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Forget The Titans – Remember The Outlaws


By Phil Hecken

Designers frequently contact me with their concepts, and I will often host them in the “Uni Tweaks” section of the weekend blogs, and occasionally, I will be presented with a set of uniforms that are worthy of a full post.

What you’re about to see today went way beyond what I usually receive — it’s an entire rebranding project for the current NFL denizens of Tennessee. And it’s outstanding.

I would like to introduce to you Gage LaGreca, who has come up with an entire new name, colors and concepts for uniforms AND much much more for the Tennessee Titans, and would like to turn them into the Tennessee Outlaws. No, it’s not the most original nickname, but that’s about where any lack of creativity ends.

So, without further ado, let me present Gage and his idea to turn Titans into Outlaws (click on any image to enlarge):

. . .

Nashville Outlaws Rebrand
By Gage LaGreca

This is a rebrand concept for the Tennessee Titans. This was an extensive project over the course of several months that involved creating the name, tagline, logo, colors, and everything else involved with the brand.


The unique part about this project was complying with not only my own rules, but the NFL’s as well to make as accurate of a brand as possible.



c042e413e515483e3d8224e8a40ec79f 817b6cc49b93ebf80c19aa9baa4e539e



The research started with competitor audits, competitor audits, and moodboarding. All of the ideas and everything in the final solution can be directly attributed to understanding the market for my brand. There is absolutely something to be said about understanding your market, and that thing is that it’s everything. A rebrand is pointless without extensive and thorough research.

The goal was to create many touchpoints to make the brand feel as real as possible. This would be played out in merchandise, a mobile app, and the uniforms themsleves. I’m pleased with how my brand really worked across all of the touchpoints.



9afa8eeb61a9a47bb9d79c51a1a56a5a f537c45f05ccb9e71f359b955a960b38

The most extensive (and sometimes painstaking) part of the process was the end result, the brand standards manual. It dictates everything about the brand, such as clearspace, lockup, color builds, and more. View the document below to see the amount of time and effort was put into the manual as well, thus making it a touchpoint in its own way.

The end result is a cohesive brand that I feel really strongly about and am proud to show off.



All edited photos are credited at the end of the brand standards manual. Thanks to the NFL and Nike for making my brand feel as real as possible. You can view some more of my work at or follow me on Twitter at @LaGrecaSportsID.”

. . .

Fantastic job with that Gage! Readers, make sure that you check out Gage’s brand standards manual — that’s the real meat of this project. And please, give him a follow and check out more of his work at the link above. Below, let him know what you think.

I hope to be back with Gage again with new and different designs and (hopefully) an interview for the “Designing Minds” series. Be on the look out for that!



Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

Ever have a place where they sold your favorite T-shirts? Sort of like a remnant place, or seconds? In mid-1970s Cincinnati, we did. The place was called Velva Sheen, located in Fairfax, just down the road from my high school. (Feel free to chime in, Frank Bitzer.) It was THE place Mariemont HS guys went to for T’s to wear for sports practice after school. Believe it or not, logo attire such as Nike and Adidas was not that common back then. You wore whatever you could scrounge- T’s were like a buck or so. So this one caught by eye, a 1970s “Rip City” Blazers T, from the mighty VS.

From Dan McLaughlin: “I have never sent anything in before, but this 49’ers jacket just crossed my screen. Looks schweeet. Right up Paul’s alley as a 9ers fan.”

Nice looking NFL 75th Anniversary poster sponsored by Miller Beer.

Chance Michaels says: “Saw this wire photo on eBay and thought Uni Watchers might be interested.” Stirrups? On Uni Watch? Yeah, I think so.

Michael Clary strikes again with vintage light switchplates for the Phoenix Suns and The Evil Empire.

Nice arrowhead (whoops) on this 1960s KC Chiefs helmet bank.

In honor of the A’s throwbacks from the weekend, here’s a 1960s bobble in the same attire.

Chicago Bears fans, here’s a nice looking 1970s sweatshirt from a maker called “Betlin.”

P.S.- This just in, some late-breaking Clary additions–he never sleeps. Ever.

1970 Coke MLB signs for the Padres, Expos, and Dodgers.

Join in the fun as the A’s Swing ‘n’ Run in ’71. And I always loved baseball cards and photos from spring training where the players were wearing funky windbreakers under their jerseys. (Me too- B.)

Seen something on eBay or Etsy that you think would make good Collector’s Corner fodder? Send your submissions here.



A’s Update

I received an e-mail from Leo Strawn yesterday with regard to the possible confusion over Marc Okkonen’s 1969 Oakland A’s uniform tracking. It makes a lot of sense, and helps to explain how the times have changed when it comes to uniform research and publishing. Dig:

I was checking out the A’s throwbacks and your Uni Watch story from Monday and I spotted something on the Okkonen link for ’69.

