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Ain’t No Use In Complainin’ When You Got A Job To Do


Click To Enlarge; Photograph courtesy of Brad Mangin

By Phil Hecken

On a beautiful Saturday summer afternoon in Oakland, the Athletics and Angels turned the clock back to 1969, and played a game for the uniform ages. Clad in gold and kelly, the A’s were clearly the stars of their own show.

Before we go any further, I wanted to share the fantastic photos sent to Uni Watch by Brad Mangin, which are embedded below. If you want to view the slideshow full size, please click here.

Now then.

What a beautiful looking game this was (at least from the Oakland perspective), and unlike many throwback games from this year and years past, I have few complaints, and those complaints are less from the uniform accuracy department than from the “player comfort” department.

First, lets begin with the good (and there was plenty of it). The details of the uniform of the Oakland A’s were pretty much spot on. At first, I thought they might have goofed on the gold sanitaries, if you go by Marc Okkonen (who shows white sanis with the gold uniforms), but that was clearly not the case, as seen in that 1969 Sports Illustrated cover of Reggie Jackson. The A’s had worn that set for several years, including in Kansas City, and through 1971. In 1972, they’d switch over to the polyester double-knits with sansabelts.

In 1969, the A’s would have only an olde-english “A” on their vests, adding the “‘s” (apostrophe s) in for 1970 and 1971. They would also have uniform numbers on the lower right side of the vest (which they added in 1969), and which they kept through 1971; 1969 vests are very recognizable because it was the only year with the “A” (no apostrophe) and also the large MLB logo beneath the letter A. The A’s nailed that detail.

Also, in 1968 and 1969, the A’s sported only a single “A” on their cap (no apostrophe) — that wouldn’t come until 1970. They would get that spot on as well.



The Oakland squad would also nail green belts, McAuliffe font, and gold/white stripes on the green stirrups. Of course, then, as now, the A’s wore their trademark white shoes. And of course, there were no names on back.



All fantastic. The only real complaints I had were cosmetic — as in, the players liked to wear their uniforms a bit baggier than in 1969, which led to the numbers appearing a bit lower on their bodies than they would have originally. Pretty much everyone wore stirrups, but for some reason, Jed Lowrie didn’t get the memo on the gold sanis:



The only “other” complaint I had with the actual uniforms, and I can totally overlook this, is the A’s wore their modern forest green helmets, which, while similar to 1969, clearly clashed with the kelly green of the rest of the uniform. They also didn’t have the “apostrophe s” on those 1969 helmets. I was actually surprised they didn’t go the entire nine yards and get “true” throwback helmets, but in yesterday’s comments, Chance Michaels found this explanation Mike Rowinski was able to come up with the answer:

Before the complaint pops up (the A’s equipment manager) explained during the pregame that he tried to get batting helmets, but when MLB changed to the new helmets right before the season. He was told there wasn’t enough time to get throwbacks helmets even though he requested it 6 months ago.

As for the A’s opponents — the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim — were also “throwing back” to 1969 (sorta), and for the most part, they nailed it too. There was one glaring problem (partially explained by the fact that the Angels supposedly had a “hybrid” uniform) — the cap. The Angels were wearing the interlocking “LA” cap which they jettisoned after 1965, when they moved from Dodger Stadium to Anaheim Stadium in 1966. The 1969 Angels had the interlocking CA on their caps.

As for the rest of 1969, the Angels wore gray flannel with blue (trimmed in red) letters and numbers — the letters were in the old school font used by the several teams back in the day (similar to what the Mets wore then and now), and also used the McAuliffe number font, which they got right:


Ann Patch 2

The Angels (or I should say the A’s, who paid for the Angels throwbacks) did nail the “halo” caps, which were one of the most distinctive features ever on a baseball cap (and which were also worn in 1969):



As for complaints, aside from the anachronistic caps, the Angels also wore their modern helmets, and all of the players decided to go with pajama pants, which hurt the aesthetic. Still, it was really a terrific looking game, and well done by both teams. Big tip of the cap to the A’s for pulling it off. Also, I’m fairly certain that in 1969 the A’s wore those gold uniforms solely on the road (I could be wrong though), so we wouldn’t have seen a gold versus gray matchup. If anyone knows for sure (either way), please let me know or post your thoughts in the comments below. Finally, and this really is also a minor quibble, but in 1969, the A’s manager and coaches were wearing “White Wedding Gown” caps with kelly green lettering and bill. In Saturday’s action, those caps were green.

