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Timelessly Representing the Ballclub, NBA Edition (Part II)


By Phil Hecken

For those of you who read Uni Watch on the weekends, you’re very familiar with the “Timelessly Representing the Ballclub” series, the second half of the NBA portion is today. For those who don’t, a brief primer:

Originally envisioned for baseball, several readers have submitted their thoughts on which uniform and stadium (or arena/building) would serve as a “snapshot,” if you will, of a club’s perfect uniform and home, if one were to consider a team’s entire history. It’s subjective, of course, and very likely can be heavily influenced by the ballclubs and stadia from a particular reader’s childhood, although this is not necessarily the case. But based on the more recent vintage chosen of both team and building, it seems like one’s formative years play a role in this.

Thus far, we’ve covered both leagues of Major League Baseball, and both conferences of the NFL, plus the eastern conference of the NBA. I am planning on running one for the CFL (that’s Canadian football, folks), but as yet no one has stepped up for the NHL, and NCAA Football (probably best done by conference) is still as yet unclaimed. If anyone is interested in these, please let me know.

UPDATE: Apologies to those who already e-mailed me, but the NHL and the B1G have been claimed. If you have interest in another NCAAFB conference, please let me know.

Before we get into today’s Part II for the NBA, if you’d like to reacquaint yourself (or acquaint yourself, as the case may be) with the past “Timelessly Representing” series, you can check them out here: NBA, Part I; NFL, NFC Edition; NFL AFC Edition; MLB, National League Edition; and, MLB, American League Edition.

Comments from previous editions have led to good debate, and I think this is a fun exercise; clearly, there is no “one” best representation for a particular team (although there could certainly be some strong arguments as to era/uniform/stadia that don’t represent well). I hope you enjoy the final NBA segment, which comes to us from reader Brandon Bush. For each of the teams/arenae, there are three links (except for the Warriors which has four): uniform described, and inside/outside of the building.


. . .

Dallas Mavericks: Current & Current (American Airlines Center)

Houston Rockets: Hakeem-era uniforms & The Summit

Memphis Grizzlies: Current & Current (FedEx Forum)

New Orleans Pelicans: 1990’s Charlotte Hornets uniforms & Charlotte Coliseum

San Antonio Spurs: Current (This also includes the 1990’s David Robinson-era uniforms which were almost exactly the same as now) & Current (AT&T Center)

Denver Nuggets: Alex English-era rainbow uniforms & McNichols Sports Arena

Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin Garnett-era uniforms & Current (Target Center)

Portland Trailblazers: Clyde Drexler-era uniforms & Memorial Coliseum

Utah Jazz: 1980’s/90’s music note uniforms from early in Stockton and Malone’s careers & Current [Energy Solutions Arena (Formerly “Delta Center”)]

Golden State Warriors: Rick Barry-era home gold/away blue uniforms & Current [Oracle Arena (They’ve played in the same arena since 1971)]

Los Angeles Clippers: Current & Current (Staples Center)

Los Angeles Lakers: 1980’s Showtime Lakers uniforms & Great Western Forum

Phoenix Suns: Larry Nance-era/early Kevin Johnson-era uniforms & Current (U.S. Airways Center)

Sacramento Kings: Early 2000’s Mike Bibby/Chris Webber-era uniforms & Current (Power Balance Pavilion)

. . .

Thank you Brandon! Nice job with both this and Part I. Obviously, there will probably be some disagreements, but that’s why this is a great starting point for discussion. Readers? What say you? Which ones did Brandon nail and with which ones would you disagree?


College Football Uniform News & Notes

NCAAFB Uniform News & Updates

This will be a semi-recurring column on Uni Watch and will appear whenever there is any news or updates on the College Football uniform front.

If you have ANY new NCAAFB news, follow and tweet me at @PhilHecken (and you’ll get your tweet in lights on here). You can also e-mail me (Phil (dot) Hecken (at) Gmail (dot) com) or send/cc: Paul to the following address: NewCollegeUni (at) Gmail (dot) com. OK? OK! (for any image, click to enlarge):

. . .

