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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

WVU OSU 9-28-13

By Phil Hecken

It’s only week 5 of the NCAA Football season, but each week, schools (and their respective uni manufacturers) keep pumping out new colors and combinations. It’s almost as though the kids like having new shiny toys each week or something.

It’s almost gotten to the point where if two teams wear their traditional uniforms, that’s not only unusual, it’s cause for celebration.

Not that all the new uniforms and combinations are bad, by the way. Although I’m certainly a traditionalist, not every special uniform looks terrible. Now, sure, that will rile up Buckeye grads like Robert Marshall, but their uniforms can’t always look like this.

Anyway, there was a lot going on yesterday (and Thursday & Friday), so I’ll now turn it over to Terry Duroncelet, who’ll bring you up to speed with all the uni happenings and shenanigans for week 5. So, here’s TJ with your…

. . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

*tries to think of an intro* … Well… I caught up on some anime earlier this week. Yeah, let’s get into it.


From Thursday:

• Georgia Tech wore some rather cool throwbacks against Virginia Tech, who woreum… I, uhhh… yeah. I have no words. They might’ve looked better if they wore grey pants instead of maroon. They do love their grey, after all.


From Saturday:

• Oklahoma State wore new white Pistol Pete helmets against West Virginia, who were — I guess you can say — looking on the bright side of things that day. I bet everyone got a real “kick” out of watching this game.

• East Carolina in Black For Black’s Sake and North Carolina wearing ‘Murica helmets and corresponding field markings. I want to punch baby kittens now. Also, while finding those images, I found that the Tar Heel Quarterbacks were doing their best Tulane impression in practice one day. Notice last year’s pants.

• Central Florida wore their gold jerseys against South Carolina. I like ’em, but I think they should either wear them on the road, or come to some kind of agreement with the road team to have the road team wear their dark jerseys. Luckily, South Carolina wore their garnet pants to give a lot of much-needed contrast.

• And here we have a normal-looking matchup between the Florida State Eagles and the Boston College Seminoles. Also, from that same game, Mike Wernsing Jr. caught this: “Watching the FSU/BC game…a FSU running back scored a short touchdown. When they zoomed in on him talking to coaches noticed he had a SNOB (not sure if that’s the right abbreviation, S is for suffix). That’s Karlos Williams Sr. I know we’ve seen this with Titus Young Sr in the NFL, but hadn’t seen it in college before.”

• Louisiana Tech wore flag-desecration decals as well against Army. Speaking of, the Black Knights looked to have been wearing the white pants last seen in 2011.

• A note from the LSU/Georgia game by Ethan Hopkin: “I just saw this today in the LSU Georgia game. Apparently the line judge either is an alternate or didn’t have an L placard shirt, and instead had a umpire placard. So there were two officials with a U on the back of their shirts.”

• Meanwhile, Buffalo continues to make me laugh and vomit simultaneously by wearing mono-black against UConn. Credit to Gregory Koch for the first pic.

Washington wore gold chrome domes against Arizona. Also, the rain kinda made it look like they were wearing black.

• Ohio State wore last year’s Nike rivalry uniforms against Wisconsin. From Chris Perrenot: “When an “8” becomes a “0”“. And from Nik Streng: “#49 of Wisconsin is currently wearing a Johnny Manziel-esque arm sleeve. At least one other (45) is also wearing the same sleeve.”

• Florida wore their orange pants against Kentucky, the latter of which didn’t look so hot in black pants. Or maybe they did.

• Boise State wore black helmets and pants with grey jerseys against Southern Miss, who have hands-down the worst pants in FBS football. I want to punch baby puppies now.

• Last but not least, Arizona State wore all-maroon against USC, and they also debuted a new helmet with giant pitchfork decals on the right side of the helmets, with a T.V. number on the left side.

That does it for Week 5. See you guys next week.

. . .

Thanks, TJ! Another fine wrap-up. How about a nice round of applause for this readers!



Catherine 5 & 1 Animation

5 and 1…


5. Wisconsin vs. Ohio State: This made #5 because I didn’t hate it. I love Wisconsin’s unis and Ohio State looked sharp in these jerseys. I didn’t like the NOB font color though. It clashed with the silver numbers.