One last bit of coolness. Vida Blue, a member of the 1969 A’s and winner of the American League Cy Young and MVP awards in ’71, threw out Saturday’s ceremonial first pitch. Unfortunately, he wasn’t wearing the throwback:

BQM_F5YCYAAeDtX.jpg large

Now I’ve been fairly critical of throwbacks in general, and Majestic in particular, for their reproductions the past several years, but I really have no major complaints about this one (and those I did have could be explained away). It was a true sight for the eyes, and a well-deserved tip o’ the cap on a job (mostly) well done. For one day in the O dot co Coliseum, it felt like the Summer of ’69.

Readers? What say you?

[My thanks to Brad Mangin, Richard Paloma, and Brinke Guthrie for their photos & assistance with this story — Phil]


Weekday Uni Tweaks

WEEKDAY Uniform Concepts & Tweaks

Longtime and weekend readers know that I frequently run reader submissions for uniform concepts, revisions, or just plain tweaks. Usually they are in sets of three, but sometimes there are more and sometimes there are less. Sometimes they are so good these deserve their own lede.

During Paul’s monthlong Blogcation, I’ll occasionally run one (or maybe) two of these.

If you have any concept or tweak, and you would like to see it featured here, either during the week while I’m hosting the blog or on the weekends when I return to those, drop me an e-mail. For each particular design, please try to keep your description to ~50 words or so. OK? OK!

And now, here’s what we have for today (click any images to enlarge):

. . .

Today’s concept comes from Keith Good, who has reimagined a “Wahoo-less” Indians club:

Indians - Keith Good

Indians - Keith Good


Though re-imaginings Cleveland have been done to death, I couldn’t resist a try. I’ve scrubbed away Chief Wahoo, replacing him with a Old-English styled C, meant to echo design elements of Wahoo (feather, cheeks) without any whiff of impropriety while also ‘hiding’ an l and e to make it a definitively Cleveland lettermark. Other design elements (Blue/Red stripes, laurel, Hammer and Anchor) are pulled from the Cleveland City flag. I imagine this team as simply the Cleveland Baseball Club, allowing sports writers–as they did in the early days of baseball–to choose their own nicknames.


Keith Good

. . .

Thanks! I’ll be back with more weekday tweaks/concepts again.


College Football Uniform News & Notes

NCAAFB Uniform News & Updates

This will be a semi-recurring column on Uni Watch and will appear whenever there is any news or updates on the College Football uniform front.

If you have ANY new NCAAFB news, follow and tweet me at @PhilHecken (and you’ll get your tweet in lights on here). You can also e-mail me (Phil (dot) Hecken (at) Gmail (dot) com) or send/cc: Paul to the following address: NewCollegeUni (at) Gmail (dot) com. OK? OK! (for any image, click to enlarge):

. . .

I was pretty much off the grid this weekend, so there may have been any number of NCAAFB unveilings of which I’m unaware, so please let me know what I missed and I’ll get into the next batch. Here’s what I’m aware of:

Charlotte 49ers:

Charlotte 49ers

The first football program developed in 1946 and lasted until 1948. In 2006 students and alumni began a push for football to return to the school. The Board of Trustees approved it in 2008, and with funding approved in 2010, the school will field its first official varsity football program since 1948 in 2013. They recently made their media day debut, and will face a bunch of Big South teams. Here’s a look at their uni unveiling.

. . .

Wisconsin Badgers:


There really aren’t any changes (per se) to the uniform, but if you go by the screen grab from the EA Sports NCAA Football 14 game (pic above), you will see that the “baselayer” may change, with the “Wisconsin” spelled out on one sleeve and what looks like 3 stripes on the other. I’d imagine the 3 stripes is verboten, but the games tend to be pretty accurate. You can read more about this here.

Florida Gators:


“Are the Florida Gators wearing gray pants this year?” asks Mark Kaplowitz. That picture comes “via Ronald Powells Instagram.” Good question – I’ve not heard anything, but I wouldn’t want to say “No” without doing some digging. Anyone connected with the Gators know anything?

. . .

That’s all I have for today — again, I was pretty much off the grid over the weekend, so if there is anything I missed, let me know!


