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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

T Tech helmet

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By Phil Hecken

Well, we had lots of uniform hijinx yesterday in the NCAA (and some earlier this week), including the Texas Tech Red Raiders wearing the helmet you see above along with their “Lone Survivor” costumes which featured the words “Never Quit” for a NOB. Unfortunately, they did, falling 49-26 to KSU.

But the biggest uniform news may not have taken place on the field. No. The bigger news appears to be revolving around this:


The replica jersey being sold by NU and UA (which I believe retails for $75 and of which a mere $7.50 per jersey sold is being given to the Wounded Warrior Project) has sold out. OK, not much of a surprise there, since who wouldn’t want to own a “blood-stained” polyester jersey to support injured combat veterans? But…

…all of the negative press (including that by Paul) surrounding the jerseys has given such bad publicity to the entire endeavor that TMZ reported and Fansided confirmed that UA & NU have no plans to continue selling these jerseys. Surely this will please some and anger others, who now feel that every $7.50 raised per jersey sale is now $7.50 less that will be given to the WWP. Of course, UA & NU could, I suppose, just give a bunch of cash to the WWP without the extra scratch from the jersey sales. Or at least UA could.

I’m not sure how many of these replicas were sold, and it’s possible they could resume selling them after the negative pub subsides. But for now, I guess all those they’ve sold will now fetch big amounts on e-Bay and the secondary market. And I’m guessing any resales won’t be coming with an additional 10% donated to the WWP. Because, after all, it’s about helping injured soldiers and not injured corporate images, right?

Here’s TJ with your…


Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

Guess what my emotion was like for the past week-plus? “OMG YOU GUISE!!! PINKTOBER IS OVER!!! PINKTOBER IS O– … *sigh* … Goddammit”. Yes, the U.S. flag has moved from the school flagpoles to their football teams’ bodies. This week’s offenders include (but are not limited to): Middle Tennessee State, UT-San Antonio, Minnesota, West Texas A&M, Utah, Purdue AND Iowa IN THE SAME GAME, Northern Illinois, and probably a mass amount of others that flew under my radar. But seemingly the biggest offender for this week happens to be a smaller school: Lockhaven University decided to kill two birds with one stone (pun FIRMLY intended) by wearing both flag-desecration AND camouflage decals at the same time! So much for my favorite month of the year (h/t to Will Hodge for that tip). Just fast forward me to Turkey Day and be done with it.

From Thursday:

• Baylor wore all-black against Oklahoma.

• Nothing really uni-notable about the Stanford/Oregon game apart from the fact that the Cardinal retired John Elway’s jersey on Thursday.

• I don’t think I’ve seen Louisiana-Lafayette wear only the Fleur-de-Lis on their white helmets, although they’ve done it with their black ones in the past.

From Friday:

• Dammit, Moon Moon New Mexico.

From Saturday:

Color-vs.-color game between New Hampshire and James Madison.

• The Texas A&M Bulldogs faced off against the Mississippi State Aggies. Also from that same game, aTm has some NOB inconsistencies (thanks to Chris Perrenot for that shot).

• It’s rare that I look at two Adidas teams and say “this is a great-looking game”, but not impossible. Case-in-point: Michigan vs. Nebraska. Just look at how stoked the crowd is!

• Speaking of Adidas, I didn’t know that Georgia Southern had switched football uniform providers from Nike to Adidas, until I found out about the marvelous throwbacks that they wore for their final FCS home game (could’ve done without the Georgia Southern logo on the left chest, though).

• Army wore camo helmets and pants with camo-numbered black jerseys against Western Kentucky. Not bad.

• Western Michigan wore ‘2’ decals in honor of Eastern Michigan’s Demarius Reed.

• I already noted that Purdue and Iowa wore flag-desecration decals on Saturday, but what I didn’t mention was that Iowa left one side blank. The left side, specifically. Now all they need are Purdue’s numbers, and they’ll be a perfect college replica of the Steelers. Speaking of the Boilermakers… geez.

• …*sighs* Ya know, I wish that the Maryland State flag had five different field patterns instead of two. There would be SO MANY Quintesson jokes… Also, here’s a thing that I wrote about these uniforms from last year (you’ll have to scroll down some).