South Carolina Gamecocks:


The Gamecocks join the shiny helmets will attract 17-year-olds business with this new dome. As of this date, there is no indication when it will be worn, but according to the Twitter account of the Gamecocks equipment staff, it’s definitely an option for 2013. Sigh.

. . .

Texas Longhorns:

UT Raised Bumper

The ‘horns have added a raised nose-bumper on their helmets for 2013. We saw them reveal their new cleats and unis in the past couple days, and yesterday they revealed the new 3-D raised bumper.

. . .

Oklahoma Baptist University:

OBU Unis

Long-time powerhouse OBU unveiled its first football gameday uniform since 1940 on Thursday. The Bison will be sporting uniforms by Nike.

. . .

Fresno State Bulldogs:


Lost in all of the hullaballou over FSU’s new uniforms (covered the other day), they will be sporting a nice looking throwback helmet, with classic script “Bulldogs.” It’s hard to make out in the photo, but the helmet has their usual green “V” on the back-center, honoring the San Joaquin Valley and its agricultural importance.

. . .

Mount Allison University:

The Mount Allison Mounties have unveiled their uniforms for the 2013 season which features 2 new helmet designs. One of the helmets will feature a blown-up version of the Mount Allison torch design in the shape of a wing. The other new design will feature the Mounties’ trademark “Pride” slogan. You can read more here. (h/t Wray Perkin Mounties Football Manager)

. . .

Baylor Bears:

Baylor Gold Helmet Crop

The Bears have a shiny new gold helmet. You can see a couple of stills and a video here. Nuff said.

. . .

Northwestern University:

. . .

Western Michigan Broncos:

Western Michigan Broncos

Western Michigan football unveiled three new uniforms on Thursday afternoon, moving toward a one-color scheme for each version. You can read more about them and watch a video here.

. . .

UL Ragin’ Cajuns:

You can read more on the Ragin’ Cajuns unis and helmets here. And you can see much more of the uniforms here (h/t to Travis Webb)

. . .

TCU Horned Frogs:

The footwear is quite, um, not quite Paul’s favorite color. (h/t to Casey Wieder)

. . .

University of South Florida:


Weekday Uni Tweaks

WEEKDAY Uniform Concepts & Tweaks

Longtime and weekend readers know that I frequently run reader submissions for uniform concepts, revisions, or just plain tweaks. Usually they are in sets of three, but sometimes there are more and sometimes there are less. Sometimes they are so good these deserve their own lede.

During Paul’s monthlong Blogcation, I’ll occasionally run one (or maybe) two of these.

If you have any concept or tweak, and you would like to see it featured here, either during the week while I’m hosting the blog or on the weekends when I return to those, drop me an e-mail. For each particular design, please try to keep your description to ~50 words or so. OK? OK!

And now, here’s what we have for today (click any images to enlarge):

. . .

Today’s concept, and entire rebranding, actually, comes from Damon Goldsboro, who has decided the Toronto Raptors need a new name and look. Damon didn’t include any concepts on unis, but the logos and fonts tell the story:

FLIGHTStyleGuide - Damon Goldsboro


First off, BIG fan of the site and all that you do. Ive read some articles on your site and decided I wanted to take a shot at rebranding the Raptors. The Toronto Flight is what I came up with based off of the company for which the arena is named after, a play off of the blue jays and of course the athleticism of a few of their players, in particular terrance ross. slam dunk champion but in all just a play off of the ability to dunk and get up. The color scheme matches the blue jays, the blue and white for the flag of Toronto. the red for Canada.

Damon Goldsboro

. . .

Thanks! I’ll be back with more weekday tweaks/concepts again soon.


