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Well, That Didn’t Take Long


We got our first serious uni glitch of the MLB season yesterday afternoon, as Cubs outfielder Junior Lake wore the team’s primary road gray jersey (“Chicago”) while the rest of the team was wearing the new alternate (“Cubs”). As you can see above, the Cubbies’ broadcast team noticed the mistake during the bottom of the 1st. Someone apparently notified the Cubs dugout soon after that, because Lake had switched jerseys by the bottom of the 2nd.

Reporters asked Lake about the mix-up after the game. The postgame report from my colleague Jesse Rogers included the following info:

“Bullpen guy [Justin Grimm] told me I had the wrong jersey. I looked and said [f—],” Lake said following the game.

After the Pirates’ final out in the bottom of the first inning, Lake immediately went into the clubhouse to change. He said he got confused because both jerseys were hanging in his locker, and he chose the wrong one.

“Everyone looked at me,” he said. “I see two gray, I take the wrong one.”

Meanwhile, as we discussed last week, the Cubs’ alternate jersey comes with its own set of alternate pants. Which set was Lake wearing — the primaries (which don’t have any side piping) or the alts (blue/white piping)? Turns out it was the alts, as you can see in this screen shot from the top of the 1st:


As news of this mix-up spread yesterday, lots of media outlets quickly posted short items that basically said, “Cubs in mid-season form” and “Typical Cubbie cluelessness” — that kind of thing. Hahahahaha. But nobody brought up the following question: The Cubs wore the alternate grays for all three games of their season-opening series in Pittsburgh, and their next game is today’s home opener at Wrigley, so why did they even bother to take Lake’s (or anyone’s) primary road jersey on this short road trip if they had no plans to wear that uniform anyway?

I posed that question to a Cubs PR rep, who got back to me with the following: “We had both uniforms packed, since each day’s starting pitcher may decide which uniform the team wears while on the road.” So there you go.

Meanwhile, remember that the Cubbies will be wearing at least 13 different uniforms this season (home pins, primary grays, alternate grays, alternate blues, and nine different throwbacks). So while this was their first jersey mix-up of the season, there’s a decent chance it won’t be the last.

Of course, innocent mistakes can happen to anyone.

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’Skins Watch: An Ojibwe writer says Daniel Snyder’s offer of financial assistance to Native Americans is no bargain. ”¦ Whatever you thnk of Chief Wahoo, I’d like to think we can all agree that the Indians’ use of a half-naked black kid with a bow and arrow as a mascot won’t go down as one of their better moves (from Bruce Menard). … Check out these old photos of Atlanta-area Little Leaguers with Chief Nok-a-homa. Wonder what the “B” designations on the kids’ uni numbers were for (from Joe Culverhouse). … “I come from a small town near Rochester, New York, called Waterloo,” says Greg Netherwood. “Our high school mascot had always been the Indians [and still is ”” PL]. If you think Wahoo is bad, look at the logo used on the jerseys of our 1972 baseball team.” ”¦ “Stafford High School in Virginia, whose teams are called the Indians, recently began a slow roll-out of a new logo,” says James Ashby. “They consulted and got the approval of local members of the Patawomeck tribe.” No visuals, unfortunately.

Baseball News: To the surprise of nobody, the Red Sox will wear gold-trimmed jerseys and cap for today’s ring ceremony at Fenway. The uniforms will look like this. ”¦ As I mentioned yesterday, look for the Dodgers to come out with a Dr. Frank Jobe memorial patch at today’s home opener. ”¦ Pirates catcher Russell Martin has been wearing a matte-finish catcher’s helmet this season. ”¦ Not uni-related but still odd: In the season-opening three-game Mets/Nats series, the Mets started three different first basemen and three different second basemen, and the Nats started three different catchers. ”¦ And one of those Nats catchers, Jose Labaton, is a front-brimmer. ”¦ Wanna see something weird? Check out the cartoon-ish locomotive train that goes out onto the field in this late-’70s White Sox footage. “My aunt shot that film but I have no idea what the train was about,” says Charles Rogers, who posted more of his aunt’s old Chisox footage here and here. Great stuff. ”¦ Latest evidence that the world would be better off without jersey retailing: According to Giants beat writer Hank Schulman, Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick has a policy of not allowing anyone to wear the opposing team’s gear behind home plate, which of course is total bullshit (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ Here’s a new addition to my list of All-Star Game batting helmet mix-ups: Giants pitcher Juan Marichal in a Milwaukee Braves helmet, from the 1965 ASG (big thanks to Gary Olson). ”¦ Tequila sunrise jerseys on tap this weekend for Arizona State. Apparently it’s a throwback (from Adam Vitcavage and Phil, respectively). ”¦ Love this shot of U.S. bishops in the Nationals’ clubhouse prior to the Papal Mass in 2008. “I thought it was great that the MC used individual locker stalls for the bishops,” says Zakary Jester. “Too bad there were no NOBs or locker tags, though.” ”¦ My buddy Jim Caple has put together his annual rundown of the year’s best MLB promotions and giveaways.