Stirrup Friday

Stirrup Fridays…

Because we love the stirrup here at Uni Watch, this section is devoted to those of us who sport the beautiful hose on Fridays — a trend popularized many years ago by Robert P. Marshall, III. For many of us, it’s become a bit of an obsession, but a harmless one — a reflection of our times. Where we once had Friday ties, which has been replaced by Casual Friday — we now have Stirrup Fridays. It’s an endearingly simple concept — no matter where you work (or even if you don’t) — break out a fresh pair of rups to compliment (or clash with) your Friday attire.

“Stirrup Fridays” usually runs on the weekend (on Saturday or Sunday), but since I’m on weekdays for the month, they’ll run here, usually on Mondays. Here’s the latest (and be sure to read Comrade Marshall’s writeup, as it has important information for the revolution, following the showin’ o’ the rups):

. . . . .

txranger champions june2013 - Wade Hunt

Wade Hunt:


Can’t exactly get a group of 8 year olds to keep up with stirrups and socks for an entire year. So we did the next best thing and simply had them wear striped socks. Thought you would like the look.

Thank you,

Wade Hunt

. . .

JR O'Bryan

JR O'Bryan

Joe O’Bryan:

Just thought I would share a few pictures of stirrup looks I’ve been trying lately. I love the A’s yellow sanitary look so I tried that look. Unfortunately my summer team has terrible jerseys. Anyways here they are.


. . .

Blue & Whites - James Poisso

James Poisso:


Here are today’s stirrups. No reason other than they had not been worn in a while.

James Poisso

. . .

Soukie - Pilots

Soukie Outhavong:

Hey Phil/Robert,

Taking the new Pilots out for a little ride.


. . .

And that ends today’s look at Stirrup Friday — all of you who participate, send me your pics and a brief (~50 words) description of their relevance, and I’ll run ’em here on Saturday (and sometimes Sunday too!). Be sure to visit Robert’s House of Hose for news on rups.

And now…here’s …


Stirrup Header

Comrade Marshall’s Rupdate:


The ’57 Cubs and Reds are in, but I am extending the deadline for “new” order discounts through 7-31 as a thank you for everyone’s patience with TCK delays this summer. So you can still get them on the cheap, but you won’t have to wait for manufacturing. I will be going to the post office this week on Tuesday and Friday for anyone interested.

Now on to the important stuff, stirrup porn. As I mentioned last week, I hope stirrup Friday photos continue to roll in, but I am temporarily focusing my giveaway energy on a project. I was inspired by the A’s players who wore their kelly green throwback stirrups early with their standard uniform. I began to think to myself, “self, what if I sent out a bunch of stirrup around the league. would players maybe use them as slump-busters in BP? would someone wear them for a game? would they wind up in the trash? Would this possibly help inspire some teams to don stripes? let’s find out.” This could be a fun little project for those of us who like to uni watch, no?

This week I will be sending stirrups to the following players who at least occasionally go high cuff, unless anyone has better ideas on who to send them to. the Pirates Mike McKenry, the Orioles Adam Jones, the Mets David Wright, the Astros Justin Maxwell, the Nats Bryce Harper, and the Tigers Miguel Cabrera. But what of the Red Sox, White Sox, Phillies, Cubs, Reds, Braves, or Twinks? Here is my problem, well one of them anyway, I umpire 7 days a week, and that means I work weekday evenings and weekend days, so I never see major league baseball, and don’t really know who goes high cuffed. Can anyone help me fill some gaps on players for teams not represented? And while game usage would be easy enough to notice, for sure we will need help by people in markets spotting these if they ever make BP cameos. So, please get in touch with me if you have any ideas for help in this project.

From each according their stirrvp,
to each according their strype.