4. Oklahoma State vs. West Virginia: Some people hated these WVU uniforms but I didn’t mind them. I love all-color unis and at least this is one of their colors.


3. Pittsburgh vs. UVA: Gorgeous. This was a great match-up of two teams that matched their lids to their pants.


2. Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame
: My sister went to Notre Dame so I tend to leave them off the countdown just to bust her chops. However, I can’t deny the beauty of having them play Oklahoma. Both classic unis, no frills. Just awesome.


1. Alabama vs. Ole Miss: This was a great game. I loved Alabama in the crimson jerseys and Ole Miss with the gray pants on the road.


And the …

+1 UNC/ECU: Nope. What the hell was this? The all-black unis for ECU was hideous and the UNC helmet was awful. There was just too much in this game and none of it worked.



Duck Tracker
By Tim E. O’Brien


Click To Enlarge

Saturday night was a night of continuing trends: Oregon broke out new uniform elements, won big and remained unwatchable on the nusquam-ous PAC12 Network.

The Mallards of Eugene broke out some new helmets (matte black!!1! Original!!11! Never done before!!11!one!) and the long awaited Fighting Duck Green pants. While the Quackers looked good even in a literal typhoon, the fact that there is no green in the helmet and only black number outlines on the jersey and no black on the pants means that the helmets had a severe disconnect. However, these lids are gunna look great with the black jersey and pants.

But when Oregon wears the Fighting Duck Green, it’s never a bad look.

And I’d like to thank fellow Duck follower (no pun intended) Ryan Janowski (@duckitecture) for helping me pin down the aspects of the new uniform as well as sending over some photos. If you’d like to help me track the Ducks, ‘Cats or Hoosiers, you can contact me at the twitters (@DuckTracker, @NUniTracker or @Hoosier_Tracker) or shoot me an email (, or

Finally, next week I’ll be at NUvOSU on ABC in Prime Time. What does that mean to the tracking faithful? Hopefully nothing, but if uniform news breaks late Saturday, I wont get home until probably midnight central time and don’t know when I’ll be able to get my writeup done. But I assure you, by NFL kickoff on Sunday, all three trackers will be up to date

That’s it for this week, keep on tracking…



ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: “Stadium error” noticed by Ben Melancon, who spotted ESPN showing outdated video footage of Bryant-Denny Stadium during a package on Sportscenter. … Jon Falk, who’s been Michigan football’s equipment manager for 40 years, is retiring (thanks to Mike McLaughlin). … Interesting article on Darren Rovell entitled “The $ports Guy: The Making Of Darren Rovell,” (thanks Brinke). … New hoops unis for UB, as relayed by Dennis Abrams: “Unsurprisingly, as part of the New York Bulls Initiative, Buffalo will be trotting out new duds this year: Back (and, on the shelves, our best shot so far of the home unis); Shorts; Front; I think it’s a step back aesthetically but I guess it’s just another necessary step for the Initiative.” … The Angels & Rangers BOTH went red-topped yesterday. Ugh. (thanks Paul). … Check out this Milwaukee Brewers Barrel Man patch found at a town flea market in Johnstown, OH. “I’m not sure how rare this is, or how common it is” writes Chris Spisak. “Nonetheless, I think it’s pretty cool to see the Barrel Man!” … Leo Strawn was perusing eBay and ran across some cool stuff: The great Chuck Bednarik in a cool Penn uniform from 1948; Next is one of Wally Westlake. Says Leo, “These cards are listed as 1954. As we all know, that was the year Cleveland tore up the AL on the way to the pennant, winning 111 games, only to be swept by the Giants in 4 straight in the World Series. But the logo is one I’ve never seen before. It appears to have a crown with the ‘indian’ looking up at it.” Leo also stumbled across this odd looking O’s logo on Howie Fox which he wasn’t familiar with, also from 1954. … Creepy Cool stuff from Dustin Semore who writes, “One of my favorite hobbies is finding stadiums on Google Earth. While laughing at the neighborhood immediately outside Lambeau Field, I notice a house with the helmet logo in the backyard. The street view shows it’s a back porch tiled with GB logos. I guess you can’t expect much more when the Packers are literally out your back door.” … Ugliest German soccer jerseys of all time? That’s what David Leiphart thinks. See for yourself. “This is actually from the Bundesliga’s own website!” says Dave. … Check out this old WKU Hilltoppers warmup jacket. Says submitter Josh Claywell, “Found this on a buddy’s Facebook page. Not sure when it’s from, but this is pretty sweet.” Indeed. … L’il help UWers? Teebz was doing some reading yesterday when he came across a passage that spoke about how the WHA’s Cleveland Cavaliers wore black armbands for at least one game. “The problem? I can’t tell if it lasted for just a game nor can I find any images showing what the armband looked like. Think anyone in UW land can help out? Lemme know!”