I recall getting his book in the early ’90s and thinking how much work he had put into gathering all that info (which would take a fraction of the time now, thanks to the internet). So, I know (from having my own graphic design/art business for many, many years, incl. the era of the publishing of his book) that it was mocked up the old school way, and is how this particular 1969 page was corrected. If you look at the yellow vest, you can almost see the apostrophe. Look closer, and you can see the yellow correction tape, and also the white correction tape on the other two vests from ’69 where the “‘s” had been. I’m guessing he had to make those corrections just prior to publication.

This also may explain why the sanitaries are white on the yellow road uni. He might have been trying to quickly get things corrected just prior to press time and in the rush of getting it ready, simply forgot (or else overlooked) the yellow sanis when he found a correct photo from 1969, or possibly the photos he ran across at that time may not have shown the sanis, if he had, for example, stumbled upon photos from ’69 like the S.I. cover with Reggie as his references, where the stirrups and sanis are not shown.

I just thought if no one else spotted that correction tape that it might be worth bringing to your attention. I would have thought someone at the NBHoF would have digitally altered that by now.


— Leo Strawn Jr

Great spot, Leo. Let’s blow that image up a little (click to enlarge):

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 6.26.39 PM

Sure enough, I didn’t spot that at all, and the “tape” is pretty clear in the blowup. Great research and thanks for the explanation!


College Football Uniform News & Notes

NCAAFB Uniform News & Updates

This will be a semi-recurring column on Uni Watch and will appear whenever there is any news or updates on the College Football uniform front.

If you have ANY new NCAAFB news, follow and tweet me at @PhilHecken (and you’ll get your tweet in lights on here). You can also e-mail me (Phil (dot) Hecken (at) Gmail (dot) com) or send/cc: Paul to the following address: NewCollegeUni (at) Gmail (dot) com. OK? OK! (for any image, click to enlarge):

. . .

Clemson Tigers:

Got an e-mail from a reader (Adam Easterling) who notes this “may be a lot of nothing, but when looking at the new Nike jerseys Clemson has for sale, I noticed that there is a purple stripe at the end of the sleeve of the orange one. If that’s not a mistake, it looks like a slight change from last year when there was no stripe at all.” This is from last year’s game against Auburn, and here’s what they have for sale now.

. . .

Iowa Hawkeyes:

Iowa Iowa St Rivalry Football

From Bradley J. Davis: It looks like the Iowa Hawkeyes have made a small change by adding the Nike flywire collar to their jerseys this year.

. . .

Southwestern Oklahoma State: (Div II)


Click to enlarge, if you dare

Jim Weber notes that DII school SWOSU unveils possibly the ugliest football helmet ever. For more details, please click here.

. . .

Yale University Bulldogs:

Paul already covered the Bulldogs uni changes, but here’s a video to explain them all, and in greater detail (thanks to Erik Sundermann).

. . .

Fresno State Bulldogs:

From reader Richard Paloma: “Fresno State recently unveiled their new look for 2013 with three new helmet designs. The red helmet with “Bulldog” script is for when they do a throwback game honoring the Jim Sweeny years on Oct 19 vs UNLV The black helmet and uni is for a “blackout vs Nevada on Nov 2. They will wear the white helmet for away games. They will keep their standard red for all home games except Nevada and UNLV.” Rich included the video above as well.

. . .

South Carolina Gamecocks:


Bit of excellent sad news for those who were hoping the Gamecocks might bust out a chrome helmet this year. According to Jack Divers, “I was at the Steve Spurrier football camp this weekend (I’m a sophomore in high school) and since one of my school’s coaches is a Carolina football alum, we got to take a little tour afterwards and we got a chance to talk one of the coaches about their uniforms. Anyways, long story short, the chrome helmet isn’t slated for on field use as it was just a sample, a fact that disappointed all of my teammates. (I like to think I have good taste in uniforms myself, and thus didn’t care for the things.)” This is the third place (the Interwebs/Twitter being the other two) I’d heard this, so I guess it can now be confirmed. What a shame. No chrome domes for the Cocks this season.

. . .

Louisiana Tech:

According to James Poisso, “It has not been mentioned anywhere, but LATech has a new number font for, at the very least, their blue jerseys this year.”

2013 vs. 2012.

. . .

That’s it for the college uni news for today. Keep the tips coming folks!