• Duke played as the Black Devils on Saturday. Appropriate, given their award decals from that same game.

• Texas Tech wore their Lone Survivor uniforms against Kansas State. Hey! Those aren’t too ba— never mind.

OH MY GOD. My sides are in orbit.

• Oklahoma State wore black/black/grey against Kansas, which I don’t think I remember them wearing before. They probably did, and I’m drawing a blank. Not a bad look.

• To everyone’s surprise, Miami came out in grey jerseys that looked to have been made on Nike’s Team Uniform Builder (which I find weird, given that Miami’s supposed to be one of Nike’s marquee schools). They had triple-colored numbers: white base with black(?) and orange trim, and speaking of the numbers, as seen in that photo, the T.V. numbers looked to have suffered from the same shifting problem that Iowa’s quarterbacks had last week. The helmets — in comparison to their usual lids — had no center stripe, the facemask was grey, and the logo was metallic. Not to mention the biggest part of the helmet: the fade at the bottom from white to grey. They wore their usual pants. As for Virginia Tech? No changes apart from the on-again/off-again helmet stripe.

• West Virginia had originally tweeted out that they were going to wear gold/blue/blue for their game against Texas, but that was apparently a smokescreen. I loved the helmets, but… WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WEAR THAT WITH THE MONO-BLUE?!?!?! Ugh. Other notes from this game: apparently, it’s “Horn Up”. Part of his ‘5’ is missing as well. While this may not be as good as the “Deck Maintenance” guy, it comes pretty close. Lastly, remember a previous article where I mentioned something about Russell Haughton-James and his unusual player name? I didn’t have a photo at the time, but now I do (well, Cork Gaines does).

• Silly Wyoming, you’re not Bama.

• Speaking of, what was hanging from Kenyan Drake’s back collar?

• Minnesota is apparently worse than Derpy when it comes to breaking shit.

That should be everything. Let me know if I missed anything big, and I’ll see you next week. Oh! Before I forget, HUGE thanks to Cork Gaines for all of the tweets that Phil forwarded to me yesterday.

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Catherine 5 & 1

Catherine Ryan’s…

Five And One


Happy Sunday, UniWatchers! It was a busy day yesterday so let’s get to the countdown!


5. Texas vs. WVU: I picked this game because I loved WVU’s throwback unis. Texas is one of the few schools that pull off the all-white look and overall the game was great (and an overtime thriller!)


4. LSU vs. Alabama: Apologies to anyone that thought this game was going to be exciting. While Alabama’s defense smothered LSU, I took time to enjoy the gorgeous uniforms on display.


3. BYU vs. Wisconsin: If you wear dark pants on the road, you make the countdown. I loved the contrast in this game and I loved seeing a clean match-up of two simple unis.


2. USC vs. Cal: Gold pants, y’all. I enjoyed sitting in NYC’s 35 degree weather watching this match-up go down in sunny California.


1. Nebraska vs. Michigan: Best match-up of the day. One of the best of the season. Simple as that.


+1 Syracuse vs. Maryland: Do you see what Syracuse’s Brisly Estime is doing in that picture? That’s what this game did to me. The final score was 20-3 and everything about this game was hideous.

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colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Just one colorization today, and a small bonus.

Click on image to enlarge.

. . .

Today’s colorization, and of course, a backstory, comes from colorizer extraordinaire, Gary Chanko:

Lenny Moore - Gary Chanko

I remember Lenny Moore well. I’m old enough to have watched him play both in college (B&W TV of course) and as a Baltimore Colt. He was among those elite football players that would star in any football era.

Interested in how Lenny acquired the nickname “spats”? He explains the origin in this 1957 newspaper article. And if you’re a Colt fan from that era, you may know Unitas’s preferred nickname for Lenny was “sput.” Refresh your memory about the “sput” nickname with this book excerpt from Johnny U.

So on to the photo and my endeavor to determine the opponent team for the colorization. I made a few educated guesses. First I assumed the time was 1955, Lenny’s senior year. Next, it was a home game and sometime in early autumn based on the tree foliage in the background. Checking Penn State’s 1955 schedule, the most likely choice was an October 15th game against Navy (won by Navy 42-14). A further check of Navy’s 1955 uniform showed a close match to the defensive player sprawled on the field.