NFL News: It’s not yet clear what uni number DeSean Jackson will wear with the ’Skins, but it won’t be his familiar No. 10, because Robert Griffin III isn’t giving that up. But some fans have pointed out that Griffin could give up 10 and switch to this (good one from Lucas Fiser). Never mind — Jackson will be wearing No. 11.

College Football News: An SB Nation writer claims to have a source who has confirmed that the new Walmart-leaked FSU logo is the real deal. Some FSU fans and alums are reportedly less than thrilled. ”¦ Meanwhile, here’s a hilarious note from Seth Scheving: “My wife works at a print shop in Anderson, South Carolina, and she met the wife of a guy that helped create the new FSU logo. The [logo designer’s] wife said that when the store in Florida accidentally put out those shirts too early, her husband had to do some damage control by driving down to the store. He bought all the shirts.”

Hockey News: Whoa, check out these awesome old NHL cartoons (great stuff from Chris Mizzoni). … The Red Wings are advertising the sale of playoff tickets with an illustration that shows a front uni number — something the team has never worn at any point in its history (from P.J. Kuzdal). ”¦ Here’s one of the Frozen Four patches being sewn onto a jersey (thanks, Phil).

Soccer News: More chatter about the high prices for Nike’s World Cup jerseys. ”¦ South Korea’s World Cup away kit had already been leaked, but now it’s official (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Ditto for Finland’s home kit. ”¦ How long does one of England’s kits typically last? This long (from Trevor Williams). ”¦ Also from Trevor: New kits for Chelsea and Olympique Marseille. ”¦ Still more about England’s kits: Here’s a slideshow of old design (from Yusuke Toyoda). ”¦ Also from Yusuke: The USA away kit comes in a pretty fancy box.

NBA News: The NBA will auction off several of Jason Collins’s game-worn Nets jerseys today. All proceeds will be donated to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network and the Matthew Shepard Foundation (thanks, Phil). ”¦ April Fool’s stunt that I missed: The 76ers were supposedly going to wear Philly Eagles-themed uniforms, complete with wings (from Kyle Caffrey).

College Hoops News: Here’s how the four Final Four teams got their nicknames. ”¦ Baylor and Adidas figured out a way to use the “Sic ’Em Bears” jerseys after all: Brady Heslip wore one for the three-point competition (from Coleman Mullins). ”¦ Also from the three-point event, Michigan State’s Adreian Payne wore an Under Armour Superman shirt with the maker’s mark taped over (from Joseph Hiley).

Grab Bag: A Swedish company is making market inroads with a new type of bicycle helmet. … New uniforms for the Commonwealth Games volunteers (from Walter Young). ”¦ Notre Dame lacrosse will be wearing pink this Saturday. ”¦ Here’s the field design for the L.A. Kiss. ”¦ What’s even more idiotic than a sneaker called the “Mofo”? The same sneaker rendered in a G.I. Joe design. Please, have a little dignity out there (from Jake Kessler). ”¦ We all know what “LOL” stands for nowadays, but once upon a time it was the acronym for Land O’Lakes High School in Florida (from Ian T.L. Henderson). ”¦ Apparently there’s a rule that every team at Oregon has to look ridiculous, even the women’s lacrosse squad (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Lots of you have mentioned to me how pleased you are by the new NASCAR ad that’s been running at the top of the site. That includes longtime reader Dave Mann, who took the occasion to inform me that he once wrote and illustrated this children’s book about NASCAR — good stuff. ”¦ And speaking of that ad at the top of the page: In case you missed my explanation of it a few days ago, it links to’s “Paint Scheme Preview” page, which shows all the new paint jobs for the coming Sunday.