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: Unisex uniforms debut as Army opens units to women (from Paul Deaver). … Dutch legend and current Barnet player-manager Edgar Davids has decided to wear the number 1 jersey in the upcoming season. “It’s extremely rare for a non-goalkeeper to wear #1 in soccer, even in the fifth tier of English game, where Barnet resides,” says Yusuke Toyoda. “Davids asked his first choice keeper if he could take the #1, but it’s not like he could turn down his manager, right?” … Joe Mueller went to the Giants game Sunday and received this Willie Mays stick on uni patch for signing up to not text and drive. … Here’s a look at the 2013/14 Serie A Team’s Shirts for Next Season (thanks to Robert Hudson). … Old-time apostrophe catastrophe from 10/6/80 dodgers Astros game (good spot by Frank Mercogliano). … Nice one from Matt Mariglia: “I know this man – he makes his own bats and I own one that I have my own autograph on!” … The NFL meeting in February 1967 was busy. That’s when they adopted the one-support goalposts and the wide boundary line (great find from Jerry Wolper). … The Under Armour “All-America” uniforms have been released. Here are the home unis, the road unis, and a description of both. Supposedly inspired by Cubs’ uniforms from the 1930s (thanks to Danielle Cavalli). … Joel Mathwig was “screwing around on Google Maps,” and discovered that the University of New Haven has a blue turf football field. … “Something interesting,” says Kenn Tomasch “From the San Jose News, November 6, 1925. The caption reads: ‘George Levi, captain of the Haskell football team, wears his ancestral feathers and jacket on the visit of the team to Boston‘.” … Seems like the NFL is experimenting with helmet cams. And, here’s what the video looks like (thanks, Brinke). … Oops. Nike misspelled Papiss Cisse’s name on the new boots they sent him (nice find by Mark Emge). … “This is what happens when you have a new-ish team in a city full of transplants: fans who wear gear for both the Washington Nationals and their opponents,” (Yusuke Toyoda again). … OMG — Check out this beautiful set of colorized iconic black & white photographs. No they’re not uni-related, but outstanding nonetheless (big thanks to Hugh McBride). … Napoli jerseys for 2013-14 include a “controversial” camouflage shirt (h/t Scott Weil @ScottySmalls25). And here’s a further explanation (from Jake Edwardes) … The New Orleans Privateers have a new logo (thanks to Jay Francis). … In an unfortunate coincidence (and thanks to Chris Creamer’s tracking), we know that the Blue Jays win more when they wear their softball tops on the road (from Matthew Walthert). … This disturbing look at Euro hockey advertising comes our way from Joseph Gerard. … Georgia Tech will be celebrating 100 years of playing on Grant Field, and will have a celebration on September 26 (a Thursday Night), when they host Virginia Tech (thanks to Douglas King). … Looks like UA is a Ravens sponsor. Is this new or have they had them for a while? (h/t Dan Erbach @danErbach). … New basketball court design for the Beavers (h/t Alex Allen @aallen65). … A minor league affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, the Richmond Flying Squirrels, intends to poke fun at New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and other celebrities with “Salute to Scandal Night” (thanks to “TommyTheCPA”). … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Nike is being sued by someone who hurt their knee while playing basketball. His reason? It’s gotta be the shoes. … Reader Mike Colvin received these ‘Yankee’ nutcrackers from two different people. As Mike says, ” there was a little mixup at the factory with one of them.” … Depressing news sent in by Josh Claywell — according to this story from Chris Creamer, it says it was decided before the season: the orange cap would not be worn this year and the team was going to wear its black jersey for all away games. “Pretty interesting,” says Josh. “Last time they wore gray was last September.” (Excepting, of course, that gorgeous minor league throwback the Brewers paid for.) … Charlie Charnigo notes, “More proof the NFL will license ANYTHING! Ravens shower curtain rings! Actually they have a full bathroom suite…from soap dispensers to tissue boxes to toilet seats!” … The last Michigan vs. Notre Dame football game at Michigan Stadium has a logo (thanks to Christopher Hall). This is nice — youth who *get it* — The West Raleigh, NC 12U All Stars are going to the Ripken World Series. Check the stirrups! (h/t Drew Johnson @d_johnson13). Reader C.J. Hague came across a whole bunch of redesigns of MLS teams, as well as other North American teams, on reddit last night, and passed them along. … Reggie Bush has dumped adidas and now with Nike (Thanks, Brinke). … “Its faint, but after the first inning, the Wrigley grounds crew went out and moved and repainted the first base parameters,” said Nicole Haase. “Its late and I can’t think of a better name. But they clearly moved the line in. Brewers broadcast hypothesized the umps noticed or someone complained. First I’d ever seen that adjusted mid-game.”


And that will do it for this fine Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who contributed to today’s post, and make sure you give an internet clap to Gage LaGreca for his efforts on the Outlaws rebranding effort! Everyone have a super Tuesday and I will be back with more uni watching tomorrow, while Paul enjoys his blog-cation.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“There’s a lot that I like about Uni Watch, but seeing dogs wearing black armbands to memorialize Bizkit has to be pretty much the best thing ever.”
–Judy A.

Comments (129)

    Apostrophe Catastrophe – I don’t see anything wrong with using an apostrophe for pluralizing a letter (A’s) or several (HR’s). My Catastrophe might be in the AMBUSH ‘EM t-shirt.

    I think it should be ‘ AMBUSH ‘EM with the apostrophe going the other direction.