One last item to investigate was Penn State’s jersey color. Research discovered the color was a Royal Blue. The color change to today’s darker, Navy Blue supposedly happened in the late fifties. (Download this article “Lion Legend and Lore: The Penn State Uniform” for a complete history.)

. . .

Next up is Joshua Sondelski who isn’t a colorizer but has a bit of colorization for us:

Hi Phil,

Here’s a set of great colorized historical photos. I know they’re not sports related, but it’s worth a look nonetheless…

Keep up the great work,


. . .

That’s it for today. Great work, as always, by Gary. OK colorizers, let’s keep the colorizations coming!

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ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: We begin today with Brian Papa came across an interesting project that swaps the colors of NFL logos (pretty sure I hosted something similar to that one weekend many years ago on UW). … Paul Lee found some logo inconsistencies with Pau Gasol playing on Nov 1 against the Spurs. It’s the same game, yet two different number sixes (one being an upside down nine). Paul also found a fan who didn’t want to spend more money on another Dwight Howard jersey. … Signal Mountain High School (TN) has some odd helmets! (thanks to Trés Lawless). … Legendary equipment manager Spider Caldwell describes to how they get ready for a Penn State road game and the week after it (from William Yurasko). … Word is coming out when teams will wear those “nickname” jerseys. According to this article the Nets will wear them January 10th. Other dates in there as well. … The Clarkson Golden Knights continue to wear No. 89 decals on their helmets in honor of former player Bryan Rufenach, who died at age 23 last year when he touched a live electrical wire while backpacking in Switzerland (thanks to Tris Wykes). … Business Insider has made list of 15 completely ridiculous minor league sports logos. … Here’s a sharp looking third jersey of the AHL`s St. John`s Ice Caps, affiliate of the Winnipeg Jets, submitted by Curtis Peddle. “Really like these third jerseys,the castle on the logo is a historic landmark in my hometown of St. John`s NL, Canada.” … On Friday night, Brian Urlacher had his number retired, and his name put on the Press Box at the University of New Mexico (thanks to Frank Mercogliano). … A submitter who goes by Georgy wrote “about hatred of college football ‘blackout’ unis – I am having eight reasons, which I am thinking Uni Watch is appreciating.” … Some goodness from our friend Chris Creamer: some good info on the Cubs 100th anniversary of Wrigley uniforms news and such. … Not sure how rare this is anymore, but the Boston Celtics played the Orlando Magic in Orlando on Friday Night and the uniforms were color on color (good spot by Joe Kuras). … Thanks to Brian Erni, we now have more Nets Christmas Day jersey photos. … There’s a new logo for the Big 5, Philly’s classic college basketball round robin league. Says submitter Joe Schmidt, “The Hawk Will Never Die!” … Instagram was wonky yesterday so hopefully this shows up: the New York Football Giants will wear a throwback logo design on their helmet visors today. … Whoopsie: A member of the Clumbus Blue Jackets had a bit of a logo issue last night. … UMass Hockey went GIJoevember last night (h/t Ricky Eddleston. … Here are some great photos of a 1936 “Palm Beach” Reds jersey. The emblem appears to be chain-stitched, the back has an unusual number style, and one of the tags actually says “Palm Beach,” (big thanks to Matt Malinoski). … “All fans of THE Ohio State University know that Michigan = Shit. Here’s the proof.” (from Leo Strawn). … Neat little story from Vinnie Dinolfo: “The first Rochester Americans jerseys were donated to Rochester Institute of Technology for the schools first hockey club. The RIT players at the time customized the jerseys by having girl friends remove AMERICANS from the front of the sweater and sewing large R, I and T letters as replacements. Some of the players kept the R and I from AMERICANS and replaced the C with a T. One of the jerseys was part of a display set up in the RIT library last year to salute the hockey program. The Tigers are now NCAA Division 1 and wear black and orange as team colors. The first RIT hockey team was just happy to have matching jerseys for the club hockey team and wore the Amerks red, white and blue proudly.”