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: ” I thought that these yellow armbands have been incorporated well into essenden’s uniform,” says Andrew Whitford (and a description of the bands). … Marshall University is allowing fans to vote on the new mascot look (thanks to Mike Powers). … More pets joining in the “Bizkit Memorial”: This is Lucy Huening, whose owner James Huening describes as having “a Bizkit memorial of her own. She went the old school route.” … Last Thursday, the Mariners Triple A-affiliate, the Tacoma Rainiers, wore these Sounders-inspired jerseys. Thanks to Marcus Kamp, who notes this is “Kind of a cool cross-promotion.” … Also last Thursday, at halftime of the USA White vs. USA Blue basketball game a soldier dunked the ball in uniform (from Christopher Hall). … A Milwaukee Brewers fan says she was asked to leave Miller Park because she had made some changes to her Ryan Braun shirt (thanks to Gregory Koch). … Funny Chargers concepts posted over on, with thanks (I think) to Brady Phelps. … Arsenal wore their Japan-themed kits once again Friday morning against Urawa Red Dragons for the final game on their Asian Tour. This game they wore their new yellow away kits though, instead of their home ones which they wore for the other Japanese game (from Ethan Faust). … Check out this gorgeous Mud Cats Band jersey from the 1930s. That comes from this auction lot (big thanks to Bruce Menard). … Nice gallery of Packers riding kids’ bikes to practice, which is a longstanding tradition (h/t to Stuart Ciske @sjciske). … MLB has been working with the US Forestry Service for several years to reduce the instances of shattered maple bats. Details in The New York Times on July 25th (nice find by Tom Mulgrew). … Here, in one spot, are all the Premier League Kits for 2013-14. And in a related article, a discussion of how uniforms themselves display the inequity of the EPL. … An Australian company has designed what it deems to be an anti-shark wetsuit (thanks, Brinke). … Northern Kentucky University has a new volleyball floor. This picture shows the layout for both volleyball and basketball, but the second picture shows that the facility is primarily a volleyball only facility as the basketball teams have played in the Bank of Kentucky Center (a 10,000 seat arena) since the 2008-09 season (tip o’ the cap to Chad Hensley). … It’s time to play the annual “What Uni Will The Ducks Wear?” now that the What To Wear To Autzen guide has come out. Interesting — “White at home week one?” notes Ryan Lindemann, who sent that along. … Even across the pond, there is BFBS (thanks to George Chilvers). … Interesting post on BuzzFeed the other day on “Recreational Sports Jerseys” (sent in by C J Hague). … At the 21 second mark of the Western Michigan football uniform release video, there’s a short still shot of Steve Prefontaine running for Oregon. The Broncos are an Adidas school (notes Kenny Ocker). … Not quite uni-related, but you don’t need to be from New York or alive during the 1970’s to appreciate this beautiful America in the 1970s – New York City Atlantic article sent in by Cort McMurray. … Apparently, if you went to Burger King, you could collect a lot of mini-NFL jerseys (Brinke). … Another team celebrating X-mas in July, the Akron Aeros busted out santa jerseys late last week (h/t Dave Plante @Plante29). … Marc Viquez snapped a picture from the new Regions Field in Birmingham, Alabama. The team wore a patch on their uniforms to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vulcan Statue in 1954. … On August 3rd, the Potomac Nats will give away a ‘half man/half shark’ figurine in “Tribute to Former P-Nats Outfielder, Roger “The Shark” Bernadina,” (from Andrew Hoenig). … Wow. Check out these orange socks that Andre Caldwell wore to training camp Saturday. Not that impressive till you see the closeup (thanks to Shane Nelson). … Feast your eyes on these pen/pencil holders made from used minor league bats, similar to a set bought on Ebay a year or so ago by Will Scheibler. Thanks to a good spot from Matt Shevin, we learn that the Jets are considering 90’s throwbacks this year (that sound you just heard was THE Jeff soiling himself with joy). … Paul forwarded this one to me from a reader who goes by “GoBlue,” and saw the Lions sporting black trou, and who notes, “This is Calvin and Burleson wearing black pants for training camp. Doesn’t look right.” Actually, I think I looks fine, but the Lions britches need to be silver. … Great screen grab from Gregg Girard of the Yankees/Raays game yesterday, where pitcher Jake McGee had serious belt issues. Moments later, a new belt was brought out from the dugout. … Sported during the weekend advertising the next series for the Texas Rangers on FOX Sports Southwest: According to FSSW, the Angels are still the Anaheim Angels (nice catch by Ethan Hopkin). … On the pitch, Team USA Kit was given a custom kit yesterday (thanks to Warren Junium). … Oh Boy. Yesterday, Scott Tappa was at an amateur baseball game in rural Wisconsin that “to the naked eye looked like an intrasquad scrimmage. It was a color-on-color matchup between Bowler and Little Falls with both teams featuring dark blue shirts with red numbers and white pants, even red belts. Only difference was Little Falls’ white armpit piping and American flag on the back of the neck.” … Check out these origami jerseys from the @NHL twitter feed (h/t Chris Burks @ThatChrisBurks). … One for the grammar police, as RavenFanInIndy asks, please tell me this is real and not ‘shopped! … And finally, our Pacific Rim correspondent, Jeremy Brahm, checks in with this: “Look at how this looks with the macron and the letters split, just ugly.”