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: “Everton misspelled the NOB of a new signing,” says George Chilvers. “It’s not the first time it’s happened in football of course.” (also from Adam Herges). … New away kits for Chelsea & Man United (thanks to Paulie Sumner). … Is this guy sporting orange hair, mustache & bowtie taking fanhood too far? Nah. He’s an O’s fan. Read more here. … Despite a few teasers, it seems the Phoneix Suns are still reluctant to reveal their new unis. … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: A Packers fan bought what he thought was an original 1921 Green Bay Packers photo, only to find out it wasn’t. Oops. … How bad were Colorado U’s powder blue uniforms? One of the top 25 worst, according to Lost Lettermen (submitted by Chris Mahr). … Interesting soda can display at a Walmart which supports the Wayne High School Pioneers in Wayne, West Virginia (thanks to Brice Wallace). … Not exactly unexpected, but the home of the Dallas Cowboys is now the corporately-sponsored AT&T Stadium. Or, “I’m Still Calling it ‘Cowboys Stadium’ (thanks to Brayden Ruthart) … The Raiders have taken No. 24 from Tracy Porter, and given it to Charles Woodson. Who knew Charles Woodson was even still playing? … Bit of a fun read/update on B1G uniform machinations (from Martha Hermes). … Here’s a photo of the pillbox cap the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders will be wearing (thanks to Andy Bronson). … “The A’s giveaway (last) night for 1968 but can’t even get the logo correct.” said Rich Paloma “The A’s didn’t add the ‘serif’ (tail) on the ‘A’ until 1973 (including KC and Philly).” (As a side note, Todd Radom contacted me and noted that while they had no brand consistency and the A wasn’t serifed on the uniform, the logo was correct for 1968.) … New logo for the House Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee. “I like it,” said Gil Neumann, “but who knew Congressional committees had their own logos? Anyone ever researched these?” … The New York Giants’ headquarters and practice facility has been renamed the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. … The White Sox wore their 1983 Throwbacks yesterday (Previously only worn on Sundays), because, according to Jimmy Couto, “apparently some of the players wanted to wear them for all home day games instead of just Sunday home day games.” Interesting development. … Wow. Check out these gorgeous Farewell Candlestick Park season ticket designs. … And more beauty: Here’s a wonderful 1949 Philadelphia Athletics scorecard that features their elephant mascot (h/t Todd Radom). … George Washington University had a new basketball court redesign unveiling. … Awww. Another furry friend honoring Bizkit’s memory: Andy Beaton has a cat, Fi, had a memorial “patch” on her kitty tower yesterday. … Five New York Giants have unique facemask designs (thanks to Chris LaBella). … A real nice bit of follow up research comes from Patrick Mackin, who writes, “There was a note and photo in the blog of 7/23 about the Cleveland Browns wearing orange jerseys during the 1953 preseason, and a mention that the photo was a screen capture from week 3 highlights and so therefore the Browns must have worn orange shirts during the regular season too. Judging from the striping on the Browns’ opponents socks, it looks like the opposing team was the Chicago Bears. The Browns did not play the Bears during the 1953 regular season, but did play the Bears in the exhibition game. That being the case it looks like the Browns did not wear orange shirts during the 1953 regular season.” Thanks, Patrick! … Gotta love MiLB, part I: Check out one of the best recent giveaways, a Timber Rattlers Nutcracker at Christmas in July last night (h/t Sully @Pal3327). … Gotta love MiLB, part II: The @AkronAeros will be wearing and auctioning their Christmas in July jerseys tonight. Go bid on a piece of Aeros history (h/t Dave Plante @Plante29). … The Canucks are going to retire Pavel Bure’s #10 over #96 (from Ryan Raymond).


That’s all for today. Webmaster John Ekdahl will take you through the weekend. I’ll be back next week with much more uniform goodness, while Paul continues to enjoy his much-deserved blogcation. Everyone have a great weekend!

For breaking uni news as it happens, follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Don’t like the college uni stuff? Skip past it. Don’t click on those links. Which is just what I do…except for that Miami uni. Couldn’t help but stop to look at that hot mess.”
–Rob S.

Comments (96)

    Don’t have screen shots, but it appears there were both a cross and the letters TH (Tim Hudson) scratched into the back of the mound for the Mets-Braves game. The cross disappeared, but the TH appears to have stayed there.

    I’m still calling it “The New York Giants’ headquarters and practice facility.”

    A real nice bit of follow up research comes from Patrick Mackin, who writes, “There was a note and photo in the blog of 7/23 about the Cleveland Browns wearing orange jerseys during the 1953 preseason, and a mention that the photo was a screen capture from week 3 highlights and so therefore the Browns must have worn orange shirts during the regular season too. Judging from the striping on the Browns’ opponents socks, it looks like the opposing team was the Chicago Bears. The Browns did not play the Bears during the 1953 regular season, but did play the Bears in the exhibition game. That being the case it looks like the Browns did not wear orange shirts during the 1953 regular season.” Thanks, Patrick!

