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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Notre Dame vs Arizona State 10-5-13

By Phil Hecken

It was another interesting weekend of weekend uni unveilings and other assorted sheninagans. Terry will have the full run down in a moment, but (in no particular order), there were a few that stood out yesterday:

Baylor broke out their shiny golden dome, and while it looked aight, enough is enough with the helmet chicanery.

Speaking of alternate hats, Arizona State broke out their “fire” helmets to matchup in their “Shamrock Series” game against Notre Dame (who had a special costume as well).

Also of note were Northwestern’s matte black topper and a return of the “white ops” uniforms for Maryland, who summarily got their asses kicked by FSU.

Hopefully I didn’t steal any of TJ’s thunder (I wrote this intro before I received his article below), but onward and upward … here’s TJ Duroncelet with today’s…

. . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

Hello guys! Um… (shit, what do I say?) I wish that my weeks were at least half as interesting as the weeks of some of you who are reading this, so I can actually give you a somewhat thoughtful intro. I should probably get out more. But anyway…

From Thursday:

• Utah wore all-black against UCLA. I don’t really mind too much, but that design/template is miserable. Is it just me, or are UCLA’s shoulder nubs creeping more and more onto the sleeves? For the love of Nutella, just switch to Nike already, Bruins.

From Saturday:

• Ya know, I haven’t brought up the topic of pony in a while, so let’s change that! Not bad, but I was disappointed that SMU wore their regular pants with the throwback jerseys instead of the period-accurate pants. I cannot stress this enough: THERE IS MORE TO A UNIFORM THAN JUST A JERSEY, PEOPLE. Otherwise, players would be running around like this. I think I’ll go sit in time-out for posting that now. In that same game, Rutgers wore all-white. Guess this makes them the Rutgers Ivory Knights?

• Remember those White-Ops uniforms that Maryland debuted against West Virginia last year? Those are a thing again.

• Florida wore mono-blue against Arkansas.

• Speaking of mono-blue, I almost mistook Kansas for Louisiana Tech, but then I thought “Nah. The Bulldogs actually look good.” I believe that this is also out first real look at the blue tops with the red cuffs and collars. I could be wrong, though.

• Halloween isn’t for another 4-ish weeks, but Oklahoma State is already getting into the spirit. ALL OF THAT CONTRAST! Definitely my favorite-looking game from Week 6.

• It’s bad enough that Temple wore mono-black yesterday, but they made it even worse with the white helmets. If for some unforeseen reason you absolutely must go BFBS, wear a black helmet so that you have some balance. Right way, wrong way.

• Tennessee wore their “Smokey” uniforms for the first time against Georgia. Personally, I think grey smokey helmets would’ve pulled the entire uniform together.

• Aaaaaaaaaaaaand here come the hotheaded jokes. That helmet (which is “unique” to every player) was unveiled earlier this week for Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series game. Speaking of, they didn’t look half-bad. In fact, they looked pretty great. But back to the helmets; seeing Maryland and Arizona State wearing these helmets, I smell a potential trend coming for next year. Teams left and right with hand-painted helmets that were made 9 months in advance, only to be used for one game (maybe two, assuming that they don’t have the appropriate number of 12 helmets for every week of the season). Didn’t help that the flames looked like amorphous yellow… stuff, from afar.

• Baylor finally broke out their gold chrome helmets against West Virginia.

• I felt like Minnesota should’ve worn their maroon pants instead of the white ones against Michigan. Don’t get me wrong, both uniforms are great, and it was a good-looking game, but the maroon pants would’ve added some more excitement visually-speaking.

• Another good-looking game: Alabama and Georgia State.

• Wake Forest wore black/gold/black against NC State, who wore red/white/red. Again, light color tops like these should be reserved for the road, but I’ll let it slide, as the helmets and pants provided excellent contrast.

• Is it just me, or do those Nike Pro Combat helmets that TCU breaks out on occasion look whiter this season?

Northwestern wore black jerseys and helmets with purple pants against Ohio State. Is it bad that I kinda like this look?

• O hai, Stanford Black.

That about does it for Week 6. See you all next week.

. . .

Nice wrap, again, TJ! OK readers, what did YOU think of yesterday’s uni combos, matchups and shenanigans?




Catherine 5 & 1 animated

Catherine Ryan’s…
Five AND One

. . .