And that folks, is a wrap for this Monday. Everyone have a great day and I will catch you all tomorrow. Don’t forget, I’m taking over the weekdays (with Johnny Ek on the weekends) while Paul enjoys his well-deserved blog-cation.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Let’s go back to the day when cat-piss weak Vegas Gold and the Saints’ East Mississippi Panhandle State Jackass-Junior College-inspired Thug-assed Wannabbee Black Leotards were are worst uniform offenses.”
–Nick V.

Comments (108)

    *Jed Lowrie

    I was at the game. I took some pre-game photos since I had an on-field pass.
    Nothing too surprising but a few things to note:

    1- During player introductions, they had a tie-dye hippie graphic for each player.
    2- The entire game featured music from the era, even the walk up music. But when Balfour came in, they played his traditional Metallica song for the fans.
    3- They sold a tie-dye shirt in the team store but surprisingly did not sell the cap the team was wearing. The cap can be purchased online.
    4- The kelly green undershirt Bob Melvin wore was made by Under Armour

    My photos here:

    The flowery/hippy/tie-dye seems like a weird tie-in. I just don’t associate hippies with MLB. Anyone else?

    but it’s fitting for the A’s with Oakland next to Berkeley. Everything was that way around here back then. Perfect way to throwback.

    I think that might just be a photoshop job on that Gators picture. The gray pants just don’t look quite right and there’s sort of a dark halo around them.

    …and the reflection of light on the knees are too white, not lighter grey.

    Also, I’d be really surprised if the Jets actually wear the 90’s uniform. If they do go green helmet, I’d be willing to bet that it’ll be the 80’s version without the black trim.

    Yeah, “we’re considering this” sounds like a stock twitter non-committal answer you give when you do want to tell a member of your fan base “no way in hell”.

    The white facemask should have never fallen out of favor.
    Would I be mistaken to claim that the Jets of the green helmet era went white-over-white more frequently than kelly-over-white?

    White over white was the road uniform, and kelly over white was the home uniform during that green helmet era, so it should be 50-50 on the frequency. Don’t ever recall Jets going all white at home during those years.

    The Jets are considering wearing 1990’s throwbacks? Did pigs finally sprout wings? Is Satan driving a zamboni? Did the sun lose its sense of direction? Did my sister just give birth to a monkey??? Oh dear lord…

    In order:

    1.) They’re “considering” it
    2.) Not that I know of
    3.) Not that I know of
    4.) Not that I know of
    5.) Who has your sister been cavorting with?

    In response to your responses, when did Sheldon Cooper start perusing sports sites?

    “Holy cats, Mildred! Satan’s driving a Zamboni tonight!” would have been a good signature phrase for a second tier baseball announcer in the Sixties.

    At this point in the calendar year, I would think that you would have to be locked in on your jersey options for the season. I can’t believe that they are still “considering” it for this season. And I always hated the black trim on the Jets jerseys.

    The Pedroia thing is real, one of the Boston Globe writers commented on it during the week

    *Northern Kentucky University is the correct school name. We are not affiliated with the University of Kentucky.

    Does that “anti-shark” wetsuit mean that link was about protecting ships from great whites, not German U-boats?

    Great job today, Phil, but you may want to change the ticker to read Northern Kentucky University, not North.

    Those A’s uniforms are absolutely AWESOME, and I would love to see them change to that immediately. Even if they only wore that on the road, I’d be all for the change. That being said – you know the players wouldn’t wear stirrups, so I’m not sure it would be worth it.

    That’s the way vests need to be done, not the sleeveless jerseys donned by the Pirates or Rockies in recent years. That said, vests only seem to come and go in a wave of faddish uniforms. Not much staying power.

    I find it hard to believe that the entire Angels team went with the pajama look for this game. What a bunch of stick in the muds!

    i don’t think that the charlotte pics are accurate…or they might be, but they’re not, you kno, “football” uniforms. football pants don’t typically look like freaking bike shorts.

    the jets have nothing exciting to offer fans this year besides throwbacks, which i am sure will be half-assed anyway. and i’m a jets fan.

    The biggest problem to overcome with these theoretical (at this point)throwbacks is a common one…the sleeve striping.
    They’ll probably wind up looking like this:


    I recognized the headline immediately but it took me at least 10 minutes to remember what song it came from. Dammit I’m getting too old.

    re: pedroia – i hope it IS photoshopped, preferably by someone who is still trying to learn the english language and doesn’t quite get the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

    Putting a call for help out here. Does anyone know where I can get a high resolution copy of this logo?


