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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

ducks vs vols

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By Phil Hecken

Candy striped shiny helmets.

Highlighter yellow versus bright orange and white.

Black for Black’s sake.


This weekend had it all and your Sunday Morning Uni Watch guide Terry Duroncelet was on top of it. I regret that I didn’t get to see nearly as many games (almost none, in fact) as I had wanted to yesterday. But I saw enough. And I saw highlights. So, here with what you may have missed, and all that’s in between is TJ with the …

. . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

This Week 3 gave us quite a bit to digest. But that’s okay. That’s what the rundown is for: for me to eat all of this up and hopefully not get food poisoning from some of the schools’ shenanigans. Let’s get to it.

From Thursday:

• Texas Tech wore all-grey uniforms against TCU. Umm… I don’t think that outfit works in crowds, whoever you are. This might have been noted before, but Horned Frogs RB B.J. Catalon III has RNOB.

• Tulane wore their anthracite pants from their Week 1 uniform against Louisiana Tech, who wore red jerseys as opposed to their usual blue (yes, Terry Bradshaw has the correct [and 100X better] number font for 2013 while the guy from Duck Dynasty has the block-font-that-shall-not-be-named from last year).

From Friday:

• One thing that I miss about California (and the west as a whole) is the way dark clouds would hit the mountains and foothills with the sun and create that amazing contrast. That was the scene at the Boise State/Air Force game on Friday. Oh, and the Broncos did the all-blue thing in conference play for the first time since 2010 (correct me if I’m wrong on the year). [sarcasm]Oh, it’s extremely difficult to find the players on the field. SO unfair.[/sarcasm] Also, this happened. That’s it. The Internet is over. Everyone go home. Good show, everyone.

From Saturday:

• Kentucky wore this against Louisville. Gross, but I suppose it could be worse.

• Indiana wore their striped helmets against Bowling Green. They actually don’t look half-bad! Just change it to a traditional finish, and you’re set.

• Minnesota wore maroon/gold/maroon against Western Illinois. I dig this look a lot. Sadly, Western Illinois didn’t look as good as the Golden Gophers, which is a shame, given that they call themselves the Leathernecks.

HOLY SHIT, I will never complain about Nike’s wraparound pants stripes again (or at least, not so much). Also from that same game, Michael Cossey writes: “The helmet of Southern Miss defensive back Ed Wilkins somehow fused to the jersey of Arkansas running back Alex Collins during a play in the 2nd quarter of today’s game. Two officials tried to remove it but athletic trainers have to use pliers and screwdrivers to separate the two.”

• You could make the argument that today’s uniforms are so tight and snug on a player’s body, that it’s almost like they’re a prisoner in their own uniform. Well, Nebraska and the Three Stripes figured “Why not make it look like they’re prisoners too?” What’s sad is that in another world, this uniform would be considered a decent design. Actually, in this world, it’s not a bad-looking design. It just doesn’t make sense for the Huskers. Maybe there’s a potential future for the numbers. Other notes include UCLA wearing white pants, and that shot of the coach also provides us a look at the #36 memorial for Nick Pasquale (patch for the Bruins, decal for the Huskers). Lastly, here’s something that Jimmy Atkinson caught: “Jerry Neuheisel is a backup QB for the Bruins, so he holds on field goal attempts. Take a look at his uni here. #11 on the helmet (which is his actual number), but #39 on the jersey, with no NOB. But, if you look really closely (and squint), I swear you can see “NEUHEISEL” on whatever he’s wearing under the jersey. I wonder if he might be wearing his regular #11 jersey on underneath the #39 and maybe there was some sort of malfunction with it. Any idea?”

• West Virginia wore gold helmets and pants with navy jerseys against a certain well-known YouTube drummer’s school (Georgia State). GSU also wore dark-grey pants and helmets, which I don’t think I’ve seen them wear before.

• The Stanford/Army game was my first look at the 2013 Black Knights uniforms. Eh, I’m not a big fan of the Army logo they added at the right side of the chest. I feel like the uniform looks a little cluttered now. At least the (modified) helmet from last year’s Army/Navy game looked great, and I dig the black pants. Funny how Army makes something look good that the Saints (my favorite team) constantly look ridiculous in.

• Oregon wore all-yellow– excuse me, all-Lightning Yellow against Tennessee. I like! Only one thing: this would’ve been a great opportunity for the Vols to wear their “smokey” uniforms to provide a bit of better contrast.