Happy Sunday, UniWatchers! I was out of town this weekend so it was difficult to get wifi. Special thanks to Phil for helping me find some pictures. Hope everyone had/has a great weekend!


5. Indiana vs. Penn State: This was a bloodbath but at least it looked good


4. Air Force vs. Navy: I was in DC this weekend and it was a ghost town…I was happy to see this ended up happening. I love Navy’s uniforms and I figured I’d give them a shoutout!


3. Texas State vs. Louisiana Lafayette: I had this one on the list and then a reader emailed in about it! Great choice, sharp game!


2. Texas Tech vs. Kansas: Kansas in the all-blues with the red lids. Gorgeous.


1. Michigan State vs. Iowa: This may be my favorite game of the year so far. I’m not usually a fan of all-white but I loved this game!


+1: Maryland vs. Florida State: Not only did Maryland get blown out on the field, they looked awful.




Duck Tracker


Our Duck Tracker, Tim E. O’Brien, was detained for most of last evening attending the heart-breaking loss of his beloved Northwestern Wildcats to the Ohio State Buckeyes, but he was able to get this weekend’s Duck Tracker graphic ready by the time I put this to bed. You can check out more on his Ducktracker website.

Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon, the Oregon Ducks went with (for them) a simple green/white/green combination in their domination of Colorado in Colorado.

They even wore school colors. In fact, were Jim Vilk still doing the 5 & 1, this might have merited some consideration for the top 5.

Tim will be back again next weekend with a full graphic and writeup.




Alex Rocklein’s MLB Playoff Uni Tracker


Click To Enlarge

Alex is back again with the MLB Playoff tracker.

There were only two games yesterday in the MLB, and the first featured the Rays and Red Sox going with “normal” white versus gray uniforms, after playing the previous day in softball tops. The Rays had been wearing their blue tops for luck (they had won both their 163rd game against Texas and their wild card play-in game against Cleveland in the blue alts). That luck ran out Friday, so the switched to gray tops yesterday. They still lost. They’ll head back to Tampa down 2-0.

The A’s and Tigers also played yesterday, with the A’s having worn their green tops in a game 1 loss on Friday. Hoping to change their own luck, the A’s went with their gold tops and won a nailbiter, 1-0, in the bottom of the ninth. That series now moves to Detroit with the teams knotted at 1-1.

Thanks to Alex for these MLB playoff uni trackings. He’ll be back next weekend with more, and will continue as long as there is still baseball to be played, plus a final tracker once the World Series has finished.




And that’s a wrap for this first Sunday in October. Thanks of course to Terry, Catherine & Tim, and Alex for the MLB tracker. Back next weekend with more uni watching.

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.. … ..

“(President Obama) also said he understands the reluctance of people to change because of the nostalgia attached to the team nickname, which is refreshing. It seems to me most people on the ‘change it’ side of the debate are of the attitude: ‘Screw your nostalgia, it’s a racial slur. End of story’.”

–Rob Holecko, on a news story about Obama being open to changing the Redskins name.

Comments (56)

    I like how the NFL nixed the Bucs throwbacks because players have to wear the same helmet all year long. While in the NCAA, their players wear 10 different helmets in a season. Someone is wrong on this. But which one?

    That would be the NFL. They didn’t post any data to back up their rule, they just said that it’s what the committee recommended. So, yeah, bullshit. It makes absolutely no sense, as many players already need helmets replaced during the season due to normal usage, and a player wearing 3 different blue shells is absolutely no different than wearing 2 blue and 1 white.

    Yeah, you are right. It’s just CYA by the NFL. It’s Goodell’s attempt at saying, “Hey look at us. We care about player safety.”. Too little, too late Roger.

    Didn’t realize people get their panties all in a bunch over whether or not teams can wear different helmets or not. If you’re fans of the sport, what the hell does it matter if a team wears the same helmet each week?

    Yeah, you are right. It’s just CYA by the NFL. It’s Goodell’s attempt at saying, “Hey look at us. We care about player safety.”. Too little, too late Roger.

    You don’t know that. Almost everyone weighing in on this is dealing in speculation and assertion.

    As I’ve stated many times, the NFL’s messaging on this has been poor. But that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Moreover, the fact that the NFL is doing one thing while the NCAA is doing another doesn’t necessarily mean anything either. The NCAA may end up following the NFL’s lead. Someone always has to move first; others may follow. Or they may not. But the mere existence of an inconsistency doesn’t tell us much, except that it’s a complex issue (which we already knew).