    Ya know, I’ve looked at that shirt probably hundreds of times and never noticed that. Thanks for the catch! I hope it doesn’t distract you from the rest of the work!

    I didn’t watch the game, but was watching highlights of the Rangers’ walk-off win over the Angels last night. Can someone tell me why A.J. Pierzynski is wearing his shin guards when the team is celebrating since according to the box score he was the DH? link

    Never mind. I realized as I was eating breakfast this morning that he was probably getting ready to warm up whoever was coming out to pitch in the top of the 10th. Soto was up to bat and needed time to get ready. Probably happens all the time, but I never paid much attention before.

    I have a feeling that Tennessee fans probably wouldn’t want their team wearing the same colors as Atlanta.

    It’s nicely done, but I think this idea works better as a re-imagining of the USFL’s Arizona Outlaws than it does as a potential NFL team.

    Actually, I fought a lot with this.

    I ran into this issue later on in the process (color was one of the choices that came way late) , and realized that I wanted to do a full rebrand, including colors. There certainly aren’t that many color schemes that work on uniforms, and black and red are the colors that just made the most sense.

    The Outlaw logo is almost an EXACT replica of an Outlaw logo for Madden 2008 – and several other Madden titles – available on popular video game consoles – available in the “Create-A-Team” mode…

    Gage, I think you learned a valuable lesson when creating corporate design (or any design for that matter) — “Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
    It’s the reason that corporate ID’s, logos, and trademarks take months and months to complete. It’s not just the design that takes time, but it’s also the trademark and copyright searches that need to be completed so as to not inadvertently “copy” (borrow, use, mimic) someone else’s “look” in the same category or industry.
    That being said, it’s an amazing body of work. Congrats!
    (I have 20+ years as a creative professional in marketing and brand awareness)

    There’s no shame in acknowledging most of the USFL’s uniforms were better than what half of the NFL wears today.

    Eh, not even Tennesseans care about the Titans. Most of the people I know here are Peyton Manning fans. The cars went from having Colts tags to having Broncos tags, overnight. Makes it difficult to explain to people that I was a fan of the Broncos long before Five-Head signed with them.

    That is a ridiculous generalization to place on an entire state and fanbase. Nashville has great support for the Titans, and suggesting that more people outwardly support Peyton Manning around town than the Titans is ludicrous. They’ve sold out every single home game since becoming the Titans.

    I was mostly just joking man, chill. As a non-native Tennessean I like poking fun at my neighbors. But in Chattanooga, Titans fans are few and far between, from my experiences. That’s a fact.

    ..and in Knox and Loudon counties, there’s even less Titans fans – they all love Peyton, regardless of who he plays for

    Haha. Wasn’t trying to come across as non-chill or anything; I just thought you speaking from a position of perceived expertise to casually misrepresent an entire fan base and it bothered me a little bit. It’s definitely true that outside of Nashville the interest in the “Tennessee” Titans diminishes exponentially.

    No problem. I’m definitely no expert, just reporting on my experiences. It’s a bit surprising to me that the Titans don’t have more of a following outside of Nashville. It’s just hard to get people to think about anything other than college football down here.

    Why the Titans anyway? This doesn’t draw on any franchise specific history/tradition or feed into any city characteristics. Seems like it is more of a generic concept for any team.

    Was this just the case of having to pick a franchise/city for the assignment or am I missing something else?

    Why the Titans? Nashville is the “Athens of the South,” so the Titans name recalls the Greek mythology of the Titans.

    Then there’s the alliteration factor. Lots of folks (sports owners and focus group marketers included) love a succession of similar sounds. I must be in the minority.

    Misinterpretation of my comment: I understand why they chose the name “Titans.” I was curious as to why Gage chose them as the team to insert into this Uutlaws concept when it seems it just of easily could have been any other team. There doesn’t seem to be a particular reason that this franchise was chosen to be the outlaws.

    The Marlins may try to wear their black jerseys for every road game, but it’s unlikely they can if the home team is also wearing black. I’m guessing when they visit Pittsburgh next month they may have to wear their orange jerseys instead, especially since the Pirate players seem to think their own black jerseys bring them good luck.

    “Their goal is simply not to wear gray tops,…”

    Not counting that gorgeous gray/orange/blue throwback roadie (which wasn’t their choice or decision to wear?), that lofty goal of ‘No Gray When We’re Away’ set by the Miami MLB team is one of the only success stories they can boast of this season.

    PS: “Free the Orange Caps!”

    They also wore their orange tops @ Colorado last week, while the Rockies were wearing their purple tops. The color combo was supposed to mimic the colors of Denver’s sky and looked pretty good on the field.

    The Marlins come to PNC Park next week. I’ll be at the game next Thursday afternoon–then I’ll be at the Indians-Tigers game in Cleveland that evening.