And that’s a wrap for today, the last Sunday in September. Thanks and props, as always, to Terry, Catherine and Tim. They’ll all be back next Sunday with another edition of SMUW. Enjoy the NFL games (including one across the pond) today!

Everyone have a great week and I’ll catch you next Saturday.

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“If your era is remember or defined by who the placekicker was, that’s not a good sign.”
–Rob Holecko

Comments (73)

    I would have put that match-up ahead of Wisconsin/TOSU if for no other reason than what I thought was an excessive amount of black on TOSU’s sleeves. Wisconsin did look fantastic, though.

    “… My sister went to Notre Dame…”

    Hold on. Catherine Ryan is wearing Villanova gear covering scalp and torso, is caught in flagrante hugging a giant Villanova wildcat, and is smiling to beat the band. My guess — it’s a stretch — is that Ms Ryan is an Irish Catholic person. Her excellent weekly feature is followed by Tim E (Don’t-Call-Me-Timmy) O’Brien, who is indelibly Irish but not too big on the Church of Rome angle. We can have an online Novena as soon as I tell Tim E what a novena is.

    Or how about just a book club? That new novel from Alice McDermott looks terrific.

    Buffalo beat UConn in that black over black set.

    Don’t the Huskies typically win that match? If so, not the kind of results-based encouragement for Buffalo to take away, says I. It may lead to more of that uniform.

    I don’t really follow college football, except on this site. While in pro sports, we “root for the laundry”, in college sports, the students root for school spirit. They probably don’t know or care about past uni tradition. As someone around teens all day, I know they like to put their own twist on traditions. It must be exciting to them to get all these new uniforms and I don’t see it stopping. While it does show creativity, unfortunately there seem to be many more bad things that can result for us traditionalists than good.

    I think it always comes back to the question: Does it look good?

    To my sensibilities, the multiple uniform phenomenon is eye pollution, just so much excess. However, if a team practiced some restraint and common sense (see the Oakland A’s of the early and mid ’70’s) I could see the appeal. But most teams seem to throw disparate elements together (see the Pittsburgh Pirates of the late ’70’s) and it just doesn’t look good. It feels rather like a pathetic plea for attention.

    It seems to be a reflection of the time we’re in: facebook, twitter, instant, immediate, condensed, easily consumed and tossed, what’s new is now old. I’m not judging, just reflecting. I’m a participant to a great degree.

    In those days, people thought that Oakland uniforms were garish and godawful. The same mind will be looking back on today’s mix-n-match jerseys with the same type of fondness as you do for the A’s now. I can see it: “Aww, back in the day, teams mixed it up so they always gave the fans something new. Now it’s all branding-branding-branding. They have to stay on brand. Ugh. Why can’t they put looking sharp first?”

    “Gold Rush” is cool to the young’uns who weren’t there in 2007. WVU should never, ever, Eeeeeveer, ever ever ever wear mono-gold again. Even if they did hang on against an over-hyped Okey-St, it just makes us older fans cringe.

    But hey, school colors!

    I hear you, Coleman. But a few things:

    1. It’s not fair to punish today’s players for the sins of the Rod-father. Let these kids wear what they want to wear.

    2. They wore blue lids in that game, so this is a different combo anyway.

    3. They wore blue/white/blue last week when they got positively butt-plowed by freaking Maryland. Should they never go blue/white/blue again?

    4. Can you tell I’m trying to convince myself that all gold is okay?

    5. I thought they looked really sharp yesterday. And OkSt can do no wrong (not a bad combo in their closet,) so that game was a no brainer for the 5&1 in my book.

    You’re right, J.

