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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Pink Ducks

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By Phil Hecken

So, it’s come to this.

As Paul said on Friday, “Pinktober reached its inevitable apotheosis (or nadir) yesterday, as Oregon announced that it will be wearing pink helmets, socks and gloves this weekend.” The previews were bad enough. The real thing, as you can see above — is worse. It’s a good thing they didn’t over do it.

I’m writing this intro before receiving Catherine’s 5 & 1, Terry’s SMUW, and I haven’t yet read Tim’s Duck Tracker. I’m sure they’ll all be weighing in on this. And I’m sure you’ll all have lots to say in the comments below. But this wearin’ o’ the pink has pretty much put an exclamation point on Pink-tober. Even though Oregon’s wearing wasn’t for Komen (this one was for Kay Yow, likely a very worthy cause), it’s really…REALLY…taking it just too far. Or, as I tweeted last night:

If they really wanted to do up the pink classy right, they should have done something like this, no?

With apologies to Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that. Here’s TJ:


Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

Remember last year when I made this note about the Maryland/West Virginia game? “In my opinion, this was actually one of Maryland’s greater uniform successes in recent years, and white is technically one of their colors, so it’s not like they were wearing some “Hot Pink Ops” getup. Shit, I think I just gave a D-1 program an idea for next month.” Well… now I have an official reason to say “Me and my big mouth” (credit to Jamie Radke for that Wayne State helmet pic [last pic]). Okay, this was a year in the making, but still. Let’s try to get through this, one brutal dose of Pepto Bismol at a time…


From Tuesday:

• WKU wore their black uniforms against Louisiana-Lafayette, who oddly enough, wore last year’s pants with this year’s jerseys and white helmets. Also, bicycle shorts. At the college level. Yeah. I hate everything. O.K., not really, but not a good look either way.


From Thursday:

• As I’ve saying for a short while now: if you’re gonna wear a color that you believe will automatically make you manlier and tougher, which makes you wonder if your team should focus on becoming stronger instead of wasting money on black costumes and flipping the bird at school tradition with this placebo effect wear a BFBS uniform, you might as well go all the way. And boy, did North Carolina go all the way. As much as I hate their use of black and any justification that they’ll try to come up with for said color, you gotta hand it to them; they took the Zero Dark Thursday thing seriously. The crowd was out in black, not to mention the field graphics were in black with Carolina Blue trim. Oh, they lost, BTW. And this happened. At least the person on our right was wearing navy blue (although it kinda looks black in the pic). Don’t think I’ve seen a half-way treatment like that for those suits.


From Saturday:

• Now this is what I call a good-looking game! (apart from the pink stuff) This is what a pair of nice uniforms with vibrant colors and reasonable contrast are capable of. We need more of this. This is Missouri vs. Florida, BTW.

• Reason #1,019 why screenprinted graphics are always bad on a football uniform… or any sports uniform, for that matter. The peeling name in question belongs to Rockets RB David Fluellen. Also, look at the size difference between his NOB and the NOB of teammate Kareem Hunt. It like looking at a 20×20 kick drum sitting next to a 26×14 bass drum. Sorry Sam… big bass drums do it better. But main point, Toledo needs to work on player name consistency. Also, note the helmets with the odd UT logo.

• Kansas hasn’t had an exciting uniform in a while, but at least they haven’t worn a grey garment on the… *sigh*, dammit, Jayhawks. Couldn’t you have at least waited to wear those on a cloudy day? They aren’t that bad, but the numbers were difficult to read. It reminded me of a darker version of the Texas Texases Rangers’ road greys.

• Illinois wore all-orange for the first time since 2004 on Saturday. Also, Wisconsin had a different helmet design for their red shells: black/white/black helmet stripes with black facemasks.

• Western Michigan wore pink decals on their helmets against Ball State. Here’s another look.

• West Virginia looks… normal? I like this look. Also of note from Bob Novotny: “Not sure if you’ve seen this, but West Virginia has a lineman with the last name of Haughton-James, number 73. Unfortunately, he’s not playing, but there was a play into the WVU sideline and I caught a glimpse of his NOB: ‘H-James’. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Partial Name on Back? Abbreviated Name on Back? Partially Abbreviated Name on Back? PANOB? I don’t have digital cable (I live in Guyana now) so I couldn’t pause for a pic. Sorry, but thought you’d like to know.” Sadly, I couldn’t find a pic myself.