    The guys went round-and-round with this one at GUD headquarters the other day, and we have the week-by-week breakdown here:


    The pictures are indeed from their regular season Week 3 game against the Eagles, and they also wore orange for a preseason game against Green Bay on September 19. They wore brown only for the August 28 preseason game at Los Angeles, and wore white for every other game that year that we know of. As far as the preseason game against the Bears, we don’t know what they wore yet, however those pics that ran the other day were from the game against Philly, as the person who supplied them clearly indicated:


    Agreed. Patrick bases his opinion on the striping on the socks. Well, he must have some wonky form of double vision because the socks clearly have TWO stripes, while the Bears wore THREE stripes. Perhaps he needs to get the lineless bifocals or something.

    Not to mention but in the 50s the Bears had plain orange stripes on their socks which would not show as those in the photos which are clearly plain white. (The Bears did add white border stripes to the socks in 1960.)
    I had proposed that it could have been SF (but no sleeve stripes are present on the opponent) or Baltimore’ in their red stripeless alternate (but their socks were stripeless and these have stripes) or NYG (but they, too, had stripeless socks).
    The ONLY possibility is Philadelphia. They meet all criteria.

    I agree on the Eagles, there is a missing sock stripe from the Bears and there are no sleeve stripes like the Bears wore. Plus the pants are grey not white.

    Sox wore the throwbacks because one player, Jake Peavy, requested it. I heard during the Cubs telecast that Peavy had yet to pitch at home on a Sunday, and since he is likely to be traded, he wanted to wear the uniforms at least once during a game that he pitched. I don’t think it will be a regular thing.

    Report says that some of the White Sox players actually like the 1983 throwback uniforms so much that they would like to wear it on more than just Sundays for the rest of this season. That would be fine by me.

    I’m no Photoshop expert or anything, but I think that picture might have been doctored.

    The reason I saw given for the 1983 White Sox Uniforms is that Jake Peavy was pitching in (very likely) his last game for the White Sox, and he had never gotten to pitch wearing a Retro uniform this year (or last) and wanted to. “Jake Peavy chose to wear the White Sox’s 1983 uniform Thursday because he never started a Sunday home game during the last 11/2 seasons when the Sox sported retro garb.”

    How many minor league baseball teams have pillbox caps in their wardrobes? The State College Spikes, like Scranton Wilkes-Barre, also has pillbox caps available in its team store, so I’m guessing the team wears them on the field, as well.

    Me, too. With all the clown outfits being worn there are so many more deserving candidates for the Top 25 College Football Fails Ever.

    Far as I can tell, the RailRiders are wearing the pillbox cap, but not selling it in their shop. And the Spikes sell a pillbox cap in their shop, but don’t wear it.

    But man, that is one style that needs to come back. Just for a team or two in any league, but it needs to come back. (Looking at you, Pittsburgh or Cincy.)

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I really LIKE those powder blue Colorado uniforms. I don’t see how it could be one of the “25 worst”, design-wise at least.

    Seconded. They’re very easy on the eyes. Maybe the writer meant to say they were inappropriate for the team. Unfortunately, CU wears their best uniforms when they play their worst football:)

    I’ve seen close to 25 worse designs on this site alone in the last few weeks with all the new unis in College Football. Some of them are truly hideous.

    While I am not crazy about the powder blue Colorado jerseys, they’re probably not even the worst jerseys Colorado has worn.

    “While I am not crazy about the powder blue Colorado jerseys, they’re probably not even the worst jerseys Colorado has worn.” The late-nineties kits with link take that “honor”.

    Pavel Bure, perfect 10. Back in the day playing EA’s NHL95 he was always a first round pick.

    They should retire #10 over #96. He only wore #96 for parts of two seasons. Interesting that Gillis is the GM of Vancouver but was Bure’s agent. Might have some influence there.

