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Monday Morning Uni Watch


The Panthers wore solid-black for yesterday’s divisional playoff game against the 49ers. This marked only the second time this season they wore the black pants — a lot less than I would have guessed at the beginning of this season.

After initially hating this combo, I’ve actually warmed up to it. The blue socks provide a splash of color, and the whole “black panther” thing is a natural. If they went with this as their standard home look, I’d be okay with that. (I’d be even happier if they underwent a complete overhaul, because boy do they need one, but I now think the mono-black look is their best current combo.)

In other notes from yesterday’s games:

• Cam Newton wore “Supercam” cleats during pregame warm-ups — a stupid move that looks even stupider when you then go out and lose the game.

• Speaking of Newton, his jersey prompted an interesting Twitter dialogue between’s Darren Rovell, Giants equipment director Joe Skiba, and several Uni Watch readers (who did themselves proud). Check it out here.

• Yet another Newtonian observation: At one point he had no mouthpiece and a wad of chewing gum — not exactly a typical look for a quarterback.

• One of the Carolina end zones had a ghosted Cincinnati Bearcats logo, apparently left over from the Department Store Bowl. Shoddy work, Panthers grounds crew!

• During Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s postgame press conference appearance, he had headphones around his neck — presumably that brand whose commercials he’s been appearing in — but the logos were taped over. I’m not sure which is stupider: making someone tape over his headphone logos, or wearing headphones to a press conference to begin with.

• One other thing I noticed in this game: The 49ers’ center briefly looked down between his legs and then brought his head back up just prior to snapping the ball. He did this all game long, whether the quarterback was in shotgun formation or directly under center. Maybe he’s been doing it all season long and I just never noticed until now. Seems like this would make it very easy for the defense to avoid encroachment (don’t move until the center’s head bobs) and time the snap count. As I Niners fan, I hope someone on the coaching staff spotted this and gets it corrected before this Sunday’s game in Seattle. … Wait, here’s an update on this, as posted in the comments:

The 49ers center’s head action is part of their silent count for road games. A few other teams do something similar. When Kaepernick signaled he was ready, the right guard (who was looking back) would tap the center on the side. H ewould then raise his head and snap. You can sometimes vary how long you wait before snapping, but since the 49ers usually go all the way to the end of the play clock anyway, there probably wasn’t too much variation. They did the same thing in Green Bay, and likely in most road venues. One of the sacrifices of being on the road is having more predictable snap counts to counter the noise. I guarantee you will see it next week, too.

• Turning to the Broncos/Chargers game, one note: San Diego kicker Nick Novak came out for pregame warm-ups wearing powder blue pants — something I didn’t even know they had in their wardrobe. Does this mean they could conceivably go mono-powder at some point? Never mind, Phil says it was just the normal navy pants being distorted by an Instagram filter.

(Big thanks to Andrew Domingo, Brinke Guthrie, Chris Perrenot, and, especially, Phil for their contributions to this section.)

+ + + + +

QBC reminder: The Queens Baseball Convention — basically an all-day Mets-apalooza– is coming up this Saturday at McFadden’s, and it’s shaping up as a great event. Among the highlights:

• There will be a panel discussion on the subject of uniforms in general and Mets uniforms in particular. Panelists will include myself, Phil, uni designer Todd Radom, Jon Springer (who runs the excellent Mets by the Numbers site), Russ Gompers (who runs Stitches, the shop that does all the Mets’ sewing and embroidery), and other luminaries. Should be awesome.

• There will be a “jersey parade,” in which fans can wear their favorite (or most obscure, or whatever) Mets jerseys. I’ll be taking part in the judging to pick the best and most interesting jerseys of the day.

• There will also be lots of non-uni stuff, including autograph sessions with former Mets Ed Kranepool and Ron Darling; presentations by Faith and Fear in Flushing blogger Greg Prince and columnist Mark Simon; a scavenger hunt for kids; and a lot more. The full schedule of events is available here, and you can purchase tickets ($35 for adults, $10 for kids) here.