    I’m just bitter. You make great points, and in all honesty, given the current options, the all gold didn’t look too shabby.

    How cool would it have been to see an all gold vs. all orange game?! OkSt has to have that option, right?

    The OkSU Pistol Pete decal was a bit much. The gray skin tone and orange eyes gave the helmet a zombie cast.

    RE: #3. I recall sometime in the early 90′ / Nehlen years WVU was beer-trucked by ECU while wearing blue-white-blue, and the blue britches were packed away for about a decade. Back in those days two sets on pants was leading edge.

    … Cleveland Cavaliers of the WHA? The ghost of Gerry Cheevers of rolling in his grave. Cleveland Crusaders.

    Cheesey is one of the two greatest goaltenders in Rochester Americans history along with the late Bobby Perreault. Gerry played with the Amerks from 1961-65 when we were a Leaf farm team. Punch Imlach never even gave him a shot to be Johnny Bower’s backup and left him unprotected in the 1965 inter-league draft. All Cheesey had done in 1964-65 was set the all-time AHL single-season record with 48 goalie wins and lead the Amerks to the Calder Cup. Boston snatched him up in the ’65 draft and the rest is history.

    Funny how even the matchup that Phil cites as a “traditional” matchup featured two programs with newfangled numerical fonts introduced by within the past year. That picture is clearly not from yesterday’s game.

    Note to Dustin Semore-many of the houses right across the street – that’s Lombardi Avenue, by the way – are either owned as or rented out as “game-day houses,” used by season ticket holders on game days for parking and pre/post-game socializing. They’re clearly going to have a Packer theme. (The houses are sort of a sore point with area residents, not just because of the socializing, but especially because not having permanent residents would make it easier for the land to be sold to the Packers if need be for additional parking). Not that others aren’t just owned by local folks who are proud of where they live (another house in the area has a Lombardi Trophy carved out of a tree stump, and there are two houses along Lombardi with fences along the street that get painted with new slogans every year.

    As for the neighborhood, I don’t get the laughing. I think it’s great to live within walking distance of an NFL stadium – I lived in an apartment building just three doors off the southeast corner of the stadium lot, and even if I didn’t make the 10-minute walk to the gate, I could hear the cheers and have the same look at the flyovers as everybody else.

    Louisiana Tech’s Patriotic All-American Stars & Stripes Fuck Yeah link looked gorgeous.

    Also, ECU should never go mono black, but link helmet logo continues to be vastly underrated.

    Yeah, I’m generally not a fan of ‘Murica-themed helmets, but at least La Tech wears red, white and blue, and the logo treatment isn’t bad.

    That logo is no more of a flag desecration than the NFL logo is. I have no problem with it, and I definitely have no problem with that matchup! Honorable Mention, perhaps?

    Ecu embodied their mascot very well. Going all black vs the all white, America-loving unc. Good vs evil… And crushed them to top it off.

    That Orioles logo was used by Baltimore into the early ’60s. Howie Fox had been with the Phillies in 1952. Probably what they did was take his Phila picture and re-color it into an ersatz O’s uniform using the mid-’50s idea of photoshopping. Pretty brutal job.

    Probably didn’t get much notice east of here, but link would have been a great choice for the “&1”. AFA is one of the few teams that looks best in a white helmet. Nevada ain’t. Also (sorry I don’t have a photo) the Wolfpack’s sixes just look completely off.

    How in the heck is that an “&1”? Possible number font issues aside, from a purely visual standpoint, that game looks pretty good. Sure it might fly in the face of tradition or whatever, but I think 80% of the uniforms already do that.

    For AFA, pale grey and white looks cheap, worse yet with the bright blue accents. Silver instead of pale grey would look fine, particularly given the use of silver elsewhere in AF.

    For Wolfpack, the silver logo on white helmet is too washed-out. The piping is inane. White/navy/white – even with some other design elements tacked on – is still too reminiscent of StatePenn.

    Have to go with THE here.

    I think that game looks pretty good, Nevada’s new unis are a huge improvement over their old ones (they traded one number issue for another, and the new number issue is preferable to the old one).

    I get the complaints about Air Force not wearing Silver, but I believe the concept behind the color they use now is that it matches the finish of the various planes they fly.