    The WLAF used to use helmet cams when they were broadcast on USA back in the day. It was stupid then, and it is stupid now.

    I’m surprised no one posted this yet:


    Lots of uni-goodness contained therein as well.

    i love a good project just as much as anybody, and really do appreciate the time and effort put into the Nashville Outlaws. but do you think there would be any conflict with skoal racing, or the quad city river bandits?



    quad city:


    The XFL’s Las Vegas Outlaws come to mind as a failed football team with the Outlaws moniker.

    Which also leads back to the CFL’s failed Las Vegas franchise in the Las Vegas Posse as a dichotomy to these Outlaws.

    I love the Outlaws concept, design, etc. Unfortunately for me (and maybe the concept), the very first thing that came to my mind was Aaron Hernandez. And as a Bengals fan since childhood I’m all too familiar with players getting in trouble with the law. The rebrand is great, but I don;t think an NFL team would take on the risk.

    An Outlaws hat with the covered face & the “Ambush Em” shirt is a fitting look for someone committing armed robbery.

    On the NFL 75th anniversary poster, what is that yellow helmet located on the right hand side of the poster? (right above the Eagles helmet)

    I think you’re right… I’ve never seen that one before, but the logo does kinda look like it could be the team’s original wordmark: link

    In addition to the flywire collar, it’s even more shocking to me to see Iowa adding a red jersey! That will take some getting used to.

    Since it’s civilian hunting camo – looks like a variety of RealTree – rather than actual military camo, I approve. Sure, it’s ugly, but by the standards of modern college gridiron helmet design, it’s among the least retina-scarring one-off helmets of the decade.

    Brinke! Those were the days. Velva Sheen had contracts for a number of PAC-10 schools in those days. I remember the scramble for UCLA shirts. All of us land-locked Midwestern boys had our heads filled with fantasies of glorious Los Angeles and the UCLA cheerleaders. We all thought we looked cooler wearing UCLA shirts – especially since the blue and gold matched out Mariemont Warriors color scheme.

    After Brinke picked up some Mariemont High School t-shirt overruns at Velva Sheen, he probably ran next door to Swallen’s and grabbed a pair of “blemished” Nike Cortez’!

    I wore Swallens Red Bank OUT. Wore. Them. Out. The record department, mostly. But I did buy sneakers there–they had lo-cost canvas Converse and Pony I think–bought those since I played so much tennis, I wore ’em out.

    PS- also had a crush on one Kim Swallen too. Went to Miami same time I did- I was totally paralyzed with fear to speak with her. A few years later, I go to a show @ Hara (I think)or maybe it was UD Arena and she was working @ the box office. Couldn’t believe it. Still petrified.

    RIP Boomer.

    No one is going to take your stirrups away, not when you’ve branded them so well!


    The primary logo is an exact ripoff of a logo on Madden’s create-a-team feature!

    That’s all I could think about! I’m pretty sure I’ve named a team “Outlaws” with that logo and color scheme already.

    Seems pretty generic if you ask me.

    I assure you that I had no idea about this when I created it. I’d like to think what I made was not generic… I actually put a lot of time into this thing!

    Unfortunately, the whole cowboy hat & bandana thing for an Outlaws/Bandits team has been done quite a few times. I don’t doubt that you drew your version independently, but a quick google image search for “bandit logo” or “outlaw logo” is going to give you a bunch of images that all look rather similar to what you came up with. It’s kinda like using a skull & crossed bones/swords for a Pirate themed team.

    When I hear “Nashville” and “Outlaw” together, I don’t think of banditos robbing stagecoaches in the wild west, I think of Merle Haggard and the outlaw country music movement. Though that’s probably as much an Austin thing as it is a Nashville thing. Just imagine an NFL helmet with a Willie Nelson version of the link.

    Just a thought about the Nats having their “fans” attending home games wearing the swag of other teams…just hold a jersey swap. You bring in a cap from the Mets, O’s, Yanks, BoSox, etc and get a Nats cap. Bring in a t-shirt get a Nats shirt. Bring in a jersey get a jersey, etc…

    I love it. You’d think New Era or Majestic would be up for sponsoring something like that, right?

    The DC MLB team outfits themselves in the swag of other teams(specifically, other DC-based teams which pre-date the current franchise’s arrival from Montreal)all the time, so a confused fan base with divided loyalties may be a side effect of the “home team”s’ identity issues?
    Best comment from that article:
    “This is why DC couldnt support a home team twice.”

    UA in Maryland, especially Baltimore, is like camo in the south!

    Went to Wine in the Woods this year, SO much UA! It’s the new Nike, at least there, in its home state.

    Thanks, Joe — I had thought so, but didn’t have time to track down the date of the sponsorship deal — that was tweeted at me, and I replied I had thought they’d had it for a while (and that it makes total sense, given that Kevin Plank is a UMd alum).