Comments (134)

    Here’s a starting point for the “Why Is Gustav Nyquist Wearing His Number On His Chest” issue.

    It is correct that Detroit has NEVER worn front numbers, even in camp. But this shot of Nyquist isn’t an aberration. See this shot of Dan Cleary, HIS number on the chest of what appears to be a Gordie Howe jersey. Notice the “9” patch.


    Can’t find any more pics from this alleged night, but that could explain the use of the Nyquist/14 image on the front page. If you can’t tell the face, you know the number.

    The other theory is that’s a shot from some other camp and Nyquist is indeed wearing a practice jersey. Under his right shoulder is a small section of white that could be some underarm gusseting that does not exist on the Wings regular red jersey.

    Actually, I think that’s just the sleeve stripe, with the red upper sleeve fabric bunched up over it. There’s white showing on the outside of the arm as well.

    The jerseys in question were from last year’s celebration of his 85th birthday. link

    Still, it’s odd that the Wings aren’t using a more current picture of Nyquist for their splash page.

    link. You only see a brief glimpse of the front of the jersey on a player, but of note is that “HOWE” on the back was done straight, as the Wings wore prior to 1982, as opposed to their regular vertically-arched style.

    Maybe they’re using that pic, because of the #14, and the year. I first thought that was why it was there in the first place.

    I looked up the stats from that HOWE game, Gus was a scratch, so probably never wore that jersey. My theory was, he is a fresh face and with Zetty and Dats not being in the picture right now, they put him up. They added the number for recognition to some fans that may not know him yet.

    He may still have participated in the warm-ups even if he was a healthy scratch, and the team switched to their regular jerseys for the actual game anyway.


    SportsCenter already reported that he will wear 11.

    As for the Cubs mixup–I was at the game yesterday and didn’t notice the mix-up in the stands.

    It’s easy to imagine a player pulling a gray jersey with blue lettering and red numbers out of his locker without noticing that it’s the wrong one. Certainly from what I saw Wednesday night, the unis aren’t distinct enough to make the alt seem useful.

    Pretty sure desean jacksons is wearing #11. I think there were official tweets about new #s, but since the Nats home opener is today, I didn’t bother mentioning it.

    Nats are wearing the stars &u stripes jerseys today as part of gthe Navy Yard shooting remembrance

    DeSean will go with #11 (as mentioned above). I also tweeted out that Cousins is changing from 12 to 8 for Andre Roberts. He made a $12,000 donation to Cousins charity. #8 was worn by the great Rex Grossman who’s now a free agent #HTTR (or #HTTWFC) Have a great Friday!

    The worst aspect of the new US World Cup kits is the shorts are $45. I will likely get 4 pair of checkered Umbros instead.

    Don’t you own a pair of khaki cargo shorts you can wear with the white shirt? :)

    (Saw the Bomb Pop kit in person the other night…growing on me. I wish the blue extended around the back more, but, it’s okay. USNT uniforms are like the weather in Florida – if you don’t like it, wait five minutes.)

    Reverse the colors and I could deal with them, but we should not be wearing Red as a main color for our 1st Change kit.

    Also the colors on the uniforms should match the colors on the flag, which means Navy and a darker shade of red.

    We look like Russia, our colors match their flag, not ours.

    I can only think of one thing to say after seeing that “train”…

    Bill Veeck’s Train Wreck.

    I actually kind of like the Oregon Women’s Lacrosse uniforms. They’re a little untraditional but not so over the top like some of the other nonsense they wear at Nike U.

    Women’s lacrosse and field hockey uniforms are kinda ridiculous to begin with.

    I’m sorry, what is it about women’s field hockey uniforms that makes them “kinda ridiculous”? They’re light-years cleaner, more elegant and more flattering than any other women’s team uniform you can name. Just that they play in skirts alone guarantees that result.

    Not necessarily. And regardless it’s still a sleeker and more lady-like uniform than, oh, merely EVERY other women’s team sport. But feel free to articulate why I’m wrong. As opposed to, you know, just making categorical statements.

