary of the event that the patch commemorates — weird. (The patch design was on the bases, however.)

• The Braves’ jerseys were NNOB (yay!) but had the MLB logo (boo!).

• The Majestic logo is usually centered on the outer left sleeve, but they had to move it off-center because of the feather icon. (A better solution, of course, would have been to skip the maker’s mark altogether.)

• If you look again at that last photo, you’ll see that the Braves wore their regular navy undersleeves, instead of springing for a new set in royal.

• On the plus side, the Braves went the extra mile with throwback batting helmets. Jason Heyward even had a color-matching faceguard — a nice touch, since they could have just used the navy faceguard from his regular helmet.

• The pregame ceremonies included a really nice bit where 715 fans were on the field holding signs for each of Aaron’s home runs.

•  The pregame ceremonies also featured a sequence in which Aaron was presented with a No. 44 jersey from each Atlanta-area pro and college team. From left to right in that photo: Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Dream, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Kennesaw State, Emory University, Morehouse College, and Clark Atlanta University. (Some folks — including me — initially thought the Falcons jersey might be a new design — no sleeve stripes! But as several people pointed out, it’s just the same old jersey with the sleeves folded over to obscure the sleeve stripes, like this. Too bad.)

But the oddest thing about this whole thing, at least to me, is that the Braves didn’t announce that they’d be wearing throwbacks until a few hours before gametime. That fits into a trend: The season is barely a week old and this is already the fourth uniform “surprise” that’s taken place with little or no advance warning. Here are the other three:

April 2: The White Sox added a memorial patch for owner Jerry Reinsdorf’s son. Oddly, they did this for the second game of the season, not for the season opener.

April 4: The Red Sox wore gold-trimmed jerseys and caps on the day of their ring ceremony. This wasn’t a huge surprise, but the team didn’t announce it until the afternoon of the game — a very different approach than the one taken by other World Series winners in recent years, each of which has announced the gold-trimmed jerseys well in advance.

April 7: The Twins and A’s wore “Stand up to cancer” patches for Minnesota’s home opener, as a gesture of support for Twins GM Terry Ryan. Both teams also wore S↑2C BP caps prior to the game. I didn’t hear anything about this until after the fact. Granted, that might just mean I didn’t have my ear to the street, but this was the Twins’ home opener — you’d think they would’ve made more of a fuss.

I’m not complaining about the lack of advance notice, mind you. On the contrary, I welcome the spontaneity and the sense of surprise. I’m just puzzled, because MLB’s (and everyone else’s) approach in recent years has been to promote these things in a heavily scripted, pre-planned manner. And you have to give them this much: Waiting until the last minute to announce something can’t possibly be good for jersey sales. So when we say everything about the uni-verse is merch-driven these days, it’s worth remembering that some promotions apparently aren’t merch-driven — including last night’s throwbacks in Atlanta.

(Big thanks to Michael Rich for the photo of all the 44 jerseys, and to Phil for screen shots.)

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NASCAR reminder: Our friends at NASCAR will be updating their “Paint Scheme Preview” page, which has the rundown of all the new card designs for this Sunday, at about 11am Eastern today. Worth checking out.

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’Skins Watch: An Indians fan has taken a new approach to de-Chiefing. … As many of you are aware, last Friday’s encounter between Native American protester Robert Roche and face-painted Indians fan Pedro Rodriguez was remarkably similar to this 2002 cartoon. The guy who drew that cartoon has some thoughts about the bizarre coincidence (from David Wilson).