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OK, boys and girls, that’s going to do it for this fine Sunday. Most of us will also be enjoying … er, solemnizing, Armistice/Rembrance/Veterans Day tomorrow, so you can bet the NFL will be in full soldier/camo mode today. Can’t wait. Enjoy the games as best you can anyway. Big thanks, as always, to TJ & Catherine (and Timmy for yesterday’s Duck Tracker), and have a great week. I’ll catch you next Saturday.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Remember in 2003 when Kellen Winslow Jr was in college and he made that ‘I’m a fucking soldier!’ comment and the whole country went apeshit? A football player saying he is a soldier was considered a completely ludicrous metaphor by the media, but more importantly both active military and military veterans were seriously pissed off at him and he later made a public apology. Athletes wearing military camouflage on their uniforms was the furthest thing from everyone’s minds back then.”
–Hungry, Hungry Hipster

Comments (51)

    Commentary during Spurs-Newcastle:

    “Why do teams need a third kit?”

    “So the supporters have to buy three kits.”

    I see the Packers-colored Vikings logo from that color-swap ticker item every day. That’s the logo of my local high school. Having grown up in Minnesota, it feels like the Twilight Zone every time I see the green-and-gold Vikings logo.

    Actually, only WVU’s helmets were throwbacks, dating from the ’70s. The color combinations then were white/blue/white at home, mono white away. And a different font.

    Yes, definitely not a thowback uni, but even on top of that all blue uni the helmet was so cool to see in person. I’ve done half a dozen tweaks on WVU’s unis and I’ve used that helmet most of the time.

    Too bad it was over a craptastic uniform, and in a loss to Texas :(

    I liked the WVU throwback helmet. But wearing it vs Texas and with all that blue did not look good to me.

    Same thing with Minnesota wearing white pants vs Penn States boring all whites.

    I heard from Ricko a while ago…he seemed to be doing OK.

    Vilk peeks in every now and then. He’s busy, but he’s doing fine.

    The thing hanging from Alabamas Kenyan Drakes neck appeared to be his gold chain that broke. You can see it fall off on the next play as he was tackled.

    “Nothing really uni-notable about the Stanford/Oregon game…”

    What alternate dimension is this?

    That OSU/Michigan toilet would be kinda funny, if it wasn’t such a true representation of Buckeye fans. I’d swear there’s more people that are just Anti-Michigan than actual OSU fans. I remember back when the Wolverines lost to Appalachian State, within 3 days the store I work at had a whole rack of App State merchandise, and it sold fairly well.

    That can be proven true when reading Ohio State boards or talking to some Ohio State fans. Ohio State could use some help by Michigan winning some games. Them losing does not help Ohio States BCS chances. But many Buckeye fans are so thrilled with Michigan losses.

    I want what is best for Ohio State and if Michigan had beat Penn State or Nebraska then fine.

    Of course I hate Michigan but I am a Buckeye fan first and foremost.

    I am one of the few who likes the University of Maryland football pride uniforms, as an alternate to their regular uniforms. I find the pride uniforms to be unique, I could be wrong but I can’t think of any other schools who have tried something similar to this before Maryland has. The bottom line with those uniforms is that one will either like them or dislike them. Of all the pride uniforms used in the past three seasons the black ones are my favorite.

    I like them too. Which shouldn’t be surprising since regular UW readers since 2009 know I am obsessed with flags. But like others have said on here they would be even better if the different patterns alternated instead of being on the same side. The fact that the Under Armour guy who worked on the uniforms said they were intentionally put on the same side so it looked like a different uniform depending on which side you were looking at was just bat shit crazy. Sometimes bat shit crazy ideas can be good (even “traditional” designs at one point were cutting edge when they were first created) but this one was just stupid. The patterns should alternate not only to make it a more dynamic uniform, but to more accurately represent the state flag. Case closed.

    While I’m on the topic of the Maryland pride uniforms, has anyone else made the obvious (at least to me) comparison of them to the Northwestern Wounded Warrior uniforms? They are basically the Maryland pride uniforms but with the American flag instead of the Maryland state flag. Is this going to be Under Armour’s signature template?

    Since it seems like we’re headed that way Under Armour should just get it over with and design pride uniforms based on flags for all the schools they have a contract with. The potential for more outlandish uniforms is enormous! For example, can you imagine a pride uniform for Hawaii based on the Hawaii state flag? Take a look:


    Not only would these jerseys sell well in the US but as an extra bonus I’m sure many people in the UK would want one since the flag prominently features the Union Jack.