• I think this is the first time that Syracuse has worn their blue and orange helmets with the blue jersey/orange pant combo this season.

• When I woke up yesterday morning and briefly tuned in to the Tennessee/South Carolina game, I honestly thought that the Vols were wearing white pants. So glad I double-checked. Two SC players decided to have a little bit of fun with their last names. Gamecocks QB Dylan Thompson had three SEC logos on his person: one on his helmet, one on his jersey, and one on his undershirt. And then you have the SEC logo on the first down marker along with the blurred SEC logo on his teammate’s jersey in the background. That was a close one, I though that this was a Sun Belt conference game. Lastly, I love the fact that the backup QB’s last name is ‘Drummer‘.

• While not as nifty as last week’s Liberty Bell helmets, Temple has another nifty cherry helmet design this week. From Patrick Reynell: “The significance of the diamond is seen and heard throughout Temple’s campus. The university founder, Russell Conwell, gave a speech entitled “Acres of Diamonds” in regards to the purpose of the university. As a result, the school uses diamonds for a lot of things (dance squad name is Diamond Dancers, meal and book money called Diamond Dollars). This is the first time I have personally seen diamonds included in athletic uniforms. I am guessing the went with a Diamond design this weekend because it was homecoming and the school’s tenth president was just sworn in before the weekend.”

• Does this forearm sleeve have what looks to be Auburn’s pants stripe on it?

• Arkansas’s Byran Jones wore #98 (instead of his usual #54) in honor of Razorback DT and captain Robert Thomas, who’s out for the season on a broken leg that he suffered last week.

• Boise State went full-BFBS against Nevada.

• The ’50’ on the field for the Clemson/FSU game was pink. Also, what’s the field marking here?

Well… I have no words.

• Some of the Bama players had gauze(?) on their heads. Not sure if they both happen to have nicks ion their foreheads, or maybe it’s to protect against helmet rash, or maybe it’s a gesture tribute to a player? Anyone know more?

• Utah State wore white/grey/grey with new bull decals in place of their usual ‘Ustate’ decals. Credit to Ben Froehle for that link.

• Can someone tell me why Oregon went with a rather benign design for their Pinktober helmets instead of their current winged design?

That’s all for Week 8 of the 2013 season. See you next week.


Catherine 5 & 1 animated

Catherine Ryan’s
Five and One

Happy Sunday, UniWatchers! Let’s get to the countdown!

Let’s start off with a quote from loyal UniWatch reader, Joe Ringham, who is also a frequent 5-and-1 tipster:

“I am dubbing this week, for a few schools, ‘Road Construction Week’. This is due to the fact that you have 3 games featuring mono-orange (South Carolina-Tennessee, TCU-Oklahoma State, and, later on, Wisconsin-Illinois), making these orange teams look like traffic cones.” – Joe Ringham


5. Florida State vs. Clemson: This is about as much orange as I will tolerate. Overall, a good looking “game,” a word I use loosely.


4. UCLA vs. Stanford: I rarely put UCLA on the countdown unless they are sporting their powder blues but I actually liked their all-white unis. You always know what you get with Stanford and the combination made for a great Top 25 match-up.


3. Iowa vs. Ohio State: Ohio State frequents this countdown because I love their clean look. I’ve also been extremely impressed with Iowa this year and using some color on the road gets me weak in the knees.


2. LSU vs. Ole Miss: Be still my beating heart. Besides being an incredible game, this was just a thing of beauty.


1. Florida vs. Mizzou: This game hit everything on my checklist. Dark pants on the road. Nice contrast between the teams. I also love when Mizzou breaks out the gold tops. I’m a girl of simple tastes.


+1 Oregon. Oregon. Oregon: I went to an all-girls high school and, when I was a senior, there was a movement to change our mascot. Additionally, some students pressed to have our color scheme (green/white) changed. One of the most popular color combinations, which was stomped down by the administration, was pink and black. That was what 250 teenage girls agreed was the best choice. That’s all I will say.


Duck Tracker
By Tim E. O’Brien


Click To Enlarge

Ugly Ducklings.

This pink BS (although Oregon’s pink BS seems like less BS than most, but it’s the thinnest kid at fat camp…) needs to stop.