    Best Pavel Bure line ever, after he got thrown out of the game during the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals: “There is a reason they don’t call him the ‘Russian Rocket Scientist.'”

    If it’s the really upbeat song that was on the FIFA 13 soundtrack, yes. For lols.

    That’s the song LeBron is listening to when he’s interrupted by a call from Dr. Dre, no?

    Who knew Charles Woodson is still even playing? That’s just ignorant. Not a big football fan I guess.

    Relax, it was a joke. Dude won the Heisman before a lot of our readers were born. Remarkable career & longevity. Didn’t mean he wasn’t (or isn’t) a great player, which he is, but rather that he started playing around the time Ricko was still a gleam in his grandfather’s eye.

    I guess I missed the joke but how old he is has no bearing on the fact that he has been very relevant(beside last season) in recent years. Kids should know about him.

    I guess I missed the joke but how old he is has no bearing on the fact that he has been very relevant(beside last season) in recent years. Kids should know about him.

    He’s had a great career, and I think most halfway astute know about him. I took Phil’s line to simply be making a joke about Woodson’s longevity and nothing else. Dude’s been in the League since 1998 which makes him like 130 in football player years.

    Couple of quibbles with the “timeless” list:

    * The Blazers’ link feels more timeless, since the basic look and feel hasn’t changed in over 20 years, so it’s clearly stood the test of time. The chosen one feels very 80s with the blocky numbers and unnecessary border around the team name. I would’ve gone with the 1991-92 look, or the link.

    * For Indiana, I would’ve gone with the Florence Griffith Joyner uni, if for nothing else, it’s what Reggie Miller wore when he link.

    * Did we forget about the link?

    Setting aside our basic preferences for the uniforms (and stadia) of our youth, I’d say the list was spot-on. I couldn’t agree more about the choice for the Phoenix Suns. I like the Clyde Drexler-era Trailblazer uniform more than the 1991s because it has the team’s traditional font; that said, I’d have gone with the 2-year jersey with the vertical lettering since it’s hard to argue with an NBA Championship.

    * Well, 1991 *is* Drexer-era.

    * I always associate the Suns with the Barkley/Kevin Johnson/Dan Majerle era sunburst, not the 70s-early 90s Kansas knockoffs.

    +1 on the Suns. While Barkley was around for these I think the Barkley era will always be defined by the sunburst.

    * Did we forget about the Oklahoma City Thunder?

    The only way you can timelessy represent the Thunder is link.

    ++1 on that. Looks like the patented “shake & bake” move about to be thrown down.

    I was wondering about the picture of mcnichol’s, it shows a hanging scoreboard but I’m pretty sure they had wall mounts at both ends of the arena. Anyone know more?

    That isn’t McNichols. It’s a photo of Kemper Arena in Kansas City, taken during a Kansas City Comets indoor soccer game.

    You beat me to it. That is definitely Kemper Arena in Kansas City. Spent a great deal of my youth there at Kings, Comets, and even Scouts games. I also remember going all day to watch the NAIA tournament at Kemper. My dad and I would get there at 8am and stay until late night game was done!!

    How do you choose the AT&T Center in San Antonio over the HemisFair Arena?

    Looking at the picture of the Cleveland Browns from 1953 above, as well as the uniform database provided, I don’t think it was the Bears that the Browns played in that game. The socks only have two stripes, not three like the Bears’ socks, but more importantly, the pants do not have a stripe on the side. The Bears’ uniform pants were white with the triple side stripe. These pants don’t appear to be white (maybe gray) and don’t have a stripe. If you look at the database, there is a team with two stripes on its socks and no stripes on what could be gray pants, the Philadelphia Eagles. Who did the Browns play in Week 3 that year? The Philadelphia Eagles. Also, if you look at the Eagles’ roster for that year, the numbers on the defensive players appear to tie to those for their starters per I am neither from Cleveland nor Philadelphia, and I am not a fan of either team, but my vote is for the Browns vs the Eagles.

    Yeah, I’m going to vote for the Eagles, too. Either them or maybe the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. (or is it RoughRiders? I get those two confused.)