Shannon Shark, the Mets Police honcho who’s putting all of this together, is a smart, can-do guy who makes stuff happen (he pretty much single-handedly convinced the Mets to bring back Banner Day). He also put together this little video clip to help promote the event:

Should be a good time — hope to see a bunch of you there.

+ + + + +

’Skins Watch: That Canadian youth football team that was called the Redskins has changed its name to the Eagles. Lost amidst the name-change controversy is the fact that they’ve gone from ripping off one NFL logo to ripping off another NFL logo (thanks, Phil).

Baseball News: Man, a guy gets elected to the Hall of Fame and all of a sudden he has his own beer. I know it’s his nickname and all, but that seems like an odd choice for a beer name — sounds like it’d give you a major hangover (from Comrade Robert Marshall). … Fascinating find by Jody Michael, who writes: “One of the proposals for replacing Forbes Field in the ’50s would have involved building a stadium atop its own bridge over the Monongahela River, the political appeal being that it would avoid eminent-domain issues.” ”¦ Here’s the Royals’ new bat knob decal template (thanks, Phil).

NFL News: Concussion Discussion: The NFL’s latest youth football safety initiative, Heads Up Tackling, is being described by some critics — including former NFL players as propaganda. ”¦ “I recently built a home theatre with a 100-plus-inch HD screen, and my eyes were shocked at uniform details I was missing,” says Francis Solomon. “One of the biggest surprises involved the helmet paint colors — there were metallics, really sparkly metallics, flats, semi-glossy, glossies. A couple that really stood out were the old Miami Dolphins (super-sparkly white) and Green Bay (super-sparkly yellow), and of course the regrettable Jacksonville helmet (although the gold part seems kind of cool).”

College Football News: The same little birdie who accurately told me that Notre Dame would likely go with Under Armour now has this to say: “Word is that Notre Dame very close to announcing a more refined redesign of Notre Dame Stadium with updated renderings. One connection said it could come ‘as early as Monday’; other said ‘within the next two weeks.'”

Hockey News: While looking for something else, I came across an old WHA-era Oilers jersey with an unusual NOB. Look at that lowercase “e” — you don’t see that very often. … Tris Wykes has written a great story on why a Dartmouth hockey player has changed his uni number. … Here’s a pretty cool DIY table hockey drinking table. Step-by-step photos here (from Jeff Ash). … Jaymo was at Saturday’s Binghamton Senators vs. Adirondack Phantoms game and noticed that the Phantoms players, goaltender included, were wearing their pants backwards. Hmmm, is that really backwards, or do they just happen to have the logo on the back instead of the front?

Soccer News: Leeds defender Jason Pearce was apparently wearing a retail jersey from the pro shop the other day. How can you tell? He left the tag on (from Mark Coale). … Here’s more about the controversy involving that Chilean team whose jersey uses a map of Palestine to replace the numeral “1” (from Christian Zummer). ”¦ Yusuke Toyoda notes that Stoke City manager Mark Hughes was wearing a button on his collar yesterday. Anyone know what it was for?

NBA News: While looking for something else, I came across a photo that showed something unusual: an NBA team using nameplates instead of direct-sewn lettering. Those are the Cavs, circa 1984. … The NBA is selling a line of really bizarre-looking (read: stupid) T-shirts: Look here, here, and here (from Douglas Ford). ”¦ Someone on Reddit came up with a pretty good Clippers redesign concept. Further info here (from Jeremy Avery). ”¦ “No photo, but referee Ben Taylor was a late scratch from Friday’s Jazz/Cavs game and was replaced by Justin Van Duyne,” says Brett Crane. “But for whatever reason, Van Duyne wore Taylor’s No. 46 referee jersey. Very odd, never seen that before.”

College Hoops News: Oregon State and Cal went color vs. color on Saturday (from Eric Fisk). … Several South Carolina players were wearing silver shoes against LSU on Saturday. “Of course, the Gamecocks lost and, therefore, looked utterly ridiculous in their flashy kicks,” says Jeremy Baker.