    And speaking of Under Armour and the UK, has anyone else ever wondered why they spell armor the British way with a “u” in it when they are an American company?

    Many “spasibo” to Uni Watch for mention of Commie Football hatred for “blackout” uniform! Commie Football is calling for return to traditional colors and unis for all teams. Oh, and is also reorganizing all of college football while doing this. You are hating BCS system? You must come read.

    Great colorisation and detective work, Gary Chanko, and thank you, Joshua Sondeiski and Phil, for the link to the historical colorisations. They are truly stunning and beautiful.

    LOVED the Wyoming uniforms last night. Not enough of that brown n yella. Especially on all white like that. Handsome, even the WYO on the chest.

    I found this blog after reading an espn piece. First let me say that I have loved this blog from that very first morning. But I’ve come to find a few things a little problematic for my liking(yes i understand it an opinion blog…so i thought i would share my opinion). First, i understand purple isn’t your favorite color. Do u really need to bring it up everytime you talk about a team(yes I’m a Ravens fan). While I personally don’t love the color, I feel you shouldn’t bash every team that wears it simply because of the color. Secondly, how can ANYONE say they like the WVU helmets from yesterday and also have so much outrage from Maryland’s pride uni. It seems to me that almost anything not “old school” or “traditional” is seen as an abomination to uniforms. I sound like a teenager after rereading that last sentence, I know. But I’m 30.(Side note: Why does it seem like most people from NY hate everythingaand anything from MD. Very generalized statement I know but I see it a lots) Lastly, I am a veteran. I LOVE the so call flag desecration unis. I love the fact that (imo) they honor our country and the military I so proudly served. So when I read the blog and read on and on and on about how much they are hated, it makes me sad.It’s one thing to go on national tv a claim “I’m a f****** soldier”. It’s something totally different to honor our military and country. They aren’t the same. I have never shared a comment on this blog so I’m sorry for ranting on this first one. I never like to leave on a sour note so let me tell you why I enjoy and will continue to enjoy uni-watch. I love reading and learning about the history of uniforms. Those colorized photos are amazing. Also, I love being able to keep up with new unis from around the country and the world. Your in depth knowledge and research really shines. So even though I dont totally agree with everything you say(who agrees with 100% of what anyone says anyway), I will continue to read and enjoy your blog. Just thought I’d give my thoughts. Have a great weekend!

    First off: WELCOME!

    And I can assure you not everyone from New York (which I am and Paul is) hates Maryland. My “SMUW” Quarterback, Terry Duroncelet, is from New Orleans (or close to it), and many of the other contributors are far far from the Northeast. We don’t all share the same opinions, and our ages are spread from young to old. All opinions are welcome, and you made some great points.

    But to clarify — it seems to be a common misconception that those of us who abhor the use of flag motifs, camo and other symbolism ON THE UNIFORMS are therefore opposed to whatever those symbols stand for. On the contrary, we (for the most part) believe the uniform, whether it be old, new, modern or traditional, should be free from clutter and devoid of “look at me” patches and affectations. I don’t want to speak for anyone but myself, but I’d rather see (for example) Texas Tech or Maryland or Northwestern in their “regular” uniforms (whatever those are these days) than to crap them up or wear infinite numbers of “alternates.” If teams want to raise money and draw attention to causes, that’s great. Just keep the uniforms as clean as possible. But we’re living in a “look at me” generation, and clearly, the only way to show support for something is to have a big button (or patch or socks or whatever) that says “I care.”

    Thanks for all the kind words too — and yes, nobody agrees 100% with what anyone else says or thinks, and that’s why UW is so great — myriad opinions expressed by a well-informed and well mannered community who all come here with a common goal — uni knowledge.

    Please continue to share your thoughts on whatever it is uni-wise you like/dislike or whatever!


    Although, I’ve only lived near New Orleans for the past two+ years. I miss Blythe, CA, but not the weather. I ACTUALLY HAVE AN EXCUSE to wear my hoodie indoors now, which makes me smile.

    The poppies on EPL uniforms are much more tastefully done than all the Red/white/blue flag desecration unis in American sports. US teams should take a note (but don’t follow the advertisement example)

    The Bengals v Ravens game has got to be one of the ugliest games of the year. It looks like two high schools playing.