It’s not the aesthetics (ok, it’s not entirely the aesthetics), it’s the malicious and transparent manipulation of emotions to market football to women. Stop it. Give money to charity – or how about volunteer! – without the unnecessary look at me tactics.

That’s all. Sorry for the mini-rant. As always, you can follow my trackers on twitter @DuckTracker, @NUniTracker or @Hoosier_Tracker or feel free to help me track them by shooting me an email at, or Happy Tracking.


Alex Rocklein’s MLB Playoff Uni Tracker


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And we’re all set for the World Series.

Last evening, the Red Sox dispatched with the Tigers, clinching at 12:01 this morning with a 5-2 victory over Detroit, and taking the series 4-2. These two teams most recently met in the World Series in 2004 (the Sox swept the Cards 4-0), and now it’s St. Louis’ chance for revenge. Overall, as I said yesterday, the teams have met three times (1946, 1967 & 2004), with the Cards having won the first two hook-ups.

Thanks to the American League winning the All Star Game, the Sox will have the home field advantage. The Series starts Wednesday night, giving both teams ample opportunity to set up their rotations.

Thanks again to Alex for doing the tracking, and he will be back next weekend as the Series is underway. It should be a good looking series, if nothing else.


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: Another day of very light submissions, so we’re going Old-School Ticker again.

Check out the WFL style uniforms (featuring the Atlanta logo!) that are being worn by The Falcon High School Falcons of Falcon Colorado. They normally wear John Deere Green (on their pants) and gold. “This is, obviously, not that,” says submitter Andrew Moeschberger. “I challenge the UniWatch faithful to come up with an uglier Pinktober uni.” … Harry Michelson noticed the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau have a 10 year anniversary logo, which, according to Harry, isn’t particularly good. … “Notre Dame hockey has always followed the school protocol of gold (whatever flavor it is) helmets, even the goalies’ masks fit the trend,” says John Muir. “What’s next? how about gold-topped Zambonis. If you’re going to make everything flow, there are worse ways to do it.” … Even the smaller Division 2 schools are getting in on the helmet explosion (and pink at the same time). “Wayne State University (my alma mater) in Detroit, MI was wearing something very similar to the pink Oregon helmet with a lighter shade of pink,” notes first-time submitter Jamie Radke. … The Washington Capitols went with lavender stick tape & pink skate laces to “raise money for cancer research” yesterday. … SC Bastia, a team in the French League 1, has a camouflage design for their 3rd kit, which Joe Schmidt have never seen this outside of the US before. Full link here. … Kevin Kleinhans couldn’t help but recall “one of the GI Joes I had as a child when seeing Oregons pink combo.” … Chuck Myron says, “Remember when every NBA team had distinct, easily recognizable warmups? Well, now there’s this.” … According to David Firestone, “Pink-Tober hits new lows at the mavtv 500 with a pink flag instead of a green one.” … And according to Kenn Tomasch “NBC Sports is dumb. It should be ‘Indiana University,’ not ‘University of Indiana’.” … Another ‘Pinktober mishap’ from Jeffrey Stumm: This is the 6 pack of diet Pepsi with NFL shield and pinktober banding. … Hmmm – Is UA gearing up Northwestern for Patriot-themed gear?. Tim E. O’Brien “saw this in the entrance to a merch truck (yester)day outside of the Northwestern game. A preview of the UA one off unis? I hope not.” … A reader whose e-mail is “Wolfpackski” sends this Hartford Wolfpack Jersey with the text, “This was a submission for a third jersey contest from a few years ago, do you think I might get a minor contribution thanks from them?” (I’m guessing that’s a no.) … Here’s 1950s All-American Johnny Majors wearing his authentic 1956 jersey (h/t @JasonYellin). … And, here’s Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith posing with his 1st NHL goal puck (h/t Mark Coale).


And there’s a wrap for this fine 20th day of Pinktober October. Enjoy the NFL action today (and the Packers will be wearing their 1920’s throwbacks with gold helmet) and all the other games. I’ll be working off-site (with only phone access) and Paul will be traveling, so please play nice! Thanks to TJ, Catherine, Tim E. and Alex for their bits as well. Everyone have a great week and I’ll catch you fine folks next Saturday.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“If we’re fighting the good fight here, then I want to see Phil Knight eventually tried as a war criminal.”