    I’m working on a project and want to print a copy that is at least 10 inches wide. I would prefer it to be closer to 16″ if possible.

    It’s possible you could get in contact with Chris Creamer and ask him if he has high quality images.

    On twitter: @Sportslogosnet

    Well…the Angels got the caps half right on the field and the caps for sale on their website are also half right, but the other half:


    That could indicate that the switch to “LA” caps came late in the game, and the original plan was to use 1969 caps.

    The Brewers originally intended to use white caps for link, but New Era’s white clashed with Majestic’s cream, and at the last minute they dropped them in favor of link. It was all too late to change link, though.

    …unless you’re talking about the mis-colored squatchee, in which case I got nothin’.

    If you look at Marc Okkonen’s illustration, the A’s uniform in the middle doesn’t have the McAuliffe font.

    Brewers fans are going through a lot right now, but it just goes to show you how classy their organization is… The Milwaukee Brewers are giving away a $10 voucher to every single fan that walks through the gates this August. It can be used for tickets, merchandise, or food. The Brewers are saving $3.1 million on Braun’s contract this season, and plan to give away close to $3.6 million in vouchers in August. Yeah, I’m biased, but this is top notch in my opinion.


    Wow, that is a very nice promo, good for the Brewers. Kinda like the Aaron Hernandez jersey exchange program that the Pats did a few weekends ago. Very nice to see two franchises reach out to the fans after two very big negative stories.

    My only complaint about the A’s-Haloes game:

    Too bad we can’t “throwback” stadiums and have the old pre-Mt. Davis Coliseum with the bleachers, ice-plant berm/knoll and Oakland Hills view!



    Wahoo-less Indians? ummm. No. The PC Nazi’s will never win

    and while we’re at it. go REDSKINS!

    Charlie Finley usually referred to the A’s colors as “Kelly Green, Fort Knox Gold, and Wedding Gown White.”

    Wow, that Atlantic article with the pics of New York in the 70s was a time-killer this morning. I ended up spending an inordinate amount of time trying to locate the site of picture #23.


    The wrong neighborhood might be why the article didn’t include a Google Maps street view link for this one, like they did with a few of the other photos.

    The Atlantic is in the midst of a series. They did “Texas in the Seventies” earlier this month.

    The photos are amazing.

    The street name is clearly visible in the photo – Grayson Street. I think you nailed it.

    Yep. I’m absolutely certain that it is the same intersection. the fence is different now and the concrete walkway between the sidewalk and street (beyond the fire hydrant in the 1973 photo) is no longer there, but pretty much everything else is exactly like it was.

    Those A’s unis – MAGNIFICENT. I admit to having goose bumps on my arms while viewing those pics. Too bad the Angels had to ruin it with pajama pants.

    Comrade Marshall – now might be a good time to re-stock those kelly green A’s stirrups, while we’re all sitting here with chubbies…

    My only, and I mean only, complaint about the A’s ’69 throwbacks is the shoes. It would have been much cleaner and better looking if they all would have worn the old Ridell spikes.

    The three stripes on the Wisconsin sleeve is just the “W” logo I believe.

    In soccer news, FC Porto played their “presentation match” against Celta de Vigo yesterday, and if I’m seeing the press shots correctly in this article link, they used two shirts during the match, their away kit, which had been unveiled previously, and a new all white kit, which made its debut yesterday. It isn’t the first time they’ve introduced a third kit during a season, but it’s interesting that they haven’t made the third kits available for sale the past few years, I imagine it’s atypical for a team not to cash in on every iteration of what they use each season.

    I forgot to mention it earlier, but I really like Keith Good’s reinterpretation of the Indians. The unis look great. I even like the idea of not having a defined nickname. It almost makes me envision a club that goes “permanently retro”. Obviously (I’m still calling it) Jacobs Field doesn’t look that retro, but I’m sure there are things around the ballpark that could be done to enhance the “throwbackness”.

    Obvious challenges… would players agree to wear stirrups for all games, or maybe at least home games? If the team instituted a rule that required them, would it hurt them in the free agent market? And since the all-mighty dollar rules, would fans buy the gear? I’m sure there could be other issues, but I think we’re maybe overdue for a team trying this.