Baseball News: Some early-season glitches for the Yankee Stadium scoreboard: Jacoby Ellsbury’s name misspelled on Monday, wrong uni number for Francisco Cervelli yesterday (from Ilana Hardesty and Wesley Batista, respectively). … I suppose some folks might think Don Zimmer is sorta cuddly like a teddy bear, but that doesn’t mean his face belongs on a teddy bear. Yikes! (From John Sheehan.) … Alan Tompas found a video of a TV news report on the Yankees preparing for their “home” opener at Shea Stadium in 1974, when Yankee Stadium was undergoing renovations. … Throwbacks on tap for the Seibu Lions. “Those are their 1979-95 road uniforms, but they will be wearing them as their home uniforms during their Lions Classic Series in June,” explains Jeremy Brahm. … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: A Mets blogger says the team has too many uniforms (and he’s right, of course). … Do the Asros have too many retired numbers? Should they put some of them back into circulation? At least one observer thinks so (from Elan Tavor). ”¦ This is pretty great: a scientific explanation of how a Wiffle Ball works (from Dave Rakowski). ”¦ “I have always been a stirrups fan — I’ve worn them for years as a coach at Marlboro (NJ) High School,” says Robert Anderson. “This year, the varsity team wanted stirrups and we decided (okay, maybe I suggested) to go with stripes.” ”¦ Ooooh, this is good: Jay Winkler got a tour of Comerica Park the other day and saw a chart listing all the press passes and other passes that can get you into the ballpark. Never seen that one before — good stuff! ”¦ Angels catcher Chris Ianetta was missing his left-sleeve team logo patch last night (thanks, Phil).

NFL News: Nike is raising the prices of its NFL jerseys. The first graf of that story says, “The cost of being an NFL fan just got more expensive,” but that’s inaccurate — the cost of being a fan hasn’t changed at all. The only thing that’s gotten more expensive is wasting money on a polyester shirt. Despite what the merch-industrial complex tries to tell you, being a fan and being a consumer are two different things.

College Football News: You know those new Ridell SpeedFlex helmets that so many colleges have been tweeting photos of? I have one of those helmets sitting on my desk right here (blue shell, no stripes or decals), and yesterday I spoke with Riddell’s VP for Product Development and picked his brain about the new design. Details to follow in an ESPN column next week. … Yesterday’s Ticker mentioned that Miami appeared to be hinting at a BFBS move. But Roberto Zanzi says this refers only to the cleats and socks, which were black back in the Sean Taylor era. … Mississippi State will unveil some sort of uni update tomorrow (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Utah may be making changes to the lyrics of its fight song (from Cort McMurray).

Hockey News: Here’s a shot of original Yes drummer Bill Bruford wearing what appears to be a pair of Boston Bruins overalls. “His stint with the band was from 1968-1972, so it’s from that era,” says Pat Karasek.

Soccer News: New home kit for Ukraine (no word on whether Russia plans to annex the left sleeve), and a new away kit for Zambia (both of those from Trevor Williams).

NBA News: Back in 1979, the Trail Blazers were playing the Hawks in Atlanta, and the Blazers had to wear Hawks practice uniforms for first half of the game because their luggage was late. They changed into their own uniforms for the second half. Too bad the accompanying photo isn’t better, but it’s still a great story (big thanks to Todd Radom).

Grab Bag: Good article on the color Mafia (from Tommy Turner). … What’s worse than purple or camo? Purple and camo. That’s the Idaho Mustangs, a semi-pro team that plays in the Rocky Mountain Football League (from Derek Self). … The North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors has named the Ohio State Highway Patrol as America’s best-dressed public safety agency (from Jason Hillyer). … The U. of Maryland is marking its move to the Big 10 with — of course — a marketing campaign. It’s called Think B1G. Full details on all the hokum here, and there’s a good backstory, complete with descriptions of “talking points,” here (from Andrew Cosentino). … Somewhere in Mexico City is a building with my name on it — literally. Never seen that before (big thanks to Omar Jalife).

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I’ll be off the grid for most of today, because my brother and I are taking our Mom out for her 90th (!) birthday. See you tomorrow.

Comments (126)

    The new Dodgers “performance character” is awful. I wonder if it will last longer than the derided Rally Bear.

    If they are going to do anything, they should re-institute the koala that was used in the 1980s. That thing kicked ass.

    Is that a full $60 disc game or a cheaper XBLA/PSN game?

    Of course, I just know that the one throwback uniform I’d really want is the hardest to unlock. I wish modern games still had cheat codes.

    $20 on platforms (XBLA is out now, PSN later today), $5 on mobile devices (iOS is out, Android later this spring).