    Meanwhile, it’s interesting to see how many people think they can read Roger Goodell’s mind, or think they know exactly what the NFL’s motives are here. If only we had someone who had actually dealt with the NFL in person, someone whose job includes communicating with league and team staffers, someone who might have greater insights than the average fan.

    Oh, right — that’s me. And I’m the one who’s been telling everyone to calm down and see how this plays out. But you all know better than I do, right? So go ahead and share your wisdom.

    The only thing that’s speculation is the NFL’s motive, and unless you can bug a meeting room, you’ll never know anything beyond what they say publicly, which may or may not be the truth.

    You don’t need to be a doctor or equipment guy to see that which is blindingly obvious. There can’t possibly be any functional difference between taking the padding from a damaged white helmet and putting it into a new white helmet (which happens regularly, as your interview with Anonymous EQ Guy confirms), vs taking the same padding and putting it into a new red helmet instead (which is now banned). The color of the shell does not affect the functionality of the helmet any more than the color of a car affects it’s speed.

    There can’t possibly be any functional difference between taking the padding from a damaged white helmet and putting it into a new white helmet (which happens regularly, as your interview with Anonymous EQ Guy confirms), vs taking the same padding and putting it into a new red helmet instead (which is now banned).

    Classic example of a non-professional talking like an expert. You don’t know that, and neither do I. The fact that this practice is common doesn’t mean there’s “no functional difference” between the two helmets — it just means it’s a common practice.

    I’m not saying your grand, sweeping statement is wrong, because I don’t know whether it’s wrong. I’m saying you’re not in position to make grand, sweeping statements like that.

    Stick to what we know: The NFL’s messaging has been poor, their failure to provide background data feels suspicious, and they certainly seem to care a lot more about concussions today than they did yesterday.

    But none of that means they’re wrong.

    “Oh, right – that’s me. And I’m the one who’s been telling everyone to calm down and see how this plays out. But you all know better than I do, right? So go ahead and share your wisdom.”

    No one commenting on this is saying they are wise or an expert regarding this subject. We are just sharing our opinions.

    “Didn’t realize people get their panties all in a bunch over whether or not teams can wear different helmets or not. If you’re fans of the sport, what the hell does it matter if a team wears the same helmet each week?”

    If you’re asking that question, why are you even bothering to visit a website called “Uni Watch” in the first place?

    I think Oregon whipped those up just for Chip Kelly’s sake. “heh. what do you think Chip? lookin good for the Eagles, eh?”

    I did, too. And I’m generally a “traditionalist.” We’re all so jaded from the abundant shite that gets rolled out week after week that the knee-jerk reaction to a legitimately creative concept is mockery and derision.

    another quick thing. anybody else remember Chad Johnson/Ochocinco, when be played in Cincinnati, he wore like 4 different helmets throughout the season. wonder what the NFL would say about something like that now.

    Indiana in the 5&1 will full blood clot AND pink?? You’re high. That game looked horrible.

    Indiana’s (and Oklahoma’s, and Alabama’s) school color is crimson, which is darker than just plain “red”. So there’s no point in calling them “blood clots”, because that’s what their default color is and that’s what they’re going to wear.

    It may be their school color, but the pink just completely ruined the whole uniform for me personally. Kansas being in the top 5 and being called gorgeous? I’m not really a huge fan of those uniforms either.

    I agree – the whole 5&1 was off. ugh.

    IU looked awful with the pink logo, Kansas’ red helmet is awkward. And Maryland’s white helmet/white jersey combo is arguably the sharpest white on white combo in College football – new age vs icon. Top 5 best of the weekend…

    Why is it the NFL says “can’t change helmets due to concussion concerns” but college kids change every week?

    And the answer can’t be “college helmets are painted every week” because I’m pretty sure the “billion dollar league” could afford the overhead. Of course that’s the same “billion dollar league” that has the raiders playing on a baseball diamond at their home games.


    Why is it the NFL says “can’t change helmets due to concussion concerns” but college kids change every week?

    The NFL and NCAA have lots of differing rules. The mere fact that you’ve identified an inconsistency doesn’t necessarily mean the NFL is wrong and the NCAA is right. Or vice-versa. Also, this may turn out to be a case in which the NCAA eventually ends up following the NFL’s lead. Or it may not.

    Either way, I’m currently looking into this for an ESPN column. Stay tuned.