• During the lead-up to the Bama/aTm game, the guys at College Gameday had the maroon Texas A&M helmet on display, but not too long after, they were tipped off that the Aggies would be wearing their white helmets in that game, and quickly made the correction. Also, what’s the significance of the ‘C’ at the collar point? Captain? I didn’t see it on all of the Aggie players. And that’s it for that game. Nothing out of the ordinary he– … *sigh* The shit I find on the Internet sometimes…

• Oklahoma State looks… NORMAL?

• Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Toledo wore brand-new black uniforms on Saturday.

Jason Heminger saw that Hardy Nickerson of California had some helmet decal issues.

• Last week, I wrote that LSU wasn’t wearing their purple jerseys against UAB, even though this was a Tigers home game and UAB wasn’t a conference opponent. What I didn’t know was that LSU wears their white tops for their first home game of the season, NO MATTER WHAT. With the second home game being against Kent State, LSU wore Paul’s favorite color the purple tops. Also, while I like the upgrade to Kent State’s uniforms for this year, they’re missing a LOT of gold in the road uni (hard to see with this small image). They probably didn’t want to wear their gold pants against the Tigers’ gold. LSU’s Anthony Johnson is a big dude. So big, he apparently utilizes a knee brace as an elbow brace. Hey, if it keeps him healthy, no-harm, no-foul. I mean, look at all of the drummers that use Ride cymbals as Crashes.

• Lastly, for those of you who can’t get enough Pac 12 uni news, Kyle Hanks brings us this link to their conference-exclusive uniform watch. Thank you!

That does it for this week. By the time some of you read this, I’ll be at work. Luckily, I get off at 2:00, and the Saints game is slated for 3:05. See you next week.

. . .

Thanks, TJ. There was also that awesome Iowa State throwback game yesterday. Most really “old time” throwbacks don’t look great (due to jersey cuts, modern helmets, etc.), but ISU looked great in their Jack Trice-era duds.


Catherine 5 & 1

Catherine Ryan’s 5 & 1

There was certainly an interesting bunch of uniforms and combinations for Week 3 of the NCAAFB season. Some good, some bad. But how did they look when faced against each other?

Here’s Catherine with the…

. . .

5 and 1
By Catherine Ryan

5 – Louisville vs Kentucky: I loved the all-white against the black/bl5ue

4 – TCU vs Texas Tech: I hate GFGS but I loved this match-up.

3 – Mississippi State v. Auburn: love Auburn’s uni and this weekend was underwhelming enough for me to pick them

2 – Alabama vs Texas A&M: Great match-up. Classic unis. I thought this was going to be a great game but then it was a blow out.

1 – UCLA vs Nebraska: How could you not like this match-up?

And the bad one (+1):

Cincinnati v. Northwestern State: All-white/All-black. #thisismynightmare


Duck Tracker

Tim was busy attending a Northwestern game last evening but he sent me the graphic for the Ducks versus Tennessee (a huge win for the Ducks, dontcha know?). You can click to enlarge:

Ducks Week 3

Tim loved the electric, highlighter yellow from head-to-toe (as did I). You can read more about this game and see more pictures at Tim’s Duck Tracker website.


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Take a look at this base for sale at Miller Park. “Never seen the battling Eagles before,” says submitter Stanton Foster Smith. … “My grandfather, Victor Harkin worked for the U.S. Mint and played for their baseball team,” says Jonathan Daniel His mother sent him a photo of the team and wasn’t sure when it was from, but their best guess is 1930s. “My grandfather is in the front row, 3rd from the left and played catcher. He later landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day and was the officer in Charge of the Gold Vault in Fort Knox until he retired. If you’ve ever seen video of the time the vault was open to the press in the 70s, he was there. He’s the man standing in front of the vault in the last photo in this article.” … Here’s a video clip (in color!) of an exhibition game at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, CA on November 7, 1948 between a barnstorming team of Negro League players called the Royals (And featuring Satchel Paige) and the Gene Bearden-Bob Lemon All-Stars (A collection of MLBers). … The Chicago White Sox had their annual “6 months until St. Patrick’s Day” last night, with the Sox wearing green caps and uniforms with green pinstripes (thanks, Samuel Selker).