Grab Bag: We’ve seen TNOB, which is team name on back. But look at this: TOB — “Team” on back! That’s Banks County High School in Georgia (great one from Blake Pass). ”¦ Andrew Harrington has designed a T-shirt that should appeal to Pittsburgh people. ”¦ Eight designers have come up with proposals for a new Toronto city logo (from Dave Kuruc). … Can’t make it up: A pimp who beat the crap out of someone with his Nike Jordans is now suing Nike for not warning consumers that the shoes can be dangerous weapons. “Hard to know who to root for in that one,” notes Jerry Nitzh. ”¦ David Firestone has compiled some Daytona Thunder preseason uni notes. ”¦ Jason Johnson’s dad collects team logo-stamped golf balls. ”¦ Here’s an assessment of Under Armour from a business/investment standpoint (from Tommy Turner).

Comments (126)

    And I think Liverpool players were wearing “Kick It Out” t-shirts before the game, though I can’t confirm it on the internets.

    That Big Hurt beer has been in Chicago for about 3-4 years now. Walter Payton had a brewpub for a while and his son Jarret has a line of beers out as well.

    I used to work for a marketing agency, and in the summer of 2012, I had to go to the MLB All-Star game in Kansas City to manage some of my client’s promotional programs at the MLB FanFest (I wont name the client). As part of this “business trip”, I got to go to the Home Run Derby and ASG, and received invitations to a lot of other ancillary functions as well.

    At the MLB afterparty after the ASG, I was introduced to Frank Thomas. Being from Chicago, it was an awesome experience hanging out with him for a half-hour or so, just shooting the sh*t. He is one of the nicest and most genuine professional athletes you could ever hope to meet. We eventually got to talking about beer, and his brand. Two interesting things that came out of that conversation:

    1. Big Hurt Beer is contract brewed by Minhas Brewing in Monroe, Wisconsin. 100% of the beer comes from there, not Salinas, CA. If the brand takes off (he said it was doing very well, but that was 18 months ago, so who knows) he was looking for space in Chicago and the suburbs to build a brewery and expand the product line. I have not seen or heard anything along those lines happening since- so that’s probably still up in the air.

    2. I asked him to take a photo with me, and he obliged. But, we were both drinking Bud Lights at the time (they were free), and I before we took the picture, he asked if I was going to show the photo to anyone back in Chicago. I said “Yeah, probably”. He quickly handed his beer to someone standing next to him and said “Oops, then I can’t be seen drinking anything other than BHB. You know how it is.”

    The other end zone in Carolina had the ‘Carolina’ script faintly visible as well. Not as distinct as the Cincinnati end zone, though.

    The 49ers center’s head action is part of their silent count for road games. A few other teams do something similar. When Kaepernick signaled he was ready, the right guard (who was looking back) would tap the center on the side. H ewould then raise his head and snap. You can sometimes vary how long you wait before snapping, but since the 49ers usually go all the way to the end of the play clock anyway, there probably wasn’t too much variation. They did the same thing in GB, and likely in most road venues. One of the sacrifices of being on the road is having more predictable snap counts to counter the noise. I guarantee you will see it next week, too.

    No problem. As a 49ers fan, myself, it’s frustrated me at times, too. Seattle, in particular, seemed to exploit this in the game up there this season. So, who knows, maybe they come up with a wrinkle or two. But since they’ve used it all year (and I think since Harbaugh got there) and the players/coaches are comfortable with it, probably doesn’t make sense to change anything now.

    The word douche gets throw around a lot these days. So, in honor of Colin Kaepernick’s press conference attire I’ll come up with something more original: clown.

    short sleeve t-shirt with vest over the top
    hat backwards

    Just a complete lack of respect and decorum. Go Seahawks so we don’t have to see this clown during Super Bowl week.

    I don’t know, an hour or so? Let the players have a chance to shower and get cleaned up, calmed down, etc. We really don’t need up-to-the-second sports coverage, do we? Does anyone truly care what the players think? The whole post-game Q&A session is just a giant cliche anyway. Sure, there’s the occasional “Practice, we talkin’ ’bout practice” or “I’m a man, I’m forty” or “Playoffs?!?” incidents, but most post game interviews are just pointless filler no one cares about.

    This. I hereby pledge that if the people elect me Emperor of the World, I will appoint The Jeff to produce all television sports programming.