    FSU/Maryland was one of the best looking games. All white looks better than the crap Maryland has been wearing, and better than all black.

    How many teams wore all black yesterday? A bunch, plus a couple of all navies and Tennessee’s all grey. It’s like Syndrome said in the Incredibles: “When everyone is super – no one is super.”

    Seriously. FOUR of the FIVE games had all whites, Maryland does the same, but gets shit on for wearing their least offensive uniform. Can we get a new 5 & 1 contributer?

    I thought it was odd that she said “I’m not usually a fan of all-white” and then picked four of them in her top five, yeah.

    SMU looked great but yes they would have looked tons better with pants stripes.

    Of course, this is also a true statement for their current regular uniforms.

    I could be wrong, but it seems to me helmets would become less safe after weeks of wear and tear.

    We’ve already dealt with this:

    Almost nobody here is a doctor, and almost nobody here is an equipment professional. So comments that begin with “I could be wrong, but it seems to me…” don’t add anything useful to the discussion. Let’s stick to what we know, and what professionals have said.

    If the NFL keeps it rule, and the NCAA does not follow, the NCAA is setting itself up for lawsuits, whether rightly or not.

    I’m with Phil; let the helmet shenanigans on the college level stop.

    Tottenham-West Ham was delayed because the West Ham keeper broke a cleat, and they had to send someone to the locker room for a new shoe.

    On the MLB tracker, I find it odd that the NL is being represented by red and the AL by blue, when it’s normally the other way around (link, link).

    Well, NCAA teams are trying to get recruits, so they make a lot if shiney helmets (and costumes) to attract them. If a school wants to sell its soul (identity) for corporate money and recruits, they can and not feel the bad effects (yet). NFL is about branding, a team should have an identity that is recognizable week to week. This is also why when a team updates its identity it is a big deal and they have to keep it for five years. Those are some of theit differences on the helmet issue I see.

    I’m surprised that those chrome helmets are still being allowed by the NCAA. I can see tons of glare just in photographs, so I have to imagine that there is a lot more dangerous glare on the field (especially in sunlight).

    For a second, I thought that the Giants’ red helmet stripe was pink…my rods and cones are messed up.

    hey, i just noticed on baylor’s black jerseys there is a bear paw mark and (what i assume to be) claw marks under the collar…it’s not as visible on green or white jerseys, but i checked, and it’s on those, too…

    sorry if you reported on this and i just missed (or else didn’t care about) this info on baylor, but i gotta say those jerseys look pretty sweet!

    Hey Catherine, please rank your 5 & 1 based on BOTH teams, not just the one team you like or don’t like.

    Also, don’t say you don’t like all-white but have four games with all-white.

    So, this marks two road games for UCLA and two times wearing the white pants. Is this UCLA’s new road look and no more gold pants for road games? At least they had the sense to never use those white domes again (50-0 leaves bad memories).

    Arizona States flame helmets looked pretty fine but I couldn’t stop thinking of bowling balls.

    Why does everyone hate the white Maryland unis?

    Or do people dislike all white in general?

    “Why does everyone hate the white Maryland unis?”


    I don’t hate them … at all. In fact, I rather like that one AND I like their black ops outfit as well. If they have to wear multiple costumes, these are two of the better ones in the game.

    If UMd would make that their sole road/white uniform, I’d say it’s one of the best in the game, actually (as far as newer ones go — best all white uni is Texas, bar none).

    I would love to see a player this month wear salmon gear instead of pink. I’m sure the NFL would fine said player, but it just might spark discussion of the fact that salmon was the original color for breast cancer awareness and that pink is just the corporate hue for the same cause. How would average fans feel about a player being fined for not following the corporate line?

    That’s an interesting thought, since the pink accessories the players are wearing now is already a much darker shade than what’s typically used everywhere else.

    What brand shoes does Peyton wear on field? Used to be Reebok, and the last year I know they were all white. I see a logo now but can’t make it out.

    Apparently it’s still Reebok (that article is from 2012, but it states Reebok has re-upped both Mannings, so I assume it’s still valid.

    Here’s a shot of Manning in 2012 and another from this year. Those look like the same shoes. I guess that’s the “new” Reebok ‘signature’?

    EA Sports: If it’s in the game, it’s in the game. As a long-time reader, I’ve found that video game screenshots are gold mines for new jerseys; accordingly, I have reason to believe this is the new Calgary jersey we know is coming.

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