Comments (91)

    “IPTAY” I believe stands for I Pay Ten (meaning dollars) A Year. It is an alumni donation organization. Some say it means I Pay Thousands A Year.

    The common joke around campus when I was there was it now means “I pay tons a year.”

    Field marking in Clemso -FSU is IPTAY which is the athletic booster organization at Clemson. The rumor is it stands for ‘ I Pay Thirty A Yesr’.

    Check out the WFL style uniforms (featuring the Atlanta logo!) that are being worn by The Falcon High School Falcons of Falcon Colorado.

    That should be CFL-USA or WLAF style, not the WFL which used a standard template for its uniforms.


    Pink and Black? Only if you’re a ’55 Ford Crown Victoria or entering an Elvis look alike contest. Otherwise keep all the nonsense colors on the Left Coast were they belong.

    I’m not sure what difference she is seeing in Iowa’s road uniforms this year. That’s how they have always looked.

    Haughton-James did actually get into the game, and I noticed the hyphen as well. No screenshot here either.

    I think the matchup looks better in Los Angeles. Notre Dame’s gold helmets and pants allow them to look good home or away, but USC looks much better with their cardinal jerseys.

    Hate to agree but you’re right. Would be a great color on color game regardless of location.

    I know it was played color on color as late as the 1950s, but a dark blue shade against a dark red? I don’t know…

    How is it that Nike can put adequate shoulder stripes on college teams like LSU and Ole Miss but when it comes to NFL teams like Indy and Carolina it lays an egg?

    I blame the teams. The Colts obviously don’t actually care about having proper shoulder stripes, because Nike has shown clearly that they can do it.

    I think they’ve lengthened those stripes on LSU and Mississippi (had to say that out loud to make sure I spelled it correctly) too much, and look as bad as when they were too short.

    A couple of years back, Temple had diamonds around the collars of the football jerseys.
    And IPTAY used to stand for “I Pay Ten A Year”, though inflation has probably changed that. When I was in school, a lot of Clemson players got into legal trouble, so we thought it meant “It’s Prison Time Again, Y’all!” (GO HEELS!)

    The Temple football team still use diamonds on their collars, yet the university’s Diamond Marching Band does not incorporate them on their uniforms.

    I have heard many times from women who have survived or are going though Breast Cancer that they dread “Pinktober” because of the pandering, and the unwelcome reminder of their condition being pounded into their heads. Oregon U. once again uses their complete lack of taste and tact to drive the nail in needlessly hard. The NCAA should sanction UO for their complete disregard for tradition and their horrible fashion sense.

    The “gauze” on the player’s foreheads is actually called Coverroll. It has adhesive on one side and is used on the forehead to prevent rubbing of the helmet. I haven’t used it as much with the newer helmets coming out. The inside linings seem to be more forgiving, especially the cloth Rev Speed helmets.

    LOVE the vertical arched names on the Notre Dame sweaters. Wish more teams did it. Other than football, it could be done reasonably well in the other sports and looks nice, even if it is more time and effort.

    “If they really wanted to do up the pink classy right, they should have done something like this, no?”

    Oh God, don’t give them any ideas…

    Hey Phil, I have no idea how to submit a ticker item but I was on IGN and saw this article which features some interesting jerseys for a scene in the new Batman vs Superman movie. I like the colour choices but the sleeves of the Metropolis jersey look a bit like the weird grey shoulder stripes on the new Jags jersey (don’t worry I hate the helmet) but I thought it was interesting

    Tennessee wore pink socks with their all orange uniforms, creating what I would call an “Endless Summer effect.”


    Illinois looked great in that combo! Not a fan of the mono color scheme, but it does look good on some teams…Clemson, Florida, Vandy.

    Color-on-color for Northern Iowa (purple-purple-black) vs. South Dakota (all red). Click through the gallery to see all pics. UNI was home team.


    Hey Phil… ticker item about the Washington Capitols needs to be changed. Y’know, since they’re the Capitals and all. ;)

    So what meaning of Capital are Washington using as their team name? That seems strange to me.

    The Capitol is a government building. A capital any place that government meets (thus making Washington a capital with the Capitol building).

    At least in its simplest form.

    Do they still use this as a logo?