    Oh wait, the scoreboard shot from the newsreel shows ‘Browns’ and ‘Eagles’, so I guess you’re right, GatorSteve. Good call.


    And I really was hoping for Saskatchewan, too.

    As I have been trying to explain, the pics are not “probably” from the game against the Eagles they are absolutely from that game. The guys that sent that into Paul the other day, who forwarded it to the GUD, identified it as from that particular game, The photos that he sent were screenshots from newsreel footage that included title and scoreboard shots, and the research was supplemented by a newspaper photo from BD Sullivan who confirmed that it was indeed from that game.

    I apologize for the confusion, but the guys that sent it in went through Paul to us at the GUD when Tim, Bill and Larry analyzed it, and Phil wasn’t involved in that conversation, so when he ran today’s comment in the ticker he had no idea about the research that had already gone on.

    “… Here’s a wonderful 1949 Philadelphia Athletics scorecard that features their elephant mascot (h/t Todd Radom). …”

    Oh, man, that is a beaut! Thank you, Todd. Really, that’s the best rendering of the Athletics elephant I’ve ever seen, and I’m always on the prowl for ’em. That the pachyderm in question is a left-handed hitter with a perfect power swing (check out his eyes following the flight of the home run ball he’s just crushed) adds to the overall sublimity.

    I loved the line illustration and I loved the simple two-color application. Type, imagery, color, all coming together.

    Papiss Cisse apparently has agreed to wear the Wonga sponsored Newcastle United shirt after all.


    It was interesting that he skipped out on Newcastle’s preseason tour because he did not want to promote the money lending company, Wongo, due to his Muslim beliefs. Photos of him gambling apparently surfaced (also against muslim beliefs) and after a talk with Newcastle officials, he will wear the Wonga shirt.

    Guess his “principled stand against a predatory lender” turned out to be anything but. Whoda thunk it?

    I beg to differ. I always think of the Alamodome when thinking of the Spurs. I know they’ve won more in the SBC Center, but I still call it the Alamodome even though they’re two separate buildings, and it’s been over 10 years.

    As I said yesterday Phil, how did you drop the ball not putting THIS as your splash today???


    I’ll forgive you as you are sitting Shiva for Bizkit (RIP)…


    I don’t know if this qualifies but the best uniform in Kings franchise history is this beauty worn by it’s best player ever.


    I dunno, I’ll always have a soft spot for the late 80s powder blue unis with the subscript NOB (which did first see use in the Cincinnati days)…

    If I was being objective–which I won’t, naturally–then, yeah, that Chris Webber purple crap is the right choice. And, yes, mainspark, Big O is the greatest Royal/King. But the second greatest King in history sported the franchise’s finest look:


    Iowa State may be wearing link from 1923 in honor of Jack Trice, the team’s first black player and for whom their stadium is named.

    Nice find! I’m down with those uniforms. I’d like it even more if they’d match them with a period-appropriate helmet design.

    I can’t really argue with the choice of the Mav’s current uniform, but I’d choose Reunion Arena for their court. I’d even give Moody Coliseum some thought before the AAC.

    As for Cowboys Stadium, anyone familiar with Dallas at all are “still calling it the Death Star”, or alternately, “still calling it JerryWorld”.

    Phil – so sorry about Biskit! I am a cat person, and have had to see many of my ‘children’ through to the end as well. In many ways, it is the hardest thing in the world, but in others the easiest thing, as you never want to see your friend suffer needlessly. I had a lovely yellow and white cat named Minnie – as in the mother of all Marx Brothers – and noticed one day..on a holiday weekend that she was literally hanging by and open window ALL the time…panting. We took her to our vet, who, without even touching her, took one look at her and hustled her out of the room, and one of his techs brought us tissues. He came back with her – and a syringe full of white milky liquid, She had emphysema, and told us in the gentlest way how he he could do this ENDLESSLY, for a long time….or we could end her suffering right away. Naturally, I did not want to see her suffer, and went back with him to the table in back….softly stroking her as he sunk the needle in. She was only a few years old, and we had her only for a couple of years, but it hurt so much….but at the same time, knowing we did the right thing by ending her suffering, an odd feeling of pride that we did the right thing. After a short time of mourning, we went right out to the local shelter and brought home as a kitten, our tortoise shell child, Shadow. Shadow has proven to be as loyal and loving a cat as any dog is, and she is the light of our lives. But we never ever forget Minnie…or Nina….or Tina…or Rikki..