    It’s like, dude, you have an entire NFL team’s worth of retired players in front of various cameras across your network; let them shoot the shit for an hour after the game so that when the players come out to say meaningless nothings, they’re presentable. Coaches, too.

    There’s a lot of filler, but there are useful answers about why someone did what they did, and/or how a particular play unfolded.

    And writers have deadlines, TV has scheduled programs where video will be used, players often have a plane to catch, and everyone else would prefer to leave sooner rather than later, so it makes sense to get the interviewing done as soon as possible.

    The newsmedia can adjust their deadlines and schedules. That’s not a big deal, and should play no part in the NFL deciding when to make players available. Games produce plenty of video – including sideline interviews in real time – for use in that first hour or so. And the supposedly useful answers will be just as useful 45 minutes later. And it’s not like the team is getting on an airplane without the quarterback, so having him spend five minutes talking to the press right after the game, or five minutes talking to the press an hour later doesn’t actually affect anybody’s departure time or flights. Well, maybe it affects some reporters, but again: Not the NFL’s job to care about that.

    To add to arrScott’s point, this is football, not baseball or basketball – they’re not rushing to make the 11 pm flight so they can make it to their next road game.

    I think you’re giving Kaepernick an awful lot of credit if you think he’d look any less like a clown/douche if he had an hour to get himself “presentable.”

    That said, I completely agree that we don’t need to constant onslaught of soundbites from players and coaches, whether it’s immediately after the game or an hour later.

    Sure, his mocking of Cam Newton was a jerk move. Now, I think Cam is over the top with his Superman shtick and I wish that went away too. But, mocking your opponent isn’t exactly a model of sportsmanship.

    Score a touchdown and hand the ball over.

    Not only was the mocking of Cam Newton a jerk move, but his signature bicep kiss is one of the douche-iest TD celebrations in the league.

    And Carolina mocked his bicep move when they played in the regular season. Paybacks a bitch….

    and really people? these guys are playing a game, who gives a crap what they wear when they are not playing a game….?

    As I said previously, two wrongs don’t make a right. I didn’t have a rooting interest one way or the other in the game yesterday. I just disliked immensely how that game was played and I’m already dreading the after the play shenanigans that will happen between the Seahawks and Niners.

    Oh god, I think Kaepernick comes off as douche-y as they come, but that second paragraph is so beyond butchered that I just can’t help but dismiss any valid point in the entire piece. I’ll even cut the bit that contained “must of” because the author does ok for a minute, but then it just completely breaks down. I am not the world’s most accomplished grammathlete, but damn can we at least use some spellcheck? (!)’s mine.

    “Sure the 49ers won,,(!) but I dont(!) see them returning back up the coast with a victory from a educated(!) city like Seattle with Russell Wilson who for all his fault’s(!) is a respectful young man whose(!) mild-mannered and inteligent(!). Wilson seems like a type guy(!) who would always take his hat off NOT turn it sideways when in the presents(!) of important people like newspaper reporters and there(!) wives In My Opinion.”

    Indeed I was not familiar. I once heard that you have to be a very good actor to portray a person being a bad actor. Do you have to be a very good writer to emulate someone writing so poorly?

    I think my brain would hurt trying to type like that. My brain hurt trying to read it.

    I guess it isn’t for me.

    The sad part is, take away the grammatical errors, and you have a strong take that’s not all that different from non-satirical comments here and elsewhere.

    That’s the point of a lot of KSK’s content – pointing out (by parody) the old white guy crap that comes out of the mouths of Peter King, Greggg Easterbrook and the like

    Respect and decorum for who? Football reporters?? Football fans???

    I baffled. Its fucking football players (kinda) talking about a fucking football game they just fucking played.


    Frankly, I don’t even know why anyone would want to listen to them in the first place, let alone what they wear.


    Having the decorum… to look like a professional, or at least presentable, in front of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people watching.

    Instead, he looks like a kid in middle school. Seriously, you know, where kids wear t-shirts and no jackets in 20 degree weather. Where wearing no coat is “cool.” Where every kid owns a Beats headset. And the hat backwards thing where he’s channeling Fred in Limp Bisquit 15 years later!