    You see, I remembered that and was confused, seeing as the negative space is actually The Capitol. Perhaps they shouldn’t use that if they don’t want to confuse me.

    /We should call them the Washington Parliaments…
    //At least I know the difference between a Canadien and a Canadian.

    Tim, I always wondered why townships in states got the “capital” moniker when there were clearly larger and more influential cities in the state. The above definitions makes sense in terms of why “Outpost, Missouri” is the capital and not St. Louis.

    Phil, they still do use that logo to a degree, but it’s a secondary logo. It is used on the sleeves most often, not the front, y’know, where the name is spelled out in its entirety. :P

    I know the difference between capitol and capital, I just think the definition of “capitol” makes a better team name (though not by much), especially since the “capitol” is in their logo, then the various definitions of “capital”

    I like the Falcon High School Falcons of Falcon Colorado uniforms…for a High School team. I would rather the jersey be red, but hey. One of the better Pinktober abominations.

    Yes, Oregon’s pink helmets are bright and obnoxious in some people’s eyes, but it’s for a worthy cause. Unlike the NFL, and anyone else promoting and wearing the pink, Oregon actually used the helmets to fund raise for awareness. 100%, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the money raised for the helmets auctioned off went to Play 4 Kay, so it’s not just a way to say “Look at us”. You all need to get over the color and focus on the cause. Maybe think about what they act and appreciate that someone actually cares.ually represent for once

    Neither I nor Phil, Tim, or anyone here said a single, solitary ill word about the intent behind Oregon’s pink helmets. Nor have we said anything bad about any of these team’s intent for the Pinktober stuff. We just said that the aesthetic display looked bad. Nothing more, nothing less.

    We will continue to voice our opinion on the pink displays, even if they were to cure breast cancer. To quote Phil when two readers accused Phil and myself for saying that we hate the Wounded Warrior Project because we hate the uniforms that South Carolina wore against LSU link:

    “excuse me?

    first off, neither i nor terry said anything about the WWP, so to infer there is bashing going on because of that is sorely mistaken

    secondly, the uni (IMHO) looks like shit … this is a site about athletics aesthetics, first and foremost – and if a uni looks like shit, i (or terry or paul or whomever) is going to say it looks like shit

    pink accoutrements may or may not support a good cause (breast cancer research & funding) but if they make a uniform look like shit, we’ll say so

    i don’t care if a uniform actually CURES cancer or AIDS or third world hunger (and i highly doubt any uniform has that power…but if it does, that’s great), but if it looks like utter crap, well then, dammit, i’m going to say so”

    problem is, the helmets aren’t free. They’re actually probably close to $50k.

    So instead of spending $50k to possibly make an unknown amount of money, why not give that $50k directly to charity and then volunteer your players’ time at a local cancer ward?

    Because then no one gets to say, “Look at ‘my’ helmet, see how much ‘I’ care?”

    Think critically, don’t let the easy answer be the only answer. Like I said, it’s better than most pink movements, but it’s still marketing first, look at me second and in third is making a difference in the fight against cancer.

    And that’s just sad…

    you’re exactly correct, didn’t paul just publish an article on ESPN about how much these helmets cost

    if you only sell 20 of the helmets you are probably only going to make at a maximum of 40k, so it would just make a lot more sense to donate the 50k and not spend any money to raise 40k


    Wayne State didn’t wear that helmet. It was auctioned off and my understanding is that the proceeds went to cancer research. Seems like a logical way to support breast cancer awareness, no?

    To continue what Jonah Henderson was saying. This was not a Nike idea, this was a player idea to raise money and awareness for breast cancer… again not the school, not Nike, but team members doing the right thing. They got Oregon greats to sign helmets and the helmet Bobby Moore/Ahmad Rashad sold last night for $15,000. Others that were used last night will go on auction directly to “Play 4 Kay”. Now, the pink with green uniforms would have looked better, but pink just doesn’t look good on a football field.

    Actually the Ahmad Rashad is now up to $20K and still has another day left. Out of the initial 10 helmets, the lowest one is at nearly $4300. With another 15 helmets to go and 2 of them being ones signed by Dan Fouts and Joey Harrington, they’ll likely be donating over $105K when it’s all said and done on October 23rd.

    I’ve been seeing Northwestern athletes walking around campus wearing the NU stars-and-stripes gear (mostly hats) since the beginning of the school year, for what it’s worth.