    Bottom line is in a bottle that isn’t a bad game, and even considering who the two teams are and their history its not a bad looking game.

    Meanwhile UNC allowed another team to wear their BFBS unis in their game, and wore a Flagified helmet with their black accented jerseys (that kind of thing worked better with their old scheme). I’m not sure that this was truly the worst look we saw this past weekend, but there’s no way the AF/Nevada game was worse.

    When I saw that Boston College and Florida State each worn gold pants I said to myself that is too much gold and perhaps Boston College should have worn their white pants to distinguish themselves from Florida State. Like the Packers and Redskins match up two weeks ago, I thought the same thing too much gold and that the Redskins should have worn their burgundy pants.

    “If your era is remember or defined by who the placekicker was, that’s not a good sign.”

    Hey now…

    The North Carolina quarterback pic…those are probably their “qb” jersey-meaning…no contact. Being a former equipment manager-the pants-why should you spend money when you have a set from previous season? When I was at Youngstown State we used a combination of old game pants and new issue white plain practice pants.

    I don’t know why it would be of note that they are wearing last year’s pants in practice (happens with every team as you pointed out).

    However the QB jersey is easily explained: One of UNC’s biggest rivals (easily their biggest in football) is NC State whose colors are Red and White.

    right about the pants Doug. color of QB jeresy could be cause of NC State we always wanted some color to stand out. They may have colored scout team jerseys-we used red and white for offense and defense and black for scout team at Youngstown State. So they may have ppicked green for their non contact QB jersey.

    I just happened to notice the old pants and made a note of it. I’m aware that lots of teams re-purpose old pants for practice. And I know that QB jerseys are no-contact tops, I just noticed that the combination of the jerseys and the helmets reminded me of Tulane.

    And I am proved correct yet again.

    For all of the whiners who have bitched and whined about all of the different uni combs in college sports and how they have ruined the game FORVERSSSZZZZ, I find it interesting that if it wasn’t for those same multitude of new unis this website would be BARREN on Sunday mornings. At least half of the content and comments wouldn’t exist and traffic would decrease even more.

    Because be honest for once in your pathetic lives, would you REALLY come to the site and comment and stink the place up with your FAHTS about Ohio State or whatever if they wore the exact same unis game after game, season after season, year after year?

    You would not.

    I also just LURVE the fact that all of the bitchers and whiners loathe AMERICA and want even more and more people in ‘MURICA FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! to be out of work. You sicken me.

    Of course I am talking about the hundreds, nay THOUSANDS of people who are currently employed as by Nike/Adidas/Russell Athletic/Reebok/Under Armour as designers/imagineers/clothiers/painters/seamstresses as well as the hundreds of employees of the various companies that the big boys have agreements with for various pieces of equipment, like the company featured on this very web site a while ago that makes all of the WHACKY chrome/whatever helmets.

    But I guess all you haters want those people to be thrown out onto the street and be forced to eat out of garbage cans all because they are changing your pwecious ittle costumes a little.


    Not mentioned because I’m a dumbass who didn’t read Uni Watch all this week like he was supposed to: Cal wore link against Oregon, and link, did the Ducks look brutal. Either wear all-black or all-kelly!

    The “‘Murica” reference is PLAYED OUT. I know some of you think it makes you sound sophisticated but it comes off as oh-so-ironic hipster douchiness.

    “‘Murica” sounds dumb indeed, which is why I used it in response to what UNC did. Flag-desecration is silly in the most unfunny meaning possible, so I used an appropriate term. Flag-desecration is flag-desecration, no matter how you look at it or how you word it. If Phil and/or Paul want me to stop using the word, I will do that, but until then, I will not apologize for using it.

    So is cheap patriotism. Thinking your love of this country is evidenced by how much “America” stuff you can wear comes off as oh-so-uninformed redneckery.