NFL News: Joshua D Wren found this, “what I would call gem, on Buzz Feed today. Its pretty self-explanatory but these 3 guys saw a fashion show with takes on Women’s NFL Apparel and gave comments which are pretty great but of course biased.” … Did this German football team rip off the Tom and Jerry cartoon for their logo? (that question asked by Jason Johnson. … Not sure if this belongs in this category, or NHL, but Andrew Domingo saw a Chargers fan with a customized Wayne Gretzky Chargers jersey at the Monday Night Football game.

College Football News: Here’s a look at the t-shirt for the retirement of Eric LeGrand’s number. “Of course, Subway has to get their mitts on it,” says Don Silsby.

NBA News: An update on the Calvin & Hobbs-esque logo comes from Robert Silberman, who notes the Belgian team in question is sponsored by Spirous Magazine, a comic book on par with Tintin. They’ve got a neat logo of a ball w/a bellhop’s cap (like Spirou) hat you can see here. “But it’s the equivalent of say, a team in the US being called the Des Moines Archie and Jugheads,” says Robert. “Unfortunately, the uniforms seem to be pretty blandly Euro/ad infested. Too bad — a bellhop/basketball uni or one featuring the character would be pretty sweet.”

Hockey News: Notre Dame hockey joins Hockey East this season, but their boards in the Compton Family Ice Arena still has the CCHA logo. The Blackhawks opened training camp at the Irish home arena (nice spot by Terry Mark).

College Hoops News: Here’s a great old photo found by James Ashby: Jerry Norman of the University of California at Los Angeles Bruins drives against the defense of LaSalle College Explorers teammates Larry Foust (#14) and Jim Phelan (#10) at Convention Hall in Philadelphia, PA on December 27, 1949.

Grab Bag: Here’s a neon sign for Paul (in the daytime and at night). That’s the Oakdale Dam Inn near ‘absolutely nothing in Indiana’ (thanks to Eric Bangeman). Here’s another for Paul (although I think he knows these): In Brooklyn, plenty to do without crossing bridge” (thanks, Brinke).


That will do it for this fine Sunday. Thanks as always to TJ, Catherine and Timmy, er…Tim E.

The Bills will be wearing their gorgeous 1960s throwbacks today, and the Bears will also be throwing back to their even more gorgeouser 1940s unis as well. So, we’ve got that going for us. Everyone enjoy the games today. I’ll catch you all next weekend!

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.. … ..

“You won’t make many friends in Birmingham (Warwickshire, England) if you say that Aston Villa play in “powder blue and magenta”! A faux pas of the highest order. It’s “claret and blue”. Nothing more, nothing less. :)”
— George Chilvers

Comments (88)

    OK, can someone explain to me how to zoom in on Photobucket? Because those pics show up tiny as hell on my laptop.

    I think the 5&1 should be retired, there are no good looking college football games anymore, this week’s list is indicative of that unfortunate fact

    what time does catherine file her 5 and 1? for the bama aTm game she wrote: “thought this was going to be a great game but then it was a blow out.”

    it was 49-42. one TD difference

    Duh. Any game that has someone score at least 40 points is a blowout.

    Just ask the play-by-play guy who was doing the IU/BGSU game yesterday who told us that the Hoosiers got “decimated by Navy” link.

    Yeah, that was pretty bad. Alabama had a solid lead for awhile there, but it was most definitely NOT a blowout.

    UCLA has two #11’s on the roster, the other being a linebacker. My guess is that there was an injury that led to #11 Anthony Barr being added to the field goal unit and with #11 Neuheisel holding, that made for two #11s on the field at the same time, thus necessitating one of the two guys change numbers. If somebody could check the game footage, we could see if Barr is out there on any of the special teams plays.

    I was at the game. Every time UCLA came out for an extra point or FG attempt (which was quite often), the official would announce that #11 had switched jerseys to #39. Must have had a torn jersey.

    That appears to be exactly what happened. Here is Neuheisel, the kicker and Barr coming off the field after the Bruins’ first points – link

    Why didn’t he just keep wearing #39 while playing linebacker? Also did they announce it when he switched back to #11?

    On the money Jeff… Jim, the reason that he didn’t switch back is because they play on different sides of the ball for most of the game, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Also, JamesBN3, nice find.

    Yes, that is my guess as well. College teams will often have 2-3 players with the same number (as they usually have well over 100 players counting all the walk-ons) and since two players with the same number can’t be on the field together at the same time, sometimes things like putting a 2nd jersey over top of the original is necessary.

    I seriously doubt it had anything to do with his original jersey being messed up.

    Did anyone notice that Akron had a Z on their helmet instead of their normal logo? I believe this is a first.