    It seems to me that MLB clubs are hoping and praying that someone, anyone, tangentially related to the club will die so that they can wear a memorial patch. It’s become a boring, pointless “look at me” gesture and it needs to stop.

    To the degree that a dead player would feel dissed if “all” he got was a black armband.

    Is there a list somewhere of all the new sports logos that have been released and then reverted or altered under heavy criticism?

    For the record, I don’t like the new Florida State logo at all, but it’s not like the old one was a star, either.

    That’s pretty much how I feel about it as well. On my personal scale it’s a push. Not better, but not worse either. On Paul’s Good or Stupid Scale™, where (correct me if I am wrong) anything that is not an improvement, and therefore “good”, would be “stupid”…..It’s stupid.

    Good question!
    We all know the Carmen Policy 49ers logo quickly got the JK LOL one-way ticket to pasture. But how fast would such a move have to be? I know that the Kentucky Wildcat got tweaked because his tongue looked way too much like a penis.

    the LSU “Toonces” logo was never fully embraced by the athletics program because of pushback, and if I remember correctly they are going to be phasing it out of merchandise soon as well.

    There are quite a few, including some recently (Stephen F. Austin may be about to join the ranks too), would be cool to see someone put one together if it doesn’t already exist.

    I never noticed on the Florida State logo before that “Florida State” is actually on the feather.

    … and, after some reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t care for either the old or new version of the head logos. Granted, I have no connection to Florida State whatsoever, so it doesn’t affect me as much.

    I guess I’m just not a fan of faces “screaming” as sports logos.

    The new logo looks like Wayne Newton to me.

    BTW the FSU helmets and uniform are going through significant changes too. FSU merchandise is traditionally one of the biggest sellers, and the helmet is one of the most unique in all of football. Allegedly Nike was too forceful / too difficult to fend off, and they’ve come up with some sort of new Nike template for the Nole. Very sad.

    They just won the National Championship — it’s not like they’re the 1976 Bucs. Why the makeover??

    Oh, and you and your suspicious mind.
    /I know, I know, the original is better

    The same reason they felt UGA needed a new logo, font and Woody from Toy Story bandannas on the away uniforms…because they’re Nike.

    Just noticed that first link is just an unfortunate angle, not the 2013 uniform. Let’s try this again:

    And in a variety of media. Tough to embroider. They say it was impossible to render correctly in paint on grass at midfield.

    So, if the starting pitchers chose to wear those not-very-good Cubs alts, then boo on Jeff Samardzija, Edwin Jackson, and Jason Hammel.

    I actually like the 76ers April Fools jersey. Like the Rapids/Caribous, I kinda wish it wasn’t fake.

    In re: Cubs’ grey alternates. Lettering in a straight line on a jersey/sweater looks chintzy. Football gets a pass because of the shoulder pads, but on smaller athletes it seems cheap. Arching of any kind adds an element of forethought and design.

    Is it tromp l’oeil, too (and in a bad way)?

    When it’s straight across, it almost looks like it arches up at each end, towards the shoulders. Too big lettering for the frame?

    Seems like it looks like one thing laid out flat on a table–straight across–but different when on a player’s torso.

    In the caption, it says that the Indians were “presented” with the “mascot.” It sounds like he was a “gift” from the folks of Lakeland, Florida. Cleveland’s baseball team already has enough trouble with Wahoo, they don’t need that pinned on them too.

    Are you freaking kidding me? If that was considered fair for its day, I’m glad I wasn’t around 90 years ago!

    “Cleveland’s baseball team already has enough trouble with Wahoo, they don’t need that pinned on them too.”

    If I’d found a similar photo with any other team I would’ve brought to Paul’s attention as well. Sorry if you feel that Cleveland is getting things pinned on them, but this did actually happen…and it’s a historical fact worth bringing up.

    I think you missed Jason’s point, which is that the team didn’t initiate it. (They also didn’t refuse it, however.)

    The fact that it happened isn’t in question, Bruce. I was just saying that it was presented as if the Indians had chosen this “mascot,” but the caption seemed to say that the city of Lakeland was responsible. I join the rest of the Uni-Watching public in thinking it’s an awful thing but as an Indians fan, I just thought someone should point out that it wasn’t fully their fault. Admittedly, I’m grasping at straws.

    And Perry, plenty of people have had to take pictures with gifts they didn’t want…


    Greg forgot to mention that Waterloo, NY is also the home town of New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin. The football field is named in Tom’s honor.