    “Sorry he doesn’t look like Peyton or Brady.”

    Neither does Russell Wilson. I’m guessing that’s the main “fault” that moron has with Wilson (and obivously Kaepernick)

    Seriously, how PFT Commenter can restrain himself from using the N-word in his ridiculous diatribes is amazing.

    Good Heavens !!!!

    Russell Wilson is 10,000 times more watchable than Newton or Kaepernick. Wilson plays QB like one would expect to see in a tutorial on the position. He respects the position of QB for his winning team – a position of some importance in an NFL city, he speaks as if he actually went to class at some point in his life, and doesn’t look like a Dennis Rodman wannabee (Kaepernick) or a vain, desperate doofus (Newton).

    And I’m a Saints fan that can’t stand to watch Wilson take us apart, or the other two act like paid-on-commission-by-the-episode Ass Clowns.

    All-time recent NFL Low-point – Cam Newton doing his Superman pose after finally scoring a TD in his team’s blowout loss to the Giants last year, and then Stephen A. Smith taking to ESPN’s air and foaming at the mouth and accusing the World of “racism” for anyone daring to criticize Newton’s ridiculous assininity.

    You can have them both ….

    PS – Let’s HOPE and PRAY that the Carolina Panthers adopt Black over Black as their regular home uniform – just one more potential influence on the Saints perhaps shelving their Jackass Junior College-looking, non-NFL worthy Black Leotard Pants …..

    So true about the Clippers. And terrific work on that concept. If the Clippers came anywhere near fulfilling the uni-potential of their name, it might be enough to get me to care about the NBA.

    If Dr. Dre is paying me to wear Beats headphones, you bet your Aunt Fanny I’m wearing BEATS headphones at my press conference!

    I usually agree with your “it’s just business” assessments, but I’m not sure this is one of those instances. I mean if one of Kaepernicks guys signed a contract with Dre for CK to wear the headphones, he’s bound by the contract to wear them. Sounds like it’s more the people who came up with the contract being db’s rather than the player.

    Secondly, it’s odd when you have a product that is itself recognizable like Dre headphones, but then you go and cover up the logo. What really is the point, the logo itself isn’t allowed?

    And thirdly as for post game interviews and such, not needed. The only post-game show I watch is NASCAR only if there’s been a dust-up during the race and fisticuffs are expected on pit road.

    if one of Kaepernicks guys signed a contract with Dre for CK to wear the headphones, he’s bound by the contract to wear them.

    Right — in other words, it’s just business. If you want to sell out your dignity and be required to wear some idiotic product no matter what the circumstances, it’s just business.

    The implication is that the transaction trumps everything and that there’s therefore no point in critiquing it. My point is that that is false.

    Everytime I see something like this makes me think of the worse openly stupid fad sponsorship I ever saw… As a joke they’re pretty cool, but even then it’s a stretch (get it?)!


    If I was being paid by an NFL team to be their quarterback, you can be damn sure I would act like a professional while on their clock, and wait until I’m ready to leave the damn stadium before putting my headphones on, regardless of whether or not someone’s paying me to use a particular brand of headphones.

    To me, it’s not a matter of sponsors – it’s a matter of professionalism and respect. Sure, most athletes probably don’t want to be up on that podium, even after a win, but if it’s part of the job, you have to treat that part of the job with respect.

    But what if wearing the headphones during the post game interviews is in the contract? It’s one thing to be paid to wear them, yes, then professionalism should dictate when you wear them, but perhaps there are specific times he is supposed to wear them per the contract. I would guess post game interviews would be prime time for getting something like your headphones on an athlete on TV, how often do you see players in a televised casual setting like a post game interview?

    This whole headphone thing is beyond stupid, but generally when a logo can’t be displayed, its because their is an existing partner that conflicts, right? So does the NFL have a contract with a different headphone supplier?
    If they do, I don’t know who… and if they don’t, why are they making Kaepernick cover the Beats logo.

    Ugh, I feel stupider already for thinking about it this much.


    What is the cutoff? What about the vest he was wearing? I can’t make out exactly what that says on his chest, but I don’t think its his signature.