    Given that I got about $500 worth of play out of the original $40 cartridges for RBI 1 & 2, I feel like I owe it to the game to buy it as soon as it’s available on PSN.

    Nice. I too played a decent amount of the original NES games. I don’t care much about the real sport any more, but videogame baseball can still be fun. As soon as I finish up a few loose ends with my 3rd Skyrim character, I just may have to check that out.

    Saw today that Raul Ibanez has worn 5 (five) different numbers with the Mariners (26, 5, 38, 23, 28). Is that a record? Jose Iglesias already has 4 (68, 76, 58, 10) for the Red Sox, but got traded to the Tigers, so he’s stuck for awhile.

    Did Iglesias actually wear those 60s and 70s numbers in regular season games?

    Even 10-15 years ago, the Red Sox never used to give out numbers like that. These days it seems like every team is going up into the 60s even on Opening Day.

    “… The White Sox added a memorial patch for owner Jerry Reinsdorf’s son…”

    Anybody else find this inappropriate, even mawkish?

    A patch for a member of the team owner’s family makes far more sense than a patch for random people who happened to die in a newsworthy event on the other side of the country.

    Nope, not mawkish. “Blessed are (those who can be moved to) mourn, they will be comforted” and all that…

    I’m not sure I’d call it a uniform surprise. I think the patches were just late in arriving.

    The Reinsdorf son patch is deplorable. This was not a statesman nor a valued contributor to the franchise. So wrong on so many levels…

    So if no case is made, that means he provided nothing to the two teams that are honoring his memory?

    The man died at the age of 51, which would put him in his early/mid-20s when his father’s ownership of both teams began. I would be quite surprised to find out that he was NOT employed by them in some capacity over the last three decades if that is indeed true.

    No, Reinsdorf is beloved within the White Sox organization. Very well known how loyal he treats his employees/players. It’s reciprocated. Not something anyone would give a second thought to — wearing a patch for his son.

    Jerry’s the same owner that had the Bulls’ practice complex named after his longtime assistant, Sheri Berto. I’m really surprised he didn’t try to name the new complex after her.

    For the last year at Veterans’ Stadium, the Phillies and Pirates (canary yellow with black caps) wore 1970’s throwbacks in their season opening series. I should know, because I was there for two of the three games.

    So was I! Got my 70s/80s Phillies throwback hat at the Sunday game of that series, the one I still were to this day. Easily the highest quality giveaway hat I have ever received, and I will always remember who the sponsor was (ShopRite), because they were kind enough not to stick their big ugly logo on the hat itself (like the sponsor usually does), but on a removable tag.

    I think the stock “B” logo (clearly for both Bill Bruford and Boston Bruins) is maybe similar to Kirk Cousins sporting the “KC” logo as noted here yesterday. Simply an icon of convenience maybe?

    Copied & pasted from Bruford’s website:

    Jonathan Date: 13.10.201 wants to know “…how you first came to wear the Boston Bruins logo on your shirt(s), aside from the obvious appropriateness. Are you an NHL fan, as well?”

    Jonathan, when I first came to the US as a kid and saw the Bruins logo in a store, I just thought it was a neat lettering to adopt, and I had no idea it was connected to a team. I’d never heard of the Bruins. Regret I am completely ignorant in all matters of US sport, NHL included! We’ve just issued a retro- B- T-shirt of the last Bruford tour of the US with that band in 1980, at the shop, which might amuse you.

    Bruford also wore the Bruins “B” during his short stint as the touring drummer for Genesis in 1976 (I wouldn’t rule out the ticker photo being taken during this period).

    It’s a look so well known to Genesis fans that when the Genesis tribute band The Musical Box recreated a tour with Bruford as the drummer, his “doppelgänger” also wore the “B”:


    /music nerd time

    That picture is more likely from when he was in UK (1977-1979) or from his own band, Bruford (1979-1980). (The roto-toms were part of his kit during those years.)

    FYI Genesis and other 70s prog bands wore hockey jerseys as well.



    Re: Heyward’s face mask…

    The Braves would not be able to use the navy blue face mask off of his normal helmet. Those pieces are not removable without compromising the integrity of the mask. In fact the manufacturer (in this case Rawlings) does not guarantee any of the safety aspects of those masks unless they are the ones who attach it to the original helmet.