    Tom’s first head coaching job was in the 1970s at Rochester Institute of Technology. We sold RIT their uniforms and equipment through Ruby’s. They dropped football a few years after Tom left.

    I read in another website’s comments that when the Tribe moved from the Block “C” to Wahoo in the 80’s that some believed it was a sign that the owners were looking to move the team. Anybody know more about this?

    There were rumors they were moving to Miami, but the team went on a crazy winning streak thanks to, among others, a talented rookie closer and center fielder.

    Pretty sure the kids in the Chief Nocahoma photos were the children of Braves players, on the field for a father/son game. The B was if a player had two kids. Not sure if the club paid later for counseling sessions when those B kids grew up with issues.

    Would be interesting if the teams who let the starting pitcher pick the road jersey went an entire season without using a particular color jersey. Unfortunately too many Braves pitchers opt for the navy jersey instead of the grey.

    Would be interesting if the teams who let the starting pitcher pick the road jersey went an entire season without using a particular color jersey.

    Can’t say for sure, but it’s probably the likely cause for the Marlins completely abandoning their road greys last year. link

    Ah, wait. Nevermind that last comment. Here’s the reason they didn’t wear the grey jerseys last year at all.

    In other words, it was indeed the players’ decision not to wear the grey but it was made as a definite premeditated decision rather than as a result of it just being neglected to be picked by each day’s starting pitcher.

    (Also, I just now realised that graphic is only from the halfway point of last season. D’oh!)

    “I come from a small town near Rochester, New York, called Waterloo,” says Greg Netherwood. “Our high school mascot had always been the Indians [and still is – PL]. If you think Wahoo is bad, look at the logo used on the jerseys of link.”

    Looks like a rough bootleg of Cleveland’s link.

    Damn, I knew they wore the alts a lot, I didn’t realize they didn’t wear the gray at all. Congratulations Miami, you’re my new favorite baseball team.

    The Cubs’ equipment manager says that he packed “both” road uniforms — does this mean that they didn’t pack the “regular” blue alternates?

    Because I love those and want to see them worn on the road all the time (and never at home).

    The Cubs’ equipment manager didn’t say anything. It’s the PR rep who said they packed both sets of road grays.

    I didn’t ask about the blues, and I don’t think you can read anything into his response one way or the other on that point.

    I thought the blue alternate had been officially retired? A comment here would support that (link), but a quick search didn’t bring up anything official.

    From the Redskin’s article in the NY Times: “Mr. Snyder has been quick to point out that he has the support of a handful of those he calls “tribal leaders,” such as the Lower Brule Sioux tribe vice chairman, Boyd Gourneau, and the Pueblo of Zuni governor, Arlen Quetawki, both quoted in the news release.

    “Tribal officials” might be a better term here than “tribal leaders” because although they are elected, it is in no way clear that they actually represent the sentiments of their constituents any more than John Boehner represents the sentiments of most Americans. . . It would be a mistake to assume that those words imply democratic consent. ”

    Does the writer realize the exact same thing can be said about him? He repeatedly refers to ‘us’ and makes statements proclaiming an opinion on behalf of all Native Americans, which attempts to imply a degree of democratic consent.
    Disclaimer: I support changing the name based on the ‘harm to the offended vs. cost of remediation’ argument. I’m just pointing out the irony in part of David Treuer’s argument.

    In fact, it is ironic that he is questioning the validity of the ‘voice’ of two people who appear to hold official leadership positions, yet he himself is merely a writer with no official leadership status.

    I’m surprised by how much I REALLY like Russell Martin’s matte catchers helmet. For football helmets I really dislike the matte look and think it looks like a fad, or a gimmic that will seem dated in a short time. But that catcher’s helmet reminds me a lot of the old flocked batting helmets. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing a team like the Pirates go to matte batting helmets.

    I’m not sure if Rawlings would be able to make the current S100 Pro Comp helmet in a matte version.
    This helmet took several years to develop since the MLB players refused to wear the original S100 helmet (currently being worn in the minor leagues.

    As it is, for some reason, they can’t produce the S100 pro comp in a double earflap model – hence why Sin Soo Choo, Bronson Arroyo, and a couple of others, are still wearing the Cool Flo helmet in the double earflap models.