    Yep, I was going to mention that for whatever reason I distinctly remember it being featured when it was first announced.

    Yup, a logo that has been in use for a while for interleague games. Though surprisingly not used during the World Series.

    99% sure UCLA’s backup quarterback is wearing a different jersey over his regular because you can’t have two people on the field with the same jersey number, and someone else on the FG formation also wears 11. All teams keep extra jerseys in case one gets destroyed, and it’s probably easier to have a backup QB throw a jersey on than one of your (most likely) starters or immediate backups.

    Well done on the Top Five… if this was baseball and .400 would be a great batting average. The other three games ranged from eyesores to train wrecks.

    Also, that’s not a knee brace on the LSU players elbow. It’s just an elbow brace made by the same company, DonJoy.

    I get that Nebraska was paying tribute to the black shirts defense. However a one off uniform that is bfbs should never be #1.

    Ok. I’m officially done with the 5 & 1. Too many BFBS debacles on it (Nebraska/UCLA #1?!) Oregon/Tennessee would have been a great “color palette special” game.

    I second that. What should be a neutral perspective from a design standpoint is one person’s favorite teams or gimmicks while blatantly ignoring the other team. My case in point:

    “3. Wisconsin/Tennessee Tech: This ranking was entirely driven by Wisconsin’s red helmets and I received numerous comments about them from readers. I’m willing to ignore a reflective purple helmet in order to give credit where credit is due…”

    Scrap the 5&1, give a shit about it, or have every contributer to this site do one.

    Ummm, Catherine…

    Now I know that the 5&1 comes down personal tastes and opinions and you can’t please everybody, but really?!?

    I had UCLA and Nebraska as the clubhouse leader for the &1, and then I remembered what Tech wore on Thursday night. Imagine my shock to see both games in your top 5!!!

    Ok, it took us all a while to figure out how Vilk’s brain worked, and I got really concerned for my sanity when I could predict his choices. I guess with time we can figure out your processes as well. Still, in the meantime, could you try to take it easy on us old farts.

    But seriously, thanks for taking on the challenge to keep this feature running, its not a job I’d want and is a fun way to start a Sunday,

    Aside from the other inconsistencies people have mentioned, my question about the 5&1 is all-white vs all-black is her nightmare for the +1, yet that all-white isn’t even all-white; they’re wearing a color helmet.

    But a true storm-trooper all-white (albeit with decent striping) she loves in Louisville…. SMH

    I was having trouble too, I click the “next” button, then go back with the “previous” and the pic would show up for me.

    Vilk’s 5&1 and Culinary Corner are 2 features that I’d love to see return to the rotation.
    Catherine’s doing a nice job.

    I did not like most of the college football uniform combinations this weekend. I did not like Nebraska vs. UCLA match up. Nebraska decided to go BFBS and there is not black in their school’s colors. While UCLA decided to go white vs. white and as a result I felt that something was missing with the absence of the gold pants. Kentucky also does not have black in their school colors but they also did the BFBS against Louisville. In the Oregon vs. Tennessee game it would have been nice to have seen Tennessee wear orange on orange to contrast Oregon’s yellow on yellow. Phil brought a good point that a better contrast would have been to see Tennessee wear smokey grey on smokey grey to Oregon’s yellow on yellow. On a positive note, I liked the uniforms that I saw in the Texas A & M vs. Alabama game.

    At one point yesterday every game on the TV that I was watching had a home team in black and a road team in all-white, and the last game of hte night was the same way.

    Pretty soon all colors are going to be banned from college football, which is a shame because different schools and different colors have in part made college football colorful, literally and figuratively. Everyone will wear black or white, or on special occasions gray.

    Here here for Alabama, though.

    Yes, great looking uniform, love the stirrups, and I think a prime candidate for colorization, would assume the colors are red and blue.

    UCLA’s holder for extra points is identified by name, but not “the guy from Duck Dynasty”? Great journalism.

    Did you notice Syracse wore an all blue look with new navy pants? What did you think? Not bad! Any news on the rumors for new unis for next year?

    I am one of the many people, who apparently believe the 5+1 was flawed today. It was kind of disappointing.

    “Of course, Subway has to get their mitts on it,” says Don Silsby

    Mr. LeGrand does have an endorsement deal with Subway, so there’s that tenuous link. Still, a tad tacky considering all the circumstances.