    This pondering is mostly rhetorical, and I am ashamed that I am asking questions about sponsorships, pretty much the least interesting part of sports.


    Ugh, those Panthers Jerseys need an update!I was watching the game and kept thinking that the color combo actually works in some respects, but the uniforms just are too dated for it. The biggest flaw in my eyes is the block lettering. It’s fine on traditional uniforms (Packers/Giants) but on something with such modern colors it all looks off. It needs something more modern, Mizzou-esque, font. The silver really doesn’t jive either, especially the metal flake helmets. If they were pearlescent like how the 49ers helmets were they’d be much better, but I’d like to see something more black/teal dominant to better mesh with the uniform.

    Have to disagree with you about the block numbers. Keep those!

    The colors are striking enough on their own (a combination I really like). Adding some “unique” number font screaming for attention would be a mistake, in my opinion.

    Never thought I’d come around to a mono uni, but those blue socks are shar and make this combo work. They need to put blue between the black helmet stripes to add balance, though.

    I was just thinking the opposite with the timeless block numbers. They balance out the decidedly modern colors that make up the rest of the uniform.

    I actually dislike very little about the Panthers uniform sets.
    I generally like the colors, and the way they layout their logo and designs.
    Probably the only things I would change is fixing the logo (it looks way to muddled now) and make the pants stripes thickness consistent rather than tapered.
    I like that their home uniforms are black over sliver with blue trim, and their roads are white over white.
    I don’t mind their helmet stripes, and I like that their helmet shells are so shiny.
    I wouldn’t change the number fonts (I hate ‘fancy’ fonts almost more than anything, btw).
    Even when they wear black over black, I am pleased they wear their blue socks.

    Btw, why can the Panthers get their sleeve stripes all around the arms, while the Colts & Jets can’t? I realize they’re slightly different configurations, but still.


    The Panther jerseys really got screwed up by sleeve shrinkage since they have tv numbers on the shoulder, a stripe and a logo. That’s too much stuff even if the sleeves were longer. As it is now, the stripe gets badly distorted. Perhaps they could put a smaller tv number on the stripe and drop the sleeve logo.

    The interesting thing to me about that Ab DeMarco jersey is that the hemline’s been brought upward. You can see the bottom white stripe hemmed up on the inside in link.

    I have to wonder if that jersey was a little short on DeMarco as a result of that hemming, considering he was listed at 6’0″, and the person identified as the previous wearer, Doug Barrie, was listed at 5’9″.

    There was a moment in the Chargers-Broncos game yesterday where a Chargers player made a helmet to helmet hit on both a Broncos player (I believe, Welker) and his own player. Then when they showed the slow-mo shot, you could see pieces of both the Chargers decal and Broncos decal flying through air at the same time.

    I believe Notre Dame’s board of trustees are meeting next week. No new conceptual drawings of an expanded stadium will come out until they have approved the expansion project.

    And Nuggets, Bucks, Warriors, Kings… They’re not as uncommon as you’d think. Don’t recall the Clippers ever having nameplates though, unless it was back in the Buffalo days.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I’m sure UniWatch has covered this before, whether on the blog or over at ESPN…

    Congratulation to The Jeff for Minnesota winning UWFFL Bowl XIV 221 to 123 over Miami!

    Thanks to all who voted, and thanks to everyone who participated all year long!

    Thank you Rob, and thank you to all the fans who supported us this season. You’re the greatest fans in the fantasy universe and we love you all. It’s been a wonderful year and we look forward to defending our title next season.

    Surprised Paul didn’t point out (read: geek out about) the fact that the Monongahela river stadium was set to have “100 air conditioned bowling alleys”

    Glad to see that fantasy design wasn’t considered, Forbes Field served the Pirates well from 1909 to midway through the 1970 season.

    ND had their shorts in a wad when they found out Michigan had it in its deal that they were always to be the most highly compensated Adidas team, I think.

    Last weekend, Portuguese and Benfica legend Eusebio, passed away. Benfica honored him yesterday by wearing black arm bands with Eusebio’s image on them. Also, the players used Eusebio NOB’s instead of their own.


    A great touch, though sort of ruined by the sponsor logo above it.