    GYYYYUUUUUUHHHHHH I forgot the crucial image for my opening line. It should’ve gone:

    “uess what my emotion was like for the past week-plus? “OMG YOU GUISE!!! PINKTOBER IS OVER!!! link … *sigh* … Goddammit”.”

    My bad :V

    Mets are wearing cami tops on 5 different Mondays next season. Nice touch though offering free tickets to military families.


    Cami tops!? Must…resist…”play like little girls” joke…
    //Oh, you must mean “camo.”
    //Don’t think I’ll like the look, regardless.

    At least the camo is kept to a minimum. Would hate to see the Mets become the Padres of the Eastern seaboard.

    One thing that I haven’t seen discussed much is how Northwestern’s Wounder Warrior Project uniform is a double desecration of the flag. It violates the link‘s prohibition on using the flag as wearing apparel(4 U.S.C. § 8(d)) or as part of an athletic uniform (4 U.S.C. § 8(j)). This is the violation that most of us are used to seeing when teams use the American flag as their sartorial motif.

    Under Armour’s uniform design for Northwestern take it a step further. Under Armour’s response to the criticism that the flag on the uniform looks like it’s been splattered with blood is to say that it’s not blood but rather “link.” Even if that’s true, it means that Under Armour is depicting a flag that violated Sections 8(e) and 8(k) of the Flag Code. These provisionos prohibit, respectully, the display of a flag in a way that allows it to be easily damaged and require the respectful disposal of a flag that is no long in a condition fit for display.

    There’s no flag on that jersey. There are some stars and some stripes, but there is no flag.

    Does link violate the flag code?

    Or link

    I’d say no, as I would say about Northwestern’s jerseys.

    Not saying I’d buy one, but 1) I’m not seeing desecration, and 2) I’ve seen much worse designs…like Texas Tech’s helmet. Bleah.

    Ummmm… no? Those are simply designs that happen to have blue bases with red and white stripes? Moreover than the apples-and-oranges comparison, you have to be lying to yourself if you truly think that there’s no flag on link.

    There’s a flag on this costume.

    But there’s something only very similar to a flag on your example.

    According to the Flag Code, the flag is defined as follows:

    The words ‘flag, standard, colors, or ensign’, as used herein, shall include any flag, standard, colors, ensign, or any picture or representation of either, or of any part or parts of either, made of any substance or represented on any substance, of any size evidently purporting to be either of said flag, standard, colors, or ensign of the United States of America or a picture or a representation of either, upon which shall be shown the colors, the stars and the stripes, in any number of either thereof, or of any part or parts of either, by which the average person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag, colors, standard, or ensign of the United States of America.

    In other words, anything that’s meant to be a representation of the flag is the the flag. Northwestern’s uniform is a representation of the flag. Therefore, it’s the flag. And Under Armour’s design desecrates it.

    The Harlem Globetrotters’ shorts are just red and white stripes, not all that different from the link. There’s a difference between evoking the flag and wearing an intentional representation of it. The Globetrotters’s uniforms may evoke it, but they aren’t meant to be the flag. Northwestern’s uniforms don’t evoke the flag, they slap you in the face and say, “Hey! Look at this flag we’re wearing!”

    When the UWFFL site gets to the 30,000 hits mark, will the league produce a special patch or helmet logo?

    The Tennessee NFL team with that navy-over-navy getup made Jacksonville look good for once.

    Those sleeved basketball jerseys are okay but then the Christmas Day jerseys are not so good. Look too much like soccer kits with the enlarged logo.

    Uniwatch is the first place I saw the call for the Redskins to change their brand. This was about 2/12 yrs ago. I cant believe how much steam its picked up.

    Someone asked me if the name “Redskins” is racist. Is it as simple as hypothetically having a team called the “Blacks” and a profile as a black man as their logo?

    Huge Canes fan but man were those jerseys awful Saturday night. Helmets a close second. By my count this is the 3rd time we’ve worn Nike specials at home and lost winnable games where we were favored. Hate to blame someone else, but there maybe something to the players focusing on what they are wearing instead of doing their jobs

    Catherine Ryan you are not too swift. Why do you and your boss love white football jerseys over dark pants? It is NOT a good look. It sucks. REALLY SUCKS.

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