    Besides the naming rights deal, since at least 2007, UA has had a link that’s near impossible to miss if you’re driving down I-95. UA basically owns the area, and I get the sense that the Ravens encourage their players to sign endorsement deals with them.

    Unfortunately, UA has replaced the iconic Ray Lewis “Welcome to Baltimore” billboard with Many Machado and Matt Wieters for basebal season. No red eyes glowing at night for these players.

    Love the idea of complying with all of the regulations for doing an NFL rebrand, but your concept mock-ups don’t comply with the NFL sock rules. What color would they wear with the white and black pants?

    Ah, I see that they are in the manual. And that the pants/jersey are actually gray not white.

    Paul, I think you will like this — construction of New York World’s Fair, taken 50 years ago this week:


    That should be “Paul, if you get around to reading the comments, I think you will like this…”

    I don’t get the Marlins. They rebrand themselves with this colorful new logo. Based off it, they could literally wear some combination of four or five colors – orange, teal, yellow, black, etc. And yet they have totally reverted to the boring black and white look of the last 15+ years. The only real difference in their uniforms now vs. two years ago is the lack of pinstripes on the home unis.

    I’m a traditionalist, and I like gray aways. But if a team wanted to completely ditch gray for softball tops – ok, whatever. But jeez, at least wear some color every once in a while.

    Isn’t it Loria who loves black so much? If so, then as long as he owns the team, we’re going to be subjected to black all the time.

    They certainly can’t use the argument, “the grey shirts are unlucky.” It’s the Marlins. Everything they own is unlucky.

    There was a baseball team known as the Nashville Outlaws(folded in 2011) now known as the Middle Tennessee Outlaws link

    Wow, Gage’s ‘N’ helmet logo is totally ripped from the Nashville Outlaws baseball team’s cap insignia. His concept just keeps feeling more and more derivative.

    The packaging of his Titans re-branding looks slick as all hell, but boy does it appear hollow after just a little bit of inspection.

    Thanks everyone for the comments, good and bad.

    This was done as an extensive school project. While I wish I had the time to delve into everything it means to make a NFL logo (countless hours, research, and failures), I didn’t have that luxury. This all was done over the course of 3 months, most of which actually wasn’t devoted to logo development. While I know this is similar to some other logos, I had the name Outlaws and really wanted to avoid using guns (this was after the Sandy Hook tragedy). So I sketched this one out. Turns out, it’s like several other logos, but it is just a concept.

    I understand black and red has been used a lot, but looking over the scope of the NFL, it is one of the least used color schemes and made sense for my concept, so I rolled with it.

    Thanks for sharing your work, and also for the peek “behind the curtain” on how you did the project. Impressive stuff!

    I think the key to the criticism on color choice is not that black and read “has been used a lot,” but that it’s a color scheme that, in the NFL, is currently “owned” by a close rival of the Titans. It’s like, there’s nothing wrong with navy pinstripes on a baseball uniform, but if you redesign the Red Sox to adopt navy pinstripes, that’s not good brand design. Personally, I think you’ve gone about as far as possible within the red/black space to differentiate your team’s brand from the Falcons, but I also think that you still don’t achieve sufficient differentiation.

    That is, I’d be disappointed if I was the client and you came to me with this concept. But if, as the client, I insisted on red and black, I’d hope that you’d come back to me with the design you present today. Red and black is simply the wrong decision, but sometimes good design is about making the best of things within the framework of a client’s poor choices, and this is an effective demonstration that you can deliver on that. I know it sounds backhanded, but I sincerely mean that as a compliment!

    The only other critique I’d offer is that your use of line and shape within the bandito mascot logo feels weak compared to the much stronger lines and rectilinear shapes of the wordmarks. I like both elements, but they clash on a formal level to my eye. Still, good stuff, and thanks for sharing your work.

    A question for you, Scott… though the Falcons and Titans are geographically close, they’re in opposite conferences and rarely play each other. The Giants and Patriots are (reasonably) geographically close, and both wear red, white, blue and gray. Of course the circumstances are different (the Pats are an original 1960 AFL team). More recently, the Bucs went to gray, black and red much as the Falcons wore in the 90s. If an owner felt strongly enough about the colors, do you suppose NFL Properties would overrule a uniform do-over based on proximity?

    Dave, good point. In my stunted mental map of the NFL, there’s the NFC North, the Redskins-Cowboys conference, and then the other conference where the teams I sort of like (49ers, Buccaneers, a couple others) play the teams I can’t even pretend to care about. So you’re right: Titans/Falcons is more like Nats-Orioles, or even Royals-Cardinals, than Yanks-Sawx.

    But there is a difference between teams that compete for fans and share significant elements of brand identity and teams that compete for fans discarding distinct brand identity to share core elements. The former may be worth living with, if each team believes it has sufficient equity in its use of the shared colors. (Really, though, how have the Giants not switched to blue and orange?) The latter, though, is simply a basic design mistake. If I’m designing an identity for a big-box furniture store, Rule Number One is, “Don’t use royal blue and yellow.”