    Agreed. My only critical response is that the road letters need to be taller – probably ought to just drop their current block road alt script on there and call it a day. The Olde English C is growing on me, despite the geographic and divisional proximity of Detroit.

    Teams that don’t wear their nicknames on any uniform: Yankees, Tigers, Rangers, Nationals – the Indians would be in pretty good company.

    That sleeve patch references The Cleveland Municipal Baseball Club.
    Before Jacobs Field, the Indians played at Municipal Stadium.
    The Cleveland Municipals. Love it. Talk about redeeming a mistake by the lake!

    According to that Ducks schedule, it appears they’re wearing green camo against Utah. Will there be an appearance by the “Duck Dynasty” cast?

    One point missed by the article on Premier League disparity is shirt sponsorships. The big clubs are usually sponsored by major corporations: airlines; multinational banking concerns; large breweries.

    The smaller clubs are sponsored by casinos, online betting establishments, and payday loan joints.

    It’s like Bad News Bears: the Yankees of the world are wearing Denny’s on their backs; the West Bromwich Albions have “Chico’s Bail Bonds” on theirs.

    And the big clubs like MUFC can get a separate sponsorship just for their practice kits.

    Breweries seem to be fading out a little though. Liverpool went from Carlsberg to Standard Chartered, Newcastle has gone from Newcastle Brown Ale to Northern Rock/Virgin Money to Wonga, and in Latin America, Club America, River Plate and Boca Juniors have all used to have alcohol ads, and now don’t any more.

    Also, Opel used to be ubiquitous but has disappeared.

    You’ve got to feel for the Toon. Newcastle was a top club, with a longstanding partnership with a legendary (and much loved) local brewery. Now they’re sort of a disaster, with a Director of Football who may have lost his mind. Their recent sponsorships — a failed bank and a usurious lender — sort of reflect their dysfunction.

    And yet to my American eyes (which admittedly aren’t much a fan of the game the rest of the world loves) I love seeing the rare times the kits have no sponsors on them and just the team crest and a number. To me the blank kit looks like a professional team and the ones with the sponsors on them looks very minor or bush league. The opposite of the views of the rest of the world where the more prestigious the sponsor logo on the shirt the higher in regard the club is held. Although sadly it looks like that is making it’s way here as well.

    We Brits lived with sponsors in football for so long that we don’t even much notice them anymore, TBH. It almost looks “wrong” when a club does not have one.

    The standard sort of becomes – is the sponsor logo incorporated well into the rest of the shirt?

    We do also rationalise things in a way: sponsor on shirt serves function of the commercial break for US sports telecasts. Much rather have a sponsor than play stopped every 3 minutes or whatever.

    I appreciate that this is a VERY pedantic point but I might argue that a lot of the the football/soccer BFBS aren’t really that as a lot of the clubs featured, incorporate black into their usual colour scheme and badges. Newcastle and Swansea are two from memory. That being said I don’t remember many teams using black as an alternate colour in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s unless anybody has early examples of a black home or a away shirt from these eras?

    Part of it is that referees almost always wore black until the 1994 World Cup. The first black-colored soccer unis I remember was Bordeaux in the late 80s, though that may have been really dark blue.

    The first black away uni I remember seeing is 1999-ish AC Milan.

    Okay, I may have missed this in other comments, but am I the only person who can’t see any new posts on the homepage? The last post I see is from the 18th. I only got here because it was linked on Twitter. I can access the other posts I’ve missed through the Archives, but that’s it. Anyone else having this issue?

    A few readers have contacted me with this issue. Try cleaning out your cache. That should do the trick.

    Regarding the print on the U.S. soccer jerseys yesterday: I can’t remember a time when there was a single-game print job commemorating the date/opponent/occasion such as this.

    I’ve seen other teams, notably Holland and England, do this. And didn’t Alessandro Del Piero have have a special jersey made for him?

    While I have no problem with the idea, I thought the execution just cluttered up what is an already ugly jersey. Swoosh, text, shield, number, sublimated sash, contrasting sleeves, tri-colored collar… too much.

    The sooner that uni gets retired, the better.

    (Anyone know why they weren’t wearing the centennial kits? Only for the WC? Some sort of Concacaf rule?)

    Potomac Nats will give away a ‘half man/half shark’ figurine…..

    In semi-related news…Oklahoma City will be changing their team name to the Sharknados!

    GAH! Thanks, I meant “left after” 1965 (even used a 1966 CA Angels cap) but typed in 1964. Good catch, mea culpa.