    If wearing red white and blue uniforms, helmets, stickers, etc. is flag desecration, then referring to this country as “Murica” is word desecration.

    i love mouse, but worst 5&1 ever that doesn’t put osu as THE 1.

    and skip, you can kiss my backside.

    as for the schmuckeyes looking okay, yeah yeah, i get it, it is a traditional modern take i guess…baaaaaaaah!!!! nertz to that, it is always all the time forever always a horrible thing for the tail to wag the dog and make us look like clowns. and the giant stripes are beyond ridiculous. i almost long for the katzenmoyer days when we we ALMOST in black….oh for that. osu looked like crap. hey man, you want to jump on the short bus hhhhhhhhhuuuuuuge stripes, fine, make it our pickle bus special ed look every game, and i will throw eggs at the buses, but don’t give me this is a good look, it’s horrible.

    and anybody who liked it, you have zero taste.

    Awwwww wookc at the ittle bigot throwing a tantrum because his pwecious team wore a different costume.


    Oh, and lett’s be honest, if ANYONE is a retard about the OSU unis, it is you. The bus has long since left not just the station, but the entire fucking time zone and all you WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHmbulancing will do NOTHING except expose you and prove to all what a vile bigoted tool your are.

    i was giving a couple friends the roofus-goofus, and they know that.

    as for bigot? if that is what you want to take, knock yourself out, i can’t/won’t stop you from thinking whatever you want, and i could care less of your sticks and stones.

    bus left the station? ask alabama if the bus left the station, last i did done seen they were 3 out of 4 sans stupid uni’s. bus left the station? only if people pretend to dictate what kids want, and say that is what they want to sell shit. bus left the station? ’cause nike said so and you eat it up like a babe at the crack-teet. good luck with that clown. if osu wants to change their uni’s, i am totally fine with that, i could care the duck less. but until then bag the crap because nike says it is good/we have to contractually wear it.

    have a great day brother

    Loving the old style ticker on the weekends. Will this be permanent? And I’m asking about both the weekend ticker AND the old style. The old ticker is much better (and doesn’t need special things reprinted twice like the new does) plus the weekend ticker saves from having the huge Monday tickers. I like…

    Best news of the day: Mets did NOT wear BFBS on Piazza day.

    Also, saw something interesting on the pregame video tribute: They showed Piazza’s first home run as a Met. It was on the road; he was wearing the gray drop-shadow jersey with blue helmet. Meaning the Mets were still, at least occasionally, wearing the blue caps with the drop-shadow grays at late as the end of May 1998. Still trying to pinpoint exactly when they stopped doing that and started wearing the two-tone caps with the grays exclusively.


    Best news of the day: Mets did NOT wear BFBS on Piazza day.

    Also, saw something interesting on the pregame video tribute: They showed Piazza’s first home run as a Met. It was on the road; he was wearing the link. Meaning the Mets were still, at least occasionally, wearing the blue caps with the drop-shadow grays at late as the end of May 1998. Still trying to pinpoint exactly when they stopped doing that and started wearing the two-tone caps with the grays exclusively.

    Did anyone else notice that Ohio State had 2 different striping designs on their pants? Most players had equal size stripes with red in the middle, but some had the same design as their regular helmet/jersey stripes.

    as a tar heels fan, i still cant find myself loving the new jerseys. they may be carolina blue and white, but navy is much better suited than black (yes black is for tar), besides duke wears black and carolina blue with black = carolina panthers. shoudlve stuck with the same unis as before

    [last try]

    Best news of the day: Mets did NOT wear BFBS on Piazza day.

    Also, saw something interesting on the pregame video tribute: They showed Piazza’s first home run as a Met. It was on the road; he was wearing the link. Meaning the Mets were still, at least occasionally, wearing the blue caps with the drop-shadow grays at late as the end of May 1998. Still trying to pinpoint exactly when they stopped doing that and started wearing the two-tone caps with the grays exclusively.

    Yep. It’s not a very dark grey so the first few times I saw the highlights it just looked like they were in their whites but very dirty. I wish they would darken them just a shade or three.

    Amazing that UW gets riled up at overuse of the term “beloved” while constantly overusing the term “flag desecration.” Pot, meet kettle.

    That does sound better. I hope that makes it’s way into the next press release for one of these stupid ideas. Or better yet would just rather the flag stuff stop. Hey I have a military family like everybody else but do I want to see the flag stuff all over the football or baseball uniforms? Nope.

    The WKU warmup jacket was from the early-mid 80’s, took me back to when I started going to games as a teenager. The stripes on the warmups matched those on the uniforms. If they were gonna do throwbacks, those would be among my favorites.

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