    Ah, interesting — didn’t know that.

    But it’s surprising to hear that you can’t swap out the faceguard on a baseball helmet while you *can* swap out the facemask on a football helmet.

    Uni surprises like Atlanta’s throwback.

    Pro: Feels more organic and authentic, since it lacks the merchandise pre-sales aspect. More fun that way.

    Con: Means a uni-watching fan can’t plan to attend the game for the sake of watching the throwbacking.

    I totally agree. I’m just throwing out that there is a virtue other than just “sell more merch” at stake with providing advance notice. The pro outweighs the con here, but the con is still a true thing.

    When you speak of athletic aesthetics, the death yesterday of James Hellwig, 54, should not be ignored.

    The Ultimate Warrior was absolutely one of the most colorful, identifiable, and memorable athletic specimens to ever exist. He was to the WWF in the 1980s what the Seahawks are to the NFL today – call it good or call it bad – the man stood out in a world already full of caricatures.

    R.I.P. His personality in retirement certainly took a turn for the colorful–and not the good kind, either–but if the heavens could award Gary Busey a long, comfortably semipsychotic senescence, TUW deserved at least the same.

    On that note: I’m not a pro-wrestling fan–far from it–and what they wear scarcely qualifies as a “uniform,” but wrestling gear would be a fascinating topic for this site to engage with once in a blue moon. For example: there seems to be a basic division between the fellows in plain trunks and the ones with varying degrees of costumery. There could be some fascinating sartorial stories behind those choices, and the ways in which individual performers or “characters” change their looks over time.

    I think it is something worth discussing at least. The color scheme of hulkamania (red and yellow), Ultimate Warrior using all sorts of color, Bret Hart and pink and black, Undertakers change through the years, it could be interesting.

    Definitely a sad situation. I hadn’t watched wrestling in years, but tuned in to see this past weekend’s Hall of Fame ceremonies, and saw Warrior give a great speech. He was also on Raw Monday night. Then, to just drop dead a day later… what a crazy turn of events.

    Actually Vick’s falcons jersey and Aaron’s are different. If you look at Vick’s jersey there is a thin black stripe above the falcons logo. Aaron’s does not have this. So it begs the question, are the falcons changing things up? Let’s hope.. Or was who ever bought the jersey too cheap to buy an authentic one? Which I would find hard to believe, since I am sure the extra 50$ that would need to be paid to make the damn thing look right wouldn’t be a big deal.. Hmmmm

    Maybe, but it’s also a Reebok jersey vs a Nike jersey, so that difference could just be a result of them having different cuts. Note the shoulders are angled on the Aaron jersey, but straight across on the Vick one.

    Aside from that, I think they folded the sleeves in such a way to obscure the black seam stripe. It looks to me like the black stripe is just barely visible, reduced to little more than a dot, on the corner of each fold.

    The Minnesota Twins opened Target Field with their 60’s throwbacks.

    Although, I think they are technically alternates that year to commemorate outdoor baseball in MN just like they used their powder blue regularly in the Metrodome the previous year.

    A fine line between throwbacks and alternates?

    When the uniforms the Braves wore last night were designed back in the early 70’s, drawings were shown to Hank Aaron. The original design had red instead of royal blue. The Hammer liked the jersey, but didn’t like all the red. He suggested blue instead, and the change was made.

    Note first base coach Terry Pendleton’s unflapped batting helmet had a sparper curve paint job. As flapped helmets became more prevalent, the painted curve on the Braves’ helmets became less curved – like on the helmets the Braves wore last night.

    And I thought I was at least a few royal blue undershirts. Chris Johnson wore grey.

    I’ve never heard that! There’s no better way to honor Hank than to wear jerseys that he had a hand in designing.

    I was at the Red Sox game last night, and when Burke Badenhop came in to pitch, I heard a guy a section away scream, “OH MY GOD, HE WEARS STIRRUPS!”

    There are dozens of us…. DOZENS!

    Didn’t hear him from my seat, wish I did, but wonderfully conspicuous, and in stark contrast to Grady Sizemore’s non-stirrup high cuff.