    The Windy City Thunderbolts of the Frontier League held Autism Speaks Night last night and wore some special unis for the occasion.


    link. Yea, I meant to do that. As I have mentioned before, spitting blood is a DEFENSIVE mechanism of the horny toad – not an OFFENSIVE one… Red does not belong on the TCU uni. At All. Never. And Fear the Cleats??? Just so stupid – if I can, I will never buy another Nike thing as long as I live… gag.

    I agree with you Susan…would love to hear or read the reaction of Dan Jenkins.

    Defense wins championships.

    Squirting blood out of your eyesockets as a defense mechanism against predators wins championships?

    What’s the lesson here?

    Clearly, one should always visit Chance’s websites (Green & Gold and/or Borchert Field) before making any purchases, or at least contact him first.

    Great detective work, as always!

    Sheesh now we have college teams that most fans never heard of using videos to reveal uniforms that a couple thousand people will ever see.

    Here’s the link to the original story on the Packers picture that wasn’t, mentioned in the comments yesterday and in the ticker today.


    I will always associate the Utah Jazz with the old Salt Palace, a cramped little bandbox of an arena that was more like a collegiate fieldhouse than an NBA facility. You were right on top of the court, it was usually really, really loud, and they had a bunch of white guys playing Dixieland – Utah jazz at its finest.

    This is to all uni-watch readers. I’ve been following the blog since, if memory serves, 2008. I’ve debated long and hard about what my membership card would have when I decided to join. Here it is several years later and I still can’t settle on a card design. I’m a DC-area native so I’m a fan of the home teams I grew up with: Caps, Redskins, Orioles, and (sadly) Wizards, so I would likely narrow down to one of those teams. I’m hoping for any advice on what other members used and what their thoughts were when narrowing down their choices.

    Don’t bother with the Redskins (due to PL’s inexplicable hate for their name) or the post-renaming Wizards. That leaves either the Caps, Orioles, or pre-renaming Bullets.

    A design based off the Orioles’ classic away uniforms could work.

    Inexplicable? You may disagree with his reasons, but he’s definitely offered an explanation.

    The main thing is you want it to be based on a uniform that is A) Interesting and B) Meaningful to you. Now, although I’m a longtime DC resident, I’m not strongly attached to DC teams other than Nats, United, and whatever they’re calling the latest women’s soccer team. (Look at that depth of fan attachment!) But if I were, say, a hardcore Skins or Caps fan, I’d be inclined toward either the blue-black-copper era Caps (unis so bad they were awesome, in my book) or any of several Skins throwbacks, either jerseys or helmet backs. The most recent faux-leather helmet, for example, or the 1950s beauty with the feather up the middle. (Wizards, I got nuthin for you.)

    Just my $.02.

    P-H-O-E-N-I-X. Shouldn’t be that hard to spell. Just remember that it’s O-E-N, not O-N-E or E-O-N.

    South Carolina will not wear that helmet. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s a Rutgers or UNLV helmet that they tossed some stickers on (it’s a red facemask not garnet). Spurrier is vehemently opposed to alternate uniforms, especially alternate helmets.

    NY Yankees uniform number shenanigans.
    Alfonso Soriano makes a deal to reclaim his old #12, which he has always worn since 2002 (with the Yankees, no less).
    Vernon Wells moves to #22 to accommodate Soriano. Wells is more attached to #10, but that’s a retired number, thanks to Phil Rizzuto.
    #22 had been vacated by Brennan Boesch’s release.

    More uniform shenanigans, Nate Robinson is going with #10 for the Denver Nuggets, as a tribute to fellow little man Lionel Messi. link
    Which means that Messi is the subject of two cross-over tributes. The other, is on Habs goalie Peter Budaj’s mask! link
    I wonder how many other examples of cross-over sports tributes are out there. And no, I don’t think Steve Nash counts, as his #10 is for the fact that that is a generic soccer playmaker’s number.

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