    Likewise, if I’m designing an identity for an NFL team on the bottom-right-hand corner of the map, I’m not using red and black, or teal, or pewter, or burgundy, or black and gold. That’s still a wide range of colors and color combinations that could work with an “outlaws” identity.

    It seems like you’re just taking advantage of Uni Watch to sell your “school project” and “just a concept” from what I’ve read on your Facebook page. I suggest you work on your craft before you attempt to profit from the amateur artwork you have for sale on your website.

    I totally agree, Johnny. Something stinks about this whole thing. Usually I would find a young, scrappy, go-getter of a college student very likable and easy to pull for. But I’m not getting those warm and fuzzy feelings with this guy…

    All I really wanted to do is show off my work, honestly. I’m not trying to “use” Uni Watch for any ulterior motives or to make a quick buck. It’s just nice to get some recognition for something I put a ton of time and effort into.

    These concepts are just that: concepts. I’m not sure why so many people have been so incredibly negative, as if I’ve offended someone.

    I understand the people that frequent this website are NUTS about uniforms and sports branding. I love them too. But I don’t think anything I’ve done or said warrants such hate.

    Wonderful, TH. Thanks.

    PS Yalies actually look good in new gridder duds. The losers.

    A few weeks ago, a Houston dance company announced that it was accepting proposals for a complete rebranding, They had very specific requirements: the design had to incorporate certain colors, and contain the troupe’s name, and evoke “a sense of the movement and power of dance” or something like that.

    Anyway, they specifically asked for talented, experienced designers to submit their work. The winner would receive a t-shirt, bearing his or her design, and two tickets to the performance of his or her choice. It seems to me that a lot of the designers who spend time here have similar stories: they’ve been expected to lend their skills for very, very little remuneration.

    When you look at how much work Gage put into his Outlaws concept, how much talent and training is on display in it, and you think that a lot of people think all this talent and training is only worth a couple of t-shirts, it kind of makes you feel that this is a pretty lousy time to be a graphic designer.

    Seriously. When it comes to design, people seem to think they’re paying for a thing. But the real value, and what takes the most amount of time, is the thought.

    I am old enough to remember when players wore windbreakers under their jerseys during spring training…would have never recognized a clean cut Catfish Hunter.

    Gage put a lot of effort into that concept and the supporting art work. However… as an NFL football uniform, it just doesn’t work. It borrows too heavily from the USFL (Oklahoma/Arizona) and CFL (Ottawa Rough Riders later designs and Ottawa Renegades). Those might be defunct franchises but no bit of football history goes overlooked when an NFL team is involved. The red helmet with an “N” is too bland, especially since there’s no history with it like with the Giants’ “ny” logo. The jerseys are bland and just don’t impress. The gray chinstrap on the helmet might have been unintentional, but the NFL does not allow colored chin straps (see under Ochocinco, C.’s disciplinary file). It’s complete, and it shows a lot of work… I just wouldn’t outfit a real life NFL team in those.

    And while I’m thinking about it, the numeral “2” in the uniform examples does not match the “2” in the font display. It’s nit picky but this is Uni Watch after all.

    Someone in the Yankees front office needs to have a talk with those two nutcrackers. No facial hair allowed when you wear the pinstripes!

    At first I thought that was the mix-up at the factory until I noticed the offending text on the left figure.

    Here’s the biggest issue with the whole Outlaws concept: it has nothing to do with the great state of Tennessee. You could just as easily (and more effectively) apply the exact same branding to the Oklahoma City basketball team.

    The bandit looks very southwestern to me. Although cowboy hats are common to country music, this one’s much broader and flatter, which makes me think more Mexican border than Music City.

    Next, the uniforms look like UGa prototypes. Tennesseeans tend to love college football above all else, so having a Tennessee team look like those filthy Bulldogs would go over about as well as dressing them in crimson.

    So, while I think you did a fine job developing a consistent brand, the brand in no way fits the team you attached it to.

    The A’s only wore white sanitaries (when in Oakland) for 1982 and went back the following season. That also was the only year they didn’t wear white shoes the whole season (they wore green on the road)

    Rich, you are my fact-checking cuz! I used to think I was the only guy who noticed this; even the Wizard Okkonen got it wrong. I remember writing to Marc soon after his book hit the shelves. A massive undertaking which was only likely to get him thousands of barbs, along the lines of “you missed this…” Quite an august accomplishment.

    And that’s possibly why the HoF database has the tape marks on the A’s entry; he made a bunch of corrections between the hardcover and paperback editions, and then again when they were scanned for the website.

    Ugh. More black. Can we have a 25-year moratorium on any pro teams using black in their color schemes? Make it a “one-in, one-out” policy. A team wanting to adopt black must wait for another team to abandon the color before it can be used.