    But, is “high cuff” so great? How about “middle cuff” or something a bit below high?

    Does anyone know if there was any rhyme or reason to the placement of where the 715 fans stood holding the signs? Were they standing randomly or was there some orchestration to show what direction the homes runs ended up going?

    Looked to me that the fans with the big home run baseballs were just wandering around the outfield randomly. Thhe 715 ball did stand in front of the others, in the grass behind second base. I’m wondering if the fans selected to hold the baseballs were season ticket holders. Two of the fans on the field was the big guy and his wife who attend every game and sit behind the visitor dugout.

    Liverpool has their home kit unveiled tomorrow, it will be live streamed. link

    These are the kits that people are claiming are the real ones.

    The home kit is horrid. The neck piping ruins it. The rest of the side & shoulder piping looks like an Adidas knock off. Also the lettering is white while the Liverbird Crest is Yellow.
    Please Baby Jesus let Warrior turn everyone on their head and release something else tomorrow.

    Eww, no. I don’t hate purple like Paul does, but purple food is supposed to be grape flavored. If it’s purple and doesn’t taste like grape, it’s just wrong.

    Nah… it doesn’t have green frosting. Besides, the Joker was more concerned with cosmetics, not food.

    /I’m glad they stopped making Batman movies after “Batman Returns”, I can’t imagine what kind of unwatchable garbage they’d come up with today.

    I’m not complaining about the lack of advance notice, mind you. On the contrary, I welcome the spontaneity and the sense of surprise.

    It’s great when teams are the ones who get to activate their own promotions according to their own timelines and marketing roll-out plan and not have some internet uni geek trolls alter those plans.

    Beating the Chris Creamer geek nation to the leak punch is simply fair and just.

    I can forgive the MLB logo on the ATL throwbacks, but the Majestic logo is certainly a jersey foul. The Astros will continue to have the best throwbacks, and they barely ever wear them!

    The Astros have also retired way too many numbers. Why would Oswalt have his number retired? Berkman, BARELY was great enough. Bagwell, Biggio, Ryan, Richard are probably all the ones that need to be retired. But I am not well versed on my Houston beisbol history. I may be wrong.

    The Astros have also retired way too many numbers.

    Every retired number is too many. The numbers of past great players should be given to new potential great players, not set aside to eventually be forgotten.

    I think I’m the only one who prefers the Maple Leafs system of honoring numbers but keeping them in circulation. Their only retired numbers, 5 abd 6 have tragedies associated with them, but even 6 was put back in service for a while at the request of it’s retiree (if that’s the right word) Ace Bailey so Ron Ellis could wear it.

    I was at a Mississippi Braves game over the weekend and was told the following hat was part of their uniform this year. Wondering if the braves will be wearing this more then just this one game.


    That’s the M Braves version of the 2014 Atlanta Braves new BP cap – navy blue brim and back. I’m sure Gwinnett will have one as well.

    Speaking of the Atlanta Braves unis, looking at TV and print advertising this year it seems like the team is going out of thier way to play down the traditional tomahawk unis. Most of the players are shown in the cream uni without the tomahawk. When the player wears the white uni in an ad, the tomahawk is often hidden.

    Does MLB still have the rule that allows true throwbacks (one-offs) to be logo-free? If so, since the Braves’ unis had the MLB logos on them last night, it it possible that they’ll be using them as alts all season long?

    It is my understanding that any one-off can be outsourced, but while Majestic gets its logo every time, nobody else can have theirs. In practice, Majestic seems to reproduce everything that Bill Henderson documents, and the other guys get the old old-time uniforms to replicate.

    It is my understanding that any one-off can be outsourced, but while Majestic gets its logo every time, nobody else can have theirs. In practice, Majestic seems to reproduce everything that Bill Henderson documents, and the other guys get the old old-time uniforms to replicate.

    Not necessarily – last year, Majestic produced the Brewers’ link and link throwbacks (as well as the Twins’ link unis from that same game).