    The S100 Pro Comp is made of some sort of carbon fiber material rather than the high impact ABS plastic that most helmets are made from.

    Mmmm, false? I think the minor leaguers have to wear a double-flapped S100. But I know that in the relevant CBA negotiations, it was noted that since the one-flap S100’s are so damn bulky, double-flappers could keep the old models. Which seems like a good compromise, IMO.

    Minor leaguers wear the S100 helmet. MLB players wear the S100 pro comp, which is smaller and lighter than the s100. The pro comp is currently not made in double ear flap model.

    Woohoo!! Stafford High School, class of ’91! Back when there were only two high schools in the county. I believe we have five now.

    I may still have some of my old baseball and basketball jerseys from then. Not sure either had the mascot logo on them though.

    Five is correct: Stafford, North Stafford, Brooke Point, Mountain View, and Colonial Forge.

    Stafford is being rebuilt now, too. Not sure it really needed it, to be honest, but you can’t stop “progress”.

    The Matte helmet is a Wilson helmet.
    Rob Johnson of the Cardinals wore it link
    The odd thing about Russell Martin is that he wears a Rawlings glove, mask, chest protector, and shin guards. You’d think he’d be in the Rawlings helmet as well.
    Rob Johnson wore everything else Wilson so it made sense.

    Florida grad here, but that in itself has no impact on my opinion of FSU’s imagery, which has largely been pretty cool over the years.

    To be….well, that’s just not a radical change. I know people being people and fans being fans, ANY change is a “radical change,” and maybe people in my home state are worse about things like that than in other states, I don’t know.

    But the changes are tweaks. It doesn’t appear to me to be a huge departure. The face is more defined, some of its features are clearer, it looks like an actual face and not just a cloud formation that happened to resemble a face. The feather is different, but it’s still a feather.

    The ability to render a logo IS a concern, though most fans seem to just say “Oh, Nike” and that’s that. (I’m not a huge fan of Nike, either, just saying that seems to be the default position – though I’m as cynical as the next guy, but if you look at how Nike usually changes things, it goes way past “tweaks.”) How big a concern? I don’t know. I know it’s a concern.

    I think most of it is an aversion to change with regards to things we hold dear. Even a minor, cosmetic set of changes. The Bucs’ new logo is fine, it’s basically the same, more defined (the mast on the secondary ship logo was a typical Buc screwup, but whatever). My problems with their new uniforms are ( a ) that the jerseys are quilts, not jerseys , ( b ) the numbers are stupid and ( c ) they had a hell of a lot more other things to worry about than that.

    Second graf should read, “To ME…well, that’s just not a radical change.” It’s still early here in PDT.

    Dale Jr posted his link (he’s the little guy on the left wearing 13). Point of note – there’s a husky kid wearing non-uniform shorts and #38 (you can’t wear digits higher than 5 in scholastic ball, right?).

    Adam is right; it’s 32. Look at #22 on the right; the 2 in that team’s number font has a serif at the bottom right that makes it look like an 8 from afar.

    your white sox clip is from the mid 70’s, or 1976 to be exact. reggie jackson is getting an at bat for the birds at a =bout the 2:55 mark. here it is at the 2:55 mark.

    Oddly enough, the (rather undercranked) Black Hawks-Bruins footage appears to be from later – the 1978 Stanley Cup Playoffs, to be precise.

    Both teams are wearing NOBs, the Bruins have solid black uniforms with shoulder patches, and there’s a handshake line at the end, implying a playoff. The only playoff series that ended at Chicago Stadium with the Bruins wearing those jerseys was the 1978 Quarterfinals.

    The final score on the scoreboard is Visitor 5, Home 2, which matches the final game of the 1978 Bruins-Hawks series. And I notice that that game was played on April 23rd and the Sox hosted the Orioles April 28th-April 30th. I will check the edge code on the film when I get home.

    If that game was played after the All-Star break in ’76, then it was indeed the late 70s.

    Both 1976 and 1978 dates would be consistent with other films I have from the same aunt.

    Red Sox are wearing the gold trim in the game today, not just during the ceremony.

    I don’t have any sympathy for jersey mix-ups. Equipment managers do a great job game in and game out getting everyone from players, coaches, and trainers outfitted, but, with all of the options, it’s bound to happen.