    Surely I am not the only one struggling to understand what the fifth link in Tim’s comment has to do with what’s being discussed

    Went to be last night despairing about this worst-of-all-possible-matchups World Series. Awoke this morning to hear the radio announcer say that the World Series was set, and that Arizona would face Boston. I got excited, because I’m kind of a D-Backs fan, and folks in Phoenix will be surprised to discover that their team had found a way back into the race at this late date.

    You can just see how the announcer had a script, or written notes, describing a Cardinals-Red Sox World Series, and mentally translating the team names into the city names. Just goes to show: Teams from different cities should not share names.

    Re: “University of Indiana.” Stuff like that bothers me so much. As I’ve mentioned in a lot of my other comments here, I attended the Georgia Institute of Technology. NOT “Georgia Technological University” or “Georgia Tech University” or “University of Georgia Tech!”

    I was just about to write the same thing. I once saw a picture of Marlins Park wherein Derek Dietrich was listed as having attended Georgia Tech University. I guess that’s what GT gets for being one of only five schools in FBS without the word “University” in its name (looking at you, VPISU). For that reason, I’ve always wondered why GT has never tried to brand itself as “The Institute”.

    VPISU = Va Tech, right? What’s the “U” for?

    The others are Ga Tech, Army, Navy and ?? (not The Citadel, right?) Pretty sure we discussed this before, I’m just not googling and my memory fails me often.

    VPISU stands for Virginia Tech’s full name, “Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.”

    Boston College is #5

    It’s the ESPN trivia question pretty much every time we play in prime time. Georgia Tech, the 3 Academies and Boston College. It’s a shame given how much history Tech has that that’s the question that always gets asked.

    Right. The Citadel is an FCS school, so there’s only the 5 schools that are on the FBS level.

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University = Va Tech

    The five are: Georgia Institute of Technology, the three service academies, and Boston College.

    I actually saw a folder BEING SOLD AT THE CAMPUS BOOKSTORE that said “Georgia Tech University” when I was a freshman (2009). I think they got rid of it pretty quickly though.

    The institute is something that gets said from time to time, but it has no business being part of a rebrand of any sort.

    Our Logo is a GT, and we call ourselves Tech (we got away from that and now when you say Tech people no longer assume you are talking about Georgia Tech, which is how it used to be).

    Its annoying when people get simple things like our school’s name wrong, but that’s on them, there is no need to baby them into getting it right. Especially not at the expense of the school’s brand and history. People know us as Georgia Tech, its only when they try to list our official name that they screw things up (i.e. what college Derek Dietrich went to).

    I agree. I thought the marketing gimmick of “The Institute” was really contrived and lame.

    Looked like one of the captain patches for someone on Tampa Bay was coming off late in the 4th quarter today in Atlanta. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get a pic.

    Looks like the Packers helmets still had Green facemasks, woould have thought they would have used Grey ones.

    Guess if you HAVE to keep the same shells (I hope I didn’t open that can of worms again), it then becomes, comparatively, too much trouble to swap out facemasks.

    I’m glad Mizzou wasn’t tempted to go all-gold; I do wonder what they’d look like wearing the gold (or black) over white, instead of the usual gold or black pants at home. I don’t much care for the lighter-shirt-over-darker-pants look, so for that reason I would’ve left them out of the 5&1. How does Notre Dame/USC not get a spot on that list? And Clemson/FSU deserved a higher spot, as well.

    They need to dump the main template and apply the one used for the gold jerseys to their home and away uniforms (would say the anthracite uniforms but those are so unnecessary that they shouldn’t be worn again).

    Phil, what if next week, instead of the pink dividers, you used salmon-colored dividers to remind people of the original, non-corporate color for breast cancer awareness?

    I’m just now catching up on the weekend posts, and, I have to add, I’m happy to see the return of the colorizations.

    I like how some of the internet news sites led with the story about the Packers’ “ugly uniforms”. Really? I’d take that look over half of the garbage the NFL is wearing today.


    “Notre Dame hockey has always followed the school protocol of gold (whatever flavor it is) helmets”

    Actually Notre Dame hockey wore navy helmets until about 2006 (plus or minus a year. I was extremely pleased with the look when they went to the gold, now they’ve gone to the lustrous gold clad look, it looks even better.

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