    I was told that Majestic has right of first refusal on all TBTC uniforms. Then if they turn it down, and the teams purchase from another vendor, the uniforms have to be logo-free. I don’t know under what circumstances Majestic would turn the commission down, though.

    Yikes – forty years ago? It doesn’t seem half that long since that famous Monday night.

    I’m guessing they wouldn’t have thrown back had the ’74 jersey included Chief Noc-A-Homa.

    Big congrats to the Lukas family!

    Paul, I’m not sure if you listen to/watch The Dan Patrick Show regularly, but Commissioner Silver was on today, and talked about advertising on uniforms briefly. I’m sure it’ll be in the archives soon.

    Overview: he thinks advertising on uniforms is inevitable, inspired by the advertising on uniforms internationally. He doesn’t want to go the Premier League route with no team names. He envisions the ads being a small patch on the jersey, rather than what the WNBA has done.

    Hope that helps!

    Can someone please find Adam Silver and just slap him? Inevitable? Yeah, of course it’s “inevitable” if you’re going to force it on us, you greedy fuck. There’s no real reason for any NBA team to need jersey sponsors, they’re all making millions. But, you know, the European soccer teams wear them and no one seems to care, so let’s do that too and make even more money.


    Where is the Tea Party when you need it? Changing an American tradition is “inevitable” because people in other countries do things differently? What about American exceptionalism? If we do things one way and the rest of the world does it another way, why can’t that be a sign that America is doing it right and the rest of the world ought to follow us?

    Well, in all probability the burning of the flag wasn’t intentional. Provided no reasonable pyrotechnic associate at Turner Field could have reasonably foreseen the “burning of the flag” I don’t think you can pull the Braves so-called “patriotism card.”

    What’s more American and tea party than NASCAR? We did it first, we did it best, but them damn liberals have to “Europ-ify” it to fit their delicate sensibilities.

    Can’t say I follow college baseball much, but usually click the ticker links for a look at what they’re wearing. Shocked that I’d never noticed this U of Miami set before, they’re link link in action.

    Rups, sleeves, stripes… yes!

    It’s interesting that the Yanks appeared to be wearing flannel road uniforms prior to the 1974 opener at Shea. I thought they had switched to polyester the previous season. Did they use the flannels for workouts?

    “Ooooh, this is good: Jay Winkler got a tour of Comerica Park the other day and saw a chart listing all the press passes and other passes that can get you into the ballpark. Never seen that one before – good stuff!”

    Those are actually pretty common in arenas and parks, especially during the Playoffs, when they have a lot of press and guests with varying levels of access in the house. You see them in elevators, security offices, etc.

    I believe the White Sox wore throwbacks for their home opener in 1990 vs. Milwaukee. It was a ‘Turn Back the Clock Day’ (one of the originals), celebrating the last season of Old Comiskey Park.

    Correct – it was link.

    It was the first throwback game in the majors. They turned off the electronic scoreboard and the PA system, but the visiting Brewers wore their standard powder blue doubleknit pullover uniforms.

    That clip from before the Yankees’ opener in 1974 is bizarre because, not only are the Yankees wearing their road greys, but they are wearing uniforms in the style of their *1972* road greys!

    As of 1973, the Yankees adopted what is still their current road uniform, with a white outline around the letters and numbers, and with the numbers changed from standard block to varsity style. They also switched from cotton to doubleknit that year. Here we see Bobby Murcer wearing the 1973-present road uniform:


    How they could be wearing road uniforms that hadn’t been worn in over a year is a mystery to me, unless they kept using their 1972 cotton uniforms in spring training for a couple of years.

    So I guess what Rovell really meant, re: the NFL high-end jersey price-hike, was the cost of being a “fansumer” is on the increase. Googling the word yields a general association with people being fans of merchants/retailers on Facebook, and allowing those companies to better define their core demographic. We could use it, however, to denote a person who believes loyalty to a team is defined by the amount of official apparel they own.

    I knew the Notre Dame women were in trouble when they came out with those Adidas uniforms with the link.

    (Well, that, and losing Natalie Achonwa two games ago.)

    But I digress: Those Adidas dots remind me first and foremost of the link.

    I’d like to free myself from that preconception and hear from someone who likes them, and why.