    And you can never go wrong with retro tracksuits. Retro tracksuits never go out of fashion.

    My God, that sponsor logo looks absolutely hideous.

    Couldn’t they have had the sponsor and NOB above and below the number so that things are more symmetrical?

    usually i’m the one to point out Portuguese things around here. Although I saw that, I didn’t think to mention it. Must be because I’m a Porto fan and disappointed for the loss

    I agree it would have looked better without the sponsor. Rumors were Benfica were thinking about wearing a 1960’s retro jersey for the game, but unfortunately that didn’t end up happening. I wonder if Adidas and the other sponsors would have allowed it.

    Re: Adirondack’s pants – it’s a Flyers thing. Philly’s pant manufacturer logos have been on the back of the legs ever since they went back to standard pants after Cooperalls.

    New Jersey is another team that does something similar, but they do very small logos on the side. They started that once they went to black pants.

    The way hockey breezers are designed it would be impossible to wear them backwards without complete discomfort. Now you could in theory wear shells (essentially a cover to change the look of a breezer) backwards but even those are designed to be worn with the fly on the front in mind. They have to be intentionally designed with the logo that way.

    The way it should be. I’m going to be thinking about how uncomfortable wearing breezers backwards would be for awhile now.

    I too noticed the metallic detail on helmets back when my family got a HDTV. I even posted something on here asking when the Packers went to the Yellow helmets with the metallic flecks.

    It doesn’t show up from a distance (by design), but it helps the helmets keep that rich athletic gold look from a distance (just look at how washed out the yellow looks in videos of Super Bowl XXXI vs. their look in recent years in similar lighting).

    I like Manning’s and Brady’s touchdown dances. Oh, that’s right, they don’t have one. Having a touchdown dance is douchey; having your own touchdown dance and mocking someone else’s is double-douchey. Now get the F of my lawn.

    i step douchier than a dance is the “turn around and point at the name on your back” thing that too many dinks do these days.

    Agreed, but grown-ass men mocking someone else’s touchdown dance is stupid squared. They should all just audition for the next “Bring It On”, sequel, “Get to Steppin’ – This Time its For Real!” and be done with it.

    Is he mocking in some aggressive, insulting, one-ups-manship kind of way? Or is he a mid-twenty year old guy playing a game and having fun while doing it?

    I agree that the kissing of the biceps is douchey, but I have no problem with players having a bit of fun during the game. There is obviously a non-agreed upon line that some players cross, but this one was pretty harmless.

    I’m results oriented. If the Niners beat Seattle Sunday, (a tall order) I don’t care what he does. Three road playoff wins in your first 14 mos as a starter is not too bad.

    Not uniform-related, but still apparel aesthetics in athletics-related:

    Lionel Messi might be a great soccer player, but he’s not a good tuxedo picker. Here’s link and link at the Balon d’Or presentation.

    The Panthers uni looked ok. I can see where they would bring in the silver because if you look at pictures of real panthers the sun reflects a silver tone. They just need to pipe down a bit of silver on their uni’s.
    A panther under a full moon reflects the Carolina blue. My point is the panther is 99% black so yesterday looked good.
    The eye color of a panther are similar to the jaguar which would be a neat color to add to the existing black & blue.

    So for me the black & blue work, easy on the silver and add a hint of the eye color.

    It’s from the 80’s era jerseys, so I imagine it would be hard to find nowadays. A similar throwback was used last year.

    KU is supposedly wearing the gray unis tonight, on the road, which is a bit inconsistent with them being called the “PHOG” jerseys. Seems like you’d wear them in Phog Allen, not on the road.

    Pro Tip:

    Only outsiders (and ESPN talking heads) call it “Phog Allen”. KU people have called it “Allen” or “Allen Fieldhouse” since it was built.

    The font Kansas wore from 1985-2005 was generally known as “Circus”, but there were a lot of variations in weight/size. This is the 1988 style in particular, the only year it was that heavy.

    I’m not sure who will see this as comment #118, but that Nepean Eagles logo ripoff is not an exact copy. The Philly Eagles mascot graphic is the only one in the NFL that faces to the left.

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