    Even after proofing that, my eye didn’t pick up on the mistake.

    Fixed both dates in text because I realize one date was wrong and the other was confusing (should have said “after the 1965 season” or “prior to the 1966 season”).

    Ha, I read the paragraph on the A’s batting helmets and thought that looked very similar to what I typed. Looked back at yesterdays comments and see he says he got it from my post on Chris creamers forum.

    I will gladly change it, but I don’t know Mike’s last name. Mike if you are reading this, can you tell me your surname and I will provide the proper attribution in the comments (or Chance, if you have that from the Creamer forum, could you forward it to me?).



    The interview with Vuc the A’s equip manager was interesting talking about the process of getting the uniforms. The gold was a little brighter just because of the change in material making the uni’s. The A’s equip manager love of vests and trying to get the A’s to experiment with it in the next few years. I tried to see if 95.7 posted the interview, but since it was part of the pregame show it doesn’t look like it.

    The first comment pointed it out but really wasn’t clear what he was saying. So just letting you know what he was getting at.

    “Brad Lowrie didn’t get the memo on the gold sanis:” should be Jed not Brad

    @Chance, Nah I never thought you were trying to claim it has your words. I just found it funny when I was reading it, Thinking wow that sounds just like what I thought also. Then realized why, ha.

    There’s a lot that I like about Uni Watch, but seeing dogs wearing black armbands to memorialize Bizkit has to be pretty much the best thing ever.

    Thanks for the criticism (pro and con) on my Cleveland concept. The images are actually companion to a piece I wrote for

    That lede photo is gorgeous. Easily the best image I’ve seen of this TBTC event, and one of the best baseball photos I’ve seen all year.

    Bravo, Brad!

    Totally agreed. Actually, every single photo in his set was splash-worthy, but I (personally) thought that was the best (and it sounds like you agree). Fantastic job by Brad!

    Yea the photos are awesome. I must have took like a thousand, but with sitting in bleachers and no on field access, no way I could get ones as good as that. Glad to see those posted.

    In other news, SSC Napoli revealed their 2013-14 kit lineup. And can I say, these are the worst jerseys that I have ever seen come from this club.


    Camo crap aside, that Lete sponsor logo has always been one of the worst things I have ever seen from a club in one of the major national top flight leagues.

    Napoli has such a gorgeous colour to work with (and such a class badge also) and it is a shame to see them junk up their look like this.

    It’s not the Lete logo, it’s the MSC logo that screws them up. It’s almost a redundancy.

    Comrade, please send some striped Braves stirrups to Reed Johnson, BJ Upton, Jason Heyward, and Kris Medlen. Johnson wears solid navy stirrups in every game, and the others often wear solid hose. Earlier this season I wrote GM Frank Wren about switching to the classic stripes. He was nice enough to respond, but he prefers solid navy.

    I really think he should send the dark green version of the ones the A’s wore Saturday with the stripes to the A’s. You know Young, Sogard and Reddick would at least wear them. They wouldn’t go to waste and would color match the new jerseys unlike the kelly green the players already have wore with the new jerseys.

    Nike is being sued because someone injured their knee during a basketball game while wearing Nike shoes.


    The guys in charge announcing (is that the right phrase?) the the Braves/Rockies game just talked about the correct way to wear stirrups (this after zooming in on Josh Outman’s ‘rups). How many years has it been since I last commented? 84?

    So looking at that Ducks listing I got 2 things from it. One is only the first week is listed as white so unless they go full white at home I may get to go the full year without seeing Ducks going stormtrooper although I guess they can still pull it off at some point on the road while requesting the fans wear another color.

    I also see there is one black but no listing for gray this year and is mostly green or yellow so does that mean since Chip is gone there will be more of the emphasis on actual school colors and less of the gray this year?

    And while I’m thinking about this dead horse after watching the game tonight, go Bucs!!! I really really dislike seeing Saint Louis in those red hats on the road.
    I really hope this is as brief of an experiment as removing the front uniform numbers were and those beautiful navy hats are returned full time on the road ASAP!!!!

    I went to an A’s game in AUG 69 and they wore the gold unis that night Dont remember the exact date but you could find out easy It was against the Detroit Tigers a night game at the Oakland Alemeda County Coliseum Lew Krausse was the winning pitcher and also hit a home run that night Campaneris forced a wild pickoff throw and stole a base Photos from the next days papers in Oakland and S.F. both showed that play these pix would be the proof

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