    Aaaaand best of luck to you.

    Really, I can’t think of anyone who thought this year’s Adidas “Made in Merch [sic]” template was a good look.

    What’s more disturbing to me, though, about ND is the gold trim on the green lettering on the blue jerseys. Not a good look at all. ND really shouldn’t be mixing blue and green anyway; they should stick to blue-gold and green-gold combos.

    Good for them, but from my understanding they will eventually have to sell them at the new prices (as those are stated as the minimum prices outlets are allowed to sell them at).

    I’m guessing they are probably getting away with it by arguing they ordered the stock with an intention to sell it at a certain price and thus can get away with selling what they currently have at the same price. Because the Packers jerseys were so simple in design they were only

    Or perhaps they are getting away with it because of the simplicity of the design? I mean without changing a single thing about the authentic jerseys but the maker’s mark the price of a Packers jersey has gone up $115 (as the Packers jerseys were previously $180, and Nike did nothing to change the material used).

    I checked the Raiders Pro Shop and they are keeping their Authentic Jerseys at $250 too, same with the Falcons, however the Eagles have upped their prices. I’m having trouble remembering the other teams that kept their same jerseys or else I would check them too.

    As a Falcons fan I’d still prefer them going back to a black primary jersey and get away from the red but I’d just be happy if they eliminated all of that needless sleeve & side striping and went with that much plainer looking jersey as it “appears” in the Aaron ceremony. In some cases more is better but in this case the addition by subtraction would be great.

    But I think if the team is going to go with a new uniform set we’ll be waiting until the 2017 opening of the new stadium before we see it. It doesn’t make much sense to change now with that move on the horizon. Then again after seeing the Jags, Bucs, & what may be in store for Cleveland I’m not sure if the crappy look I know and am familiar with hating would be better or worse than a potential new crappy look.

    Agreed. Hate the current Falcon uni and love the red helmet / black jersey throwbacks. Or anything other than those current monstrosities. At least the current black helmet is nice and simple – even it it was designed by Jerry Glanville.

    Didn’t the Glanville helmet have a different logo and mask? Regardless, I lost all respect for the Falcons when they went to a uniform designed specifically to accentuate Ron Mexico.

    Accentuate Ron Mexico?

    They made the jersey switch in 2003, 2 years before Ron Mexico, and 5 seasons before we all found out about his dog-fighting ring.

    It was supposed to be year 2 of Vick as a starter, so it made sense to turn over a new leaf with the guy who was supposed to be the franchise QB (and would have been if not for his off-the-field crimes). But it was also the first year in which Arthur Blank had full control of the team (he bought the team in February 2002, not nearly enough time to get a new uniform design approved in time for the 2002 season).

    Vick was part of the equation for the new uniforms, but if the Falcons had picked Drew Brees in the draft they still would have changed uniforms.

    Just Joe, you are correct about the Glanville helmet having the old logo. It did have the black mask. Although I love old 60’s unis, I am ok with the current Falcons logo. But those unis gotta go. Maybe when the new dome is built, huh?

    I really doubt that they could do worse than the current Falcons’ uniforms.

    They looked great in both the UGA knockoffs and in the predominantly black set.

    My vote is for the return of the Glanville era uniforms but with the current logo. Any changes they would make I would guess would keep the red as the primary since it seems the new dome will have a dominantly red color scheme. At least as of the current plans. I’ve always thought the current jersey reminded me of the old Expos pinwheel hats. A workable thing on a center fielder in baseball but not on the arms of an offensive lineman in football.

    Something to remember when the Braves trot out their new stars-and-stripes alt jerseys: They opened the season by literally burning an American flag.


    You really don’t get to play the patriotism card after you burn the flag. Even if it’s by accident. If you really respect the flag, you don’t put it in a situation where “catching on fire and burning in front of a crowd of tens of thousands” is a possible outcome.

    You really don’t get to play the patriotism card after you burn the flag.

    Can’t disagree with you, my friend. Political protest is a very patriotic act.

    I’ll agree with you if it means we can finally ditch the “more patriotic than you!” clothing, though. ;)

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