    Maybe teams should just stick to home and away jerseys. I have to say that I don’t mind one alternate jersey.

    Paul, FWIW, every time I load the page today, an ad for “Noah” on the right side autoplays really loud audio that cannot be muted.

    Photo gallery of the Nashville Business College women’s basketball team of the early Sixties

    Of course fans are upset about changing the FSU logo, doesn’t the original look like it has bacon on its face rather than war paint? Have the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs taught us nothing of the popularity of bacon in sports?

    Submitted link for tomorrow’s Ticker, but thought I’d share it here for anyone who’s on the late shift.

    If you can look at that photo & still honestly not understand why link, then I think you & I will forever be on opposite sides of the issue.

    I honestly understand why Native American mascots are a problem. But not from the picture. The problem in the photo is the adult (supposedly) dressed and face painted like an idiot to “support the team”, complete with the names of Cleveland players upon which he has a man crush.

    No, I’m not OK with this. You misunderstand. Please follow the logic. The “problem” in the photo is the asshole.

    Right. But isn’t one of the problems with such mascots that they implicitly encourage and validate the behavior of such assholes?

    Sorry if I’m misunderstanding your point.

    Paul, I’m thinking I might be wrong. There are problems and there are symptoms. Maybe I’m just seeing the symptoms.

    I did a quick little experiment. I googled ” fan arrested”.

    I only did a few NFL nicknames. In each case, the arrested spectator was in costume.


    The above shots made it clear what I so dislike about both the Cubs’ new alts and their mid-nineties roadies: in just about any typeface I can think of the word “Cubs” is too short to look right going across the full chest. The Mets can get away with it on their home jersey because of the ginormous “M”. Reds doesn’t look right across the full chest either.

    Designers thought of this a while ago, which is why the Reds and Cubs jerseys have customarily avoided trying to fill the whole chest with a four-letter word.

    Maybe, maybe not so much as we may think. I recall a Dodgers fan being stabbed to death at AT&T park last year, and a Giants fan a couple of years before that in Los Angeles. No Native American imagery was involved, but adults wearing Dodger and Giants jerseys were involved. The foolish dress up guy happens to support the Indians, but it could have been Vikings head wear in Minnesota. Certainly the juxtaposition of the Native American in the photo makes it newsworthy, but the *people* are the real “problem” nonetheless.

    The Red Sox/Yankees “rivalry” garbage is a dangerous environment encouraged and validated by the media ad nauseum, more than just implicitly, and creates plenty of these nuts. I vaguely recall an incident here in Boston similar to the LA and SF crimes. Certainly the N.A. imagery doesn’t make things any better.

    There are a number of problems with this argument. For one, when was the last time you saw a real viking in Minnesota let alone one that felt marginalised by fans playing dress up? Also, a conflict between pro-chiefers and actual Native Americans is in no way comparable to a sporting rivalry. A dumbass who picks a fight over team allegiences is a dumbass, but a dumbass who picks a fight in defence of obviously racially incensitive material is, even if he is just doing it because he’s a dumbass fan, is also fundamentally a racist. The irrationality of fandom, or any other form of ignorance, is no defence for being a racist.

    Re: PermaRec – I hope it’s OK to post here.

    The entry reminded me of a subplot in “Amelie.” The protagonist finds ripped up pictures of the same gentleman in the trash cans near photobooths that she frequents. We’re wondering who this guy is – and why he always takes pictures of himself and why he seems disappointed with them all.

    Later in the film, it’s revealed he’s the guy who fixes the machines. He takes pictures to make sure the booths are back in working order and then rips up his picture because it’s essentially a test print.

    Maybe this guy could be a photobooth mechanic?

    Eek, those ASU throwbacks. Seeing the current ASU typeface on them is like nails on a chalkboard. It’s even squished. The originals had “Devils” in a block font–why can’t they do that?

    I love ,love,love the Gold trimmed Sox unis!! Too bad they will charge you as if they were actually made of gold if you wish to purchase a hat.

    hi,The gif of Junior Lake realizing he’s got the wrong jersey on is great: Great point Aubrey. He’s a good friend as well and a fantastic resource.

    Has Jason Collins had an HIV test? That was the first thing I thought of when I saw his jerseys were being auctioned off.

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