    One second thought, have a “one-in, two-out” policy instead. The club is over-full.

    I liked today’s lede. I don’t necessarily agree with the rebrand, but he put a hell of a lot more effort into one team than I did in my league I’m doing in free time. Nicely done!

    So neat to see the Privateers new logo here on UW, but as a former student there I’m not a fan of the change.

    The previous one looks better and actually has some personality. Compared to the new one, this is much less clip-art-y…


    I noticed the cut and paste job on he 69 A’s DTTN’s illustration. Posted Sunday:

    “… 1969 was the first year the Athletics adopted an apostrophe S beside the traditional A …” Ok, so this was supposed to 1969 right? Then either 69 was NOT the first year with the apostrophe S, or the team got it wrong. A check of the DTTN’s site and the 69 Athletics have a not too subtle patch of white or gold covering where the ‘apostrophe S’ is placed in 1970’s illustration.

    The Outlaws rebranding is pretty amazing.

    Sorry, Michael, didn’t really see much of the comments from the Sunday post (done by Ek). Good spot by you as well.

    The Outlaws design is so underwhelming and uninspired, which is weird because it has about the same amount of execution as the Houston Texans logo.

    Design is subjective but this should have been given a showcase in the ‘Tweaks’ section at best.

    Maybe that dude who is suing Nike is a dumbass who was wearing a sportswear running shoe for playing basketball in. Nike’s lawyers will wipe the floor with him, if it even goes to court, which I am assuming won’t make it that far. The humiliation factor in the lawsuit is laughable.

    I can tell I’m in the minority, but, I absolutely love the Nashville Outlaws rebranding. Love the red helmet with the “N” lettermark (might be because I’m a huge Nebraska football fan). Red and black work for me because, when I look at the Outlaws, it’s differentiated from the Falcons. No one complains that the St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals have the same color. What’s more, those teams share those colors with the Atlanta Braves. Before the Astros went retro, they had almost the same colors as the Diamondbacks. That’s never been a problem.

    As far as Outlaws not being a part of Tennessee history, what exactly do Titans have to do with Tennessee history? I’m pretty sure thunder isn’t a phenomenan found only in Oklahoma. Are you telling me the Harry Poter books are bad because Harry didn’t end up in Orlando? I checked the weather today and found out that Miami wasn’t the only place with heat….I was absolutely shocked!!!

    Anyway, that was a great effort by Gage and the only complaint I have is that the jerseys may need to be tweaked a bit because they’re a little too like the Texans. Other than that, I’m sold! That “ambush ’em” t-shirt is awesome and the hoodie would be great(especially if the wordmark appeared on the back). Loved the presentation booklet as well. Why people are taking pot-shots at the creator…I’m not sure.

    Finally, a little bit of history. The period we refer to as the “old west”? Well, the west was actually tame compared to the rampant criminal activities in the south. Outlaws works for me.

    I’m surprised because I didn’t think team names, wordmarks, or logos could belong on ASG logos.
    (And before anybody tries to play “Gotcha,” I am aware of the last St. Louis ASG logo. I think that’s an acceptable derivative logo, with one cardinal–not two of them–sharing the bat with a star.)

    If it’s anything like 2013, there will be 2 different version… one used by the team, with the team’s logo, and one used by everyone else.

    link was done a disservice with the removal of the Mets script above the bridge, left too much empty space.

    Which means it is now time for my annual “replace all the logos with Nats logos” parody.

    Wait, so Minnesota is the Keystone State? Hopefully, this is some kind of in-stadium-only ASG logo that will bear only scant resemblance to the logos that will actually represent the game nationally.

    As a Keystoner I’m confused as to when I moved to Minnesota. Yes I am a TWolves fan and it’s cold enough here but I never knew….
    They have some really nice outfield construction they could’ve used along with something that,you know, actually represented the limestone in the park. But hey, let’s just bland it down with this. Blah!

    As a Titans fan since there birth this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.i think we’re in line for new unis but this outlaw crap looks like a crappy Madden team. …or worst an XFL team….I’m surprised this crap is even on uni watched .It pisses me off

    I think the redesign looks great, very professional. Could work for the Titans, could work for a brand new team. I like the colors, the wordmarks are cool too. I don’t have anything negative to say about them at all!

    Not a fan of the Yale changes but they still look more like what Penn State should look like than Penn State does.

    Also very disappointed that the Cardinals have gone red in both games of the doubleheader tonight in Pittsburgh. I was really hoping the navy would show up for at least one of the games. Not good. Please let this be a one year experiment.

    ah, just got around to looking at today’s uni watch in depth…it was my pleasure, phil…i enjoy running across oddities in the uni world just like the rest of the uni watchers…that’s why we’re here… :)

    i once read (back when he played) that jim harbaugh wore # 4 because he was a big bobby orr fan

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