    I think the 5 & 1 could use some rethinking. I honestly would put no more than two of those games on mine, and Catherine left out what IMHO was the best looking game I have seen in a long time, Tennessee vs. Oregon. We want Vilk!!

    So let me get this straight: the “&1” features a team wearing one of its school colors head-to-toe against a team in (historically unremarkable) road whites while the first choice features a team with a BFBS jersey and negligible amounts of its signature color against a team that dropped its customary gold pants in favor of going all-white.

    For my money Bruins @ Bugeaters should have been the “&1” and Marshall @ Ohio should have been #1.

    Unpopular opinion time: those Nebraska unis are gorgeous, they should be brought out once a year. Kentucky’s unis are even nicer, that’s black done right. And Oregon looked absolutely terrible, they like to prove that too much color is actually a thing.

    Are the Redskins planning to wear white-over-gold (both they and the Packers wearing gold pants) or white-over-white?
    They retired the burgundy pants, right?

    I might not be the first to mention it, but the Kansas City Chiefs went red over red today. First time ever.

    The Chiefs are wearing red-over-red today. I don’t think that’s ever happened before….

    Yes. Hell has frozen over for one of the last teams to embrace traditional wearing of the uniform.

    For the 1st time in franchise history, the #Chiefs are wearing red on red, which the players requested and coach Reid approved. #RedSunday

    – Reid Ferrin (@KCChiefs_Reid) September 15, 2013

    And Jamaal Charles is wearing their red tooped socks while the rest of the team is wearing their white topped socks.
    I prefer the white.


    Old Dominion (Virginia) went full-stormtrooper at home yesterday during their demolition of Howard.

    I was at the game, and while I’m not a huge fan of the look, at least it’s not the BFBS nonsense they trot out periodically (those uniforms, incidentally, would look pretty sharp if black was at all a school color), or the gray with blue camo numbers.

    if anyone else watching the SD game? do their unis look purple to anyone else? esp on closeups? you can even see the blue on the bolt but the jersey looks purple

    Both Jerry Neuhiesal and Anthony Barr are on UCLA’s field goal team, and both regularly wear number eleven. Jerry actually puts the number 39 jersey over his 11 jersey we have to kick so we don’t have two number 11’s on the field at the same time, which is why you can see his name through the top jersey.

    If all black vs all white is the worst thing ever, why wasn’t Wisconsin vs. Arizona State the &1??

    And how was Tulsa @ Oklahoma not on the top five list? Such a pretty match up.


    Hi guys. Back from work. First off, I want to apologize for missing the Iowa State/Iowa game (and I read yesterday’s column, too!), had no idea that ‘Cuse broke out blue pants (IMO, they should only wear them with the white jerseys, if at all), and I neglected to mention the all-white/all-black Sconnie/Devils game from last night before I sent the email to Phil, but considering the clusterfuck that happened in the final 15 seconds, I’m sure some of you would rather not talk about it. I’m usually on top of these things, and I promise to do better next week.

    Secondly, Photobucket is apparently being a sack and giving some of the readers trouble. Not sure if this’ll help, but here’s my link. Let me know if this works. I’ll be sure to come up with a solution before next Saturday.

    Sheesh – her second year doing “5 & 1” and Ms. Ryan *still* hasn’t figured out how to ensure that her opinions & preferences match those of every person who visits this site?!?!? Obviously, Mr. Vilk *must* return ASAP, as I recall nary a word’s debate regarding his selected examples of each Saturday’s sartorial splendiforousness.

    (Related: Anybody have any tags I can borrow. Mine are all jumbled up in a drawer with my , , and tags.)

    The final sentence of my previous post was supposed to read as follows:

    Related: Anybody have any [sarcasm] tags I can borrow? Mine are all jumbled up in a drawer with my [eyeroll], [shortmemories], and [fercryinoutloudjustbecausesomeonesopiniondiffersdrasticallyfromyoursdoesntmeanthatpersonisunworthyofpostingonthesite] ones.

    “Tim was busy attending a Northwestern game last evening but he sent me the graphic for the Ducks versus Tennessee (a huge win for the Ducks, dontcha know?). You can click to enlarge:”

    What can I click to make it smaller? Not a big fan of the highlighter effect.

    Maybe this is stating the obvious, but the reason gold/black/black looks ok with Army and not with the Saints comes down to the socks. The Saints’ black socks make it look like they are wearing leotards…and since NCAA doesn’t require high socks, Army avoids that problem.

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